Hillary Clinton's War Policy: "Turmoil, Chaos, & Catastrophe Lie Ahead"

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Submitted by Brian Cloughley via Strategic-Culture.org,

As a result of Trump’s stumbling, Hillary Clinton seems to be on course to become next president of the United States and it is depressing to reflect on what some of her policies might be if she achieves that office. Unfortunately, the future looks bleak for peace and stability around the world.

She is one of the Washington-Brussels war-drum beaters who planned the 2011 aerial blitz on Libya to destroy the government of President Gaddafi, in whose murder she rejoiced, giggling that «We came; We saw; He died». The US-NATO devastation of Libya caused massive deprivation and suffering, opened the way for feuding bands of militants to fight each other for control of parts of the country, and created a haven for the lunatic extremists of Islamic State.

Immediately after Gaddafi was brutally put to death, Clinton went to Libya and declared that she was «proud to stand here on the soil of a free Tripoli and on behalf of the American people I congratulate Libya. This is Libya’s moment, this is Libya’s victory, the future belongs to you». Her sentiments were echoed by the NATO Secretary General of the time, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who expressed pride that the seven months of rocket, bomb and missile attacks on a defenceless country had been «one of the most successful [operations] in NATO’s history». Not only that, but «Libyans have now liberated their country. And they have transformed the region. This is their victory». Both of them were talking nonsense, but have never given the slightest indication that they regretted for a moment their energetic role in creating the Libyan catastrophe.

Clinton attempted to justify the military assault on Libya by reflecting on the military presence of the United States around the world. She expressed satisfaction that the US maintains massive military bases in so many countries as a result of former conflicts and arrogantly declared «You know, the United States was in Korea, and still is, for many years. We are still in Germany. We are still in Japan. We have a presence in a lot of places in the world that started out as a result of conflict. And if you think about South Korea, there were coups, there were assassinations, there was a lot of problems for the Koreans to build their economy, to create their democracy. This doesn’t happen overnight. And, yes, it’s been a couple of years. I think it’s worth European support, Arab support, American support to try to help the Libyan people realize the dream that they had when they went after Gadhafi».

It is apparent that Clinton will be uncompromising about continuing Obama’s policy of international confrontation, and that she, too, firmly believes «that America remains the indispensable nation». It is open to doubt, however, that the self-imposed mantle of indispensability has done anything to further peace and stability around the globe.

The armed forces and intelligence agencies of the indispensable nation have carried out thousands of airstrikes all over the world over many years. From Pakistan in the east to Libya on the Mediterranean, by way of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Syria there have been attacks by F-15 Strike Eagles, B-52 bombers, helicopter gunships, the A-10 Warthog, the even more terrifying Hercules AC-130 Spectre gunship (one of which destroyed a hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, last year), Tomahawk cruise missiles, and drones equipped with Hellfire missiles. The amount of explosives delivered cannot be calculated, but as one indicator of quantities, in the two years of attacks on various groups in Syria and Iraq, «coalition» aircraft have delivered about 50,000 bombs and missiles.

US attacks have included many drone strikes in Yemen where, as reported by the US Military Times, «in March 2015, the US evacuated about 125 special operations troops amid the expanding civil war» but «has launched nine strikes this year against al-Qaida, which the US says is a persistent threat in the region and to Western interests». Other sources record rather higher numbers of covert strikes in 2016 – twenty confirmed and many others suspected – but that is irrelevant in the context of legality and effect.

On July 1 the White House released a statement about its worldwide drone war, and the Washington Post noted its admission that «the United States has inadvertently killed between 64 and 116 civilians in drone and other lethal air attacks against terrorism suspects in non-war zones», and commented that «in releasing only aggregate figures that did not include when or where the strikes occurred, the administration shielded those claims from meaningful public scrutiny, even as it sought to bolster its own assertions about the accuracy and effectiveness of the operations».

Even the Post could not praise the drone war, and recorded that «The New America Foundation and the Long War Journal, which have tracked drone strikes since the George W Bush administration, each put the number of civilians killed under the current administration at just over 200».

Nobody in the West cares about Yemen and the horrors inflicted on its population by the Saudis and their backer in Washington, and it seems nobody cares, either, about the new US onslaught on Libya, also in the name of Freedom.

