After Confiscating Their Guns, Venezuela's Maduro Has Another Warning For Coup Plotters

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Yesterday we reported that Venezuela's Interior Minister, Nestor Reverol, launched a campaign in Caracas to "disarm" citizens in an effort to curb rampant violence.  Venezuela has the world's second highest murder rate which Reverol attributes, at least in part, to heavily armed gangs roaming the streets with guns which are acquired from "corrupt" police officers.  To address the violent crime issue, Venezueala has decided to chop up over 2,000 shotguns and pistols and laser tag ammunition as apparently the majority of ammunition used for violent crime in the country is manufactured by the state and "sold by corrupt police" as well. 

To be sure, Venezuela does indeed have a high murder rate:


Venezuela Murder Rate

However, the real reason for the crackdown on guns was different: after last month's failed Turkish coup, the socialist ruler is worried - with good reason - that he may be next.

So in order to preempt "next steps", and just in case gun confiscations are insufficient to prevent the inevitable, the Venezula ruler took to direct threats, warning his countrymen that Erdogan's purge would look like child's play compared with the action he would take if opposition tried something similar in the OPEC nation.

"Did you see what happened in Turkey?" said Maduro, in a televised public event on Thursday evening. "Erdogan will seem like a nursing baby compared to what the Bolivarian revolution will do if the right wing steps over the line with a coup."

Ever since Maduro's mentor, the late President Hugo Chavez survived an opposition-backed coup attempt in 2002, the revolution he named after Latin American liberator Simon Bolivar has tarred opponents as intent on retaking power by force.

Maduro is facing plunging popularity as low oil prices and economic mismanagement have dragged one of the wealthiest countries in the Americas into a deep recession, triggering shortages of basics like food and medicines.

The opposition plans a big march in Caracas on Sept. 1 to demand a recall referendum aimed at cutting short Maduro's six-year term, due to end in 2019.  After gathering more than 200,000 signatures for the effort, the opposition is waiting for clearance from the National Electoral Council to get 20 percent of the 20 million person electorate to sign in order to move forward.

Sadly for the Venezuelan people, the referendum will not happen for one simple reason: as Bloomberg reported earlier, "in a replay of one of the ugliest chapters in the two-decade rule of the socialist party in Venezuela, a top government official said Thursday that a list of those who signed a petition seeking to recall President Nicolas Maduro will be handed over to government ministries and state-run companies."

“In a revolution, revolutionaries must be in charge of state institutions, not political opponents,” Diosdado Cabello, a top official in the ruling Socialist Party and a lawmaker, said at a rally. “This is not a violation of the right to work.”

Cabello has made similar threats earlier this year, but Thursday’s comments brought back memories of the so-called “Tascon List” which was used by the government under then President Hugo Chavez to fire state workers and bar others from everything from jobs to loans for having signed a petition for a recall referendum in 2004 that Chavez eventually survived. The list was compiled by then lawmaker Luis Tascon and electronic versions of the list circulated throughout Venezuela even being sold by sidewalk vendors. Some Venezuelans even attempted to pay officials to be removed from the list.

Maduro, whose approval rating has is about 21%, according to the latest polls from Datanalisis, hasn’t yet publicly commented on efforts to blacklist state employees who signed. Instead he has decided to skip that step and proceed directly to threatening the coup platters with a fate worse than prison.

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Sale: NO FEAR tees
Somehtin' about other people's money, maybe?
BTW, where is that gold?

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Paging Low-Retta! Needing advice on "lawful" coverup in Caracas!

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How are they still in a revolution if they have been in power for two decades.....


I think these southern beaners aren't the brightest ones of their tribe.


How do you have dictatorial power of a nation and you still haven't actually fixed your economy so that it can operate without issues either? What's wrong, you people can't tolerate letting people have some agency with their production and economic choices?You're a dictator, why are you worried about people making money for you to tax?


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Fuck this fat assed, 8th grade dropout former bus driver douchebag. Stupid fucking socialists will never learn that socialism is fucking retarded and always fails.

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Your beloved little baby-rapists at the IMF and World Bank really want their country back!  That's you're for the fascist MUD to take over--they'll be proper lackeys.

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To all the people dreaming of running off to South America when TSHTF, you might wanna reconsider.

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Nothing that a 338 Lapua to the head of this worthless POS won't solve.

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Well, we been in a recovery for a decade.  I mean, what the fuck!  Revolutions are more complex to manage than recessions.  Or Healthcare.  Or the Middle East.  And if ya really wanna bear to manage, try the South Side of Chicago post Barry's Community Organization Programs
Stellar shit, me mates!

Say, isn't that S Side of Chicago Ethos what we're exporting to the Middle East?
I get it now!

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The problem with Americans is we have to much to lose. I mean we are all sitting in our air conditioned houses pounding away at our expensve computers listing to our cable tv's next to our lovely wives. One thing I will aways say is when they come to get our guns, it won't be at 4 o'clock in the afternoon it will be at 4 am with flash bangs thrown out like pez and a M4 cabine pointed in your face. Your wife is screaming and kids are crying. What are going to do? I tell you what you will do. You will say here sir please take them I don't need the anymore. That will be 95% of the armchair warriors because they have to much to lose. That's the way the government likes it and therefore it will stay. 

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Sad to say but that certainly appears to be the case. I would anticipate a major embarassment if there were to be a major conflict now whereby the government had to draft people. I would expect a mass refusal.

