The Deep State's Catch-22

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Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

What happens if the Deep State pursues the usual pathological path of increasing repression? The system it feeds on decays and collapses.

Catch-22 (from the 1961 novel set in World War II Catch-22) has several shades of meaning (bureaucratic absurdity, for example), but at heart it is a self-referential paradox: you must be insane to be excused from flying your mission, but requesting to be excused by reason of insanity proves you're sane.

The Deep State in virtually every major nation-state is facing a form of Catch-22: the Deep State needs the nation-state to feed on and support its power, and the nation-state requires stability above all else to survive the vagaries of history.

The only possible output of extreme wealth inequality is social and economic instability.

The financial elites of the Deep State (and of the nation-state that the Deep State rules) generate wealth inequality and thus instability by their very existence, i.e. the very concentration of wealth and power that defines the elite.

So the only way to insure stability is to dissipate the concentrated wealth and power of the financial Deep State. This is the Deep State's Catch-22.

What happens when extremes of wealth/power inequality have been reached? Depressions, revolutions, wars and the dissolution of empires. Extremes of wealth/power inequality generate political, social and economic instability which then destabilize the regime.

Ironically, elites try to solve this dilemma by becoming more autocratic and repressing whatever factions they see as the source of instability.

The irony is they themselves are the source of instability. The crowds of enraged citizens are merely manifestations of an unstable, brittle system that is cracking under the strains of extreme wealth/power inequality.

Can anyone not in Wall Street, the corporate media, Washington D.C., K Street or the Fed look at this chart and not see profound political disunity on the horizon?

Many consider it "impossible" that Wall Street could possibly lose its political grip on the nation's throat, but I have suggested that Wall Street has over-reached, and is now teetering at the top of the S-Curve, i.e. it has reached Peak Wall Street. Consider what the extremes of Wall Street/Federal Reserve predation, parasitism, avarice and power have done to the nation, and then ask if other factions within the Deep State are blind to the destructive consequences.

Is the Deep State Fracturing into Disunity? (March 14, 2014)

What happens if the Deep State pursues the usual pathological path of increasing repression? The system it feeds on decays and collapses. I discussed this in Surplus Repression and the Self-Defeating Deep State (May 26, 2015)

We can anticipate the Deep State fracturing over the illusory efficacy of repression: those who believe there is no upper limit on the effectiveness of repression, and those who understand that at some point, unlimited policing and financial repression will unleash a destabilizing tsunami that will threaten the integrity of the Empire and the Deep State itself.

Here is an excerpt from an insightful interview, The American Deep State: An Interview with Peter Dale Scott

Peter Phillips: We’re really happy to have you here. I’ve just finished reading your book, The American Deep State: Wall Street, Big Oil, and the Attack on U.S. Democracy In your new book you talk about the egalitarian mindset culture of America. We believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, open government, transparency. And then you say also that there’s a dark side, or a deep side inside America that’s repressive, that is looking to be able to detain people without warrants, warrantless wire tapping and all of that – there’s a repressive side. Can you tell us a little bit more about how you frame this understanding of this culture of repression?

Peter Dale Scott: Actually, I think there’s always been a deep state in America and there have been times when it has been very repressive. We’re in a period of, you might say, surplus repression – repression that doesn’t serve anyone’s interests, not even the interests of the ruling class. (emphasis by CHS)

Preserving ever-expanding wealth/power inequality via ever-expanding repression is not a successful strategy. As the Internet has speeded up commerce and the distribution of ideas and information, the utility of repression as a way of preserving a crumbling status quo has decayed. A repressive regime that lasted seventy years in the 20th century might last seven years in the 21st century once the rising scarcities of paid work, energy, food and social mobility start drawing blood.

Debt has been the temporary savior of Deep States everywhere. Borrowing money from future earnings and future taxpayers has worked for seven long years, but it's unlikely to last another seven.

