The Fed Launches A Facebook Page... And The Result Is Not What It Had Expected

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While it is not exactly clear what public relations goals the privately-owned Fed (recall Bernanke's Former Advisor: "People Would Be Stunned To Know The Extent To Which The Fed Is Privately Owned") hoped to achieve by launching its first Facebook page last Thursday, the resultant outpouring of less than euphoric public reactions suggest this latest PR effort may have been wasted at best, and at worst backfired at a magnitude that matches JPM's infamous #AskJPM twitter gaffe.

Here are some examples of the public responses to the Fed's original posting: they all share a certain uniformity...

We wonder how long the Fed pulls a "blogger Ben Bernanke", and starts moderating, if not outright blocks, all Facebook comments.

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This is so fucking beautiful.  Could it be that Facebook is finally useful for something other than exposing people's stupidity and narcissism?

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They must deleted my post. "Fuck off and die"

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Silly fools.

The point of the page is to garner further names for camp FEMA or outright elimination. FB is a CIA op, and screaming at the demonic FED accomplishes nothing; they are privately owned and KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

My advice to those that have posted negative things is to make sure your mags are loaded and the springs still functional. It's only a matter of time.

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Same thing happened with

The Fed is financial pariah!!!

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I would sincerely appreciate knowing:
Whose  brilliant idea it was to “warm up” Americans view of their Federal Reserve with a folksy Facebook page?

What  their salary was before their resulting transfer?

Whether or not
   the results have come to them as any surprise?

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They belive their own shit.

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Ding Ding Ding. Sometimes the obvious is the most plausible. They are surrounded by people telling them how smart they are, and in their spare moments they can even review all the diplomas, certificates, invitations and printed plaudits they have tacked to their office walls to reassure themselves they are indeed MASTURBATORS OF THE UNIVERSE.

That is why you see the same look of total surprise and abject terror on their faces in old photos when the serfs break in from the outer perimeter and line them up against a wall. They have no idea how anyone could make such a horrible mistake. Don't the serfs know who they are?

Indeed, they do.

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You're right; all those certficates certify that they drank the kool-aid, not for learning and telling the truth.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

The scam doesn't work anymore when everyone knows about it.

Maybe this will teach them what the real problem is... loss of faith. I doubt it though. Their hubris is beyond measure.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Those who work in the gubbermint (or evil twin brother the Fed) don't have any concept of proper PR. In their mind, they are the greatest and live in a bubble where everyone is brainwashed into believing so. Jesus said the meek would inherit the earth, it definitely won't be the stupid. 

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CUT the HEAD of the BEAST.

cheka's picture

who is ron paul, bitchez?  same for trump, destroying the 'free trade' snake oil

All Risk No Reward's picture

The people at the top KNOW it is a fraud...

Count Krugman in as a Debt-Money Monopolist Goebbels sophist...

Krugman to Lietaer: "Never touch the [debt-]money system!"

"Didn't they (MIT economics professors) tell you, never touch the money system!"
~Paul Krugman

"You are killing yourself academically if you touch the money system."
~Paul Krugman

WHAT is it about the money system that garnered a warning by MIT eCONomics professors to never talk about it?

Inequality: Why are the rich getting richer?

Debt Is Not a Choice

How To Be a Crook

Renaissance 2.0

Debunking Money

sessinpo's picture

You just described all the elites. That includes all the politicians that will be voted on this year.

But I've said before, they are elites because they think they know best and are the chosen few to lead.


All Risk No Reward's picture

>>But I've said before, they are elites because they think they know best and are the chosen few to lead.<<

And you've been wrong in your thought process this whole time.

They are "elites" because Debt-Money Monopolists finance them because they serve the interests of the Debt-Money Monopolists AND NO OTHER REASON.

LOTS of people think they know best, but you don't know their name because they didn't slobber up to the Debt-Money Monopoly and get chosen to be their rental rhetorician.

For those interested in a real education... these are a good start. If you don't think so, rationally explain why and present any alternatives you think are better... but make sure you comprehend what is being communicated here...

Inequality: Why are the rich getting richer?

Debt Is Not a Choice

How To Be a Crook

Renaissance 2.0

Debunking Money

Krugman to Lietaer: "Never touch the [debt-]money system!"

