Meanwhile, In The Philippines...

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The killing of over 400 drug dealers in he Philippine government's "war on narco-politics" has reportedly led to an additional 500,000 turning themselves in...

“I’ll really have you killed… My order is shoot to kill you. I don’t care about human rights, you better believe me.”

Those are the words of recently elected President Rodrigo Duterte, in reference to a fallen police officer shot by a drug dealer.

According to Foreign Policy Magazine,

Activists have urged Duterte to scale back his countrywide hunt for drug dealers in order to give suspects an opportunity for due process and a fair trial before they are executed on the country’s streets. But Duterte has not relented.


He promised on the campaign trail that he would halt the drug trade after six months, and in addition to the 400 already killed, another 4,400 have been arrested.


And, according to officials in Duterte’s camp, some 500,000 people have turned themselves into authorities to avoid being violently targeted by the police. Those numbers were made public by Duterte’s administration and have not been confirmed by outside parties.

It is not only civilians who are in danger of being shot by the police. Duterte also warned local politicians:

“I will not hesitate to kill you … don’t think that you’re a governor or a mayor...You’ll be the first to go before the civilians.”

Not unlike Erdogan in Turkey, Duterte seems like a man who will go to any lengths to accomplish what he desires.

While increasing evidence mounts of human rights violations, who else but President Obama called Duterte in May, where according to CNN, “ he highlighted "enduring values" that underpinned their "longstanding ties," including "shared commitments to democracy, human rights and rule of law."

And that is how you get a Nobel Peace prize...

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Someone sold that dude some bad shit.

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This guy is going to save the Philippines. He's a hero. They'll have first world standards of living in five years, and that's counting pre invasion of Europe standards, not modern ones.

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Tallest Skil Aug 8, 2016 6:36 PM

If his plan works too well the CIA may need to step in...

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Shoot first, ask questions later. Saves on attorney's fees and prison costs.

johngaltfla's picture

Man is this going to hurt the Q3 financials for CIA, Inc.

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) johngaltfla Aug 8, 2016 6:53 PM

“I’ll really have you killed… My order is shoot to kill you. I don’t care about human rights, you better believe me.”

This is Hillary with a different haircut.  Just try getting her to uphold the Constitution.

johngaltfla's picture

Her dick is bigger.

About 6'3" to be exact.

UnpatrioticHoarder's picture

To all the swinging dicks commenting here betraying symptoms of not getting enough pussy: This is a blank cheque to corrupt police to stand over drug addicts, "give me cash or i kill you with total legal impunity"

jbvtme's picture

this guy will impress me if he throws in a couple of hundred bankers...

garypaul's picture

But he won't ever do that. See the point?

Manthong's picture

I never would have imagined Judge Dredd to be a Flip.

Duc888's picture



The western Banksterz are being put out of business, slowly but surely.  Philippines will side with BRICS and AIB in a short period of time.  That will snuff out any links to "western" banking soon enough.

Ranger4564's picture

He was greenlighted by the Asian Elders to get rid of the Bush / Rockfeller / Rothschilds corrption from his country. Although you have a valid point / concern, this guys is not talking like a typical American, he's talking like Putin.

Vatican_cameo's picture


I hope the .gov over here doesn't adopt this mentality.  All of us "Climate Deniers" would be the first to go.

Duc888's picture



Thumbs up.  You've done your homework.

Crush the cube's picture

Yup, he did target several generals and ex generals sitting in high political positions first.  The people love this guy, talk to the ex-pat Phil's and they absolutely love this guy.  He is merciless on the .gov guys with hands in the narco jar.

ebear's picture

Eliminating the competition.  Same as Colombia.

Of course the "people" love him.  They're dumb as rocks. Just like here.

ebear's picture

He can't be everywhere at once, and cops are a close knit group, some might say gang.

All this really means is if you want drugs you'll have to buy them from the cops, since they'll be the only ones left selling them.

What drugs are we talking about here anyway?  You gonna kill some guy because he sold me a bag of weed his family grew up country?  What about homebrew wine and liquor?  Those are drugs too.

Like I said before, when he goes after the pimps, especially those trafficking children to foreign scumbags, then I'll take him seriously.

