Federal Judge Protects Hillary From Sworn Email Server Deposition, Rules For Written Q&A Instead

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As of today, Hillary Clinton hasn't given a press conference in 258 days, something even the deeply pro-Clinton Washington Post finds troubling. And while Hillary may have spoken to the FBI in an unsworn testimony, there is no transcript of it, and only the FBI's own subjective notes serve as proof it ever happened. Which is why on July 8, conservative watchdog organization Judicial Watch, the source of so much headache for the Democratic presidential nominee, had requested permission to depose Hillary in sworn testimony, and in public, as relates to the use of her private email server.

That however, will not happen as U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan rejected the request to force Hillary Clinton to submit to a sworn deposition, ruling instead that she must respond in writing to questions about the issue:

The Court is persuaded that Secretary Clinton’s testimony is necessary to enable her to explain on the record the purpose for the creation and operation of the clintonemail.com system for State Department business.

Sullivan said Judicial Watch had not demonstrated that an in-person deposition of Clinton was necessary to attempt to clarify whether the former secretary of state set up the system in order to avoid complying with the Freedom of Information Act.

Judicial Watch’s argument that a deposition is preferable in this case because of the ability to ask follow-up questions is not persuasive. Given the extensive public record related to the clintonemail.com system, a record which Judicial Watch has acknowledged, Judicial Watch will be able to anticipate many follow-up questions. For those follow-up questions that Judicial Watch is unable to anticipate, it can move this Court for permission to serve additional interrogatories.

Furthermore, to spend Hillary the indignity of appearing in public and answering questions in real-time - instead giving her a 30 day window in which to answer the questions - the judge decided to goalseek his conclusion, saying it appeared Judicial Watch "likely has a very limited number of questions for Secretary Clinton," making it more plausible that the issue could be resolved in writing, thus justifying his decision to give Hillary a way out

It was unclear how the judge had any idea about the scope ot content of Judicial Watch's questions.

Finally, Sullivan noted that under legal precedents applicable to current and former Cabinet officials, the court should only require Clinton to appear at a deposition if "exceptional circumstances" justified such an approach.

As Politico adds, the ruling makes it far less likely that Clinton will face the potentially politically damaging step of having to leave the presidential campaign trail in the coming months to testify under oath about her controversial email set-up. However, it is still possible one of several other judges considering similar cases could issue such an order.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton made the following statement regarding Judge Sullivan’s decision granting Judicial Watch permission to submit interrogatories to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and to depose the former Director of Information Resource Management of the Executive Secretariat (“S/ES-IRM”) John Bentel:

“We are pleased that this federal court ordered Hillary Clinton to provide written answers under oath to some key questions about her email scandal,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  “We will move quickly to get these answers. The decision is a reminder that Hillary Clinton is not above the law.”

Alas, we have to disagree with Fitton's conclusion.

Judge Sullivan's ruling below (pdf link)

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Tallest Skil's picture

None of this matters, because when Trump wins he'll have HIS DoJ execute her for treason.

jcaz's picture

Because Parkinsons has fried her brain to the point where she couldn't string two sentences together.....

Serously, we need an honest health report, this bullshit is getting waaaay off-course.....

NidStyles's picture

I wonder if Judge Sullivan should be (((Judge Sullivan))).

......Nope just an affirmative action appointee by good ole Slick Willy. Nope no conflict of interest there....

TruxtonSpangler's picture

The judge didnt want to go out like Scalia

tc06rtw's picture

 …  You mean she’s less dishonest when
she swears to tell the truth?

Mr. Universe's picture

Parkinson's has 5 stages and when you get towards stage 5 things go South quickly. My favorite is when Dad starts hallucinating. He starts hearing and seeing strange people and thinks they are out to get him. He really is a danger to himself and reality is not a concept he understands at that point. After the episode he is as well as he can be, but that's not saying much. Having someone like that with her finger on the big bomb button, definitely not a good idea.

Friedrich not Salma's picture

Judge noticed Hillary always has a pillow close at hand.

MalteseFalcon's picture

America's judiciary, like it's media and academia, needs serious reform.

Lurk Skywatcher's picture

Its funny to hear American cries against Erdogans crackdown, when the USA couldn't be a more fitting candidate for the same treatment.

MalteseFalcon's picture

The people that are crying are the people needing that treatment and they fear it's coming.

nmewn's picture

Appointed to the DC District Court by her husband, Bill Clinton.

Nothing to see here folks, just move along.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Overfed Aug 19, 2016 7:29 PM

The greatest achievement of the Jews was to convince whites that they are still in control of their own government.

Pumpkin's picture

None of this matters, because when Trump wins he'll have HIS DoJ execute her for treason.


Trump could put away just about everyone in any position of power or authority.  Nearly all of our government is the enemy within.

lakecity55's picture

There is no Law.


I held a middle level position at State.
Clinton sacrificed men for her personal financial gain.
She pursued the destabilization of the Levant on orders of the people who fund her. On this she had money funneled into her Family coffers.
She will start a Nuclear War.

knukles's picture

So how many political operatives and lawyers (throw in a few Mercenary PR people) will it take to write the answers?

johngaltfla's picture

Psst....anyone care to wager on who appointed this judge?

That's right, Bill BlowJob Clinton....


DuneCreature's picture

Yep, and Ass Wipes Inc. are going to let / make do it her too.

I wasn't sure what was going on until I learned about another 6.5 trillion dollars missing in the Pentagram budget.

