Turkey Threatens To Reopen The Refugee Floodgates To Europe

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Submitted by Michael Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Even if you’ve only been paying a superficial amount of attention to the European refugee crisis, you’ll be aware of the fact that earlier this year the EU and Turkey agreed to a deal on migrants where in exchange for concessions, Turkey would stem the flow of migrants from its shores. The deal went through and refugee levels from Turkey fell dramatically.

Unfortunately, one major problem with the deal is Turkey’s demand for visa-free travel, something many throughout the EU were intensely against from the beginning, and are even more opposed to now following the Turkish government’s authoritarian crackdown on tens of thousands of its own citizens following last month’s failed coup.

So here we are, less than six months since the deal was agreed to and Turkey is now threatening to end it. This could be a geopolitical event of enormous consequence considering there are an estimated 2 million Syrian refugees in Turkey, many of which are itching to take their chances within the EU.

Reuters reports:

Turkey could walk away from its promise to stem the flow of illegal migrants to Europe if the European Union fails to grant Turks visa-free travel to the bloc in October, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told a German newspaper.


His comments in Bild’s Monday edition coincide with rising tensions between Ankara and the West that have been exacerbated by the failed coup attempt in Turkey on July 15. Turkey is incensed by what it sees as an insensitive response from Western allies to the failed putsch, in which 240 people were killed.


Long wary of Turkey’s ambitions to join the EU, Europe has been alarmed by the crackdown since the coup, fearing President Tayyip Erdogan is using purges to quash dissent. The unease has relations between Turkey and Austria and Sweden. Ankara has summoned diplomats from both countries to protest what it says are false reports about changes to its child abuse laws.


Asked whether hundreds of thousands of refugees in Turkey would head to Europe if the EU did not grant Turks visa freedom from October, Cavusoglu told Bild: “I don’t want to talk about the worst case scenario – talks with the EU are continuing but it’s clear that we either apply all treaties at the same time or we put them all aside.”


European Commissioner Guenther Oettinger has said he does not see the EU granting Turks visa-free travel this year due to Ankara’s crackdown, which has included the round-up of more than 35,000 over alleged involvement in the coup.


Cavusoglu said the migration deal with the EU stipulated that all Turks would get visa freedom in October, adding: “It can’t be that we implement everything that is good for the EU but that Turkey gets nothing in return.”

This is a very perilous situation, particularly considering how irate so many already are about the crisis as it stands. As we learned from the recent post, Pew Research Survey Points to Widespread Angst About How the EU is Handling the Refugee Crisis:

Disapproval was generally greatest in countries with the highest number of asylum seekers in 2015. For example, 94% of Greeks and 88% of Swedes said they disapprove of how the EU has handled the refugee issue. Sweden received the third highest number of asylum applications in 2015. And while Greece was not the final destination for most refugees in 2015, it was their main point of entry, with about 850,000 arrivals in 2015 alone.


Even in countries with a lower number of asylees, disapproval of the EU’s handling of the refugee issue was widespread, including in France (70%), the UK (70%) and the Netherlands (63%). And in Germany, which had the most asylum applications in 2015, fully two-thirds faulted the EU’s approach to the refugee crisis. 

*  *  *

As we noted a month ago, Reuters quoted German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel as saying while on an official visit to northern Germany.

“Germany and Europe should under no circumstances be blackmailed,” Gabriel added.

The vice chancellor also welcomed the move by Germany’s highest court to block a livestream address by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to a rally of Turkish nationals in Germany’s Cologne on Sunday.

Needless to say Germany is playing a dangerous game here as Erdogan knows he has little to lose if he breaches the terms of the March deal, which he can claim was already violated by Europe and thus boost his populist image even more. After all, once Germany is flooded with another million in potential radical jihadists, it will come crawling to Ankara, begging to redo the deal, only this time the terms will be that much higher. Then again, perhaps Germany and the "European democracies" should have though of all this before they agreed to deal with Erdogan who is now well on his way to becoming the undisputed authoritarian leader of the Turkish nation, which continues to undergo historic purges of all of Erdogan's political opponents.

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One And Only's picture

Build that wall. Make Turkey pay for it.

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She can't now. People would literally start blowing up behind the gates. 


For now, she is still Mutti Mackrel and every refugee loves her.

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Those poor European fuckers are gonna get assraped. Not just the women. The men too. 

First a dick, then probably with an AK barrel at some point. 

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Here2Go (not verified) Killtruck Aug 15, 2016 2:04 PM

He came... He saw... He DOUBLED the 'Iran Hostage' payout from $400 million, to $800 million payout like Khamal Khan playing backgammon in Octopussy (with loaded dice)...

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...you dance with the devil..