Actually I won't, because the way to deal with both problems (minus the pedophilia which should carry a death sentence) is to legalize.  Licence it, regulate it, and most of the problems will disappear.  Ah... but there's no money in that, right?

This guy will clean up dodge, then when he gets his death wish the whole thing will start up again under his successor (and cronies) who'll have cornered the entire market.

gespiri's picture

Disagree.  I was there last month for three weeks and even the police are scared straight.  They didn't even want to accept bribes when they pulled us over for a traffic violation.  

Make sure you visit the place first before giving out senseless comments like this.

Secede Or Die's picture

"This is Hillary with a different haircut.  Just try getting her to uphold the Constitution."

Can you name any elected person in your lifetime that obeyed their oath to God and Man? No, you likely can not. Hillary may be worse than many others but she is not the problem. ALL elected people that violate their oaths are the problem. If we executed the elected ones that break their VOW, perhaps we would have a better land to live in. Huh....punisable by death.... I like the sound of that.

Secede or Die

Supafly's picture

I've said some really stupid shit here, so I tread lightly.  Duterte cares about the people of his country.  Any association with Hillary is way off.

NoPension's picture

Let God sort it out.

I'll give that crazy sumofabitch this, he is doing exactly what he said he would do if elected.

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) Beam Me Up Scotty Aug 8, 2016 7:04 PM

Maybe. This might have worked too well since 500,000 druggies have turned themselves in. Turned themselves in where? To the local jail or prison? Where are they going to put 500,000 people? Who is going to feed them? Who is processing all of them? Was there an amnesty box at the local cop shop where druggies could show up and drop any goods into the box?

NoPension's picture

Showers first?

Just spitballen here.

Meatnormous's picture

I'm sure Obama has a bill in the works to fund the Filipino druggie refugee program and settle them in rural USA next to the other refuges.

Mazzy's picture

Yeah, lets place thousands of literally unemployable 72 IQ Somalis in South Dakota.  Who the fuck thought that one up?....oh, nevermind, pretty sure I know (((who))) did it.

DaveA's picture

Get a cow pasture, tree trunks, and spools of barbed wire, and build a prison camp, with optional tents. Problems can be solved very cheaply when you stop worrying about "rights".

Duc888's picture



Duterte (not mentioned) has implemented a massive drug rehab strategy recently.  They are hiring workers all over Philippines to hande this.  I guess good news doesn;t sell papers.

ebear's picture

I'll take this guy seriously when he shuts down the sex trade and starts arresting foreign pedophiles.

knukles's picture

Goin' for da nex' Nobel Piecea Prize!

johnnycanuck's picture

Eliminating their competitors will likely earn him a substantial reward.  The latest version of Marcos?

Normalcy Bias's picture

...could be an asset eliminating the competition?

Anything's possible in this FUBAR world!

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

IF you are going to have a "war on drugs," this is the only way to fight it.

The "PC" war on drugs that keeps it viable enough to move a large part of the economy and only cracks down on an occasional criminal only gets people killed and addicted to drugs. It's no different than the "PC" war on financial crime, where the government uses feel-goodisms to scrape enough off the top to make it worthwhile to protect without ever really sending the big boys to jail.

But hey, they're fighting the war on drugs and the "SEC Wars" using the same tactics and strategy they are using to fight "terrorism," which is to say, it is a touchy-feel-good kind of war meant to perpetuate it for ulterior political motives.

mc225's picture

 your words are not those of a jeffersonian liberal. 

TheReplacement's picture

He wasn't speaking as a jeffersonian anything.  He was simply making a down to earth observation.  If you are going to shoot, shoot.  Don't talk.

Duc888's picture



Did Jefferson have a three letter agency running drugs into his country?

beemasters's picture

"This guy is going to save the Philippines."

I doubt it's the drug problem. He should include shooting corrupt politicians if the country is to be saved. That would be like the entire government officials???
They also need to entice their population home. I am guessing more than half of their brightest are outside the Philippines, if not nearly all.

Dutti's picture

Good article, thanks Urban.

I understand that he was elected fair and square by promising to do what he's doing. For a politician to actually follow through with pre-election promises is already exceptional. Assuming that he is not totally corrupt, he is doing the right thing.

