Shocking Report Finds U.S. Military Consistently "Distorted, Suppressed, Or Substantially Altered" ISIS-Related Intel

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Last week the U.S. House of Representatives Joint Task Force released their initial findings on the intelligence analysis of the U.S. Military's Central Command (CENTCOM).  The report found that, among other things, CENTCOM leaders "distorted, suppressed, or substantially altered analytic products" to paint U.S. efforts to combat ISIS in a more positive light.  Moreover, 50% of analysts within CENTCOM said that the "procedures, practices, processes and organizational structures hampered objective analysis" while another 40% said they had experienced attempts to "distort or suppress intelligence" within the past year.

The annual Analytic Objectivity and Process Survey , directed by the ODNI, was conducted from August through October 2015, and included responses from 125 analysts and managers within CENTCOM. The survey results were significantly worse than those of other IC agencies or COCOMs, and showed that a substantial number of CENTCOM respondents felt their supervisors distorted, suppressed, or substantially altered analytic products. Over 50% of analysts responded that CENTCOM procedures, practices, processes and organizational structures hampered objective analysis, and 40% responded that they had experienced an attempt to distort or suppress intelligence in the past year. Yet despite receiving these results in December 2015, CENTCOM and IC leaders did not take corrective actions to address many of the issues identified in the survey results

Frankly we're shocked by these findings which seem to suggest that the military intelligence gather process is motivated less by gathering quality intelligence intended to keep our country safe and more by political pressure intended to help re-elect the incumbent party to the White House.

Investigative reporter Aaron Klein of Breitbart conducted a thorough review of the House report and found many other troubling discoveries.  Below is a review of a couple of his most shocking findings.

1.  Senior leaders were found to modify intelligence assessments to cast a positive spin on CENTCOM efforts to train the Iraqi Security Forces and combat the Islamic State

...senior leaders within the CENTCOM Intelligence Directorate and JIC, including the Director of Intelligence and other senior intelligence staff, violated regulations, tradecraft standards, and professional ethics by modifying intelligence assessments to present an unduly positive outlook on CENTCOM efforts to train the ISF and combat ISIL.


According to multiple interviewees, operational reporting was used as a justification to alter or “soften” an analytic product so it would cast U.S. efforts in a more positive light. No interview provided any instances where operational reporting was used as a justification to come to a more pessimistic conclusion. Additionally, numerous interviewees indicated that analytical products which conflicted with operational reporting were routinely subject to more stringent scrutiny than those that did not.

2.  In June 2014, CENTCOM established an around-the-clock intelligence "fusion center" intended to be the key intelligence gathering body in the fight against ISIL.  Unfortunately, there was no "fusion" as people whose ideas conflicted with those of senior intelligence officials were not allowed to participate.

In June 2014, with the ISIL threat apparent, CENTCOM established an intelligence “fusion center,” a specially equipped JIC facility staffed around-the-clock, to serve as a “focal point” for ISIL-related intelligence. Interviewees recalled only informal communications noting the center’s establishment, and some were also uncertain about the center’s organizational structure, responsibilities, and how it was determined which JIC analysts would participate. The establishment of the Intelligence Fusion Center also removed some analysts who had the most experience with respect to ISIL and Iraq, including those whose analytic views often conflicted with those of CENTCOM’s senior intelligence leaders, from the production of daily intelligence products. This impact was especially significant given the critical analytic tasks of the Intelligence Fusion Center at this time of paramount importance in the theater.

3.  Not only were "dissenters" not allowed to participate in the "fusion center" they were also restricted in any efforts to coordinate with other IC analysts.

Public statements by CENTCOM representatives emphasized close collaboration with other elements of the IC, but many interviewees indicated that in late 2014, senior CENTCOM Intelligence Directorate leaders instructed analysts to cease all external coordination with other IC analysts. The authority to coordinate was restricted to senior officials only, including to leaders of the Fusion Center. Other special arrangements were also put into place to notify the Director of Intelligence in the event that analysts sought to formally “dissent” from analysis produced elsewhere. The restrictions on collaboration have since been partially rescinded.

