Leaked Memo Shows Soros Pushed Greece To Support Ukraine Coup, Paint Russia As Enemy

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Submitted by Alex Christoforou via TheDuran.com,

Last week we reported on the DC Leaks hack of what was over 2,500 documents detailing how George Soros and his NGOs influence world leaders, drive foreign policy, and help to create unrest in sovereign nations, that many times leads to chaos and civil war.

One country of particular focus for George Soros and his NGOs is Ukraine.

It is now accepted fact that Soros was deeply involved in the Maiden protests in 2014 and the violent coup, that saw a democratically elected government overthrown in the name of “EU values”.

What is even more troubling, as revealed by the DC Leaks hack, is how Soros and his network of “non-profit organisations” worked to lobby EU member states into not only buying his Ukraine “Maidan” narrative, but to also disavow any ties and support for Russia.

Leaked documents show that George Soros was active in mapping out the Greek media landscape with generous grants, so as to further his Ukraine project, while also using his deep pockets to get Greek media to turn against the Russian Federation…in what can only be described as a well-funded and orchestrated smear campaign.

In one document entitled: “Open Society Initiative For Europe (OSIFE). Mapping the Ukrainian debate in Greece” (Ukraine and Europe-greece-tor ukraine debate mapping  greece.docx), Soros offers a consultant a remuneration of $6,500 (gross) for “at least 15 full working days in carrying out this task” plus all expenses paid.

The aim of this task:

The consultant is expected to chart the main players in the Greek debate on Ukraine, outline the key arguments and their evolution in the past 18 months. Specifically, the report will take stock of any existing polling evidence provide a ‘who is who?’ with information about at least
– 6 newspapers,
– 10 audiovisual outlets (TV and radio),
– 6 internet sites,
– About 50 opinion leaders and trends in social networks[1].


Categorize the main strains of discussion and eventually identify different sides / camps of the discussion.


Provide a brief account of how Russia has tried to influence the Greek debate on Ukraine through domestic actors and outlets


Include a section with recommendations on
– What are the spaces OSF should engage and would most likely to have impact?
– What are the voices (of reason or doubt) that should be amplified?

Open Society Initiative For Europe (OSIFE) selected Iannis Carras for the Greek media mapping grant. The justification why he was chosen…

All contracts were for the same amount. We needed to find highly specialized researchers to map the debate on Ukraine in Europe, therefore we identified a shortlist of candidates in consultation with colleagues in the Think Tank Fund, OSEPI and in consultation with members of the OSIFE board and chose the most qualified who could produce the report in the time allowed. In the case of Greece we agreed that Iannis Carras, an economic and social historian of Balkan and Russian relations with expert knowledge of Greece’s NGOs and social movements, was the best suited to the task.

What is even more interesting is not the grant from OSIFE, but a letter from grant winner Carras to a person named Mathew (another Greek speaker???), outlining his plan in detail for pushing Soros’ Ukraine agenda in Greece.

Of significance is how Carras tells Mathew about Greek society’s overall suspicion of The Open Society after the roll in played in seeding unrest in Yugoslavia. Carras even tells Mathew to not mention The Open Society in Greece.

“Do you want your name to appear alongside mine on the paper?  Do make comments on all of the below.


In general, and at your discretion, do not say you are doing this for Open Society because it is likely to close down doors. There’s a lot of suspicion about Open Society in Greece, mainly because of its positions vis-à-vis the former Yugoslavia. As I am simultaneously writing an article for Aspen Review Eastern Europe that can be used as the organisation for which research like this is taking place.”

Carras then goes on to outline his approach in manipulating Greek society, covering topics such as:

1.     Media.
2.     Political parties and think tanks
3.     Opinion polls.
4.     Business relations.
5.     Religious and cultural ties.
6.     Migration and diaspora.
7.     Greece and Ukraine in the context of Greece’s economic crisis.
8.     Greece, Ukraine and the Cyprus issue.
9.     Names and brief description of significant actors: a ‘who is who?’ with information on at least 50 opinion leaders

Carras notes how Russia has much goodwill in Greece, exercising “signifiant soft power”.  Carras notes that Greece is, at this moment, a weak player in the Ukraine debate and the Greek Foreign Minister Kotzias realises this.