You can borrow money for a time to fund super-welfare for all (elites and debt-serfs alike) but you can't make energy or food cheap again or regenerate social mobility or dissipate rising wealth/power inequality.

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Croesus's picture

I can't wait to see these fuckers destroyed. 

Heads' on pikes, tarring-&-feathering, boiling-oil baths, the whole 9 yards. 

It's what they deserve.  

No Quarter, No Sympathy. 

If their wives (or husbands), or kids protest? Add THEM to the list. 

When I stop and think about the millions of needlessly-ended lives, needlessly-wasted lives, and "unrealized talents" who have died suffering, because of these demons, it makes me beyond sick. 

If you think "a bullet to the head" is an answer, you are not dealing in retribution; you are dealing in mercy. 

These motherfuckers deserve NO MERCY. 

Infield_Fly's picture
Infield_Fly (not verified) Croesus Aug 16, 2016 9:31 AM

It's called wealth transfer and there is another bunch of fuckers right in behind them.

El Vaquero's picture

The wealth is going to go away.  There will be a lot less to transfer.  It's what happens when you let a bunch of parasitic paper pushing fucks take precident over the physical economy. 

crazzziecanuck's picture

Very true.  Much of this "wealth" the elite has is actual phantom wealth.  It doesn't actually exist in the real world.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Also, it depends on your definition of wealth.

The best Sun's picture

This article is childish nonsense.
You seldom learn the names
of the truly powerful.
You see only their spokesmen.
The full power structure is
never truly revealed, and
that structure will continue
and reform after even the most
zealous and destructive of pograms.
Only the lackeys will be removed.
Grow up.

CPL's picture

The majority of them die hungry, thristy and completely mad down a bunker hole actually.  After some operational gaps are missed in the original planning finagles, sod's and murphy's law 'fixes' the situation.  Remember they inherited that wealth, they aren't actually the smart ones that made the money.  The issue is most of them are so far from the original braintrust of their legacy, they aren't considered that valuable long term. (or short term).

Paul Kersey's picture

The Ruler of Deep State America is former Goldman Sachs CEO and Clinton Secretary Treasurer, Robert Rubin. Rubin rammed through the Riegle-Neal Act in 1994, that gave the mega banks access to interstate banking. This resulted in the big banks eating the local banks. Then, in 1999, Rubin gave us the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, that killed the Glass-Steagall Act, ending the safeguards on citizens' savings. Following that, after he resigned from the Clinton Treasury, Rubin got his pirate partner, Larry Summers, to do away with all regulations on derivatives, with the passing of the Commodities Futures Modernization Act of 2000. After that, it didn't take long for highly over-leveraged Bear Stearns and Lehman Bros to collapse. This, of course, brought down the whole US economy.

And now, with the Clintons soon to back in the white house, American's Rasputin, Robert Rubin, will once again be whispering in Bill Clinton's ear. Hillary is little more than Bill's Trojan Horse, enabling Bill to become America's firs three-term President..

SelfGov's picture

YES make America Great Again!

Bring us the Tax Brackets that existed in the 1950s.

rejected's picture

Those tax rates had an effective rate of about 70% but that said we we were paying off the war against fascism debt via inflation and those taxes.

Today they need the tax rate to prosecute wars of empire and total world dominance.

As for fascism,,, we won the battle, fascism won the war.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

Burn the Shelters, Load the AR-15's.

JamesBond's picture

The Deep State isn't about decay.  It's about restructuring society into a bee hive or an ant colony.  



More Ammo's picture

Where do you think the concept of the Borg came from...




Resistance Is Futile (Dexter).

brodix's picture

Even parasites need a healthy host.

El Vaquero's picture

If you do no harm to your host, or even help it out, you're no longer a parasite.  The bankers haven't figured this out.  Nor has the government. 

Killdo's picture

they say most psychopaths eventually self-destruct

Croesus's picture


We are in the beginnings of a 'cleansing process'. 

