FBI Mutiny? Feds Said To Launch Clinton Foundation Corruption Probe Despite DoJ Objections

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Having detailed Clinton-appointee Loretta Lynch's DoJ push-back against the FBI's Clinton Foundation probe, it seems Director Comey has decided to flex his own muscles and save face as DailyCaller reports, multiple FBI investigations are underway involving potential corruption charges against the Clinton Foundation, according to a former senior law enforcement official.

As we previously noted, a US official has told CNN...

At the time, three field offices were in agreement an investigation should be launched after the FBI received notification from a bank of suspicious activity from a foreigner who had donated to the Clinton Foundation, according to the official.


FBI officials wanted to investigate whether there was a criminal conflict of interest with the State Department and the Clinton Foundation during Clinton's tenure.


The Department of Justice had looked into allegations surrounding the foundation a year earlier after the release of the controversial book "Clinton Cash," but found them to be unsubstantiated and there was insufficient evidence to open a case.

As so as a result...

DOJ officials pushed back against opening a case during the meeting earlier this year.


Some also expressed concern the request seemed more political than substantive, especially given the timing of it coinciding with the investigation into the private email server and Clinton's presidential campaign.

However, as DailyCaller reports, The FBI is undertaking multiple investigations involving potential corruption changes against The Clinton Foundation...

The investigation centers on New York City where the Clinton Foundation has its main offices, according to the former official who has direct knowledge of the activities.


Prosecutorial support will come from various U.S. Attorneys Offices — a major departure from other centralized FBI investigations.


The New York-based probe is being led by Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.   


The official said involvement of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Southern District of New York “would be seen by agents as a positive development as prosecutors there are generally thought to be more aggressive than the career lawyers within the DOJ.”




The former official said the investigation is being coordinated between bureau field offices and FBI managers at headquarters in Washington, D.C. The unusual process would ensure senior FBI supervisors, including Director James Comey, would be kept abreast of case progress and of significant developments.


The reliance on U.S. attorneys would be a significant departure from the centralized manner in which the FBI managed the investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server and email addresses.


That investigation was conducted with agents at FBI headquarters, who coordinated with the Department of Justice’s National Security Division (NSD).

While Nicholas Biase, a spokesman for Bharara, said he would “decline comment," and FBI spokeswoman Samantha Shero said, “we do not have a comment on investigative activity,” we wonder if the unusual procedures and the tone of that comment suggests a mutinous FBI standing up to the politicized DoJ?

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nuubee's picture

This is just posturing by the FBI to try to retain some integrity in the public eye after Comey's flaccid surrender.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Yeah...they wouldn't dare.

Looney's picture


The investigation centers on New York City where the Clinton Foundation has its main offices…

New York City??? Get the rope!   ;-)


ThanksChump's picture

I'll cheer when the videos of Hillary and Obama being dragged away in zip-ties goes viral.

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) ThanksChump Aug 12, 2016 8:43 AM

What a joke.  The FBI already has their statement prepared.  "No reasonable prosecutor would prosecute Hillary over these obvious felonies that Hillary committed. Gotta go to a Hillary fundraiser now. Have a great day and keep trusting us!"

Mr. Universe's picture

We can't clear her and find no criminal intent unless we have an investigation.

erkme73's picture

My next paycheck says FBI will find corruption, and some low-ranking assistant at the Clinton Foundation will be the fall guy.  Comey will be unable to prove to a standard that any reasonable prosecutor would pursue, whether HRC had any knowledge, or intent.

HopefulCynic's picture


Another FBI Exoneration?

FBI will prosecute?

CuttingEdge's picture

FBI = Fucked Beyond Imagination.

Zero credibility these days, and deserving of zero respect with another "nothing to see here" no doubt forthcoming.

And given Hillary Clinton is the most openly corrupt venal slime ever to crawl the face of the planet, with a weight of evididence against her in the public domain so overwhelming it makes OJ look angelic; their inability to make a case makes them look just plain laughable as a law enforcement organisation.