Summary: I am working on the hypotheses largely born out by the interviews carried out so far that Russia has significant soft power in Greece though this does not easily convert into hard power (e.g. vetoing EU sanctions).Greeks are basically not very interested in Ukraine and the crisis there. They reflect and understand that conflict through their own economic crisis and their relations with Europe (nowadays primarily Europe and not US). To the extent that relations with Europe remain the focus and do not go off the rails, Greece will bark but will not bite. If they improve, Greece might not even bark (as can be seen with Greece’s policy on Israel, Kotzias can be very much a realist).

Carras does warn that should Greece’s economic situation deteriorate further, than Greece may very well look to Russia for support, and this has implications on the Ukraine plan.

If they deteriorate however, Greece will be looking to Russia for increased support and will alter its Ukraine policies accordingly. Do you agree with these hypotheses? Can you find confirmation for or against them in the media outlets examined?

Carras places extra emphasis on influencing the media in Greece, citing various large news outlets that the Soros NGO can target, including approaching left wing and right wing blogs.

This is the bulk of the work (we have to think about how to divide the work up). We have to provide a ‘who is who?’ with information about at least 6 newspapers, 10 audio-visual outlets (TV and radio) and 6 internet sites. Some of these will be obvious, but, even in these cases, change over time (at least eighteen months) is an important consideration. Here are some suggestions for newspapers: Kathimerini, Avgi, Ta Nea, Vima, Efymerida Syntakton, Eleutherotypia, Proto Thema, Rizospastis? etc. What else? Protagon? Athens Review of Books? (info on Kotzias). As for TV, we’ll just do the main ones. What about left wing blogs? What about commercial radio stations? I think we should cover Aristera sta FM. Sky. What else? Anything from the nationalist and far right? My choice would be Ardin (already looking at this) which at least tries to be serious. Patria is even more unsavoury. I’ll deal with the religious web sites in the culture and religion appendix. I think we should interview Kostas Nisenko (http://www.kathimerini.gr/757296/article/epikairothta/kosmos/viaih-epi8e...) and Kostas Geropoulos of New Europe to get into the issues involved… not at all sure though that it’s advisable to talk to the Russia correspondents Thanasis Avgerinos, Dimitris Liatsos, Achileas Patsoukas etc. (I know all of them). Also if we come across articles with interesting information on any one of the topics, we should mail them to one another.

Attention is placed on influencing political parties. Carras sees this as a more difficult task, as parties in Greece would not be warm towards turning their back on Russia.

Who if anyone deals with Russia / Ukraine within each of the political parties? How important are political parties in formulating policies? (my hunch is totally unimportant). I must admit I have little idea of how to proceed with this one, but I have written to the academic Vassilis Petsinis and I hope I’ll get to skype with him soon. Think-tanks are easier, and, I think, more important. I have already interviewed Thanos Dokos (director Greek foreign policy institute, ELIAMEP) in person.

Carras notes how he has approached various religious leaders, academics and actors, to gauge a sense of how deep Russia’s influence and “soft power” runs in Greek society and culture.

So far I have interviewed by telephone Metropolitan John of Pergamum (one of the top figures in the inner circle of the Istanbul based Ecumenical Patriarchate). I have read Metropolitan Nektarios of the Argolid’s recent book (2014), “Two bullets for Donetsk”. I have tried but so far not succeeded in contacting Metropolitan Nektarios himself, and have started work on two of the main religious news websites romfea.gr and amen.gr .


With respect to culture I intend to contact Georgos Livathinos, leading director of Russian and other plays and Lydia Koniordou, actress. Also the management of the Onassis Centre, particularly Afroditi Panagiotakou, the executive vice-director who is quite knowledgeable in this field having travelled to both Ukraine and Russia.