"Didn't they (MIT economics professors) tell you, never touch the money system!"
~Paul Krugman

"You are killing yourself academically if you touch the money system."
~Paul Krugman

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks."
~Lord Acton

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I commented on a post at FB about the idiots in the Banking/Fed and some moron college student replied that we should listen to them... cause they are the best and the brightest!!

beemasters's picture

I wish someone with an FB account would post this question: "when all is done, would the current and past secret board members and representatives prefer lethal injection, firing squad or electrocution?"

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FB is a liberal cesspool... all of my facebook friends I know in real life and I constantly get into spats with folks spewing leftist lies

Titus's picture

Regardless of what it is, I'm going back on it just to comment on the fed's page.

All Risk No Reward's picture

WHO financed that schooled sheep's schooling?

"Real education must ultimately be limited to men who insist on knowing, the rest is mere sheep-herding."
~Ezra Pound

BTW, Ezra was the guy who educated Eustace Mullins, who was the guy who worked to transfer the information so that The Creature from Jekyll Island could be written.

"In our time, the curse is monetary illiteracy, just as inability to read plain print was the curse of earlier centuries."
~Ezra Pound

“There are thousand hacking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.”
~Henry David Thoreau

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Yeah, I think at first Ezra was on payroll and then realized who was paying him, and for what, and tried to tell the world!

Billy the Poet's picture

It's not like the elites have to trick me into revealing my hatred for them. If they want to stand there and take abuse that's fine with me.

Reality Creator's picture

I will take a moment out of my campaign attacking you all for being the most pitiful minority in the history of the world for following your Trump off the cliff and say this FED facebook response is a great comeuppance and a wonder to behold. Off to the FED facebook page to kick them hard and pis on their faces, they don't deserve a teacup.

Reality Creator's picture

Here's what I wrote:

This bank was invented to increase the hay they feed the goats since the Industrial Revolution was creating the machinery that made food production skyrocket, resulting in exponential population growth.

My goats build my wealth on my homestead, and the masses of people build the wealth of the <1%, and the FED is the kitchen table where Ma is keeping the books straight so the farm can keep on running.

The FED-farmers are intellectually distanced from us just like I am from my goats: I always keep them guessing if I'm coming to feed them hay, milk them or slaughter their sons. We never really know what they are planning with regard to our labor participation in their corporations, we never have any control over the pricing, production and distribution of their goods and services we need to survive, and we never really know when they're gonna start another war and ship our sons off to kill and be killed.

The FED says it has our best interests at heart the same way I have my goats' best interests at heart: I provide them fresh water everyday, simple, minimal housing in open sheds, and just enough hay to avoid over-feeding them wastefully.

The FED's real mandate is to see that they can manage the farm as efficiently as possible, not wasting too many resources on the goats, but getting fine quality milk and meat they desire. Recall the scene from Mary Poppins where the dad takes his kids to work at the bank so they can deposit their Tuppens into an interest-bearing account: When the boy wants to spend his money on bread to feeds the birds, his dad berates him with the exclamation: "Feed the birds and what have you got? Fat birds!"

The FED-farmers don't want a fat middle class, since to them there is no extra benefit or difference between a fat population and a skinny one, except, of course, a lot of wealth. They don't really need us having boats and second homes -- our wealth does not enrich them unless it transfers directly to them. Sure Ford wanted his workers to be able to afford his cars, but with the USA being only 5% of the world's population, in a global economy they can afford to keep us fed as little as possible just like all the other labor-consumers around the 3rd world.

We build their wealth and they trickle down on us.

cheka's picture

much better to enslave the money rather than the people.  people are messy and needy.  bonus that the plantation is world wide, as the frn is the one world currency

Dancing Disraeli's picture

So... you want Cankles?  Cuz that's the choice this year.

Borrow Owl's picture

"So... you want Cankles?  Cuz that's the choice this year."


Are you really so fucking ignorant as to think that you have a choice?

Here's a clue for your sorry ass:

The decision has already been made and it doesn't matter whether it's Cankles or the Combover Messiah because they're both playing for the same team.



Borrow Owl's picture

As I write this there are 8 down votes to my comment- but not one single reply.
Why is that?
Are none of you down voters able to refute what I wrote?
Could it be that, deep down, you know that I'm right- and you're upset because I pissed in your cheerios by voicing a truth that you are afraid to acknowledge- even to yourself?