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Guns on the Turkish Boarder with shoot to kill orders, problem solved.

wildbad's picture

its not that complicated.

we've got boats and gunships and the law to stop them.  it just takes a decision.

remove the people who have been deciding.

case closed.

doors closed

merkel closed in a cell

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Nah, keep the border wide open; what could go wrong?

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A thougtful little piece by Nassim Taleb explaining how (and why) the west is committing suicide:

[Replaced with full version] http://www.fooledbyrandomness.com/minority.pdf

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N0TaREALmerican (not verified) Aug 15, 2016 2:03 PM

Too bad they don't have wealthy Chinese clamoring to get in like the US and Canadians do.

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TradingIsLifeBrah (not verified) Aug 15, 2016 2:03 PM

But Merkel wants the migrants.  He should keep them to make her angry

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Merkel is the poster girl for the Soros "Open Society" movement that enables Chaos. Next scene, Soros/Darth Sidious and his Clean up team can buy all the assets on the cheap and enslave people to a Unified One World Government with NATO backing.

random999's picture

Too much BS to be true.

How does possibly turkey have the power to release 2 million rapefugees into europe? Does europe not have any military or police left to control its borders?

Greece could have stopped all rapefugees just like hungary did if they were allowed to by the EU superstate. A few hundred armed soldiers would probably be enough for the entire border shut with all modern technology.

This whole thing sounds more like a bullshit madeup media idea to cover for the next wave of rapefugees called upon by the NWO.

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All Greece needs is a couple 50 calibers at the west end of the bridge.  This is SPARTA!

random999's picture

Too much BS to be true.

How does possibly turkey have the power to release 2 million rapefugees into europe? Does europe not have any military or police left to control its borders?

Greece could have stopped all rapefugees just like hungary did if they were allowed to by the EU superstate. A few hundred armed soldiers would probably be enough for the entire border shut with all modern technology.

This whole thing sounds more like a bullshit madeup media idea to cover for the next wave of rapefugees called upon by the NWO.

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There is really nothing that some Ma Deuces won't solve.

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 Vlad could probably make this all better, if the House Frau could find it in her to dissent from NATO's aggressive policies...   Amazing how his strategy is working...

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Angela Merkel needs to send in her special forces team and bring in one more refugee to Gemany - in chains.

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If only say...borders could be closed. Maybe if there was like, some group that guarded the border perhaps.


I'm rambling, what a insane idea.

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 Muslim/Christian Civil War escallates to Holy War that escalates to WWIII...

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Muslim, Zionist & Evangelists seeking  Armegeddon or Caliphates  are used by the bankers to get what they want.  New World Order. Theirs.

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Seems like this is getting to be a monthly event

jm's picture

Refugees aren't Turkey's problem.  If the EU can't muster enough balls to deal with the problem without a middle-man, then the EU fully deserves the disater that is coming for it.


In short, man up.

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They say ignorance is bliss, and I expect your's is very comforting to you.

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if the approval is expected in October, Erdogan should release 35,000 a week or 5,000 a day depending on the weather until October 15th to prime the pump and create believers in the EU- then go to 100,000 a week on any delay - the first 50,000 should be at least 50% murderers and rapists (replay of Castro dump into the USA  in the 1980's)  so they get the message - not Turkeys problem

the visa free  travel sould be augmented with 1 Billion Euro a month for 60 months paid in advance for goodwill - the current price is too cheap

let the vassals bleed

jm's picture

Rapefugees come in on their feet, get shipped back in a garbage bag.

Bill of Rights's picture

Europe is already dead, amazing how the peoples of Europe allowed this to happen once again...

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The EU is a totally captured vassal of the US.

The people in Europe don't decide.

The US decides, and gives instructions to EU leaders.

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Why do you think there are more than 100,000 US soldiers stationed in Germany...

Hint : No peace treaty was signed after WW2. 

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I totally agree. An uncle of mine lives in Dortmund, Germany. He said that almost everything in Germany has been Americanized. The kids speak more English than German, and even billboards advertising Nivea cold cream are in English. If my late grandmother could see what's been going on there nowadays, she would dig out the stashed P-38 and do the right thing. No fooling around with the old square heads.

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Well Micheal from Blitzkrieg blog, it appears all is not quite cut and dried as yet.  To wit;

Iranian MP introduced a bill to their parliament for increased military forces to be deployed in foreign countries. Read Syria. And you know how things work in Iran.


"Russia and the United States are close to starting joint military action against militants in Syria's Aleppo, Russian news agencies on Monday cited Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu as saying."


T'would appear another game plan is afoot and at the very least, Putin has significant leverage. Knight to King's Bishop.


