How The Globalists Will Attempt To Control Populations Post-Collapse

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Submitted by Brandon Smith via,

There is an interesting disconnect with some people when discussing the concept of global centralization. Naturally, the mind reels in horror at the very idea, because many of us know, deep down at our core, that centralization is the root of tyranny.  We know that when absolute power is granted into the hands of an elite few over the lives of the masses, very bad things happen.  No small group of people has ever shown itself trustworthy, rational, empathic or wise enough to handle such a responsibility.  They ALWAYS screw it up, or, they deliberately take advantage of their extreme position of influence to force a particular ideology on everyone else.

This leads to resistance, resistance leads to sociopolitical crackdown and then great numbers of people are imprisoned, enslaved or even murdered.  This leads to even more resistance until one of two possible outcomes emerges — chaos and revolution or complete totalitarianism and micro-managed collectivism.

There is no way around this eventual conflict.  As long as the centralists continue to pursue total power, men and women will gather to fight them and the situation will escalate.  The only conceivable way that this fight could be defused is if the elites stop doing what they do.  If they suddenly become enlightened and realize the error of their ways, then perhaps we could escape the troubles unscathed.  Or, if those same elites all happen to meet an abrupt end and their influence is neutralized, then the world might have a chance to adjust and adapt in a more organic fashion.

Unfortunately, there are people who refuse to believe that a fight is unavoidable.  They desperately want to believe there is another way, and they will engage in an amazing display of mental gymnastics in order to justify this belief.

First, I think it is important to note that I have always argued that the globalists will eventually fail in their pursuit.  I find that some folks out there misinterpret my position when I outline the strategies of globalists and they assume I am presenting global centralization as a “sine qua non.”  I do not argue that the elites will win the fight, I only argue that there is no way to avoid the fight.

Those that want to know my views on why globalist defeat is a certainty can read my article The Reasons Why The Globalists Are Destined To Lose.

The rhetorical question always arises:  “How could the globalists ever hope to secure dominance over the entire world; isn’t that an impossible task?”

I believe according to my knowledge of history and human psychology that it IS an impossible task, but that is NOT going to stop the globalists from trying.

This is what the cynics just don’t seem to grasp; we are dealing with a group of narcissistic psychopaths organized around a cult ideology and with nearly unlimited resources at their fingertips.  These people think they are rising man-gods, like the Egyptian pharaohs of old.  They cannot be persuaded through superior logic or emotional appeal.  They will not be deterred by mass activism or peaceful redress.  They only understand one thing — the force of arms and the usefulness of lies.

Such people are notorious for taking entire civilizations down with them rather than ceding their thrones.  It is foolish to plan a response to them on the assumption that a fight can be avoided.  When I say that the globalists are “destined to lose,” this is predicated on my understanding that a certain percentage of human beings will always have an inherent capacity for resistance to tyranny.  The globalists will be defeated because there is no way to quantify every single threat to their utopian framework.  As long as people continue to fight them, physically and with information, regardless of the personal cost, their weaknesses will be found and they will fall.

This will not be accomplished, however, without considerable sacrifice.

When I talk about "collapse", I am talking about a process.  Collapse is not an singular event, it is an ongoing series of events.  The U.S. has, for example, been in the middle of a collapse since 2008.  The end of this collapse will come when the final economic bubble propping up our system has burst and the process of rebuilding begins.  The most important questions is, WHO will do the rebuilding?  The globalists with their power agenda, or common people seeking freedom and prosperity?

I have outlined in numerous articles the reality that an ongoing destabilization of large portions of the global economic framework will be used by the elites as leverage to convince the public that greater centralization is necessary, including global economic management through the IMF and BIS, a global currency using the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights as a bridge and global governance through the United Nations or a similar body not yet developed.  This plan is becoming more and more openly discussed by globalists within the mainstream media.  It’s hardly a secret anymore.

Many people will undoubtedly support this centralization out of fear of instability.  That said, many people will also refuse to support it.

Here is how I believe, according to historical precedence and the globalist’s own writings, that they will attempt to assert global centralization post-collapse and enforce compliance.

Resource Management And Distribution

As I point out in many of my articles on the necessity for localism, without ample food, water and shelter self-maintained by groups of like minded citizens, no resistance can be mounted against a centralizing force.  If you cannot supply your own logistics, then you must resort to stealing them from the enemy.  Obviously, it is less risky to supply yourself if possible.

Post-collapse, when rule of law in many places has broken down and resources can no longer be transferred safely from region to region, the name of the game will be control of necessities and the producers of necessities.  This is also used by totalitarians when the danger of unrest is present.  A prime example of this method in action was the Stalinist consolidation of the Soviet Union.