HopefulCynic's picture

Shhhh let them keep the illusion that they have a choice other than armed revolt, they are not ready, let them wake up, when tehy have the Security Services of FEMA outside their house.  

Reality Creator's picture

God! I hate Clinton. Why does everybody think I like that evil, equivocating mendacious politician just because I hate Trump more? Are you all that simple-minded? Clinton is the Platonic Ideal Form of the very worst stereotype we can imagine a politician to be. And Trump is an opportunistic, bigoted huckster wannabe totalitarian dictator. We have no choice.

The hong kong umbrella revolution was about how the people were upset that China would pick a handful of politicians for the masses to choose in an election -- the people complained they really had no choice since china chose who to vote for. We have the same problem, but we ain't got no umbrellas -- ain't got the cojones. OK, maybe this will be more fair: Fuck Clinton Trump 2016!

PrintemDano's picture

I really have to wonder HOW you can hate Trump more?  He isn't a murdering arch criminal.  He doesn't have bodies everywhere.  He is a hard working man, with what appears to be a wonderful family [despite several clean divorces].  He would appear to give a damn about America and Americans.  These are all the opposite of Hillary.  The Establishment, R & D hate him.   He is obviously the choice based on that alone.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

Trump defeated 16 other R-team candidates, while being attacked around the clock by Dems, Repugs and the media.  One can certainly disparage the corrupt "2 party system", which we all know is a sham, but Trump basically ran against both of them.  Will he be a sellout disappointment?  Probably, but it is also possible that he is a true iconoclast.  I'm willing to take a shot with him to find out, especially when I consider the alternative..

cheka's picture

trump destroyed the 'free trade' meme.  doesnt matter who wins.  that part lives.  just like ron paul and the fed

Twee Surgeon's picture

They don't need a honeypot, they are fully aware that public sentiment is changing rapidly.

Dirtnapper's picture

NSA has full records of you reading ZH and everything else. Why would they bother with a crude honeypot?



hxc's picture

Easy targets. It's all just data collection, might as well employ as many methods as possible when you are the eye in the sky.


scm's picture

Where's the "outsider" THUMP?

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Homeland Security and the NSA are going to be busy tracking down all the negative posters.   I think they are going to need more Re Education and Attitude Adjustment Camps.  Better get FEMA on the phone.

PT's picture

Maybe so, but sometimes you just have to say, "Fuckit!"
Do you really think that life would be rosy if they had have just shut up?  You push someone into a corner and then suddenly they have nowhere else to go.

Pain now or pain later?  Either way, the pain is coming.  Sure, I'd like for the pain to not come until after I die but do you really think I get that choice?

flaminratzazz's picture

death, the final frontier. Myself I would rather be shot down in the streets fighting the good fight then slowly rotting away from disease that you will undoubtedly have if you live long enough. My last Aunt on my fathers side just died @ 102. Blind, deaf, but still with her mental faculties, she was the last of many 90 to 100+yo  relatives of mine. I tell my wife many times : "I am seriously afraid of living too long."

Reality Creator's picture

Guns of Brixton, The Clash:

When they kick at your front door
How you gonna come?
With your hands on your head
Or on the trigger of your gun

When the law break in
How you gonna go?
Shot down on the pavement
Or waiting on death row

You can crush us
You can bruise us
But you'll have to answer to
Oh, the guns of Brixton

The money feels good
And your life you like it well
But surely your time will come
As in heaven, as in hell

You see, he feels like Ivan
Born under the Brixton sun
His game is called survivin'
At the end of the harder they come

You know it means no mercy
They caught him with a gun
No need for the Black Maria
Goodbye to the Brixton sun

You can crush us
You can bruise us
But you'll have to answer to
But oh-the guns of Brixton

When they kick at your front door
How you gonna come?

Moe Howard's picture

"The Only Band That Mattered"

The Gun Is Good's picture

I've been on their list for well over a decade by now. Fuck 'em. (And so, too, might you be, for that matter. See ya in camp! ;-)  "Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, here I am at...."   )

SWRichmond's picture

See ya in camp!

Don't let them take you.

The Gun Is Good's picture

Oh, I don't intend to. (Was a joke.)