President Obama rejoiced that his aerial blitzes around the globe are increasing and in June declared that «over the past two months I’ve authorized a series of steps to ratchet up our fight against ISIL [Islamic State]: additional US personnel, including Special Forces, in Syria to assist local forces battling ISIL there; additional advisors to work more closely with Iraqi security forces, and additional assets, including attack helicopters; and additional support for local forces in northern Iraq. Our aircraft continue to launch from the USS Harry Truman, now in the Mediterranean. Our B-52 bombers are hitting ISIL with precision strikes. Targets are being identified and hit even more quickly – so far, 13,000 airstrikes. This campaign at this stage is firing on all cylinders». And that was before he attacked Libya, yet again.

President Obama fired on a few more cylinders when, as reported on August 4 by the US military journal Stars and Stripes, «American warplanes attacked Islamic State group fighters in northern Libya on Wednesday, marking a third consecutive day of US airstrikes in the war-torn nation». It can be expected that the campaign will continue for the last remaining months of Obama’s war-promoting presidency – and that his likely successor will pay as little regard as he has to international and domestic laws concerning such gung-ho forays.

Hillary Clinton has not criticised or even questioned Obama’s years of aerial bombardment around the world and her foreign policy adviser, Jeremy Bash, told London’s Daily Telegraph that she will order a «full review» of US strategy on Syria as a «first key task» of her presidency, resetting the policy to emphasise the  «murderous» nature of the Assad regime. He said that Mrs Clinton would work to get Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, «out of there».

President Assad has been selected as another target for the Clinton policy of «We came; We saw; He died» and his country appears doomed to a rerun of the Libya fiasco.

If Hillary Clinton becomes president of the United States, there will be an even greater emphasis on global airstrikes and confrontation in general. Turmoil, chaos and catastrophe lie ahead.

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khnum's picture

So a woman who has seizures,a hole in her tongue possibly either from cancer or a std,needs a witchdoctor with diazapam self injectors to keep her vertical and who is a sociopath possibly with onset dementure is going to be President...this will be biblical and very very inauspicious.

Manthong's picture


So who are you? .. a campaign insider????    :-D.. just kidding.


"Turmoil, Chaos, & Catastrophe”

OK, so the name of this program is “At Home with the Clinton’s.”?


I'll take hole in the tongue for 200, Alex.

Vatican_cameo's picture


If this Nutjob slithers her way into the White House, I think they'll plenty of excitement on this side of the Atlantic.  She may not have to venture far from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to find "Turmoil, Chaos and Catastrophe".

Manthong's picture

The only way for the Nutjob to slither in is if ALL of the checks and balances fail.

If that happens, all bets are off and the S will truly Hit the Fan..

svayambhu108's picture

Seems like she doesn't have anything to loose if he presses that big red  button

We came, we saw, KABBOOOOMM

thesonandheir's picture

Good honest article that.

Looks like we are heading for a potential WW3 flashpoint if the beast gets in and goes after Assad as her Saudi masters want.


Only problem is that damn Vlad guy. How many nukes have we got again?

jeff montanye's picture

her masters work out of jerusalem, tel aviv and new york.

don't forget her defibrillator brassiere.


Wahooo's picture

Just pray that Vlad can hit DC, NYC/Newark, Chicago, London, Hong Kong, Sydney, Brussels and Riyahd before he's vaporized. And hits them hard.

Whalley World's picture

The writer obviously believes the BULLSHIT poles, one of us is STUPID!

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Manthong Aug 12, 2016 7:18 AM

The pantsuit brigade that destroyed Libya.

Hillary Clinton

Susan Power

Susan Rice

then you have Victoria Nudleman over in Ukraine

I recall people saying "women should run the world, there will be fewer wars"


junction's picture

No one seems to be mentioning the 800 pound gorilla in the room, the murder of JFK, Jr., her potential competition for the New York U.S. Senate seat.  At: http://www.clintonmemoriallibrary.com/   there is a casualty list that includes many Clinton opponents (people who knew too much) meeting sudden deaths in plane accidents.  Hillary has to run for President because the CIA Manchurian Candidate Obama is leaving office.  It is President or Prisoner C in Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. 


junction's picture

At another site (link below), there is unsubstantiated information on Khizr Khan.  Does anyone know if the information has some basis in fact?

Can Khizr Khan be Trusted it appears NO!