The fact is, successful rebellions in occupied nations tend to grow in rural surroundings.  Cities are often strongholds for totalitarians because they offer more means of surveillance, a more passive population and, once taken over, they are easier to secure and defend.  I call this the “green zone doctrine;” the use of locked down cities as pivot points to launch attacks on rural people.

Stalin used this very model, sending troops from controlled cities to plunder resources from outlying farming communities.  He then stored these supplies for “redistribution;” the people deemed most useful to the regime were fed, the people deemed not useful or potential threats were not fed.  In the end, Stalin killed off many potential rebels simply by denying them food production or food access.

The elites do not need to own every inch of ground in order to launch an effective campaign of martial law.  All they need to do is own key cities through surveillance technology and troop presence, then use these cities as staging grounds to confiscate resources in surrounding areas from people they do not like.  If you think the government would not pursue that kind of tactic in the U.S., I highly suggest you look into Executive Order 13603, signed by Barack Obama in 2012.  This order gives the president authority during a “national emergency” to take any private property or resources if it is deemed “necessary to national defense.”

It should be noted that starvation as a weapon has been extremely useful for the elites in the past.

The Malaysian Model Of Control

If the elites are anything, they are rather predictable.  This is because they have a habit of consistently using strategies that have worked for them before.  In my article When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It, I examine the writings of Council On Foreign Relations member Max Boot on methods for quelling insurgencies.  In the U.S., insurgency is a given post-collapse.  The only question is whether it will be a large insurgency or a small one.

I do not hold out much hope for most of the rest of the world in terms of generating a useful rebellion.  Most citizens in Europe and Asia are unarmed and untrained.  Any resistance in these regions will be very small and cell structured if it is going to survive.

The methods Max Boot describes tend toward larger threats to the establishment.  Boot mentions specifically the great success by the British in Malaysia from 1948-1960 against highly effective communist guerillas and terrorists.  This success can be attributed to several factors:

1) The British used large-scale concentration camps to separate production centers from rebel influence.  These were massive camps surrounded by barbed wire fences and guard towers, primarily used to house farmers and other workers and their families.  This stopped the guerillas from hiding among the working class and recruiting from them.  This follows the “green zone doctrine” I described above.

2) The British implemented a sophisticated identification system for all Malaysian citizens including fingerprinting.  They then set up numerous checkpoints across the country at which citizens had to produce their paperwork.  Anyone who did not have their papers was held on suspicion of being an insurgent.  The rebels in Malaysia attempted to counter this by forcefully taking over busy buildings and buses, then burning everyone’s IDs.  This would not be a very effective tactic in a digitized world where identification is accomplished through advanced biometrics.

3) Instead of fielding massive lumbering military brigades in a useless effort to cover large stretches of ground, the British used spies and informants to locate rebel strongholds, then sent special forces units in to neutralize them.  Again, they did not need to control every inch of ground; they used military assets wherever the rebels were, then left.  Their goal was not to control a lot of ground, but to kill rebels.  The British used considerable brutality in their efforts, including a mobile gallows that traveled the country, and the public display of rotting corpses to strike fear in the insurgency.

4) The political elites in Britain fought the psychological war by offering promises of peace and prosperity to the Malaysian commoners if they supported the effort against the insurgency.  They did not necessarily need to follow through on these promises, all they needed to do was create a few examples of reward for cooperation, and sell this to the public in a convincing manner.  Once enough of the population was in the hands of the British, the insurgency lost supply resources and also had to worry about informants.

Technology Grid For Tyranny

Malaysia was an example of a competent strategy to uproot insurgents, but there were also many failures and pitfalls.  The elites are trying to mitigate any future unknown quantities when fighting against rebellions through the use of new technologies.

The green zone doctrine could only be successful today with the use of biometric surveillance.  Restriction of movement could be accomplished, but only in cities with extensive surveillance grids.  The insurgents of a post-collapse future would be hard pressed to infiltrate or exfiltrate from a green zone with currently available facial recognition, gait and walk recognition, retina and thumbprint scanning, etc.  Facial recognition has even gone into the realm of thermal imaging; cameras can use the unique heat signature from blood vessels within the human face to identify a person from a relative distance.  Make-up and prosthetics would not counter this.  Thermal masking would be the only solution.

Beyond that, an insurgency would have to be technologically savvy. Cyber warfare would have to be integral to their methodology.  This is not something any other rebellion in history has had to deal with.

An Uneducated And Bumbling Insurgency

The globalist’s strategy to trigger economic and social chaos, then lock down certain regions and offer centralization as a solution to the population, is far easier to accomplish when the opposition they face lacks insight, patience, planning and initiative.