In 2016 Greece and Russia will be hosting each other as the focus of cultural events in the two respective countries. I will be looking to understand the extent to which Russia’s unparalleled cultural soft-power might translate into Greek policy making.

Greek military is the final point of influence, with Carras interviewing Ambassadors and policy decision makers.

Foreign policy and the Greek military. So far I have interviewed in person Ambassador Elias Klis (formerly ambassador of Greece to Moscow, advisor to the current Foreign Minister, advisor to the Greek Union of Industrialists. He is perhaps the single most important person for understanding Greek-Russian diplomatic relations at present). Ambassador Alexandros Philon (formerly ambassador of Greece to Washington, to whom I am related). Captain Panos Stamou (submarines, extensive contacts in Crimea, also secretary and leading light of the Greek-Russian historical association) who emphasised the non-political tradition of the Greek armed forces. Tempted to talk to Themos Stoforopoulos for a nationalist left wing view. I have also read foreign minister Kotzias’ latest book. All of this has provided me with useful insights for appendices 7 and 8, and particularly for the connection to the Cyprus issue (which at the moment Greece is very keen to downplay).

Carras places an emphasis on Cyprus, perhaps recognising the islands affinity to support Russia and its large Russian diaspora community.

The recommendations will be for the medium and the short term, cited here based on interviews carried out so far. Medium term recommendations will include a cultural event (to be specified later) and a one-day conference on Ukraine and international law, citing precedents for dealing with the situation in Ukraine (particularly Cyprus). Recommendations may include capacity building for local Ukrainian migrant spokesperson(s). Short term recommendations will include an action pack on what Greece has at stake in Ukraine, and ways to narrate parallels in interactions between nation and empire vis-à-vis Greece / Ukraine. Think about whether these work / what else we might recommend?

Both of the documents are below:

-Ukraine and Europe-greece-tor ukraine debate mapping greece

-Ukraine and Europe-greece-tor ukraine debate mapping greece2

-Ukraine and Europe-greece-tor ukraine debate mapping greece3

Document from Iannis Carras… “Ukraine and Europe-greece-carras tsimitakis greece ukraine mar 2015.docx”

-Ukraine and Europe-greece-carras tsimitakis greece ukraine mar 2015

-Ukraine and Europe-greece-carras tsimitakis greece ukraine mar 20152

-Ukraine and Europe-greece-carras tsimitakis greece ukraine mar 20153

*  *  *

Finally we note that the incredible furore being raised about Paul Manafort's 'exposure' to Ukraine is a joke when one considers it was George Soros (above) and Hillary Clinton (see chart below) that was really pulling all the strings behind the scenes...


And in case you thought it was just a right-wing conspiracy... Hillary's best buddy The Podesta Group has hired outside counsel in Ukraine...

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RagnarRedux's picture

For Greece, The Golden Dawn are the answer to these ethno-oligarch enemies inside the gates, but go ahead and keep on electing those sell out politicians.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) RagnarRedux Aug 19, 2016 4:40 PM

Julian Assange' lawyer killed by train.


As I said before Soros is being stripped nude, searched and paraded around in public like this.

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I wish to thank whatever "TheDuran" is for copying my website and the article I posted several days ago. Credit would be nice however you fucking losers.

From August 14:

George Soros: Europe Needs to Wake Up and Recognize That it is Attacking Russia
johngaltfla's picture

Never mind. The Duran is a propaganda branch of the Turkish Intelligence Service operating from the Turk side of Cyprus. They have their own agenda now that they have re-established and enhanced relations with Russia.

Read what you may from there with a jaundiced eye, that's all I have to say.

Facts and data are about to get sketchy once the real bullets start to fly.

WorkingClassMan's picture

Soros is filth in humanoid form.  I don't care who weakens him, I just want that vampire to go.

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

...just want that vampire to die.

Fixed it for you, you're welcome.