Duc888's picture



I've listened to hours and hours of his interviews in the last 6 months.  He is absolutely on the side of having the law applied equally to everyone, so I guess that's why he doesn't give a flying fuck if they assasinate him. When he was elected as mayor of Davao... he personally went out and popped two drug dealers during his first week on the job.  I've been to Davao recently...I'd easily say it's the safest large city I have ever been to.

ebear's picture

"Assuming that he is not totally corrupt, he is doing the right thing."

He's not the guy you have to worry about, it's who comes next that's the problem.  With the competition gone, the field will be wide open for him and his cronies.  Who knows?  They might even hasten the process.  The guy does seem to have a death wish.

Supafly's picture

Like most countries, it starts at the top.  Filipinos are very smart and industrious.  Once they get out of their country, it's obvious.  While they are stuck in their homeland, they are resigned.

Dubaibanker's picture

Most emerging markets are the same as you described.

However, in Philippines the income inequality and diff between the top and middle is greatest.

Because the entire country is run or owned by a dozen or two dozen people like Ayala or SM or Gaisano etc.

Unlike China, the Phils has thus far not allowed the poor or middle class to rise and enrich themselves with well paid jobs or ability to grow a business like Alibaba or Tencent or so many new businesses coming up in China.

I think the day is not far enough because an entire gaming company PhilWeb is going under with 5,000 jobs because the new President alleged that the Chairman was involved in drugs, who then resigned and now the stock is dropping 40% a day! 

They might even shut down this week. All accomplished in less than 1 week and suddenly corruption and illegal money are ogne form the system!


Blankone's picture

He is going to have a field day killing key individuals who oppose him or have info on him.  He'll simply label them a drug dealer/user and kill them.  It is wonderful cover for a purge.  And if he needs to he can announce another justification to murder without charges, for the good of the children.


mkkby's picture

He also told citizens if you see a drug dealer, shoot him and I'll give you a medal.  So you can kill anyone you don't like and say they were dealers.

Now, about those niggs that woke me up at 3am...

edotabin's picture

Yeah stuff like this is a double-edged sword. It all boils down to intent and that is very hard to know in advance.

LasVegasDave's picture

Nationalism works.

SJWs to the ovens

rbg81's picture

Imagine how much $$ and trouble we could have saved if we executed illegal back in the 1970s.  It would only have taken a few for the rest to get the message.   But we didn't.  Instead we gave them things:  jobs (first), then medical care, and other entitlements.  Now we even give them drivers licenses and look the other way when they vote.  Soon, if not already, they will have more rights and protections than American taxpayers.  Bye,bye America.

Or, for a more recent context, imagine how much trouble Europe could have saved if they sank the first few boatloads of asylum seekers instead of welcoming them?

I know it sounds cold-blooded,but sometimes you gotta get your hands dirty to protect your way of life.  We've forgotten that.

Dubaibanker's picture

I agree with you. 

Did you hear about this oligarch been destroyed in less than 1 week? He resigned, was shamed and now his public listed co stock is dropping 40% a day! His interests in mining, energy, gambling, real estate, all may be taken away. His power has definitely vanished instantly!


In addition, he is almost doubling salaries of soldiers and then the teachers.....mostly nurses too.

Over 100 teachers resigned in HK and returned to Phils in the last few months.

Duterte: After military, teachers next in line for salary hike

Phils will indeed be a different country in 5 years.

Norton Rose form London is shifting 170 personnel to Manila from London.

IBM, Convergys, Manulife and hundreds more have offices here. Real estate is doing well. Banks are stable and rising. Airlines are booming. Malls are buzzing.

Tim Hortons decided to open in Phils as did Nestle. Tourism is booming and Chinese visitors doubled this half year as compared to 2015 and others had double digit growth as well. Investments in free zones and ports is booming.

Traffic is a big issue but is being eased and billions of dollars will be spent in the next few years. Duterte himself said that he will stop going to guest of honour functions and asked to open dozens of passport offices so that people do not need to come to just 1 or 2 offices and hence ease congestion.



Duterte enumerates viable, immediate traffic solutions
ebear's picture

"Tourism is booming..."

I was gonna say, when does he start going after the pimps?

That'll put a dent in the tourist trade

So, answer?  Never.