Migrant Problems Still Threaten Europe

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Submitted by George Igler via The Gatestone Institute,

  • In September 2015, a Canadian broadcaster, Ezra Levant, suggested that what Europe was experiencing, was not primarily an influx of "refugees" fleeing conflict, but rather a new Gold Rush, in which young men from the Muslim world were seeking to improve their fortune at Europe's expense.

  • Rome-based journalist Barbie Latza Nadeu seriously asked whether Italy was "enabling the ISIS invasion of Europe."

  • Profits in the people-smuggling business often flow to terrorist-backed gangs operating in Italy. The numbers drowning in the Mediterranean continue to mount.

Chaotic scenes have erupted on the coastal Mediterranean frontier between Italy and France. On August 4, for instance, hundreds of migrants, chiefly from Eritrea, Ethiopia and the Sudan sought to storm the crossing in their attempts to make it to Northern Europe.

"Both the Italian and French forces at the border were taken by surprise," remarked Giorgio Marenco, a police commander in Ventimiglia, where tear gas was used to disperse the migrants. Others merely braved the choppy waters of the sea to breach the crossing by swimming towards their goal.

The Italian town contains the last train station in Italy near the border. The besieged terminus lies three miles from the French Riviera. It has been a gathering point for the predominantly Muslim migrants since June 2015. A fractious tent city for migrants has sprung up, mirroring others spread across Italy. The capital of the French holiday district is Nice, which experienced a jihadist massacre on July 14.

Although mercifully free from mass terrorist outrages this year, Italy has already endured several alarming scenes of disorder and protest resulting from the pressure of accepting increasing illegal migrants.

On May 7, violent attempts by "open borders" activists took place, aimed at forcing open the frontier between Italy and Austria. On May 21, various groups in Rome organized mass demonstrations against Italy's "invasion" by migrants. Apparently the prevalence of populist politics in the country has created movements which do not lie within the usual "Left-Right" political spectrum in which analysts usually classify parties.

The chief example is the presence in Italy of the Five Star Movement, founded in 2009 by the comedian Beppo Grillo, and now considered Italy's second largest political force. Having taken a back seat after frequently being condemned for his "Islamophobic" anti-mass immigration rhetoric, Grillo's party nevertheless helped to elect Virginia Raggi, in July, as the new mayor of Rome.

Despite the assurances of Angelino Alfano, the Italian Interior Minister, that Ventimiglia would not turn into "our Calais" -- a reference to migrants amassed at the French channel port who are seeking illegal entry into the United Kingdom -- the challenges faced by Italy lie not merely in numbers.

African migrants camp out on the beach in the northern Italian town of Ventimiglia, along the French border, as they wait for the opportunity to cross into France, in 2015. (Image source: AFP video screenshot)

Italy's terror alert status remains at "Level Two" -- the second highest in its security index. On March 30, the Rome-based journalist, Barbie Latza Nadeu, seriously asked whether the country was "enabling the ISIS invasion of Europe."

After the collapse of Libya -- occasioned in 2011 by military intervention masterminded by then French President Nicolas Sarkozy and then UK Prime Minister David Cameron -- the North African nation has become the gathering point for those on the continent farther south, who possess the will or resources to push into Europe.

Two separate governments are currently attempting to wrest control from each other in Libya, a former colony of Italy, while ISIS forces also maintain their foothold. It is through this seemingly unresolvable ongoing chaos that people-smugglers ply their lucrative trade.

Waves of migrants heading into Europe, primarily through a corridor beginning in Turkey and resulting in short crossings to nearby Greek islands, are still stranded in the so-called Western Balkan route into the continent.

After the widely derided imposition by the Prime Minister of Hungary of a razor-wire border fence on his country's southern frontier, other nations nearby, that were subjected to migrant pressure, soon followed suit.

Remaining conscious of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's analysis, that only half a year's total migrants come to Europe between January and October, with the other half arriving through the remainder of the year, the steady focus in 2016 is likely to be on Europe's "soft underbelly" -- a term Winston Churchill used during the Second World War to refer to the susceptibility of Italy being invaded by sea -- as opposed the susceptibility of the Balkans.

The enthusiasm of the present government of Chancellor Angela Merkel to import Muslims into Germany apparently remains undiminished. As reported by Markus Mahler, a succession of migrant flights into Germany from Turkey are now taking place – in one instance, more than 11 planes landed during the same night at Cologne-Bonn airport – as some analysts predicted last year.

In September 2015, a Canadian lawyer and broadcaster, Ezra Levant, suggested that what Europe was experiencing, was not primarily an influx of "refugees" fleeing conflict, but rather a new Gold Rush, in which young men from the Muslim world were seeking to improve their fortune at Europe's expense.