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It's not just Soros behind the conflict with Russia. https://goo.gl/nKJndT

johngaltfla's picture

Dude, you have half of the London financial district gambling that Putin will blink.

Unfortunately for those cowardly limey fucks, it won't be just Wall Street that gets the 5 Mt treatment when TSHTF.

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Hopefully when shit really gets going, some of those creatures that he created, catch up with the whole Soros clan and Romanov their asses. BLM and right sector types come to mind.


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Soros should have been exterminated for a street rat a long time ago.

Langley and Quantico are too busy spying on ordinary Americans to notice the walking talking tapeworms destroying the whole country.

That Soros is still worming in and out of everything and spreading decay everywhere he goes is proof positive that our "leaders" are working with him.

Our Pentagram security guards don't even have the gonads to bag him and trade him to the Russians for a few ounces of gold.

Not that he's worth his weight in dog poo but since the Ruskies want him they would give something in return.


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Russia takes land that was rightfully theirs...high & mighty western HYPOCRITES have a hissy fit which might bring on ww lll.

Israel steals lands of others...give them a free pass...they are the ONLY ones who have suffered throughout history.

Boycott perps!

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Soros, Langley, and Quantico, like the MIC, Rockefeller, and Rothschild, all work for Rome. Spend some time around D.C., know the Truth.

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When is Soros going to  d i e ?  Or be assisted to commit  s u i c i d e ?

The Cintons can afford to have its enemies or threats iced, but foreign powers can't get their mits on this virulent humanoid?  WTF?

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TFU!!  They didn't copy shit from your article.

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@Chris Dakota

More than just Assange's lawyer.


My condolences to his family.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

No detail surrounding his being "hit by a train".

What, the train comes out of its tracks and hits him somewhere on the platform?  If not that, then why would he be near the edge of any train platform (or street traffic)?  Unless, of course, he was 'assisted' towards the edge and over it at just the right moment.

And yet the police deem it as "not suspicious".  It goes to show how deep the conspiracy goes and how high the decision makers are, to be able to control any police investigation anywhere.

The message could not be clearer:  1. WE are in charge, 2. We can get you ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. 3. We only need to make an example of a select few every now and then, and the rest of the sheep will fall in line.

East Indian's picture

"Soros is being stripped nude, searched and paraded around in public"


And whosoever does it, is doing a great service to the mankind. The liberties of a western society are a two-way street; if Soros has the right to spend his money to influence the people, then others certainly have the right to expose his doings. 

BeanusCountus's picture

And yet mainstream media ignores all of the stuff exposing his influence. This guy must control a lot of people with his dough.

iAmerican's picture

MSM was taken over by Organized Crime under Rothschild and Rockefeller (CFR) during "the Circulation Wars" of the 1910's, after their FedScam printing press was fraudulently established.

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When this evil fuck finally dies, I'm going to throw a party. Every year!

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The State department and the deep state will find another Soros the next day.  You don't realy think he is acting without their approval and direction, do you?

WorkingClassMan's picture

Maybe so, but I am tired of looking at that alien-eyed monster.

iAmerican's picture

Soros is Rothschilds is the Anti-Christ: Rome and its American Beast Fifth Column.

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last week another ZHer posted this link, a transcript of a 1967 recording by Myron Fagan, a New York and Hollywood writer, director and producer.

It is about 30 pages long. Highly interesting


iAmerican's picture

Fagan's sedulously failing to point out Korea and Vietnam were Roman Catholic colonies and that Rothschilds work for Rome prove he was "limited hangout" playing Satan's "good cop/bad cop" psychopathy: "The Jews killed Christ" gambit, no different than LaRouche, Buchanan, the Kochs, etc.

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I think he IS the deep state. He is the one that gives approval. Just my take.

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So who did Soros piss-off that he is being exposed like this?

iAmerican's picture

Soros works for Rothschilds. Rothschilds work for Rome and Satan. Caesaropapism's assassins keep them in line. The CIA showed Rome's effectiveness in Dallas in '63, and in the Opus Dei FBI's frontyard, D.C., with Seth Rich.

are we there yet's picture

When he goes, find out where he is burried and before visiting his grave drink lots of water, then express your feelings at his toombstone.