4.  Despite whistle blower complaints from inside CENTCOM, the House report found no efforts to correct the apparent intentional distortion of the intelligence process.

The Joint Task Force is troubled that despite receiving the whistleblower complaint in May 2015 and receiving alarming survey results in December 2015, neither CENTCOM, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, nor the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) took any demonstrable steps to improve the analytic climate within CENTCOM. The survey results alone should have prompted CENTCOM and IC leaders to take corrective action without other inducements.

And finally, per the norm, the Joint Task Force pointed out that it “did not receive access to all the materials it requested."

And with that the full conversion of our military to a political entity is complete.  Be safe America.


The full report from the Joint Task Force:

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Croesus's picture

Of course they did....Can't expect them to tell the TRUTH, can you? 

The American Public is better-off, and will get more accurate information, by believing the opposite of what we're told: 


"Iraq has weapons of mass destruction". 

"Hillary would make a good president".

"Read my lips, no new taxes".  

"John McCain is a great war hero". 

NotApplicable's picture

This is SOP for proxy warfare.

As always, there's nothing new under the Sun.

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ZionHedge prime directive: Never EVER mention the Israeli role in anything. Blame the U.S and never mention that the U.S is controlled by the Israeli neocons.

By way of deception


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Speaking of duplicitous thieving duel citizens, where is Dov Zakheim these days? Doing book signings ?

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gargoylian (not verified) blue51 Aug 14, 2016 2:49 PM

That's because IS-rael-IS is their cherished ally.

leanux's picture
leanux (not verified) gargoylian Aug 14, 2016 2:51 PM

We should get rid of that ally, shouldn't we?

johngaltfla's picture

There are 49 dead gays in Orlando who would tend to agree that the .gov lied and queers died.

CheapBastard's picture
Hezbollah Leader Echoes Trump that Obama, Clinton Founded ISIS


Even the Hezbollahs know the truth!

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) CheapBastard Aug 14, 2016 3:26 PM

Lies, moar lies and damned lies.

That's our government in action.


Secret Weapon's picture

Agreed.  Same dot Gov that says our VA hospitals give our veterans the best care in the world. 

PaperTaperFakerCaper's picture

No joke... earlier today I was sure soon there'd be some IS dude saying "Yeah, Trump's right... suckas!".  Now we have it.  

TuPhat's picture

Can you verify that?  I don't believe the fake news videos.

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"There has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office than Hillary Clinton,"  -Barak Obama

aurum4040's picture

This story is 3 days old already, ZH was sleeping on this one and so is MSM...except for FOX who reported this 3 days ago

Rainman's picture

" Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe . "

       ~ Adolph Hitler 

El Vaquero's picture

At least until they suffer repeated bombings by B-17s and the Red Army rolls through their hoods.  That kind of thing tends to change a person's perspective. 

DaddyO's picture

Forget the B-17's, what about modern aircraft in the USSA.

Armed Insurrection is the current topic for the wargamers.

Coming to a city near you?

The wargamers never envision the insurrection coming from the left, its always a right wing militia group.

What about the FSA?

Milwaukee anyone?


froze25's picture

Probably because the leftist FSA would be crushed in days, but the constitutionalist are made up of Survivalist, military vets, "prepers", family orientated people that will fight to the death. Why waste you time on people that will give up if real force or free twinkies are used. They have to realistic and that means they have to prepare for a group that could actually win. 

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 I thought that was Gerbils...?

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Could there be something to that six-million # too? 

emersonreturn's picture

that's hitlery's the team's saying putin & trump started isis.

Mazzy's picture

Nothing new, this was going on back in 2007-09 when I would write reports and send them up the chain.

"Hey, could you edit that please?!"