Fucking joke, the lot of 'em.

Four chan's picture

todays zh poll



wombats's picture

Give it up already.  As much as anyone may want to see Hillary behind bars or even just "lose" the election, it's just wishful thinking. Everyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can clearly tell that the fix is in.  Hillary will NOT be prosecuted for anything and Trump will NOT be allowed to win the "election", regardless what the actual "vote" count may be.

It is all just political theater and most plebes don't even realize that tbey are simply unwitting pawns in the play.


Get used to another 4 (maybe 8) years of the shitshow to continue unabated as Merika circles the drain.


Hate to say it but it's the reality one must face.

nmewn's picture

It's just so much absolute bullshit..."investigations"...give me a fucking break, investigating what?!

The NSA/DHS/CIA has all of it and I mean ALL OF IT, they collect everything sent electronically...emails, texts, phone calls...everything.

Here let me help...it's in Bluffdale...Utah...just go knock on the fucking door.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) nmewn Aug 12, 2016 7:00 PM

There may be something to this coming out of New York instead of the DOJ but I think time is too short.  What are they going to do, indict her in October?



ThanksChump's picture

Someone has their smile on upside-down.


As I see it, Hillary will accelerate a financial and/or social collapse of the US. Trump will slow it down, at worst, or prevent it altogether if he chooses to outright default.


Either path results in a much-needed reset. Trump's path will be less bloody.


Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. SS, DD.

Manthong's picture

They need to lock up Lynch for obstruction of justice.


apocalypticbrother's picture

That is a pretty short list of who should be locked up. USA has the jails and hopefully some day those jails will be full of crimanals instead of weed smokers.

N2OJoe's picture

"They" need to lynch lynch for being an enemy of the state.

Blankenstein's picture

They need to impeach Obama since it is his adminstration that is obstructing justice. 

JoeSoMD's picture

Less bloody dear poster?  NFW.  Consider the composition of protesters that turned out at Trump rallies and the violence that they perpetrated.

I hope you are right, but I don't think so.

Franktastic's picture

My reality will change after this rigged election...rule of law? Never will I comply with Thugs...I will be the friction in this machine.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) wombats Aug 12, 2016 1:35 PM

Democrats don't care if Hillary is mentally ill, dying, criminal or anything. Because it isn't about her, it is about The Agenda.

Don't waste your time talking to these traitors.

Heavy's picture

Maybe we'll get lucky and her brain will explode?

robobbob's picture

how would that be justice?

this country is already filled with fatal single car crashes, unexpected heart attacks, and nail gun accidents when ever it looks like the truth is about to leak out.

what this country needs are big name perp walks

to be followed by ropes on lamp posts lining the roads leading into Wash DC, and NYC.

of course being a compassonite person, I would accept a guilty plea in exchange for a sentence of hot tar and feathering followed by hard labor breaking rocks.

gonetogalt's picture

You think Merika will circle for 4 more years???  Hear that giant sucking sound? Think Vortex.

Mr. President's picture
Mr. President (not verified) wombats Aug 12, 2016 6:40 PM

Absolutely bruddah.


Hillary for the win (and NO, I don't want that. , but it's gonna be.)

It's funny , well ..funny sad.. that in my years of reading zh, most folks were on board with the assessment that, THERE ARE NOT 2 PARTYS!


and to further that, the 'candidates' are chosen well ahead of time, by TPTB. (If people know what that means)..I think a lot of newcomers just arrow up comments that have arrows up, without knowing half of the content )

(Ya with me so far?)


Here we are today- zhers  (read- trump fanatics) believe ' he can do it/ landslide /tells it like it is/throwing the election / ..whatever people  say bout trump.


So, here we are folks. Two choices.

Either the powers that be  CHOOSE FOR US, or, elections decide the candidate.  There's sooooooo many contradictory comments (from MOST of zh) I think people just talk to hear themselves. 


Which is it ZH?

Are they 'already chosen '?


Or does your vote count?