The British were partially successful in Malaysia because the guerillas were ignorant of public perception. While they were effective and ruthless fighters, their viciousness resulted in lack of public support.  Though wide public support is not needed for victory, it certainly helps.

Multiple revolutions against Stalin’s power, some of them very large, were put down because of poor planning.  Rebels massed sizable forces in tight areas, such as a single mountain or mountain ranges.  Stalin simply dropped poisonous gasses on insurgents that had put all their eggs in one basket and forgot to stockpile gas masks.  It is vital to recognize that in a post-collapse world governments and elites may no longer be subject to public scrutiny, and are thus free to act as maliciously as they want.  All contingencies have to be considered.

Rebels in the Soviet Union also had a bad habit of ignoring logistics.  Many were armed with mismatched rifles and a rainbow selection of ammunition instead of arming all their men with the same rifle and the same ammo for redundancy.  Rebellions have been lost in the past merely because the fighters armed with too wide an array of weapons ran out of enough ammo to feed any of them.

Insurgents have also historically suffered from an inability to strike the leadership centers of the empires they fought.  Primarily because they did not know who the real leadership was.  Only in our modern era do we have the information available to identify the elites and their organizations.  Globalists are often very vocal today in media about who they are and what they want.  This is why the elites seek to make the next insurgency the LAST insurgency.  Never before have they been so vulnerable.

I believe the globalists will use their standard strategy of disinformation and division first to acquire centralization, but eventually they will turn to a Stalin/Malaysian model for control on the ground.  I will have to save the specific counter-strategies to these tactics for another article.  Some of them I probably cannot legally discuss at all.  The most important thing to remember, though, is that the globalists’ job is harder than our job.  They have to control people, property, resources, and mass psychology.  They have thousands of variables to take into account, and thousands of situations that could go wrong.

All we have to worry about is our own local organization, our own moral compass, our own survival and removing the top globalists from the picture.

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Dame Ednas Possum's picture

<--- Fight the machine.

<--- Fall in line.

Government needs you to pay taxes's picture

.Gov is corrupt and inept, and employs a disproportionate % of morons.  If .gov were good at quelling insurgencies, the world would be a FAR different place than it is.  The only necessary step on the road to freedom will be the initial organization and strike.  .Gov will feel compelled to take care of the ferals in the big cities, which will consume a HUGE amount of armed and logistics personnel.  And the resistance, where it gets going, isnt gonna be liimited to a few easily contained 'exclusion' zones.  The .govsters who stop at the chain fast food restuarant are gonna be poisoned/shot one day.  Then the motorcade for the .gov potentate is gonna ambused the next day.  Then a group of loyalists will end up dead hanging from trees the next day, and so forth.  Think northern ireland, on steroids.  

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And who are they? These elusive "globalists"?

jeff montanye's picture

should the "globalists" operating out of tel aviv and jerusalem want to attack iran to sort of "consolidate" things, it just got an order of magnitude more difficult:

Keyser's picture

They will be one of the first to go in a flash a blinding light, followed the subtle glow of molten green glass... Every nuclear power is not a puppet of the zionists and they know who is pulling the strings behind the scenes... 

Atavists R Us's picture

"we are dealing with a group of narcissistic psychopaths organized around a cult ideology and with nearly unlimited resources at their fingertips."

Why is everyone tip-toeing around the word "globalists"? Just say it out loud: Jews / Zionists / "Chosen Ones"

This is a fact

Transformer's picture

It's all about the 2nd Amendment.  Whether they get the guns from us or not.

stacking12321's picture

simple thinking from a simple mind.

some people want a simple label so they don't have to look or think too hard.

but the fact is, plenty of christians and muslims among the scumbags, too.

Atavists R Us's picture

And please name the christians and muslims who are at the top of the food chain controlling the western governments, media, educational institutions, judiciary, finance, etc. who are not controlled by a zio talmudite.

Or do you find all the main players, the main movers, to be jewish? I suppose it's only a coincidence.

The ones in control are not christians and muslims. Of course you'll always find non-jew sychophants and those who will follow orders from the zios. And, yes, i think they are scum too becasue without minions, the zios could not pull off what they have. But they are not the leaders. To change the game, you have to change the leaders.

Simple thinking like yours is what has gotten this planet into the mess it's in now. You just don't want to open your eyes.

Panopticon 131's picture

True, every nationality, every nation state has an elite cabal who serve the apex global mafia.

Just follow the money....ignore the rhetoric and geopolitical theater, it's a distraction.

