Justice Department Prevented FBI Probe Of Clinton Foundation; Reporters Slam State Department Stonewalling

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For an increasingly vocal group in this country - that sees 'the establishment' for what it is - it may not come as a total shock that CNN is reporting that The (Clinton-appointee-Loretta-Lynch-run) Department of Justice has "pushed back" against The FBI's desires to begin a probe to investigate whether there was a criminal conflict of interest with the State Department and the Clinton Foundation during Clinton's tenure.

Officials from the FBI and Department of Justice met several months ago to discuss opening a public corruption case into the Clinton Foundation, a US official has told CNN...

At the time, three field offices were in agreement an investigation should be launched after the FBI received notification from a bank of suspicious activity from a foreigner who had donated to the Clinton Foundation, according to the official.


FBI officials wanted to investigate whether there was a criminal conflict of interest with the State Department and the Clinton Foundation during Clinton's tenure.

Makes perfect sense right? But before we go on, as a gentle reminder - it was then President Bill Clinton that gave Loretta Lynch her big break, nominating her in 1999 to serve as US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York... "probably nothing"

So with that said, guess what happened next?

The Department of Justice had looked into allegations surrounding the foundation a year earlier after the release of the controversial book "Clinton Cash," but found them to be unsubstantiated and there was insufficient evidence to open a case.

As so as a result...

DOJ officials pushed back against opening a case during the meeting earlier this year.


Some also expressed concern the request seemed more political than substantive, especially given the timing of it coinciding with the investigation into the private email server and Clinton's presidential campaign.

For there to be criminal conflict of interest, there would have to be evidence showing a government employee received something of value in exchange, such as a job post-employment or money. But, as CNN points out,

There doesn't appear to be anything so far suggesting that in the newly released heavily redacted emails from Judicial Watch, but those emails do raise questions about whether the relationship between the State Department and Clinton Foundation was too cozy, particularly after Clinton pledged she would not be involved with the foundation when she became secretary of state in an effort to prevent an inappropriate relationship.


In a case where there's a possible conflict of interest that's not necessarily criminal, the inspector general can look into it and take an administrative remedy if necessary.


The State Department OIG has been looking into connections between the State Department and Clinton during her term as Secretary of State since earlier this year, but has not said anything about the matter.

And it is this stonewalling in the face of clear evidence of the potential for 'inappropriate relationships' that has pushed a normaly docile press corps to its breaking point with The State Department. As Mediaite details, having refused to comment - other than the prepared party-line bullshit - when asked straightforward questions with regard the potential for conflicts of interest raised by the emails, reporters confronted State spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau...

Three separate reporters - starting with NBC’s Abigail Williams - asked Trudeau about whether there was any improper relationship between State and the Clinton Foundation.


Trudeau repeatedly downplayed the emails and said the department is “regularly in touch” with a wide range of people.



One reporter pointed out that Clinton had “made a pledge” not to involve herself with the foundation while she was Secretary of State. Trudeau shot back that the agreement did not preclude others from talking to foundation staff.


At one point, as another reporter - the AP’s Matt Lee - was getting frustrated with the lack of answers, he said this:I’m sorry, are you – am I not speaking English? Is this – I mean, is it coming across as foreign – I’m not asking you if – no one is saying it’s not okay or it’s bad for the department to get a broad variety of input from different people. Asking – the question is whether or not you have determined that there was nothing improper here.


So - to summarize - we have hard evidence of the potential for an inappropriate relationship between Hillary Clinton's State Department and The Clinton Foundation - after she had pledged that this would not occur. We have The Justice Department  - led by Clinton appointee Loretta Lynch - implicitly blocking The FBI's probe of The Clinton Foundation's dealings (for, among other reasons, the timing could be viewed as "politically motivated." We have a State Department Inspector General who is silent.. and a State Department public relations person who has stonewalled so much, even the American press corps has grown frustrated... and the mainstream media on TV will be running stories on Trump's poll numbers, his apparent 'resignation' to losing, and his "friends and family" economic plan.

Is it any wonder an increasingly frustrated majority of Americans do not trust Hillary, the establishment, and the status quo's American Dream? Simply put, the lengths by which strings are being pulled to ensure a Clinton presidency may well turn out to the straw that broke the camel's back of public restraint... especially if GDP, productivity, US corporate revenues, and construction spending is a more accurate picture of economic reality than the goal-seeked narrative-confirming payrolls data.

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Boris Badenov's picture

Thank goodness Comey doesn't have to listen to Loretta Lynch.

I'll vote me up, thanks.

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Everyone in Washington has dirt on everyone else. You can't indict without getting indicted yourself. That's why the establishment won't run anyone for office unless they're dirty as sin.

Croesus's picture

Civil War 2.0, in a few short years, if that crooked bitch gets in:

"Simply put, the lengths by which strings are being pulled to ensure a Clinton presidency may well turn out to the straw that broke the camel's back of public restraint..."