The answer appears to be a Strong NO! We have gotten info from a friend inside the DNC that Mr. Khan was paid $25,000 to give a speech that he did not write, the speech was written by two people who work for the Clinton Campaign, also the copy of the constitution he showed was bought just hours before by a female Clinton staffer. Now this all seems bad but it gets worse.

Mr. Khan was contacted by the Clinton Campaign after his name was given to them by the White House 4 days before the convention this after 5 other families turned down the offer to speak, all of these families had to sign Non Disclosure Agreements, and each were paid $5,000. Mr. Kahn who is an immigration attorney with his own firm which is deeply in-debt some $1,700,000, he also has YUGE trouble with the IRS going back 6 years now, he appears he owes in back taxes around $850,000 plus interest and penalties. But the story is not done yet, Mr Khan has been paid by CNN and NBC News over $100,000 to tell his fake story to them, plus he has been given a bonus of $175,000 by the DNC AKA the Clinton Campaign, but it still not done yet, the IRS as of yesterday has placed his file on hold and will no longer go after Mr. Khan and his wife for the back taxes due.

So what does this tell America about Mr. Khan? Yes his son was a brave solider who gave his life to protect his troops and he did the most honorable thing any person could do, God Bless Him, but his father has used his death to make money and settle his debts, this is not what a Gold Star family should ever represent. Mr. Khan is a fake not a man who his son would be proud of today.

Does not matter if Mr.Khan is a member or supports the Muslims Brotherhood it plays nothing into this at all , it’s not illegal to support or be a member of that organization, what does matter is the fake story written for him and the copy of the Constitution given to him before he went on stage, all the money he got from the Campaign and News Organization, and the IRS placing his taxes on hold, this matters America, that if you are willing to disparage the another candidate you will be rewarded not only by the Campaign the DNC and the NEWS but by our Government.


jeff montanye's picture

excellent work.  what do the tylers say about this?  sounds like an investigation is called for.

go get 'em, junction.

new game's picture

go get 'em, junction.

with pen in hand, lol....

WTFUD's picture

All of this reminds me of the NAYIRAH-al Sabah Testimony before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus where the filthy lying little Cunt ( and daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Vichy DC ) gave evidence of Iraqi soldiers ' taking babies from incubators' to justify the Gulf farce War.

Vichy DC & its Wahhabi PIG Allies will create any False Flag scenario to justify their butchery (9/11 included ). Obama & Hillary continue this Policy Initiative.

Why have these murderers above, including Nayirah and her father, not been held to account?


Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) junction Aug 12, 2016 7:20 AM

Plus JFK Jr. would have waltzed into the Presidency.

Gonzogal's picture

"CIA Manchurian Candidate Obama is leaving office"  


EXCEPT for this possibility....


Wahooo's picture

It's happened to every other empire. The rich continue to get richer.

Paul Kersey's picture

If Americans have a choice between an evil queen and a mad king, they are better off with the mad king, because, while the acts of the evil queen will be purely evil, there is still the possibility that a mad king will opt out of murderous wars and toxic alliances.

backwaterdogs's picture


You are spending way too much time on zh

thetruthhurts's picture
Hillary Clinton's War Policy: "Turmoil, Chaos, & Catastrophe Lie Ahead"

At least it will provide temporary jobs for out of work minorities....and maybe stocks will go up.  What is bad about that?

SidSays's picture

Peak American exceptionalism!!!

What in the world have we done?!?!?

Or failed to do……..

Duc888's picture


"As a result of Trump’s stumbling, Hillary Clinton seems to be on course to become next president of the United States"


Clinton will be all done in under thirty days.

khnum's picture

Pray for the patience of Russia and China to continue they are trying like hell at the moment to start a stink these lunatics in charge may even believe ww3 is a better alternative to a Trump presidency.

jeff montanye's picture

or indicting them for 9-11.  murder and treason have no statute of limitations.

i hope that what appears to be stumbling on trump's part is his reining in of his narcissism and his transforming himself from a wild shouter, which secured him the nomination and was needed to blow those doofuses off the stage, into a saner critic of hillary clinton.  

now that bernie sanders is not in the mix as an opponent (but whose ex-supporters offer a resource of voters, potentially) he must turn on clinton as she roundly deserves it and she is a made to order opponent for him: her vulnerabilities are legion.  he should talk less about himself and more about her.  that is the road to victory in november.

if he is not a fraud.

