National Guard Helicopters To Drop Supplies To 1,500 Stranded Motorists As "Historic" Floods Cover Louisiana

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More than a decade after hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana, the impoverished state finds itself in yet another natural emergency, once again as a result of historic floods, which have led to more than 7,000 people being rescued from their homes. The flooding has left at least three people dead, and a fourth person was reported missing in the floodwaters in St. Helena's Parish, officials said.

The heavy rain began on Friday, with between 6 and 10 inches of rain falling on parts of southeast Louisiana. Several more inches fell Saturday, according to the National Weather Service. "The water's going to rise in many areas. It's no time to let the guard down."

In a 24-hour period, Baton Rouge had as much as 11 inches, according to The Associated Press.

And while officials said on Sunday that the rain had subsided, dangers loomed. "It's not over," said Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards on Sunday cited by NBC, who previously declared a state of emergency and called the floods "unprecedented" and "historic." Edwards said Sunday he didn't know how many homes had been damaged in the state, but "it's in the thousands," he said.

Edwards said crews had already rescued 7,000 people from their deluged homes. More than 5,000 people stayed in Red Cross and government-run shelters Saturday night, Department of Children & Family Services Secretary Marketa Garner Walters added.


The Amite River in Denham Springs already has reached historic levels and is expected to rise 4 1/2 feet above the record, according to The Weather Channel. While Sunday brought drier weather, but residents in affected areas were warned to stay in their homes — unless they're told to evacuate — and off the roads.

The warning, however, came too late for over one thousand cars who have been caught in the flood on I-12. As a result, the Louisiana National Guard troops are preparing to drop water and other supplies from helicopters Sunday morning to more than 1,500 motorists who have been stranded on Interstate 12 for almost 24 hours.

Gov. Edwards' spokesman Richard Carbo said high water vehicles attempted to reach the stretch of interstate leading to Covington on Saturday, but the water was too deep to reach the motorists. Boats can't reach them, either, because there are pockets of dry land, creating islands

Dominique Dugas of Lafayette and her family are among those stranded, WWLTV reports. "There are cars and trucks as far as the eye can see," Dugas said in a phone interview with USA Today Network of Louisiana. She and her family were on their way to a funeral in Slidell when they became stranded at 11:30 a.m. Saturday. "We've seen helicopters flying over but we've had no communication or contact with any rescue people."

Dugas said her family and others, who are stranded near Albany, walked about three miles to a convenience store for supplies, but those shelves were emptied by Saturday evening. "We're among the lucky ones," Dugas said. "There is a mother who is nursing and some older people who are really struggling." Dugas said a driver of an 18-wheeler carrying produce opened his truck and made fruit available to all.

Louisiana State Police are playing a major role in the rescue efforts as well.

"The break in the weather in the Baton Rouge  area has allowed the Louisiana State Police Air Support Unit to deploy to I-12 to continue support efforts for those stranded," according to a statement from LSP released at 9:05 a.m. "Hundreds of cars are stranded on 'islands' along I-12 in eastern Livingston Parish ... Rescues were made into the night with Louisiana National Guard's high water vehicles until the rising water prevented additional access. Boats were unable to reach the stranded motorist due to the sporadic areas of dry land between the 'islands.'"

Five Louisiana State Troopers have been on the ground with the stranded motorists to communicate their needs with the Emergency Operation Center, according to LSP.

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the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Aug 14, 2016 1:59 PM

They dropped chewing tobacco, beef jerky, and 12 gauge ammo?



remain calm's picture

Practice for helicopter money drops

Stackers's picture

Obama doesn't care about black people.

Antifaschistische's picture

Seriously staker, thats not fair. There are black muslims.

bamawatson's picture

stackers cares, he gave em the shirt off his back

kedi's picture

Stranded 12 hours.....drop toilet paper too.

boattrash's picture

It's a good example of why boattrash carries a couple cases of water, 3-4 days worth of food, shit-tickets, a can of Off, clothing, rope, and arms...Simply because, shit happens.

guardyernuts's picture

Lots of new waterfront property.  Value creation, 2016-style.

grunk's picture

Trump's fault.

GeezerGeek's picture

Obama would have done something, but it would have interfered with his tee time.

SHEEPFUKKER's picture dropping off water even though they are stranded surrounded by water. Makes sense. 

JohnG's picture

Seems like they need some towels, blow dryers, maybe a few shop vacs.....

bamawatson's picture

crack pipes, syringes . ....

Big Corked Boots's picture

That runoff water has gator piss in it....



gregga777's picture

Not only that, but do you know what fish do in water?

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

"That runoff water has gator piss in it...."

And snakes, lots and lots of snakes - cottonmouths, etc. - must not mistake them for politicians!