Get ready for society to take a giant shit. 

KickIce's picture

Except that the parasite has morphed into a predator.

RafterManFMJ's picture

Even parasites need a healthy host.

Why did I just recall that the J3ws are discussing pulling up stakes in America and move to India or maybe China? Golly, the mind makes some strange associations sometimes.

rejected's picture

Not until millions / billions die....

Idaho potato head's picture

As long as they're amoung them I've got no problem with that.

Here2Go's picture
Here2Go (not verified) Aug 16, 2016 9:38 AM

LOL ~ "Can anyone not in Wall Street, the corporate media, Washington D.C., K Street or the Fed look at this chart and not see profound political disunity on the horizon?"


OK, let's break that down:


Wall St? ~ controlled by?

Media? ~ controlled by?

Washington/K St.? ~ controlled by?

The Fed? ~ controlled by?


KickIce's picture

If it's "Wheel of Fortune" I'll take an "R", if Jeopardy I'll take Rothschild Central Bank scum for $500.

HopefulCynical's picture

I think you want to take a "J" instead...

KickIce's picture

I think I have that angle covered.

chunga's picture

Remember now, in polite company you're not supposed to bring that up or even notice.


It's like a handful of martians have taken over the earth and half the population refuses to notice them. Is is the absolute pinnacle of the phenomenon of political correctness. It's so bizarre it has to be evil and yet they're "chosen" by gawd.

DuneCreature's picture

I think the 'code' is just about broken. ..

I think the Internet will do them in for good. .... Once and for all.

Until I got on the Internet about 1992 I thought things that I quickly found out you don't even mention thinking about or there are were serious consequences in society. ....

Being the stubborn, pig-headed mental mule that I am, I just kept thinking these thoughts to myself knowing that all of the forbidden thought objectors really couldn't put two and two together in their head successfully. What seemed obvious to me the masses found all kinds of ways to avoid seeing.

Once on the Internet I realized I was far from alone in my conclusions.

It was just that there weren't any mental mules in my immediate circle of acquaints that weren't pussies and subject to peer pressure from brain washed idiots and the priest class of shills.

This time bomb is ticking down for Ass Wipes Inc. it is about to reach the critical mass of the general awareness of who the real greedy, lying, evil ass wipe villains be.

Live Hard, Educate The Misinformed Gently, Die Free

~ DC v2.0

chunga's picture

It bounced off my head for the longest time too. The pattern is very real and indisputable but still remains so prevalent. That's why I believe evil is involved and evil *always* seems to win. The only way to beat evil I'm afraid, is to be even moar evil and that's something normal decent people don't have in them. Not yet at least.

DuneCreature's picture

Unfortunately you are dead on correct.

I don't usually go there around the women and children.

To win this we will need to be meaner than a ten headed sidewinder rattlesnake on a hot sand dune. .... And smarter than AI AL . Whew! Tall order, but at least I know what we're up against.

Live Hard, Do Tactical Planning On The Secure Channels Only, Die Free

~ DC v2.0


Voluntary Exchange's picture

Nothing evil about righteous self defense. Keep your moral compass pointing in the proper direction. You need it to create wealth and live peacefully with others who wish to live by cooperation. It is the state that is the greatest tool for the predator/criminal to commit evil: to get away with theft, fraud, slavery, and extortion/murder by calling it tax, law, fiat money, conscription, war, and compulsory education. 

PositiveChanges's picture

Evil does not beat evil, good does.

Darkness cannot eradicate darkness, only light can.

Hate has never stopped hate, it feeds it.

Love, light and cooperation amongst the victims - us - is the only thing that could even hope to win.

Which is why I realized, late in the game mind you, that there is no "fixing" us.

So many love their fear and hate more than anything else.  They relish, love, feed, apocalypse and division.  

We are creator beings. We create our reality.  Calling for hatred and violence will only bring more of it no matter how noble, godly, or just you believe it to be.