Sea crossings from Africa into Italy, which initially targeted the small Italian island of Lampedusa, had begun in 1996. Since then, they have magnified in number year on year, considerably aided between 2013-2014 by the Mare Nostrum program of the Italian navy, which picked up stranded vessels and brought their occupants to Italy, rather than returning migrants to their countries of origin. This program was then superseded by Operation Triton, run by the European Union's border agency, Frontex.

It is often simpler for migrant ships to send a distress signal while near Italian coastal waters, as happened in January 2015 with the ship Ezadeen, abandoned by its crew of smugglers, after they set the ship on autopilot pointed towards Italy's southern shore. The ship's 450 migrant passengers were towed to harbor by a Frontex ship from Iceland.

Profits in the people-smuggling business often flow to terrorist-backed gangs operating in Italy. The numbers drowning in the Mediterranean continue to mount.

Successful migrants from Africa usually then traverse Italy, but can remain stranded if their attempts to penetrate further into Europe become frustrated. That situation frequently leads to violence at migrant camps and outrage at local government level as the migrants are then distributed across the country.

Despite the swelling number of illegal sea crossings, there seems little interest in curtailing them by force, given the existence of international refugee conventions and European legislation on human rights, which some migrants appear to be exploiting.

During four days in July alone, 10,000 illegally crossed by sea into Italy. As in 2015, the vast majority looking for "asylum seeker" status in Europe are military-aged Muslim males seeking eventual European citizenship.

Meanwhile, relations between Italians and their existing established Muslim communities seem to be rapidly eroding. The introduction of gay marriage into Italy on June 5, against fierce opposition in the home of the Roman Catholic Church, has had unforeseen consequences.

As a reciprocal gesture in the spirit of "civil rights," Hamza Piccardo, the founder of the Union of Islamic Communities and Organizations in Italy, has demanded the legalization of polygamy.

As the pressures grow on the Euro, the currency which binds 19 European nations together both politically and economically, the long-term future of Italy's banking system has already been called into question.

The picture drawn by the present migration into Europe may fundamentally undermine the "Refugees Welcome" narrative that dominated news reports last year, but the continent-wide economic ramifications of its effects on a country such as Italy, already subject to considerable political tumult, should not be underestimated.

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Mass_hysteria's picture
Mass_hysteria (not verified) Aug 22, 2016 3:02 AM

But but but...the government said they were rocket scientists & planet hunters!

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It's not a migrant problem it's a government and politician problem, who are causing this mess in the mid-east and northern Africa. These Gatestone articles really do not contribute anything...

Haus-Targaryen's picture

These people are about to step into a continent that is a few years from boiling over, but unlike home, they cannot shut their mouth and blend in with the local population.  They'll stick out like a sore thumb. 

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As of 2013, Germany took in more legal and total immigrants than any nation in that year...including the US which is about 4x's larger by population


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That's why Hillary has so much left wing extremist support. She promises to increase "syrian" refugee imports by over 500%.


Of course, they'll all be "syrian doctors, engineers and lawyers..."....and .... "women and children"....one of the Biggest liberal media lies yet!

Haus-Targaryen's picture

If the U.S. was to take off of German muzzies, and you good people here on ZH decide to come to Germany, I would be so so so happy. 

Woud love watching the inner city hood-rats go to war with Hezbollah in the South Side of Chicago.  

My money would be on Hezbollah. 

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Migrant Problems Still Threaten


Like....what the hell did you think was going to happen?

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It is quite amazing that the people of Europe don't realize, or if do, hold accountable the politicians who have destabilized the Middle East over past decade. Not even a discussion, same problem here in the US.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



The good news is TB is back in America.....thank goodness.....it's been too long.

asmod's picture

If you saw with your own eyes how education and leftist media conditionned and polluted France/Germany (I speak only for what I know but I am sure it's the same in the rest of Europe) people's minds you wouldn't be that amazed. 

Vageling's picture

Just read MDB bullshit and I'm sure everybody gets the picture. 

Vageling's picture

All part of the devious plan my friend. They just laugh at us serfs from their ivory towers and enjoying the 'show'. Buncha fucking psychopaths with their neo-feudalistic dreams.

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We will see. If they realize that Germoney is not what they expected they will take it by force.

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Even in Germany wealth is limited(you can tax people only so much) and while the average Rapefugee gets 800-900€ in benefits per Month(it costs the state over 3k total) a German on Social Security will get 400€+housing. At some point somebody will say "Genug ist genug!"

Vageling's picture

Yeah, well... Meanwhile that fucking drunken idiot is at it again.


Borders are evil. Tell that to Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, etc...See how well they agree. And ofcourse the EU has no blame. They deserve a little criticism but the national governments have to share the blame. 