Bush, LA (we only got 8" or so).

azusgm's picture

Not fed govt, Louisiana govt. Louisiana National Guard.

Amicus Curiae's picture

yeah rain is FALLING so there IS plenty of CLEAN water available

and I'd find it hard to believe someone doesnt have something in the car they can collect water with

Fuku Ben's picture

My prayers and best thoughts for everyone affected by the flooding.

Captain Chlamydia's picture

We walked to a store but it was empty.



Radio, batteries, pocket lamps, knife, warm dry clothes, a heater on petroleum or wood, a filtration device for water, etcetera. 

Flagit's picture

Speaking of,


Anyone else have their comments removed from this post?

Questions were raised about the whereabouts of Eric DeCarbonnel.

Now, all gone.


undertow1141's picture

Ohio Valley next stop. 

cheech_wizard's picture

I'm surprise they just didn't ask Getty for some stock images of Missouri...

Standard Disclaimer: Ahh, I know that corner well... Too damn funny.

djsmps's picture

Whenever there is a disaster down South, I like peruse the HuffPost comments section to get the opinion of the liberal, progressive democrats:

Since they reject global warming there and are so religiously right wing in that state I might suggest they start building an ark but like the Titanic you know how the minorities will come out. 

hopefully people in louisiana all right. but that said here is a state that hates the federal government and president obama that now wants help. what happens when they secede whcih they and a lot of southern states would love to do. frankly this blue stater tired of subsidizing you so you can hate the federal government

call goes out for emergency aide from that 'too big gubbermint they hate which is run by that n-word mooslim' in 4.... 3.... 2....
they will praise the quick work and appreciate the efforts..... UNTIL the checks clear.

WillyGroper's picture

lib/progs just don't get...angels don't play that HAARP.


ACES FULL's picture

Yet,when secession is mentioned as an option,they{the libs} go fucking nuts. I would love to make a go at it without them,come what may.

AustriAnnie's picture

Probably written by a blue-stater who works for the government and thinks he is actually supporting the welfare state when in reality he receives government wealther-transfer payments larger than those he criticizes.  Either that, or he probably works for a government contractor (also recipient of transfer payments) or a large bank or corporation which is basically the same thing in this fascist crony capitalist system. 

That being said, yes, a lot of welfare recipients in the south bitch about their masters while they remain fully dependent on them.  I say we cut off the welfare payments to Lousiana ALONG WITH the payments to the military industrial complex and financial sectors that are thriving so well in blue states.  But this guy seems to think that as long as a blue-stater is THANKFUL for the subsidy then he deserves to receive it.  Twisted logic, if you ask me. 

Atomizer's picture

Good job National Guard. Your service is appreciated. 

ToSoft4Truth's picture

What ever happened to survival of the fittest?? 



Berspankme's picture

Imagine the boner Krugman gets when he see all the destruction

Déjà view's picture

Taxpayer gets 'Stroked' again...much personal property is underinsured or not insured at all...why insure when there is FEMA (financed by foreign T-Bill investors & future generations income) divert insurance premiums to keep up an unafordable lifestyle.

AustriAnnie's picture

Wonder if those 7,000 ppl rescued still think preppers are crazy conspiracy theorist nutjobs?  Probably. They will never learn.

I've got three words for you:  BUG. OUT. BAG.

Ajax_USB_Port_Repair_Service_'s picture

They had some Beef Stroganoff left over from Katrina? Tasty!

gregga777's picture

I put together a well stocked first-aid kit including a very long life water purifier with a silver-coated ceramic filter element. It was expensive but well worth the investment. I also carry around a limited supply of bottled water, but in an emergency I can make lots of potable water.

Ajax_USB_Port_Repair_Service_'s picture

Is that a 'hand pump style' filter device? I've got one of those. Works well, but it's harder than hell to force the water through the ceramic filter. Hope I never have to use it on a regular basis!

exartizo's picture

It kind of makes you wonder how Louisiana ever survived floods before the internet, helicopter money, sorry helicopter food, and other modern food flood service luxuries. I'm surprised there weren't any waiters with white gloves and silver flatware flown in to serve the food on a silver platter. Perhaps the Louisiana state government should have invested more money in swimming lessons for the able-bodied in Louisiana flood zones after the problems with Hurricane Ike. Ummm... maybe not. I mean, maybe the Louisiana state government doesn't really see citizen personal responsibility quite like that.

Goldilocks's picture

Unprecedented? Jet Stream Crosses Equator. (15:00)
Paul Beckwith - Jun 28, 2016

didthatreallyhappen's picture

i blame george bush, it will always be his fault. he caused this flood and liberals suck obama's left nut

TheAnswerIs42's picture

Unfortunate as this is, it has happened many times before in the past.