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And declare OSF a terrorist organization!

Vageling's picture

Just OSF? Ban all his NGO's! Make him persona non grata! Where is this idiot going to hide? Some 3rd world country is my guess. Suits him. 

Vageling's picture

Yes. Ban his shit and issue a warrant! Hungary also kicked him out! 

Edit: Some of our MP's are already on him. Want to know the money flow and influence. Russia was already cleared of allegations by our intelligence. CIA lied was the outcome. Your turn Soros! Muahahahaha! 

Vageling's picture

Simple! Hand him over to Russia! They have a warrant for this reptile! And we know what Putin does to insane jews (in his case fake jew who sold out his own). He jails them! 

nevertheless's picture

great article here, Soros IS the "conspiracy" the Zionist media always tells us does not exist. 



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In some other times this would be a scandal there would be pitchforks, now it's just meh, business as usual for the Wests spoiled and bored.


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No wonder he's infatuated with Hillary.

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Yep.  Another conspiracy theory proven fact.  All that is really needed now is proving Soros to be an agent of the Rothschilds and the case is closed on the theory that Zionist Oligarchs are running nearly all of the positions of power in the west.  We are an occupied people, occupied by those who cannot be publicly challenged.  Of course most of us already recognized this when zionists were systematically seizing power in all components of our once free societies and where there wasn't a Zionists there was an agent in their place.  

Soros is another Rockefeller agent.  Hillary is an agent.  Everybody is an agent. 

iAmerican's picture

Rockefellers' and Rothschilds' minions, papist and ZioTalmud, including Soros, Bushes, Clintons, et al, are agents of Rome, "the real Anti-Christ" "engine for enslaving mankind" we came to America in express covenant with God, our named Sovereign, to escape.

Ms No's picture

You could be right but I see the once mighty church of Rome and the British Crown having been subjugated by Zionists powers myself.   All they have now is a large flock and some big land holdings.  Their power has been shrinking.  I could be wrong though.  

iAmerican's picture

The CIA and FBI are known to be Rome's "action branches," likely the NSA as well.

As together they crucified "tens of thousands" of Christs, and Immanuel, for twice denying Caesar was God (see the new "Ben-Hur." It is excellent, though "delicately" adhering to Rome's PR convention of "nailed to a cross" rather than the truth of "crucifixion's" simply being Latin for impalement.) and together ran "the Wall Street of slavery" for over 2,000 years until interrupted by American Exceptionalism's credal civil religion and the divine right of armed Individual Sovereignty Trump proposes to restore, Rome and the Khazar false-Jew cult impalers' ZioTalmud "Synagogue of Satan" - following their victory in the "Civil War" and assassinations of Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy - cooperatively run Capitol Hill, Organized Crime, Wall Street, Big Oil, Hollywood Babylon, and the MIC - comprising the prophesied Beast of Gog and Babylon: Rome's Fifth Column in God's actual "Israel" all know killed John and Martin to restart their money scheme JFK had ended and to keep us as papal catspaw in Indochina after we'd been ordered out with 120 dead GI's.

Their committing 9/11 to restart Afghan opium poppy production and shore up "Greater Israel," the petrodollar, and the Saudi "royals" is further proof of the present viability of their "engine for enslaving mankind."

Seth Rich's murder by them with impunity is more of the same.

Mr. Jefferson was correct: Rome is "the real Anti-Christ." The Beast must, by grace, be cast down through the united repentance of all true Americans, the Chosen of God, the Electorate. The Risen Babylon shall then "fall in a day" and "every eye shall see."

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Is the puppet master infatuated with the strings and his puppet?

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Soros is guilty of sedition. He has been formenting civil unrest. He needs to be brought in or put down.

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I think we all know how this will go down. The Greeks will not hear a word of this.