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gargoylian (not verified) Croesus Aug 11, 2016 9:54 PM

It's already rigged. Hitlery will be Potus.


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Yep, Obozo isn't about to flush his "so-called" legacy down the toilet by allowing the Clinton Crime Family info to come to light...

No matter how much "most transparent Admin in American history" he has to surrender to...

Hey, now he's almost "outta here!" Home free!

Now gotta protect Hitlery in every way possible to "protect the criminal legacy!"

NoDebt's picture

Third.  World.  Country.  

Tinpot dictators, massive corruption, state-approved propoganda and all the trimmings.  Enjoy.  You voted for it.

eatthebanksters's picture

All these corrupt government bastards need to remember what happened to the Ceausescu's when Romania revolted.   


Buster Cherry's picture

Ah the good old days....when politicians sometimes got what they earned....

Dizzy Malscience's picture


Didn’t that term come into vogue when Hillary was on the Nixon Whitewater inquisition?

Manthong's picture

could there possibly be some shred of ethics in the media?



Dizzy Malscience's picture


Didn’t that term come into vogue when Hillary was on the Nixon Whitewater inquisition?


I meant to say Watergate…. read this.

“After the Nixon impeachment investigation was finished, Zeifman fired Rodham and said he refused to give her a letter of recommendation.”


It is hard to keep all of the Washington scandals in order.


bamawatson's picture

dennis rodham ?
zeifman fired dennis rodham ?
dennis was an effective secretary of state
he saved north korea

these myriad interwoven intricate scandals certainly are confusing

enough to make one dizzy

drendebe10's picture

Fat fukn chance, fat fukn chance

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Reporters Slam State Department Stonewalling


Damn CNN.....we need to shut those goys down!

JohnGaltUk's picture


I live in the UK and had wrote to my MP before the BREXIT. I conveyed to him the utter contempt the public had towards politicians and within a month Jo Cox was gunned down in the street, she was a REMAINER, pro EU MP that paid the ultimate price for her treachery. I don't think she was corrupt but was seriously misguided buying in to the EU propaganda.

Us BRITS have had enough of the crooks. We are sick of bank bailouts, sick of the corporate's  getting away with fraud on an industrial scale and no one is being put in jail, in fact these crooks are walking away with golden handshakes and their pensions intact. That traitor Cameron, call me Dave tosser was going to sell us out to the EU. We even had Barry over here telling us BRITS we should surrender our sovereignty to the EU.

I have to take my hat off to the Romanian patriots who killed the Ceausescu's. They were determined that they were going to die. The guard was instructed that whatever happens if there was any attempt of a rescue his only duty was to gun down the Ceausescu's. These patriots knew what message needed to be sent into history and to the public. Justice had to be seen to be done and they had to pay the price for the pain and suffering  they forced on their citizens. This could happen anywhere in Europe at the moment. I read on the internet from a connected French citizen that a government memo had gone out to all MP's cautioning them about any type of internal travel because their safety could not be assured. Then in Germany I think it was Germany's justice minister was speaking at a rally when he had to be ushered off stage because the crowd had turned against him and security officials became concerned for his safety. This trend will get worse  when the economy turns down.

The back drop here in the UK is that many MP's were caught with their fingers in the tax payers till. Many MP's had been making  outrages claims on their expenses. Standards in public life has fallen well below any acceptable standard of moral behaviour. The hallmark of any society that is in the process of collapse is when they begin to debase the currency which the west has been doing for the last twenty years but it has been most acute in the last ten. Some of us have seen this trend for a long time now and the  sheeple will wake up when they start losing their jobs, cars and homes. The analogy I use which I have taught to my son is to think that you were a Jew in Germany in the 1930's, which law passed against you would be the tipping point when you would make the decision to leave Germany. Some Jews saw the trend early and left for safety, others ignored  the warnings and stayed in the hope things would get better and they paid the price for their ignorance.

That tipping point was reached in the vote for BREXIT. Hollande in France has passed the Rubicon with his 10,000 Euro month haircuts in true socialist style and French citizens being murdered in the streets daily by radical Muslims. We will see much civil unrest in Europe when the Austrian's reruns their election for president after the courts over turned election results because of fraud. Hungary is having a referendum over accepting refugees that Merkel is forcing upon them.  The Front Nationale will win the election next year which wants out of the Euro. Next year is going to political hell and I wouldn't be surprised to see an assassination attempt on Hillary or Trump.  

The EU is done its only matter of timing now.

drendebe10's picture

Someone shoukd photoshop the heads of the cuntons on there...

In Ze No's picture

To be fair, every option led to the same place.