Re-entering the dark ages isn't going to help us.

DuneCreature's picture

While I'm at it....

Here is a good listen for people who need an up close and personal look at evil.

This is something that might just get gone on VERY short notice:

When Things Get Weird During 100D They Get Weird On Steriods

Listen to the whole interview. .... It covers way more that the title suggests

Live Hard, This Is The Kind Of Thing We Can All Look Forward To, Die Free

~ DC v2.0

DeepFriedLizards's picture

That was well worth the time.  Thanks.

DuneCreature's picture

Thank you, for giving it a full hearing.

I try hard not to waste other people's time.

Live Hard, Vet And Pass On The Important Stuff, Die Free

~ DC v2.0

VWAndy's picture

  Just between me and you thier fate has been sealed. The only question that remains is who wants to go down with them.

  The super techs know the real score and nobody is going to be able to stop those cats. Catch 22 bitches.

DuneCreature's picture

Super techs have their price tags too.

I know a few and some I wouldn't trust to feed my cat.

All The same, I hope you're right.

Live Hard, Money Can Be A Powerful Force To Recon With, Die Free

~ DC v2.0

VWAndy's picture

 Its the old school ones that matter. We know what to do with the sellouts.

conraddobler's picture

There is a God, it is just and fair on a celestial timeline.

That's all really any of us need to know.

What we're going through here and now is just a leason a journey of souls.  You and I are only in control of our own choices.

Help others in their journey but don't stress about the obstacles they are all there for a reason find peace in your heart through spiritual understanding and above all grace of God.

There is no other peace in your heart that is lasting or that will stand the tests your heart will come against. Our incomomplete knowledge and our limited timeline make it often seem unfair but it is all just a leason either learn and move forward or stay stuck and stay put.


The best Sun's picture

This article is childish nonsense.
You seldom learn the names
of the truly powerful.
You see only their spokesmen.
The full power structure is
never truly revealed, and
that structure will continue
and reform after even the most
zealous and destructive of pograms.
Only the lackeys will be removed.
Grow up.

conraddobler's picture

They are powerful in what?

Our mortal realm?

Our very tiny existence out of all the universe and in that almost inconsequential nothingness they have some powers that others have given over to them yes they do have that.

It is of no consequence in the scheme of things but it does appear from our vantage point that they do have power and they appear to have that just as long as you agree to grant them it.

The best Sun's picture

I agree with the sentiment.

I however, removed my consent

from them long ago.


Reptil's picture

The effort to depopulate is real.
This might "overshoot", depending on what strategy they use.

Jtrillian's picture

Been saying this for a while.  History has already shown us what happens when extreme wealth inequality (and the inevitable corruption/opression that follows) takes hold. 

Long guillotines. 

conraddobler's picture

The hate and anger you feel will capture your hearts from another direction it won't win you anything but becomming exactly like what you are complaining about.

You have to rise above it and I know it's hard but it is the way.

Of course they deserve your anger, of course they deserve whatever, but in the grand scheme we all do.

It would be better to show them another way and give them another choice and if they refuse to take it that is their loss.

TeaClipper's picture

Wrong, If they refuse it, it is all our problem. What you are advocating is rolling over and dying. Exactly what they want you to do.

conraddobler's picture

Did I say that?

No I said not to hate, don't go down that road.

To hate is to lose reason.  I said nothing about rolling over I am telling you how to approach this from a loving perspective instead of one based on hate.

Rolling over is staying quiet, no one on this site is rolling over, we're all doing something.

Hate has never fixed a problem, anger is a dangerous emotion because when you are angry you aren't doing much if any thinking.  

The truest course requires a foundation of beliefs that can not be shaken, can't be turned, that is greater than yourself. 

This blind hating that's going on while understandable is playing right into the wrong peoples hands.  They want you to hate they want you angry, they are agitating you.

Whatever they do if you are the same person before and after they do it, then you've won they can not defeat that.