US Industrial Production Slumps To Longest Non-Recessionary Contraction Is History

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For the 11th month in a row, US Industrial Production fell YoY (down 0.53%) in July - the longest non-recessionary period of contraction in US history. Month-over-month, IP rose 0.7% (beating an 0.3% expected rise) - the best since Nov 2014 - but June was revised notably lower. Overall, all confirming the plunge in productivity seen last week. The decline since its peak in Nov 2014 (ironically the month after The Fed's QE3 ended) is the biggest drop since September 2008.

While the YoY losing streak continues...


MoM IP rose by most since Nov 2014...


Thanks to a surge in AC usage by the look of it...

Industrial production rose 0.7 percent in July after moving up 0.4 percent in June. The advance in July was the largest for the index since November 2014. Manufacturing output increased 0.5 percent in July for its largest gain since July 2015. The index for utilities rose 2.1 percent as a result of warmer-than-usual weather in July boosting demand for air conditioning. The output of mining moved up 0.7 percent; the index has increased modestly, on net, over the past three months after having fallen about 17 percent between December 2014 and April 2016.

Of course, it's lucky that we are a services economy and that eyeballs matter more than effort...


We are sure that industrial production will soar back higher to confirm US equity market expectations - any month now...


Charts: Bloomberg

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The games these MF liars are playing to rig this election is simply beyond anything I have seen in my life. Godamn liars and frauds!

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Longest Non-Recessionary Contraction Is History




If you don't like the hope.....we're got some change for you too.

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non recessionary contraction

sounds like a post surgical orgasm

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All part of the "Jobless recovery!"


Legacy, Bitches!

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Pink chart bands will be suspended until further notice comrades.

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Soon the goddamn money printing will die out under a hellfire of Deflation and negative interest rates. Buy silver to prepare yourselves for the increase in prices and to keep your families safe! This situation will be worse than 2008:



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No worries the unaudited Federal Reserve will keep the market propped up no matter what.

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AND The stock market Fucking LOVES This!

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China moving to militarilly support Syrian gov.

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Obama's and the Fed's economic miracle. An economy without production. Ready to disappear in 5,4,3...

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We don't need production as long as Obamacare costs keep rising; the insurance premium payments will boost the GDP even without producing ANYTHING!


Some with increasing unemployment benefits---money changes hands from hard-working American middle class tapxyers to the FSA and as Piglosi says, it boosts the GDP.




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Well isnt this cute? There are still people who think that industrial production matters when central banks around the world can simply print money.

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...and USSA production of bullshit is the highest in recorded history !!

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Breaking news, methane levels are dangerously high in Washington DC...
"Quick, someone light a match..."

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trollster (not verified) Aug 16, 2016 9:07 AM

"We are sure that industrial production will soar back higher to confirm US equity market expectations - any month now..."

That's exactly it! They always converge ;)

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Ahhh....that explains the drop in gold price and the market moving towards green AGAIN. If this wasn't so fucking sad, it'd be funny!

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The future Murrica needs servants not production workers. China will provide the production workers.

Rip USA. 

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Longest Non-Recessionary Contraction Is History


Stop the pretense.  We haven't emerged from the 2008 depression.

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The sky is falling....the sky is falling. Merca bad, Merca bad. Russia good. Russia good. Trump sucks Hillary. Trump sucks Hillary. The markets will crash tomorrow. The markets will crash tomorrow. Gold is good. Gold is Good. EVERY ARTICLE EVER PUBLISHED ON THIS HACK SITE.

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PoasterToaster (not verified) NEOCON1 Aug 16, 2016 1:56 PM

If you are going to troll you have to pick a name that doesn't tryhard.

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We've been in a Depression since at least 2000. It has been masked by govt spending for wars, welfare and "stimulus", distorting GDP and Employment by changing definition categories to facilitate the illusion, plus one economic bubble after another starting with the Dot Com Bubble, then the Housing Bubble, and now the Free Money to Banks Bubble. Rinse and repeat, over and over. Based on history, expect the next implosion that is engineered to be greater then 2008, and the "fix" to be even bigger to "solve" it. All to destroy the middle class and redistribute whatever assets they have left to the elites. Welcome to the New Feudal World Order.

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and college loan debt has destroyed the 'would-be' middle classers.....



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Don't worry, Twitter Tweets is the new railways.