JRobby's picture

This says it all

"This is what the cynics just don’t seem to grasp; we are dealing with a group of narcissistic psychopaths organized around a cult ideology and with nearly unlimited resources at their fingertips.  These people think they are rising man-gods, like the Egyptian pharaohs of old.  They cannot be persuaded through superior logic or emotional appeal.  They will not be deterred by mass activism or peaceful redress.  They only understand one thing — the force of arms and the usefulness of lies."

2 things the elites are not equipped to deal with:

1. Rage driven mobs coming for them, likely well armed

2. Street fights

If you repent and ask God for foregiveness after destroying Satan worshipers, you will be foregiven. Be pure in heart. Destroy evil.




DrBrown's picture

Here ya go:


1. Astor 2. Bundy 3. Collins 4. DuPont 5. Freeman 6. Kennedy 7. Li (Chinese) 8. Onassis 9. Rockefeller 10. Rothschild 11. Russell 12. van Duyn 13. Merovingian (European Royal Families)
The following families are also interconnected with those above: -
1. Reynolds 2. Disney 3. Krupp 4. McDonald

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...then the people who are doing the fighting and dying for the .gov types are going to ask why they're the ones coming home in the body bags. And the next day, it will be .gov types coming home in body bags.

jeff montanye's picture

if these "globalists" were so good at their jobs we wouldn't be talking about them.

dynasties fall.

IridiumRebel's picture

I see a slow lethargic demise with no bullets.
Full disclosure, I'm a slave already basically.

Radical Marijuana's picture

I too see slow lethargic demise, with some bullets towards the end, but such that those mere bullets will not make much difference.

Since absolutely everything that can be claimed has already had claims staked upon that, and there are already an overwhelming abundance of weapons deployed to be the credible threats of coercions to back up those claims, there is NOBODY that is not already a slave inside of those systems.

To put it another way, people are "slaves" to air to breathe, water to drink and food to eat. All of those things already are encumbered by systems which have staked claims over those, and those thoroughly staked claims are already backed by an inconceivable over-kill potential, such that the paradoxical problems with those credible threats of coercions to back up those claims are their awesome over-kill potential, which makes their individually considered credibility become collectively incredible.

My view of the article above by Brandon Smith follows the patterns that I almost invariably find, that I agree with the superficially correct analysis, but then, regard the "solutions" as bogus, due to being too superficial. The REAL problems are way worse than merely the old-fashioned false fundamental dichotomies between the ruling classes and those they rule over.

Indeed, the deeper problems are demonstrated by the degree to which Brandon Smith continues to think and communicate using the biggest bullies' bullshit world view, since those are built into the dominate natural languages and philosophy of science.

A few quotes I agreed with:

"If the elites are anything, they are rather predictable.  This is because they have a habit of consistently using strategies that have worked for them before. ... They only understand one thing — the force of arms and the usefulness of lies.

...  an insurgency would have to be technologically savvy. Cyber warfare would have to be integral to their methodology.  This is not something any other rebellion in history has had to deal with."

While that last quote is correct, it grossly understates the situation. It is the entire human species, and Neolithic Civilization as a whole, which have been driven through towards the paradoxical final failure from too much success based upon being able to back up lies with violence, while those lies never stop still being fundamentally false.

In my view, everyone (including me too) has been living inside systems based upon enforcing frauds so much, for so long, that nobody is able to stop thinking in ways which are drowning in bullshit. Furthermore, the few that attempt to overcome that are still overwhelmingly surrounded by people who are also drowning in bullshit, and thus, everyone is being dragged down in the same ways, for the same reasons, that thousands of years of the history of civilization based on being able to enforce frauds have resulted in civilization becoming exponentially more fraudulent.

Within that context, any extrapolation of the old class warfare, amplified to astronomical sizes by technologies which have globalized that, falls far short of the mark set by those technologies becoming trillions of times more capable and powerful than ever before in human history.

Essentially, Brandon Smith does NOT admit and address the degree to which everyone is a slave, because they must have air, water, food and shelter, etc. ... Rather, Brandon Smith likes to indulge in the old-fashioned magical phrases of "freedom" and "liberty," in ways which make no efforts whatsoever to come to better terms with the advances made in mathematical physics, which were the sources of technologies becoming trillions of times more capable and powerful.

How can any "insurgency ... be technologically savvy," WITHOUT thinking more seriously about the mathematical physics which made that technology possible ???


sonoftx's picture

So, are we doomed Mr. MR. Am I to say "I give up, I am a slave, and there is no way to challenge this due to mathematical physics. I have no idea what mathematical physics consists of or its basic tenets. I do know that reality is the final judge of any philosophy, theory, or hypothesis.