Anti-kleptocrat's picture

... or if there's a hint of fraud in the upcoming election ... 

sauldaddy's picture

The dirt is in the emails regarding a certain crappy -reac_tor that poisoned you and your children that they tried to cover up. They all are guilty that's why there protecting super cankles. I can't even put the links in here because even zh ..censors.. Just go to your favorite search engine and type in super cankles name and add the name of the certain crappy ..reac_tor... And _you can read it for yourself. Why do you think that millions of Americans are drinking poisoned water that causes cancer? It ain't because of chemicals it all is a cover story for a certain crappy re__actor that blew up in an Asian country. And if you want to go deeper into the rabbit hole search the F word and add __Israhell.. to it.

Rubicon727's picture

I agree with your observation. However, there's only ONE of those individuals who is running for President of The United States. In that regard, she especially needs to be scrutinized.

Hal n back's picture

it is called being vetted. In this case, the key people looked around and said, whats hte problem here. Or as Sgt Schultz said, " I see nothing".


I am demoralized.

Lovin-ZH's picture

Me, too.

The only thought that saves me (sor-da) from total despondency

is that maybe it really has always been this way,

us plebs just never knew and we are just now, slowly, finding out what's real

and how much we have been lied to.

My idealistic nature sez that maybe someday, we'll create a modern version of what

was written by our founding fathers or even the Magna Charta architects -

something like a current century's equivalent of that body of thought,

reflecting and incorporating what is possible with today's techy tools

and setting out a framework to put us on a more Libertarian approach once again.


Hey,  I can always dream, right?

pazmaker's picture

Dream on Dream Dream ON ON ON ON


Every time when I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face getting clearer
The past is gone
It went by, like dusk to dawn
Isn't that the way
Everybody's got the dues in life to pay

detached.amusement's picture

See Algore's remark about the internet making it hard for a government to do things, or something of the like.  Humanity never had free information exchange on a global scale before, and cockroaches are running from the sunlight.

Idiocracy's picture

"Everyone in Washington has dirt on everyone else. You can't indict without getting indicted yourself. That's why the establishment won't run anyone for office unless they're dirty as sin."

Exactly!! Welcome to the United States of Blackmail. Founding fathers were J Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles among others.


Mr Pink's picture

I cant wait til Wikileaks releases the 30k emails the bitch deleted. Let's see their excuse for not indicting then

edotabin's picture

I'm sure Hillary will "clarify" and all will be well.  

-Trump did it via Russia because he is friendly with Putin!

-The emails were "talking past each other".

-"blah, blah, blah Trump is racist !"

You know......100% rock solid and convincing answers :-)


azusgm's picture

I'd like to know why the FBI didn't just seize the servers and devices the way they would have in any other case. Why did they allow Hillary's attorneys to go through the emails to determine which ones might be government business and which ones were private when the issue was that there might be classified government communications on those servers? If the attorneys didn't have top secret clearances, why were they given first pass at the emails?

drendebe10's picture

Fat fukn chance, fat fukn chance

Hal n back's picture

We have become China and the Soviet Union. With a whimper.

Proves you can't fight city hall.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

That smarmy bitch needs to go for a car ride with her hands duct taped to the wheel as I grease my wire clippers and warm the cigarette lighter

Never One Roach's picture

Totally useless incompetent state dept employee ... one of many I'm sure.

Talk about over-fucking-paid!

piliage's picture

Yea, but hey, you should read her hash tags... Simply devistating

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

If she were under the protection of the SS, they'd haul you away by now.

She may be exceptional, but not as Exceptional as HRC, who seems untouchable.  #1 or 2 on the list of Untouchables and TBTJ.

wisehiney's picture

Orion "The Hunter".

Perseus, the "Monster Killer"

His meteor just shot thru the bow of Orion.


Safe wiki link.    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perseus_with_the_Head_of_Medusa

Click it, or type it.


wisehiney's picture

WB7, you have your glory, n'est ce pas?

I hope you get what you deserve.

Eternally grateful and will always follow you.



Troy Ounce's picture



I heard that Perseus later committed suicide with a cross bow.

2 arrows to the chest. Still a cold case.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

They're all in on it.  Let the good times roll!!

SgtShaftoe's picture

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. - John F. Kennedy

LN's picture

Loretta and Bill, Loretta and Bill,... subverting justice, with a wink nod and grin...

When Assange bites, when Vlad stings,

When I'm feeling sad...



Boris Badenov's picture

Grand Funk Railroad had a song called T.N.U.C.

Way before playing songs backwards revealed demonish overtones....

I think it's Hillary's initials.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

As an Army family we moved to Germany in 1970  and in Times Square was this huge image on the side of a building of Grand Funk Railroad.   We loved them almost as much as  Band of Gypsies.

SoDamnMad's picture

1971 Grand Funk came to Germany to do a free bunch of concerts for different units (Schweifurt) and our command was admant that no one should be allowed to attend so they came up with a bull$hit snap drill in another city to pull everyone away. We finished the snap drill and went to the concert and I got in big trouble but at least the guys got to see them. Was worth it I was told.  Decided the military wasn't for me.