And yet, they still manage to get flood insurance and rebuild over and over again.

Keep on payin up, stupid US.


ThrowAwayYourTV's picture

You know, when you build a house on land thats "below sea level." You just gotta figure that someday (this is a long shot now) but some day, just maybe the odds are that you'll get flooded out. (just a guess) I mean, whoda thunk?


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Wait, I see Whiteys in those pics.  I thought that White people were supposed to be smart enough to live ABOVE the Flood Levels?

Must be White Niggas.  There's millions of 'em.

RioGrandeImports's picture

This flood literally hit in hours. Friday morning the roads were covered, Saturday morning houses were under water. The news does lie though, it had been raining since atleast Tuesday very steadily, but then slacked for maybe a day, then never stopped until Sat afternoon. This isn't a black community, government help isn't rejected, but we do pretty good by our damned selves. Every man with a boat is out getting people out of attics, off roofs of homes/cars, and bringing them to some sort of high ground.  By the way, we don't live below sea level, most homes here are around 30-50ft above sea level. The comments saying that these floods keep happening are bullshit, I've never seen one like this in my life in this area, ever. Nothing remotely close to this. Katrina was a joke, as we don't live anywhere near the coast. In 1983 the flood wasnt nearly this high.

Lots of people have foolishly built subdivisions on low ground however, so they're your typical sheep. My home was built in 1980, and has a 2.5 foot thick slab, plus lots of extra dirt was built up to ensure the foundation was above the so called '100 year' flood levels. Water got about 6 inches from coming inside, and receded. I would be willing to be that more than half of the people out saving others are regular Joes, not fucking government-we're-here-to-Help types.

Welfare? What's that? Made over 260k last year in chemical plants, around the country and world. Have been everywhere from Korea to Kazakhstan to Mexico to Angola to Nigeria (even that Venezuelan Hellhole less than 3 months ago). Every friend of mine makes similar money. I know several 21-22 year olds who made around $170k last year, albeit working their asses off while government employees and other fucktards suck their tax dollars up. Secede from the US? Sure, we'll cut off the flow of refinery products and gas to the NEast during winter. And with control of the LOCAP pipeline, and our Deepwater production (that the Feds loot the fuck out of, claiming exclusive rights to the taxes for oil in the EEZ), I think we could do ok. Along with the nearly 300mil barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum reserve in Louisiana, one more chip on the table.

Louisiana has a diverse population to say it politely. Urban dwellers range from business and professional class Whites and Blacks, to the inner city poor. We're mostly peasant trash, oil field and construction dirt, not much else really. I've got enough food in my house to live for a long time, and enough ammo to supply my entire block. I don't want nor need some self proclaimed 'government' (a fiction) to help me.

I've been reading ZH for many years now, but this is my first post. I'm usually working too much to even read this stuff lately.

The Future's Uncertain, And The End is Always Near.

And what is the deal with Eric DeCarbonnel, guy stopped posting suddenly years ago. Albeit his 'Russian Dark Earth/soil Farmland' idea was questionable to me to say the least. Great ponzi scheme if you could find ducks I reckon.

azusgm's picture

Very reminiscent of Tropical Storm Allison in Houston in 2001. I was there for it. We had 2-3 days of rain. The ground was saturated then the big one came. That storm almost completely disabled the Texas Medical Center, a few blocks from my condo. It took weeks before the med center was back up and running at full capacity. Downtown was cordoned off for a couple of days at least. Since HPD didn't have the personnel to keep nosey people out, I cruised through there a few days later and saw trucks with big generators on flatbed trailors parked outside of skyscrapers. At that point, the basements has been pumped out and the efforts were toward trying to dry out the buildings so the mold wouldn't take hold and spread.

The downpour got serious during the afternoon. People on the Katy Freeway were stuck in traffic then suddenly found themselves caught in rapidly rising water. Children had to be pulled through windows of school buses. Some truckers had to be rescued from the tops of their cabs. Several miles of local freeways became underwater parking lots.

People who haven't been through catastrophic tropical storms simply do not understand the rarity and suddeness of this type of event. First it's raining. (We're used to that. No big deal.) Then the water has nowhere to go and, in almost no time, you're swamped.

Glad you are above the water. Stay dry.

blown income's picture

I'M in Lafayette LA , just got power back ...fucking wild...

azusgm's picture

That kind of thing will make preppers add push brooms, wetvacs, cage fans, and generators to their candles and kitchen matches.

When the gas stations are closed, firing up the engine to cook MREs under the hood doesn't sound so smart.

Glad the power, A/C, and some normalcy are being restored for you.