Reginald Blome's picture

If he's real, he's a dead man if elected. 

Recent behavior strongly supports the 'throwing it' hypothesis, is consistent with the one party reality, and (sadly) a pretty ducking brilliant con.

Regardless, we are decades beyond the point of no return in so many crucial ways that the only question is of nature and timing of endgame.

Elvis87's picture

If Trump is a plant dont you thing Jeb Bush was the one who everyone wanted to run against Clinton. His political contributions where 1/4 billion dollars and Trump crushed him like a bug. The corporate elites who hate Trump are shitting there pants and have gone all in to defeat Trump. I would not put it past them to kill him after they try and rig the ballot box. But Trump will win  in a huge landslide.  Then they will have to JFK him and have Pence take over.  I really wanted Trump to pick a military man as his running mate to lessen the odds that they would JFK Trump, a military man that would use the military to start rounding up all of the traitors for the hanging party.

Clashfan's picture

Zakkley what Iv'vebeen screamin for a while, to a hail of down arrows.


Son of Loki's picture

"If the glove doesn't fit, must acquit!"

DaveyJones's picture

and as a third party candidate, it looks like Satan may pull in 10% of the vote

bigkahuna's picture

If this is real, which I am sure it IS NOT - prepare for the body count to increase.

Jacksons Ghost's picture

Assange's lawyer got hit by a train yesterday, I shit you not.  Commuter train he takes everyday.  You can't make this shit up.

Never One Roach's picture

We're beginning to better understand Hillary's problems:


More than a third of female students 'have mental health problems'



de3de8's picture

I guess they don't have safe spaces in the UK

ebear's picture

Going by the women I've dated I'd say it's closer to half.

NumberNone's picture

It wasn't yesterday but it was determined to be suicide by train...because a brilliant attorney could not think of any easier way to commit suicide than throw himself in front of a moving train.  



SokPOTUS's picture

Happened April 22, 2016; but yes.  Unless this is yet a second Assange lawyer to eat a train in the face this year....


opport.knocks's picture

April 23rd was yesterday?  Wow, that was one long hangover.

OverTheHedge's picture

I can forsee a number of FBI agents also being hit by trains in the near future.

 Lots of new job openings for young millennial who want to make a difference.


ebear's picture

"I can forsee a number of FBI agents also being hit by trains in the near future."

If they've had the proper training they won't be standing near the track or watching the train as it approaches.  If they've had the proper training, the person who tries to push them will go under the train.

Martial arts, firearms, pursuit and evasive driving, general situational awareness - all part of FBI training.  Not as easy as bumping a lawyer or journalist.

ebear's picture

I've never understood people who stand toes to the line when a train enters the station.  You know it's going to stop, so what's the rush?  Situational Awareness demands that you stand well back from any potential danger, near an exit, facing the entrance, etc.

Police and military are well aware of these principles - even in defensive driving you have the slogan "where is the present danger?"   Walk facing oncoming traffic, step out and away from dark doorways, back alleys, bridge pillars etc. 

Take the stairs sometimes, take the elevator other times - drive to work one route, drive a different route home - mix them up.  Take a taxi, get out at a random location and take a bus the rest of the way.  Eat at different restaurants at different times.  Do not establish a pattern.  At all times carry a firearm.

These principles should be part of basic lawyer training, especially when taking on dangerous cases.  Same goes for journalists.  There are professional courses that deal with these subjects.  Take one.

Whatever your goals in life, you can't achieve them if you don't survive.  Last night I passed a fatal traffic accident where it was obvious the person turning left was killed by someone running a red light.  Don't move off on the green right away.... pause and look around.  That person is dead because he didn't follow that basic rule.  So much for his life goals.

I'm preaching to the choir here, but maybe someone who doesn't know will read this and it will help them survive.  As the Donald said, it's all about winning and you can't win if you don't survive.


In Ze No's picture
  • Er, I think that was 3 mos ago.  But if the press can repress it, did it really happen?