I took some philosophy courses at one time. What I would do is try the philosopher on for awhile. I would try to use that philosophers beliefs and ideas in my own life for a couple of weeks to see how they matched up to reality. Most I found were really fun to think about and do mental gymnastics but when it came to reality many were bullshit and it boiled down to TRUTH and my own personal set of beliefs and idiosynchrosies. Did I take something from each one, I am sure I did. Though I have forgotten what came from who(m?). But, that does not matter because all I can know is what I can know and what I know RIGHT NOW determines WHAT I do right now. It matters not to me what mathematical physics says is possible or impossible because I do not know what mathematical physics says is impossible or possible. Would mathematical physics say that a lone teenager could start on the road to power and one day control the land mass and the people that Genghis Khan controlled. If he had known about mathematical physics would he have said "Aaawww shucks, boys it is not worth doing".

I once read a couple of books about Einstein's theories. One was really good. It took his theories and made them accessible to those less mathematically inclined. I could understand every principle in that book except one. I truly do not remember which it was. But, it was tough. I ended up lying there for for about three hours turning and turning it in my head and going at it every which way. Finally, AHA! But, to retain that "understanding" it was taking this dance between complete relaxation and allowing the mind to be at rest and full concentration of every electron I could muster. It did not last long. And when it ended it was over. It really kind of odd. I could not get it back. I suppose I could have tried and gotten it back maybe the next day when I was well rested. But, I never did. This is a long winded way of asking if me not understanding that idea dooms to a life slavery to that idea because I do not consider it in my every day life. Does a theory determine my fate.

I think not. Reality usually wins. Maybe Einstein's reality will win over mine but I do not think so. I am always amazed, especially in politics and world politics when people say "It's complicated". Bullshit, people are people. TRUTH is TRUTH. RIGHT is RIGHT. WISDOM is WISDOM. UNDERSTANDING is UNDERSTANDING. KNOWLEDGE is KNOWLEDGE is KNOWLEDGE.

When reality strikes Mathematical Physics will be nowhere near my thought process. I can think of one thing that makes many of those things that I believe you speak of work so formidable, electricity. Without that how do all of those things work. They don't. You actually caused a few thoughts. So, hey maybe this MP thing could be a good thing.

Never tried the MJ but I will drink a cold St Arnold's Brewery Lawnmower Kolsch style beer for you.

Radical Marijuana's picture

I do not recommend acceptance of the debt slavery. However, I regard more realistic resolutions as necessarily being done within the context that the only things which actually exist are the dynamic equilibria between different systems of organized lies operating robberies.

The ruling classes are just as much "slaves" to the pyramid systems that they are at the top of, since they are stuck inside too. (Masters need slavery systems to live.) Although their personal circumstances are more materially comfortable than those living more toward the bottom of the pyramid systems, EVERYONE within those systems is suffering from the same overall problems that civilization is controlled by enforced frauds, which are becoming exponentially more fraudulent, which is therefore spinning out of human control.

Those who appear to benefit the most, in the short to medium terms, from taking advantage of the sociopolitical systems which are based upon being able to enforce frauds are still stuck inside the longer term consequences of that exponentially increasing fraudulence playing through. The problem with each increment of being able to back up lies with violence "working" is that civilization as a whole becomes increasingly psychotic. At the present time, the globalized political economy is almost totally based upon public governments enforcing frauds by private banks, and therefore, every economic decision is made within an almost totally fraudulent financial account system.

Of course, those who control that bookkeeping the most appear to benefit the most from those frauds being successful symbolic robberies. However, overall, civilization therefore behaves in ways which are becoming exponentially more criminally insane. EVERYONE LIVING INSIDE ENFORCED FRAUDS, ALL THE WAY FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM OF THOSE SOCIAL PYRAMID SYSTEMS, IS LIVING IN WAYS BASED UPON LIES.

The "corrections" to those LIES are necessarily going to become enormous, due to those HUGE LIES. Such "corrections" currently seem most likely to become the mass murder of the majority of the human population, because the established systems can NOT admit and address the problems that they ARE using fundamentally fraudulent financial accounting systems. Everything that matters most is getting worse, faster, while almost everyone continues to deliberately ignore and be willfully blind towards those FACTS that "money" made out of nothing is "paying" to strip-mine the planet's natural resources at an exponentially accelerating rate, which is just now starting to run into limits to growth, showing up as various diminishing returns.

That will show up first and foremost through the fraudulent accounting systems. However, the deeper issues will be the ways that people living INSIDE ENFORCED FRAUDS were developing mental attitudes which enabled them to collectively ignore the deeper nature of their problems. The debt slavery systems were ALWAYS based upon the debt controls being backed by the death controls. Therefore, the exponentially increasing debt insanities are headed towards provoking death insanities, WHICH IS THE GIST of the article above by Brandon Smith.