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I disagree, there aren't enough police/military/national guard to get the job done. They may get a small percentage but once word gets out it'll be game on my friend.

Who's gonna want to be on that raiding party while their loved ones sit vulnerable at home. 

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We only need III%. Fuck the Fudds and the armchair warroirs

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That's why some people only keep the guns at home that they need to defend themselves; the rest might be elsewhere.

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Absolutly true!  The most dangerious person is the one which has nothing to lose.  Why do you think all of those inner city slum dwellers keep voting for the socialist democrats?  Because the socialists keep them supplied through a multitude of government handouts and entitlement programs.  Dictators like Maduro (and Obama to a large extent is the same) stay in power as long as they can keep the criminal politicians happy and the weak dependent on the government.

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Indeed. Plus the myriads of government employees and contractors = another category of dependents.

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For about the first week and they better shutdown cell towers when they start the process ... word gets around.

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The first wave of confiscations will go as you imagine.  Flash bangs, submachineguns in your face at four am.  You are cleaned out and marched off to Gitmo or where ever.  Yours was one house in one neighborhood.  Let’s say they hit fifteen thousand houses in fifteen thousand neighborhoods in one night.   What happens next?  The SWAT teams have to rest and regroup.  Meanwhile, a hundred million gun owners have been alerted.  Some of those fifteen thousand raids are going to go badly.  People are going to be maimed and killed.  Around nine million are going to lock and load.  What happens next is exactly what happened after Concord and Lexington.

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With the media on a short leash, you'll never hear about it. IF you do hear about it it will be their version of what happened. "ISIS or terrorist" will get thrown around and those people will be ostracized. It happens now, nobody is the wiser...

Outside of the TV set or Facebook news feed, how do you plan on hearing about these people getting shot or maimed?


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It's like saying we need to fix our infrastructure after we spent 800 billion to fix infrastructure 6 years ago.

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Well, at least Hillary is a big supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

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You must work at the Pentagon.

$5.6 tn , the $800bn was added to the baseline budget and never removed.

Is your ass sore, it should be.

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Nah we only bought those signs we didn't actually do anything just put signs up.

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It's a circle, thus it never ends

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The former spanish elite in Venezuella has abandoned the countries politics to mestizos and mulattos, so its no surprise that this nation is going downhill:

Infocat's picture

We need to fight the degenerate left in America as well:

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Capture him NOW, 'Zuelans !

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Rulers telling their would-be over-throwers that they will be tortured and killed if they try a coup is as old as the first tribes.  At least in Venezuela the issue is a possible coup.  Ask Snowden about trying to do something as simple as telling the truth about what the US government is up to.  I'm quite sure he didn't try to overthrow it, but he sure as shit would face torture and probably death if he ever were caught by said government.

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Psssst - Maduro, it's not those 2000 that you need to be worried about!

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Someone please take this socialist despot out.

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Some one needs to blaze the trail and take one of these bastards out. It has be en a while since a leader in the western world was whacked and they seem to think they are invincible now it appears.

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Your fascist oligarchs have tried, over and over again. 

But they suck.  That's why they're MUD.

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The end goal of all socialism governments is to make every one equally poor, hungry, and perhaps dead.  Unless you are the uber wealthy political leaders.

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I can't decide who's reading from the others playbook???  I'm beginning to think Maduro and Erdogan were separated at the Hemipenis during birth, on the reptilian planet of Stalinski.

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I had to look up hemipenis:  "each of the paired male reproductive organs in snakes and lizards."   It is not another term for a Dodge Viper as I had originally suspected.

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  How's things going my friend? We've both been preoccupied with other responsibilities as of late.

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All good my friend.  Sounds like we've both been busy, which is a good thing or so I'm told.  Keep up the good fight!  

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There's an estimated 3.5 million guns in private hands in Venezuela.   Good luck getting even a tiny portion of them. 

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And you know that idiot leftists like Obama are fearful of the people rising up and slaughtering these throwbacks, proving that an armed society has the power to fight tyranny.  Sic Semper Tyrannis!

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Just as Cortez burned the boats to motivate his troops, Maduro just made every potential dissenter a proud member of the kill list.  Their only rational decision now is to decapitate the monster, conduct a coup and kill the bastard.

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I'm thinking shit hits the fan for Maduro A'hole' in 60 days or less.

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How about we do it  the Nicolae and Elena Ceau?escu way. Fast (not half a$$ed)


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Venezuela is fucked because it has slppery black stuff and tries not toplay the game of the global hegemon.

Ideology takes a back seat on planet earth, it would appear.

Follow the corruption, I mean 'money'

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Whut? Not playing the role of global hegemon? That's exactly what got them into this mess.

Buying tanks, submarines and fighter jets.

Giving away free oil all over the place in return for political loyalty.

Loaning money to deadbeats to buy oil at reduced prices in cases where it isn't just given away.

These guys had the same financial wisdom as people who won their first lottery.

Theri desire to spread the Bolivarian Revolution -- sad hijacking of an honorable name, by the way -- is what got them into this mess where they have no rainy day fund.

They could have been Norway but wanted to grow up to be Cuba instead.

And now they're getting their wish granted.

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Uzda Farce (not verified) tarabel Aug 21, 2016 12:56 AM

Simon Bolivar, the "great liberator", was also a Mason: