Putin Flies Into Crimea As Ukraine "Prepares For An Invasion"

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At the same time that Russia is condicting its latest massive military drill on the border with Ukraine, and one day after the latest stark warning by Ukraine' president Poroshenko that the simmering conflict with Russia may be set to explode again when he said on national TV that “the probability of escalation and conflict remains very significant" adding that "we don’t rule out full-scale Russian invasion", Russian president Putin made a not so subtle point that Crimea will not be relinquished when he flew into contested territory on Friday, one day after staging war games there, and said he hoped Ukraine would see "common sense" when it came to resolving a diplomatic crisis over the peninsula.

Officially, Putin arrived on a working visit in Crimea, where he held a briefing with members of the Russian Security Council and visited the Tavrida international youth forum, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported Friday. The schedule of Putin's visit to Crimea, at least his fifth in the past two years, also involves meetings with local officials, according to local media reports that broke news of the visit this week.

Putin chairs a meeting with permanent members of the Russian Security Council
at the Belbek airport near the Black sea port of Sevastopol, Crimea.

Crimea, which has been the topic of contention since early 2014, became a part of Russia after almost 97 percent of those who voted in a local referendum on the issue in 2014 supported the move. Ukraine did not recognize the outcomes of the referendum in Crimea and accused Russia of annexation; while many European nations have likewise not recognized the new territory, they have avoided escalating the debate with Russia.

In any case, two years after Russia and Ukraine came close to a state of war over the territory, it is again the focus of international tension, after the Russian president accused Kiev last week of sending saboteurs who clashed with Russian troops. Kiev, which has also fought a two year war against pro-Russian separatists in two eastern provinces, denies the border incident ever took place and calls it a fabrication that could be used as a pretext for a new Russian invasion.

As Reuters reports, the Russian leader has used threatening rhetoric, promising unspecified "counter-measures", and has built up troops ahead of a big military exercise next month. He addressed the crisis again on Friday, opening a meeting of his Security Council at an air base near the naval port of Sevastopol on his first visit to Crimea since he made the initial accusations.

"It is clear that we have gathered for a well known reason after the infamous incident, after we thwarted attempts by groups of Ukrainian army saboteurs to break into (our) territory," he said.

"Judging by all accounts, our partners in Kiev have decided to escalate the situation. We are all familiar with this method of escalation. It goes back a long way and has sometimes been used successfully but not always.

"I hope that this won't be a final choice ... and that common sense will prevail," he added.

Just to underscore that point, on Thursday Russian naval and land forces practiced swiftly moving military hardware and troops to Crimea, already one of the world's most militarised areas, in a logistics exercise that foreshadows larger war games planned for next month. Russia's Black Sea Fleet, around 2,500 troops and up to 350 armored vehicles were involved in the exercise, which unfolded as tensions have also flared in eastern Ukraine, where a truce that curbed fighting is looking increasingly shaky.

Meanwhile, as noted above, in the latest sharp escalation in rhetoric, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said on Thursday he did not rule out introducing martial law and a new wave of military mobilization if the east Ukraine conflict worsened.

Putin on Friday accused the Ukrainian government of trying to destabilize Crimea to distract attention from its failure to implement a peace deal covering the conflict in eastern Ukraine, a region known as the Donbass.

While fighting that killed thousands of people in the Donbass has ebbed since early 2015, pro-Russian separatists there regularly exchange fire with Ukrainian government forces, and both sides accuse each other of failing to implement terms of the truce, known as the Minsk peace process.

And while Kiev believes Putin is preparing for more fighting, most rational experts believe he is simple interested in gaining diplomatic leverage, seeking to use the latest crisis to prod the West to press Ukraine into doing more to uphold the accords.

That is indeed the case; in fact, over the past week all of Putin's attention has been focused not on Ukraine, which is seen as the latest attempt by NATO to provoke the Kremlin, but on Turkey which as we reported yesterday, is "considering military cooperation" with Russia, in a pivot that if executed, could be NATO's biggest strategic loss in history, as Ankara exits the Western sphere of influence and enters The Russian one.

That, however, will not come without a fight, both literally and figuratively, and that is what the current distraction with Ukraine may be all about.

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Now we're warming up...



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The Saint (not verified) Consuelo Aug 19, 2016 12:43 PM

Attila the Hun prepares to strike again while weak kneed Obama is still in office..


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Now, help me there, is it the 39th invasion or already the 40th? Must keep good notes.

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gargoylian (not verified) researchfix Aug 19, 2016 12:48 PM

The truth about the conflict with Russia NO ONE dares to reveal. https://goo.gl/nKJndT

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It's OK when the US steals Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Egypt, but heaven forbid that 97% of popular vote among citizens in Crimea will ever come to fruition.

Ya, those evil Russians.

The enemy of my nemisis is my friend.  So, FU Clintons, Bushes, Soros, Rothschilds, on and on.  They control the media, spread rumors and lies, and call it the truth.


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Chris Dakota (not verified) nope-1004 Aug 19, 2016 1:08 PM

They want to cut Russia off from Black Sea Port and the Naval base in Syria.

bastards hell bent on controlling, burning the world for some Jew empire.

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Ukies need to repay Hittlary and and Obumber, so they need to start war with Trump's best pal before the election.

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"Soweto could not be reached at the Tiger Woods Country Club golf course."


I guess he was stuggling to get a hole in one?

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Putin wants, and will get, a land bridge to Crimea, consisting of Donbass and as much space on the northern coast of the Sea of Azov as he believes is needed, and woe be unto any fool in Kiev (or Brussels) who tries to deny it to him.

memo to Susan Rice: Russia remained a backwater for centuries because of its lack of a warm water port, needed for trade, protection of trade and projection of power.  Putin will not give it up under any circumstances.  Period.

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the loss of Crimea to Russian would start WWlll.

Hope the Russians do a repeat of 2008 Georgian War. A little cleaning up of local Nazis and then getting out. Russia has no interest in annexing a failed state like Ukraine. Let the EU/US fund them.

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Russia has no interest in annexing a failed state like Ukraine. Let the EU/US fund them.

Yes, but the downside of the funding is placement of NATO nukes in Ukraine.

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y=1/x  ...... (except x=0)

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no  it is workable except for western regions (not historical Ukraine families, but polacks, balts, other and mixed

already worse economics than before maidan coup, they can be more poor (when is bottom? ) unless they learn

Russia is no longer big charity 

west ukraine polacks will never learn, so split them away to Poland ..Poles love bad choices..mouthy governments


South and East of Ukraine regions can be healed, with some cauterizations of criminals...

No one we know from Kiev to Black Sea support Kiev criminals, but want them kicked...


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The Azov and national guard nazis are cowards.  They hit way behind the lines and push hapless conscripts to the front.   the Novo Russians aka DPR and NPR treat the conscripts with pity if they surrender.  They get better treatment than they get from the Ukie army.  The NovoRussian farmers and miners do not treat the Azov and other nazis with compassion.

Azov are too chicken shit to come anywhere near the front.

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That is how psychopaths like to play.

They like hurting others if they risk little.

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Would the US give up Texas or any other area of the Gulf?  What about the western seaboard connection to China (maybe we should give it up for many reasons)?

We had better stay out of it!

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Putin wants, and will get, a land bridge to Crimea

So why is he spending so much time, effort, and money to bridge the Kerch Strait, a project that Russians are calling the construction of the century?

Aerial view of construction as of August 10:


A one-minute trip to the end (as of July 22) of the bridge:


I believe it is to prove the point to any adults in Europe (or elsewhere) who might be paying attention that Russia emphatically does not want any piece of the Ukraine, nor the problems and expenses that would come with the responsibility of ownership.

Putin will not give it (Crimea) up under any circumstances.  Period.

Agreed 100 percent. That matter is settled. Crimea is Russia.

Freddie's picture

+1  Ukraine is like inheriting a more corrupt version of insanely corrupt Puerto Rico.

The idiots over on Free Republic still do not get that Ukie op is another Soros/dual shitizen/Khazar operation.

Free Republic is filled with Jonathan Pollard conservatives. Bibi loves Pollard.

Self loathing Christians that have no clue that Putin is more "Christian" than any US politician except maybe Jeff Sessions and a few others in the House.   Obola, Clintons, Bushes, Paul Ryan, McCain and the rest of the US govt, Pentagram, military and the whole govt are Satanists.

Putin discussing his Christian faith


IndyPat's picture

I'm not sure which is more impressive.

Russian civil engineering or...Russian advancement in automotive design.

Suppose Boris drives around this fast?

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Suppose Boris drives around this fast?

Only when the authorities want to "question" him regarding his independent copper mining operations.

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You can rest assured that Susan et al. are well aware of this fact, and care only about using it as a pretext for further destruction.

Casus belli is all they know.

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Agree with your statement on warm water, but Crimea seems to be a poor choice for such a port. After all, it is surrounded by the Black Sea, which is landlocked except for the Turkish straight, and Turkey won't bend over for Putin.

peddling-fiction's picture

It is the best warm water port they have and will keep it.

Also there is a long Russian rule over Crimea (and the Ukraine) before the strange Khrushev freebie.

Now that I think about it, it was probably a Kh@zarian plan all along.

Volkodav's picture

Kruschev was more Ukrainan (no matter what WIKI says)

very strong leanings toward Ukraine

done much Stalins crimes there...

after Stalin he did some positive...as most level headed during Cuban Missle Crisis (goal: missles removed from Turkey)

I am not fan of Kruschev

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Turkey won't bend for Putin? You better catch up on the news of the last week.

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If the Turks ever seriously try to blockade the Russians I fear the Bosphorus will be enlarged by 30 megatons or so..

IndyPat's picture

I disagree. Looks like Turkey is totally down for a high hard one right up the nickel slot from Putin. I don't think they even expect dinner before the act, either.

Volkodav's picture

Krim/Black Sea terribly more important than you seem to think...

world balance is there

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He's too busy washing his balls

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Don't know why people are down voting gargoylian.  That's pretty much the truth, "In other words, the Ashkenazim or the Jewish neocons are goading the Russian bear by wagging the American dog. The dog can’t really decline because AIPAC has it by the groin, bribing equally both the Republicans and the Democrats, who are nothing but political whores willing to betray their country."

Seems as though a high percentage of "new" zhr's are complete morons or paid trolls....

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Here's a thought that just struck me: if, as you say, US policy is purchased by neoconservative Zionist one-world tree-hugger oligarchs, would it not be sensible for Russia, or Russia and China jointly, to just out-bid the psychos? China has all those treasuries lying about in search of a good home, they could de-escalate the South China Sea thing, get carte blanche to invade all of south east Asia, and take over the world. They could probably bid for us air and naval support too, if they want the delux package.

I wonder why it isn't happening that way?

froze25's picture

Because, Ashkenazim is one power group, the Anglo / Saxons are another power group, the Russians are another and the China men are yet another. All are ultimately out for themselves but make alliances as long as it serves their purpose. None really trust one another but do work with one another to a limited extent.

ACES FULL's picture

The Ashkenazim are the one power group that act as a leech upon the other power groups. They pit them against each other and feed off wars,trade,monetary policy/creation etc. They are very clannish,intelligent,conniving...it's hard not to be in awe IF they weren't evil. At least thats kinda my take on it for now....I keep an open mind and am always searching for more pieces of the puzzle.

Theory: They recognized early on the Anglo/Saxon race desire to conquer and their ability to do so. Fearing that Anglos could easily wipe them out if unified,they figured out how to infitrate and keep Anglos fighting each other while making a profit off each and every move. Just a rough outline.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Turkey/Ottoman Empire->Spain/Portugal+Germany->England

Follow the movement.  Once they started being kicked out of Portugal, Germany and Spain, they needed a new base of operations, and they knew to prevent the mistakes of the past, which, in their view, was primarily one of public relations.

Henceforth any and all criticism of Jews was called.... You guessed it... Anti-semitism!

They did a good analysis of the importance of long-distance trade, a business they had long been involved with (mainly as merchants/bankers, not as sailors/soldiers) and foresaw the rise of Britain, that it would overtake Spain and Portugal as a naval power. 

These guys made A LOT of money during the Thirty Years War, because each time soldiers looted a town, they had to sell the loot.  You can't eat silver plates, and unfortunately, when you are desperate and starving, negotiating skills + leverage means you (soldier with loot) get a bad deal.  Then they spread from Frankfurt to Paris and London, and the rest is well... History.

ACES FULL's picture

Nice summation. Thank you.

Big question for me is....who is their next host?

IndyPat's picture

How's about....

Turkey/Ottoman Empire->Spain/Portugal+Germany->England->Deep in the North Atlantic-> For The Big Win

We are this close.

ebear's picture

In my travels, I've come across a different narrative, probably familiar to some here.  Whether accurate or not, I present it as I have understood it:

Jews were originally viewed as the "Christ Killlers" and thus excluded from mainstream Christian economic and intellectual life.  Of necessity, they became traders and merchants, since they were barred from other forms of economic activity.

Owing to the Christian prohibition of usury, which was mistakenly interpreted to mean ALL forms of lending, Jews took on the role of money lenders to the Christian elites.  Where the money went to sound investment, the debts were paid off and everyone was happy.


A large portion of those debts went towards waging war on neighboring Christians on the notion of repaying the debt thus incurred from the spoils of war.  When the cost of war became too high, and the spoils too little to repay, the crowned heads who had contracted the debt initiated pogroms with the intent of seizing jewish property, and repudiating debts owed to them.  This had popular support from rank and file Christians who had also contracted debts they'd have sooner not repaid, even if they could.

So, having driven the jews out, it then became difficult to finance anything, as no meaningful Christian banking system had developed outside of the Catholic Church, which was essentially a rival to the various monarchs in the struggle to dominate European politics.  Thus the Jews were invited back, and their banking skills were put to use in a new struggle - the Protestant wars to overthrow Catholic hedgemony.

Over time, the fortunes of the crowned heads were depleted, and those of the jewish bankers, despite various setbacks, increased.  From there, it was a short path from financing to actually determining the outcome of these various struggles. Whether all this is attributable to an evil nature (as posited by the early Chrstians) or is simply the natural outcome of the struggle to survive in an atmosphere of hatred and exclusion, I leave to the reader to decide.

Jump ahead to the Industrial Revolution and you have a largely jewish financial network providing capital for the massive economic expansion that followed, and the rest, as they say, is history.

A superficial characterization, but I believe it captures the significant points.  Present day jews thus inherited a system largely created by the failure of Christians to 1) accept them as equal members of society, and 2) develop a rational system of lending that wasn't bound to Church doctrine.

What we see today is an alliance of anglo-zionist financial interests bent on global economic dominance - a follow-on of the Protestant/Jewish accomodation in the struggle against Catholic domination.  Whether this represents a long-term plan or simply the natural evolution of events based on pre-exisitng conditions is a matter of conjecture.  I don't buy the premise that Jews in large were bent on global domination as part of their fundamental doctrine - but rather that they arrived in that position as a result of the historical circumstances in which they were embedded.

I do, however, see a stark division between one element of jewish society that DOES follow an agenda of political and economic dominance - namely the Zionists and fellow travellers - and the mainstream of Jewish culture, which I believe has always been willing to work with others in furtherance of common goals, if only given half a chance.  As such, I have sympathy for mainstream jews who are caught between the Zionists on one hand, and the spurious and inaccurate place they've been given in history by those not of their tribe.



ACES FULL's picture

Extremely interesting,you have obviously given this much thought. Part ot what I don't understand is that Jews seem to be at or near the center of all major divisions among Anglos,especially when it deals with race(ie white/black,etc) Yet they do seem to have a Jewish/Anglo alliance on many other things. Could simply be the difference between a Jewish non-Zionist OR a Zionist(Jewish or otherwise). Its all fascinting to me and I'm not looking to demonize anyone...just seeking truth to something that truly puzzles me. Gotta run but hope to share thoughts with you again soon.

IndyPat's picture

Dude, I'm not sure Chinamen is the preferred nomenclature...

froze25's picture

Seems when I have researched the Ashkenazim they really aren't Jewish or Hebrews at all. They invented the word Jewish, before all followers of that faith were Hebrews not Jews. They don't seem to share the same Genetic lines as the Arabic Hebrews. I think the Ashkenazim's aren't Jewish at all. So not clarifying them as Askenazim's and calling them "Jews" is a disservice to everyone. Especially people that don't know what Ashkenazim people are.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I just call them Zionists generally.  If you are a Zionist, hardcore Israel-firster, believer in Eretz Israel, then generally you are Ashkenazi as well.

RagnarRedux's picture

"Seems when I have researched the Ashkenazim they really aren't Jewish or Hebrews at all.....They don't seem to share the same Genetic lines as the Arabic Hebrews"

Actually the Ashkenazi are indeed ethnic Jews, more closely related to other Semitic Jewish groups and each other than to any other population group.

12 Genetic Studies On Jewish Ethnicity




Volkodav's picture

True Sephardic have some of Judah

Askenaz not...Genesis 10 2-5    of Japeth, not from Shem (Sem)

base is Japeth  turkish mongols type

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People downvote him because he is a multi account spammer.

If you pay attention you will quickly discover his other accounts.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Don't know why people are down voting gargoylian.

It's pretty simple, actually. He's a spammer. He uses multiple accounts for spamming. His comments consist solely of spamming his crappy little site, thinking he's fooling people by camoflaging the link by using tinyurl, goo.gl, or other link obfuscation tactics.

He also displays a logical inconsistency often seen when encountering those who are bringing you The Reel Trewth®:

The truth about the conflict with Russia NO ONE dares to reveal.

If no one dares to reveal this cloistered truth, then logically this would include himself. The truth that he has revealed here is that he has difficulty with logical thought, and/or he is a liar.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

If he would post a summary, instead of a click-bait, the downvotes would disappear... Because people would judge the content of the post.  If you just post a link, on its own, no one gives a damn and will down arrow in a heartbeat.