P.S.  Washington's 'allies' in Europe are clearly vexed and begging Caesar to be 'merciful'. :(

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Does Erdogen have any children? Kill his oldest daughter and hope he gets the message.

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Remember the last time Semitic immigrants were allowed to overrun Europe?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.

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You know, the last time I heard borders have two sides.  With armed guards on both of them.  Let them open the borders now that the extortion check has cleared.  Anybody that wants to continue being a country needs to get their mechanized infantry out there to repell the invaders.  A few dozen well placed mortar rounds should put paid to this whole foolishness. 

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It would be like the start of either Dawn of the Dead or Day of the Dead where rural people are shooting zombies for fun.

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Here is an imaginary scenario Germany could do if they had their own sovereign money power.  They could maneuver:

Germany creates currency called Deutschmark.  Finance minister creates new accounts for each refugee at a bank in Uganda.

When the refugee arrives in Germany, put them on a boat or airplane, paid for in Deutschmarks.  Each Deutschmark is aimed at German goods, hence it is accepted in German economy.

The German people will agree to spend this "new" money and pay taxes with it.

When immigrant, arrives in Uganda, they can buy goods on Ugandan economy through an exchange rate.   Deutschmark's spent in Uganda, will make demand of German economic goods to be transhipped to Uganda.  Things like modular housing, built in new German factories.  BMW could tool up to build inexpensive mo-peds.  The refugees will have economic demands, and maybe even start a new life in Africa.

I picked Uganda, because that is a place where Zionists considered going, but instead they maneuvered world into war for Palestein, now Israel.

Win Win: Gemany has an economy that is stimulated, and German's get rid of indigestible element.  Immigrants get humane treatment, and German historical pride is returned.



johnnycanuck's picture

"Here is an imaginary scenario Germany could do if they had their own sovereign money power.  They could maneuver:

Germany creates currency called Deutschmark."


Full stop.  Germany has been the greatest beneficiary of the creation of the Euro. To revert to the Deutschmark  would  simply make their products and services noncompetitive

MEFOBILLS's picture

Full stop back at you:


Germany was so competitive under the Kaizer's system of industrial credit, it lead directly to WW1.  The British started that war.

Virtually all of the physics and chemistry advances were done by the German's of that period.

From 1933 to 1938 Germany under Schact's economics uses more than just Reichsmarks, but many types of money.

In the post WW2 era, Germany was called an "economic miracle."

In the Euro era, Germany uses the periphery countries to absorb its productive excess.

Without the Euro, Germany could sign agreeements with other individual countries.....SAY UGANDA.

History doesn't agree with your contention.

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Just need to drag out Hitler's buzzsaw again.

EDIT:  Does anyone even know what Hitler's buzzsaw is?

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Whoops!  Heavy thumb.  I've been practicing for my next "flash crash".

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For the shit that Erdogan has stirred up I would turn Turkey into a sheet of glass.  

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I'm so sick and disgusted of the pussy Europeans. Can't see they are committing national and cultural suicide. I hope Erdogan sends over another 2 million. They deserve it. Maybe it takes more Swedish and German women to get raped by depraved Afghanis, Somalians and Euritrarians to get their attention. But then again, I'm wondering if swdeish women aren't enjoying getting molested/raped by these barbarains. Let's at least protect the Swedish children. They aren't responsible for the sins and stupidity of their parents. 

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111111111111 (not verified) Savyindallas Aug 15, 2016 2:52 PM

"I'm so sick and disgusted of the pussy Europeans"

im so sick of people like you. your kike narrative blames the europeans for open border yet you piss twat know exactly europe is controlled from usa since they lost ww2.

you know exactly who opened the border, who owns the media and ruined the education system.

111111111111's picture
111111111111 (not verified) Aug 15, 2016 2:49 PM

"Turkey Threatens To Reopen blablabla"

they know exactly the euro jewish lobby want to open the borders to middle east and africa anyway.
so who are they threatening?

sharingiscaring's picture


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George SOROS: The One-Man Illuminati Machine. Black Pigeon Speaks ... Patreon: https://www.patreon.com ...

lasvegaspersona's picture

Do you or do you not have control of your borders?

If you do not then you are a highway and not a real country.

Prepare refugee camps until the mess can be sorted out. Humane, sanitary and enclosed.

This could be done inexpensively and would allow order to prevail and would discourage all but the truly oppressed to reconsider.

Merkel has no intention of doing this with logic however as she has a different motive....no one knows what it is but it is not humanitarian or she would not encourage a whole country to pull up stakes and make a run for the border.

johnnycanuck's picture

"Do you or do you not have control of your borders?"

Trump says YOU don't.  On that point he just might be right.