Gilts Dumped After BOE Announces Latest QE Operation Was 4.71x Oversubscribed

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After yesterday the BOE failed to attract enough selling interest to fully cover its long-maturity QE operation, bond traders were sitting on edge for the results of today's latest "POMO" open market operation, which concluded moments ago, to see if it too would have a shortfall in supply.

That did not happen, and instead as the BOE revealed moments ago, there was a substantial GBP5.51 billion in gilts offered for sale to the BOE, resulting in a comfortable coverage of 4.71.


The immediate result: selling in the gilt complex, as traders breathe a sigh of relief that there will be more sellers after all, which in turns leads to more selling not just in the UK but also across the Atlantic.

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make a few phone calls, twist a few arms beforehand.

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Whatever it takes man! 


God save the queen.

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LOL!!!  Yeah loan the .gov your cash for 0.57%...


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It's all on the hope that you can turn around and sell to the BOE for a quick profit. No sensible person would actually buy and hold these.

Although, if you are buying a "Retirement 2030" fund, maybe 40% of the portfolio is loaded into things like this.

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ESF - magical liquidity oasis, praise Jesus!

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wow, now they are printing fake Bonds to sell to fake printed paper money!   :)

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Pretty soon they will pay you for real labor and goods with slips of paper representing math equations.  oh wait

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Buy Mickey Mouse.



The Zikaest Place on Earth

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All fixed, lets move on.

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Gun placed to financial companies heads!

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I thought I may be surprised today..... much to my suprise.... I was not...