Mazzy's picture

And I'm sure it was going on loooooonnnngggg before that, but it was definitely one of the reasons I woke up one day and said I wasn't going to sign myself up for more of that crap.  It's was all about making money for KBR and Haliburton anyway.

The only thing they can't hide right now are the bodies.  At some point family members realize their boy's missing.  Eventually I'm sure even our own government will figure out a way to not care about that "little problem" too.

Incompetence stems from the TOP and America's generals and colonels are no less corrupt than those in perhaps China or Burma. The only difference is they're at least a little more honest and up front about it.  I have zero respect for the senior officers in our military who will do nothing to reform their own corrupt bureaucracies.  At the end of the day it's all about ass kissing and dog/pony show.  Don't you fuckers ever get tired of it?  Does anyone ever ASK why their ass is being kissed all the time or why no one ever offers a dissenting argument or opinion?  Maybe they've normalized that kind of behavior so they don't even notice something is amiss.

Mena Arkansas's picture

It would really be shocking if ...

"the military intelligence gather process was motivated more by gathering quality intelligence intended to keep our country safe and less by political pressure"

11b40's picture

Military Intelligence is an oxymoron.

fleur de lis's picture

MI is made up of snitches who work for the NWO and have no loyalty to America.

Nor Americans for that matter.

When it comes to SpecOps butting into places like Syria and Ukraine they are busy little bees.

They have no problems abusing our tax money and igniting chaos and carnage for their DC slave masters.

This way it's so much easier for the DC parasites to loot resources that don't belong to us.

After turning a nation like Libya upside down they can expect nice raises and cushy jobs at the Pentagram.

They are not intelligent.

They are just weasels doing somebody else's dirty work. 

ajkreider's picture

Would feel better about this report if it weren't put out by the Repub dominated house committee.  Did anyone think it would say positive things?


Sad that we're at the point politically that people have become invested in bad news.

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Ive been wondering where that flight to value was going.

11b40's picture

Then let the Democrats on the Committee challenge the findings. Let's have the debate, by all means. Bring it.

ajkreider's picture

A) It doesn't work like that.  The findings come from the committee, and the report is written by the majority and chair.

B) I know what a Dem report would say without reading it (just like this one).  You do too.

Stan522's picture

This is obama's strategy to keep his followers stupid and to in effect allow ISIS/ISIL to prosper, so that he can continue with his caliphate on the West.....

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Obama doesn't need to import naymore tearrists; Milwaulee, Chicago, detroit, etc are already filled with them.

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What's this shocking this and shocking that shit Tyler? Listen up! Real men are not fucking shocked at anything. Capishe? Must be the fucking weekend fag Tyler.



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Are you the weekend fag troll?

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They let fag trolls on here...shocking.

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I'm shocked, literally shocked that there are trolls faggin it on here.

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Who knows what the Hasbara/Sayanim have in their ranks.

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Also real men don't brag being real mean. Our actions are louder than words. Moron.

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"Our actions are louder than words."


Which is you implying that you're a real man. Hypocrite.


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Feel free to write an article on all YOUR shocking exploits . It is kinda slow today, and I could use an exciting read.

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Viet Cong body counts were a joke.

blue51's picture

And the CIA and Westmoreland where SHOCKED about the Tet offensive attack.

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<-- Schock

<-- Awe

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  The amazing thing is some actuall fall for all these lies. The ones being paid to believe I get. The ones not being paid is just a noodle bender to me.

Chupacabra-322's picture

That's the Pentagram's job. Obfuscate, confuse, PsyOp & Propagandize The Masses. Don't think the MIC is full of Psychopaths?

Testing Chemical Munitions On People - 1959 Classified Footage

Filmed in 1959, this formerly classified footage shows US Army volunteers being subjected to chemical weapons that appear to be


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War profiteers laugh and laugh. While drinking with their bankster "friends". 


MIC and Banksters....know your enemy. 

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So if I have this right, Obama has destroyed, or substantially handicapped, our own military?

Or was correct intelligence it kept from him too?