I just couldn't figure out why Killary was so near and dear to them but when the latest colossal theft came to light I had that Deja Vu 911 moment.

If Putin was smart, aaaaah well, I know what I would do...........

Live Hard, Create A Large Diversion To Cover Your Bank Heist, Die Free

~ DC v2.0

deimos178's picture

The next war will not have some static frontline with easily defined battles, it will be fought on Main St and not in some small towns. I really hope she and her devil spawn family is at ground zero when it happens. At that point all the money she and her horny hillybilly husband stole will not help her one bit.

Aubiekong's picture

As expected, you don't cross the Clintons and live...

Mena Arkansas's picture

"On June 16, 1994, Judge Sullivan was appointed by President Bill Clinton to serve as United States District Judge for the District of Columbia."


Plus he's an AA hire from Howard.

knukles's picture

But he was born alive and therefore has a right to be on the Supreme Court

Quit looking at me that way
Micro-aggressions, you son of a bitch take this, and this (slapping at stranger just walking by)

cognitive dissident's picture

I sure wish snipers were into "showing off"...

NidStyles's picture

These fuckers don't parade around in open daylight anyways.

css1971's picture

"Furthermore, to spend Hillary the indignity of appearing in public and answering questions in real-time -"

More likely that he didn't want to put a frail old lady like Clinton under too much pressure. She's clearly starting to have problems with the pressure of the campaign already after only 20 days.

knukles's picture

The way she's being used by the Democrats/Establishment/NWO, etc., is termed Elder Abuse under any reasonable jurisdiction.
I shit you not.  The poor woman looks and behaves, is scheduled as if she's failing badly and they keep trotting her out for the NWO Win!
I'm starting to feel sorry for her.

Bastiat's picture

It's never pretty when what goes around, comes around.  It's esier to feel pity when you can smell the defeat.

neutrino3's picture

Yes, she intentionally provokes bear syndrome. Plays dead, so the danger passes her unharmed.

indaknow's picture

I love seeing all the cronys come out in public going all in on shillary. There will be no guessing when it comes time for the Trump purge.

luna_man's picture



And this is why this country needs to be cleaned of CRIMINALS!!  Starting from the Top to the Bottom!!


Cleaning-up Big & Little CRIMINALS... How nice!

Angry Santa's picture

I'm amazed at how far her tendrils reach. It's no wonder that she is seen as the boogeyman in those circles. Everyone in Washington must look under their beds before they  go to sleep. 

BabaLooey's picture

This Affirmative Action dupe had 6 years "training" under a Bubba DOJ....

Bubba appointed him...probably after sampling the trim in his family...



opaopaopa's picture

Judges are the real shit of this country.

Every single one is a criminal treasoner.

Swamp Yankee's picture

My former boss violated a parking meter in Boston, Massachusetts.   Six years later they hunted him down for a lousy $20 after he had moved back to Austrailia.  


Must be nice to be above the law.

chunga's picture

And oddly enough, Omar Mateen's wife somehow managed to wander off and vanish after being a possible suspect in the alleged largest shooting spree in U.S. history.

Skiprrrdog's picture

I hear she got a job at the White Mosque as a 'Wookie Waxer'...

NidStyles's picture

I bet they spent and easy $1k for that $20 too. It's nto about the money, it's about the job creation to justify their bullshit.

sessinpo's picture

It's not even about job creation.

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

The "indignity", that this conflicted interest judge has decided to spare Dear Old Killary, is that the public and taxpayers are screwed again. Fuck the Clintons, fuck their judicial appointees, who seem to always appear before their cases, and fuck Congress, in their dereliction of duty of calling out these scoundrels. FUCKEM ALL!

Salsa Verde's picture

Start publishing the names and contact information for these judges that keep giving Hillary a pass on everything.

johand inmywallet's picture

Hang that fucken judge!!

Skiprrrdog's picture

Here is what the face of affirmative action evil looks like...


BabaLooey's picture

Double post below for me Senor~

Great minds I guess (c:

DeathMerchant's picture

Another token law school graduate. Why are almost all of them of a large percentage of white heritage??

Bernardo Gui's picture

I hope Hillary Clinton chokes on a big black dildo.  But any discovery, much less a deposition, is exceedingly rare in a FOIA lawsuit.  Still, the degree to which the State Department and Clinton have flagrantly stone-walled the court, in addition to the fact that Cinton's aids were deposed in this matter, justifies a depositon.  Sullivan is a Clinton appointee, if I am not mistaken.  Certainly a Democrat.

Skiprrrdog's picture

Whatever happens with the POTUS 'selection', I cannot wait to see debates between Trump and the Cunt. Without some bought and paid for judge to fucking hold her hand and make sure things do not get too "inconvenient" for her, it will be awesome...I hope Trump lets her have it with both barrels...

sessinpo's picture

Yea, I can see it now.

Question to trump: Why are you a racist?

Question to clinton: Would you like some coffee?

Question to trump: Why won't you show your tax returns?

Question to clinton: Are you comfy?

chunga's picture

It was funny during the debate with Burnie Honest Hill'rey had to use the restroom and we were led to believe the ladies room was way farther away than the mens room so the brain-shapers ran commercials until she got her act together. Bathrooms are almost always right together if for no other reason than plumbing. DOH!

ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

You mean 2 cunts debating. I think they call that the Vagina monologues.

BabaLooey's picture

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan.


Appointed by 3 guesses and the first two don't count....