In that context, Smith is only proposing relatively superficial changes in the human murder systems, while what will necessarily happen are profound changes, due to the development of advancing technologies, WHICH COULD NOT EXIST WITHOUT THE  SERIES OF PROFOUND PARADIGM SHIFTS IN MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS!

Quantum mechanics is what made the electronics industry possible. Quantum mechanics has been extraordinarily confirmed by experiments (including the practical applications through technologies.) HOWEVER, quantum mechanics indicates that "common sense" is profoundly wrong in principle, although still most "common sense" appears to work, given large enough objects, or large enough numbers.

If there was NOT globalized electronic money frauds, backed by the threat of force from atomic bombs, then it would NOT matter that quantum mechanics and the special theory of relativity have proven that "common sense" is WRONG.

In every way, on every level, civilization is based upon being able to back up lies with violence, while the more socially successful doing so becomes, the more criminally insane that civilization behaves. IF, IF, IF, advancing technologies had NOT become trillions of times more capable and powerful, then those exponentially increasing HUGE LIES would not matter so much ... However, what is actually happening is that ENFORCED FRAUDS are being amplified to astronomical sizes, while those systems continue to deliberately ignore and/or deny both that those ARE FRAUDULENT, as well as misunderstand in the most absurdly backward ways HOW AND WHY FRAUDS ARE ENFORCED.

The SOURCE of human "slavery" is the same as the SOURCE of human "freedom," namely that human beings can not create energy out of nothing, nor send energy to nothing, but only live as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows. At the present time, the established civilization is based upon deliberately misunderstanding themselves doing that in the most absurdly backward ways which are humanly possible, as demonstrated by the ways that the globalized political economy is based upon public governments ENFORCING FRAUDS by private banks, while those systems continue to publicly get away with presenting themselves as NOT FRAUDULENT.

The ruling classes that made and maintained those systems based upon ENFORCING FRAUDS are faced with the consequences of those systems becoming exponentially more FRAUDULENT. However, at the same time, what Brandon Smith, et alia, tend to not fully face are the degree to which those that were ruled over also are thinking about everything in basically backward ways. IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO BLAME EVERYTHING ON THE RULING CLASSES. Even some series of political miracles which resulted in somewhat defeating the ruling classes would not be remotely close to enough, because those who were ruled over would still be drowning in the morbid social habits which were developed by them believing in still believing in the biggest bullies' bullshit, such that that they continued to take that for granted.

The banksters' bullshit regarding the political economy is only the most recent layer of bullshit, added in the previous few Centuries, upon thousands of years of previous bullshit spouted by the biggest bullies, who were able to make and maintain civilization based upon being able to back up lies with violence.

ENFORCING FRAUDS does not violate the laws of nature. However, the social successfulness of being able to ENFORCE FRAUDS depends upon the vast majority of people deliberately ignoring the principle of the conservation of energy, as well as deliberately misunderstanding the concept of entropy in the most absurdly backward ways. While human beings and civilization actually live as entropic pumps of environmental energy flows, that has developed in ways whereby the sociopolitical systems doing that are operated the best available professional hypocrites, who present ENFORCED FRAUDS as NOT BEING FRAUDULENT.

Since human beings can NOT create energy out of nothing, they are "slaves" to needing air, water, food and shelter, etc. ... But nevertheless, it is possible to better understand human beings and civilization as manifestations of general energy systems, in order to engineer and operate better entropic pumps of environmental energy flows. HOWEVER, at the present time, civilization has developed expedient sets of solutions to chronic problems inherent in the nature of life, which have become as dishonest about themselves as those could possibly be! Civilization has apparently dead-ended itself due to the oldest and best developed forms of social science and engineering having been warfare, whose successes were based upon backing up deceits with destructions, that became financial successes based upon enforcing frauds. At the present time, civilization has gotten stuck in vicious spirals of political funding enforcing frauds, whose social successfulness is based upon NOT publicly admitting and addressing that, but rather, continuing to be as dishonest about that as possible. Currently, the greatest "achievements" of social science and engineering ARE the ways that the ruling classes control those they rule over through backing up lies with violence.

Brandon Smith is superficially correct about those problems getting worse faster, and therefore, that the established systems are headed towards their debt slavery finally provoking death insanities. HOWEVER, Brandon Smith does not appear to come remotely close to the kinds of profound paradigms shift in political science, which are theoretically imperative because profound paradigm shifts enabled by mathematical physics have resulted in being able to develop technologies which have become trillions of times more capable and powerful than anything that previously existed in human history.

In my opinion, Brandon Smith is still thinking AS IF the world was still like it was when there were only paper money frauds, backed by gunpowder weapons. Indeed, as far as I can tell, most of the content published in Zero Hedge articles and comments continues to think AS IF there was still nothing but chemical energy, and moreover, takes for granted thinking about that using old-fashioned "common sense."

However, old-fashioned "common sense" has been radically transformed by the prodigious progress in mathematical physics, and BECAUSE THAT ENABLED ADVANCING TECHNOLOGIES, political science should also advance by going through intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts, that integrate and surpass those already achieved in physical science. After all, electronics works to the degree that quantum mechanics is correct, and has been experimentally confirmed to be correct, as demonstrated by the ways that electronics works. Similarly, the special theory of relativity has been experimentally confirmed to be correct, as demonstrated by that atomic bombs go boom.

The previous systems of paper money frauds, backed by gunpowder weapons, were able to be developed in ways whereby the vast majority of people did not understand those, but rather were conditioned to not want to understand those. On Zero Hedge, there is a way higher level of average understanding of the ways that the international bankers are ENFORCING FRAUDS. However, most of that higher level of understanding of how the political economy operates through public governments enforcing frauds by private banks continues to mostly take for granted thinking about that in the same old-fashioned ways that take "common sense" still for granted, AS IF there was still nothing but chemical energy, manifesting through large objects, on large scales, while ACTUALLY there is now electronic and atomic energy, operating on orders of magnitude greater levels of energy, through much smaller objects, on much smaller scales.

Brandon Smith, et alia, make no apparent efforts to reconcile their concepts of "freedom" and therefore, any "liberty movements," with the prodigious progress in mathematical physics, and the related prodigious progress in advancing technologies. Moreover, in general, most people are living through chemical energy, taken for granted by their "common sense."  Although there now EXIST globalized electronic money frauds, backed by the threat of force from atomic weapons, most people continue to deliberately ignore THAT, in the same ways that they used to deliberately ignore the previous systems of paper money frauds backed by gunpowder weapons. Similarly, those few who do superficially understand how those paper money frauds were enforced by gunpowder weapons, as the main ways that the ruling classes could rule over other people, STILL THINK ABOUT ENFORCED FRAUDS IN TERMS OF CHEMICAL ENERGY "COMMON SENSE."

Brandon Smith's expectations for future class warfare are NOT real, radical revolutions, because he only very superficially recognizes the roles of electronics, and atomic energy, etc., in the future of civilization. The deeper issues regarding monkeys and apes who can use electronic and atomic energy, while they themselves are chemical energy based, are way more profound than what Smith's superficially correct analysis indicates. Moreover, it is just as much the ruling classes, as those they rule over, that ARE OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE REALITIES OF ELECTRONIC AND ATOMIC ENERGY, ETC. ...


Like the majority of the rest of world's beer drinkers today, I prefer what was originally thought of as a revolutionary brew, made publicly available for the first time back in 1842, the Pilsner, from Bohemia. The history of beer can be traced back to the origins of the currently dominant kinds of Neolithic Civilization, way back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. However, it is the originally regarding as "revolutionary" Pilsner varieties that are now the world's most popular favourites.

Shift For Brains's picture

"A man must know his destiny. If he does not recognize it, then he is lost. By this I mean, once, twice, or at the very most, three times, fate will reach out and tap a man on the shoulder. If he has the imagination, he will turn around and fate will point out to him what fork in the road he should take, if he has the guts, he will take it." 

--True American hero, Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.--

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Basically how I feel right there. I tell my friends exactly who I think is responable and exactly what will be my redlines.

Here are my redlines-

1. fully digital currency NO!

2. confiscation of arms NO!

3. attack when it becomes clear it is me or them YES!

Otherwise, you die a pussy as your society is turned into a slave state.

VWAndy's picture

 It may come to that very thing,,,

 If we play our cards just right? We might have a shot at doing it better. 

lincis's picture

thats what they want form you...

monk27's picture

They'll "attempt" it alright. Succeeding though, is a different story... but they are stupid enough to believe it !

N. B. Forrest's picture

I know plenty of mid-level military officers, and they'll never let this happen.  Of course they'll have to go against the PC generals, but most officers are good people.


I don't know a lot of NCOs and enlisted folks, but a lot of them are there because they are patriotic people as well.  But someone else will have to comment on them. 

Collectivism Killz's picture

Want to know where veterans and the military stand? Look at Ranger Up, Matt Best, Grunt Style or nine line apparel. You will not find a more pro American, pro second amendment group than veterans and the military. generals, like police chiefs, are politicians and don't represent the rank and file. Also, the military sees behind the curtain enough to know the system is bullshit. Exactly why so many Vets believe the in the so called conspiracy theories.

dark pools of soros's picture

Bullocks...  they protect their pensions and fuck all care about the country


froze25's picture

Those pensions won't be worth anything. 

Collectivism Killz's picture

Generals and CSMs care a lot about their pensions. The average CPT or SGT generally has not been politicized and generally finds the government to be full of shit. When I was in Iraq in 2004 almost all of my fellow soldiers questioned 9-11, had no love for Bush and no love for Islam. My unit was largely black, yet everyone had concealed carry permits and loved guns. I promise you the whiter, more country demographic in other units would have been even more pro-gun and pro-Consitution. The senior officers all read letters from the Civil War and Revolutionary War and truly believed in the country and in the army. In hindsight, our service may have been naive and misplaced, but no one I served with would ever support Tyranny. Once soldiers get out and see the world as it truly is, they tend to become even lesser fans of .gov. DHS sure as hell knows this and .gov knows one of their biggest challenges would be getting the military to go along with any extreme plan.

August's picture

I'm a Viet Nam Era American male, and thus have "had issues" with the US military, and its sad uses in this world.  But my son did five years in the USMC, so I'm not exactly a hostile.

My suggestion to all American proto-revolutionaries: NEVER attack the individual American grunt or LEO. Feel free, though, to attack and disparage the boot-licking "brass" as much as you wish.  While many of the rank-and-file guys (particularly in urban areas, or Back East) are a lost cause when it comes to personal liberty, MANY ARE NOT!  And it is prudent, to say the least, to attempt to find common ground with them. 

After all, when all the smoke, mirrors and bullshit have settled to earth, the Imperial Homeland will be ruled by those whom the colonels support.  Maybe even those whom the sergeants support.  The Generals and Chiefs can go fuck themselves.

Collectivism Killz's picture

Exactly! I served for several years and got out in 2007. My father spent his entire life in the defense industry. Even though the defense industry is Neo-conservative, the average person really cares about this country and wants the best. The MIC has misguided the entire nation to fall into the trap of Imperial policy, but I have spent my entire life around the military and can say without any doubt that the overwhelming majority will stand by the American people. Hell, even liberal bets like Tulsi Gabbord speak more truth than any of their civilian counterparts.

dark pools of soros's picture

useful sheep or useful idiots produce the same blind or awake.  the 'America people' as an ideal is now being attacked so who are all you standing by anyway?  Tulsi Gabbard has American values because she has been so removed from the brainwashing that produced so many white guilters and BLMs


dark pools of soros's picture

right now, serving in the military for this establishment is NOT patriotic...  ask them how the hell can they be patriotic while protecting globalists?


DuneCreature's picture

If you know good people in the military tell them this:

Pick a side, shut up, wait and watch. .. Being vocal about their choice will get them drummed out of the service. The patriots will need them right where they are.

There are 'trip wires' in place. Trigger events will kick the show off.

A time for action will be obvious.

All comms are compromised.

Live Hard, Use Your Intuition And Keep Your Head Down, Die Free

~ DC v2.0


Calmyourself's picture

All those mid level officers you mention are being ferreted out of your electronic environment now.  loose lips, elint and all that...

peddling-fiction's picture

Critical information on this article's topic in these free ebooks that you can download.


The Hidden Evil: The Financial Elite's Covert War Against The Civilian Population (6.4MB)

New World War: Revolutionary Methods for Political Control (15.8MB)

Invisible Eugenics: How the Medical System and Public Schools are Killing Your Children (6.5MB)

Geoengineering: Planetary Sabotage & Human Extermination (9.4MB)


Wake up folks.

IridiumRebel's picture

What's up with the lock shit? Yes I downvoted you.

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) IridiumRebel Aug 17, 2016 11:54 PM

I know, weird. Maybe his GF or BF waits until he goes to bed and sneaks onto his computer and edits his ZH comments?

Paranoia is one thing but that is OTT.

Illuminattus Rex's picture

Very good information brother, already studing it, thank you so much.

May knowledge set us free. 

SMG's picture

So here's the plan in a nutshell:

Instigate WWIII

Collapse economy and blame it on WWIII

After WWIII is over begin implementation of 1984/Brave New World style global government.

Humanity lives in neofuedalism for a long long time.

SMG's picture

Unless of course the "peasants" rise up and stop this injustice.

Grave's picture

1. identify ruling psychopath class members
2. two in the chest, one in the head, for each psychopath
3. repeat for family members, faulty genes need purging from gene pool

o r c k's picture

These psychos will be guarded by a mass of people with weapons - paid in gold most likely. A wall of traitors.

css1971's picture

It's often the bodyguards that take out the leadership.

August's picture

Even today, Rome has much to teach.

peddling-fiction's picture

D.C. is the continuation of the Roman Empire in more ways than are obvious to the casual observer.