Croesus's picture

@ Duc888:

I'm hoping.....I'm really hoping the Wicked Cankled Witch gets crushed by her house of lies...

ThanksChump's picture

I stopped reading at "As a result of Trump's stumbling": standard MSM tripe.


I haven't seen Trump stumble once, let alone "stumbling". like it's chronic/ongoing. Either the author's only input is CNN, or he's an employee of Turner's.

uhland62's picture

Only the American people can stop that Hillary once she is in office. I don't know how but given that it will be very difficult to pass laws in Congress, especially some that improve the economy, she will turn to foreign policy in the only way she knows : Obey or I'll send the bombers. They'll shut down communications to prevent protests like for the Vietnam War, so something different will have to be done. probably something that will absorb excessive amounts of police resources that the system goes pop.

Your Creator's picture

The left will never protest against one of their own,especially a clinton.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Hopefully the demented, disgusting, dirt-bag hag will have choked on one hair-ball too many or floated off - 'Ooooh... look at the pretty balloons!" - to La La Land long before November rolls around.

For This, we humbly beseech Thee, Lord.

saulysw's picture

I just gotta say - whoever picks the thumbnails for the Hillary posts .... genius.

BritBob's picture

Secretary Clinton on Falklands during press conference with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Buenos Aires 2010 : 'As to the first point, we want very much to encourage both countries to sit down. Now, we cannot make either one do so, but we think it is the right way to proceed. So we will be saying this publicly, as I have been, and we will continue to encourage exactly the kind of discussion across the table that needs to take place .'

Now if she'd been well-briefed or done some independent research (she must employ staff to help her out) Hillary wouldn't have fallen for that usurpation (seriously half the world was usurped in the 19th century) and those numerous resolutions that are just proposals from the UN Decolonisation Committee, a committee made up of member states like Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and Syria. Hm. Should have done better...



conraddobler's picture

There will be no legitimate HC pOTus.

No such thing.

Long memory man's picture

I saw recently that you are now allowing gene therapy on human embryos,, great idea? supposedly to save millions from disease? maybe it is being done to keep Hillary on her feet, she looks pretty flaky to me and fortunately Soros and Co cannot shake the reaper man. Graveyards are full of rich people.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

That's not Hillary's, you dumb fuck. It's little Georgie Schwartz's plan. Then he swoops in and buys infrastructure for pennies on the dollar. Do your history before you accuse of Cankles of actually forming a thought beyond "How much will you pay me?".

the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Aug 12, 2016 6:12 AM

Women belong in the kitchen and the bedroom.


This one is an exception. She belongs in a cell.

Swamp Yankee's picture

Hey, wait.. She *IS* the Giant Meteor?

monad's picture

Obama weaponize skin. sHitlery is weaponizing gender, promising green collar payola every 28 days... yap yap yap yap yap

Run, Jon Lovitt! Run! Run away!

blindman's picture

she wants to be the first female war pig potus
for money to line her pockets in the name of
charity and motherly nourishment love.
war sow.
1 : an adult female swine that nourishes itself
on death and destruction from armed conflicts
in far away places.

JailBanksters's picture

I can remembe when [insert harp music] ....

Bongo wanted to be the President of Peace, Gawd he got an award and everything.

But... He spent more than Bush on killing civillians, created more False Flags, created more Terrorist Groups on his watch.

The Next Prez, who ever it is, will be known as the War President


Skiprrrdog's picture

«the United States has inadvertently killed between 64 and 116 civilians in drone and other lethal air attacks against terrorism suspects in non-war zones

'Inadvertently killed'...I love that phrase, or '...lethal air attacks against terrorism suspects in non-war zones'. Everything about these two snippets screams war crimes, and that makes Obama Bin Laden and Hyena Rodent Clinton war criminals. The Rodent, she is just insane, so I guess that is her excuse...but the Chimp in Chief, I believe he is the far more evil of the two, and should receive special treatment. Reparations to his victims, out of his own pocket, strip him and Michael of any and all pensions/benefits, and then trial and public execution.

Skiprrrdog's picture

I heard that The Rodent has a defibrillator vibrator...anyone else hear that?

AriusArmenian's picture

Killary will be to Obama what Johnson was to Kennedy.

Another million died under Obama but the war mongers want more.

Much bigger wars are coming. The Killary's people are saying as much.