So. Fucking. Tired. Of. This. Shit. Let it explode. So I can go politician hunting and stab them before I hang them. 

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The entire migrant crisis has never stopped, the leftoid media simply reports less on it currently to obfuscate the disaster that is unfolding! http://www.truthjustice.net/

samjam7's picture

What I'm saying is by focusing on the migrants the institute is obfuscating who is to blame for the whole disaster. I'm not in the unicorn camp of seeing this as a cultural enrichment for Europe either. But the fact they're fleeing home and being let in here  should not be blamed on them and that should be our primary concern.

debtor of last resort's picture

First, throw them back. In 2020 we can then talk about who's to blaim.

Azannoth's picture

But we know (((WHO))) is to blame

Infocat's picture

The government has become nothing more than Globalist shilling institution! http://www.truthjustice.net/

VinceFostersGhost's picture



If globalism means children with suicide vests at my local Walmart......count me out!

scm's picture

Here's an awesome idea. Sent them thump to build them a wall. Throw in Hillary for a bonus.

One way ticket for both of course.

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 Yes but they are eco friendly.

TheVoicesInYourHead's picture

An EU naval blockade of Illegal migrant boats entering EU waters would solve the problem.

Naval vesssels could escort any stray boats back to Turkey or Libya.

Use other funds to build safe well organized refugee camps in Libya and on the Syrian border.

These actions will put an end to people smuggling, saving thousands of refugees from drowning, and allow them to stay close to their homelands for repatriation when safe.

wildbad's picture

hmm...tough problem..how to keep unwanted people out of the country..first, lets not offer them free money and housing.  hmm..what if we stop all boats and arrest the trafficers?  hmmm  , what if we let them all through, give them money and housing, add them to the voter roles, break the will of the nationalists and then drop all borders and let the drunk Juncker and co rule the world?  yep..thats the ticket!

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I´m waitiing for the fisrt to come at night to bring his gifts to me.

Hell rceive gifts back immediately:  lead and copper cal .12/76 Lupara.

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"...what Europe was experiencing, was not primarily an influx of "refugees" fleeing conflict, but rather a new Gold Rush, in which young men from the Muslim world were seeking to improve their fortune at Europe's expense."

Was that ever in question? The migrants want to find gold and Europeans want to enrich their gene pools and have lots of new young people to pay into their pension funds. It's a win-win! Of course the gene pools are already very much enriched, with more than 50% of French newborns, for example, having at least 25% "foreign" blood. And it shows, should you ever go there for a visit(better go now, while there's still something of old left).

taggaroonie's picture

To prevent these migrants from wanting to come we should go to their countries, change their governance by force and...wait a minute, I haven't thought this through.

Kaeako's picture

What's ironic is that the biggest shitters(US&UK) are not the ones to suffer the most from this - the UK even going so far as leaving the multinational bloc to avoid facing the "migrant" consequences of its ill-fated decision to join George W. "god speaks to me" Bush in his holy crusade against Saddam "the Antichrist" Hussein. Of course, the fate of bearing the brunt of the suffering once more falls on Germany, who to this day is constitutionally very limited in what it can do, especially outside its own borders, and who to this day continues to be occupied by the people who wrote that constitution in the first place(and who happen to be the same biggest shitters).

BarkingCat's picture

Germany was not forced to issue an open invitation to the 3rd world.

Britain is already flooded as well thanks to their time under Tony Blair.

tuetenueggel's picture

There will be a Nuremberg 2.0 one day.

moneylover3's picture


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That's exactly what they want, you know? But only after handicapping white populations in the Western Hemisphere.

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Italian sailors need to let the infiltrators drown. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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"was not primarily an influx of "refugees" fleeing conflict, but rather a new Gold Rush, in which young men from the Muslim world were seeking to improve their fortune at Europe's expense."

I think it should be called the "smart phone migration" as most of these people had no idea how shit their lives were 5 years ago. Now with easy and univesal mobile internet access, millions of previously unaware slaves are suddenly aware that working for $5 a week is not a good deal; so they GTFO of there to try and get to a civilized place.

For many of them, Europe is that place.

tuetenueggel's picture

and it will be the last place they´ll see alive.

I asure you.

GreatUncle's picture

Immigration Farce in the UK

Will be the same in most EU nations operating under EU legislation...

Just the controlled MSM only quotes what its masters tell them to say.

The EU without democracy is now a great world symbol "of millions of unrepresented peoples" ... slaves to the appointed ones.

Cloud9.5's picture

The immigration invasion has just started.  The one trick pony economies of the oil exporting states are in decline.  Venezuela with its heavy crude is a harbinger of things to come.  As the water cut increases there will come a point when Saudi Oil is no longer economically viable.  The Saudis are doing everything possible to continue the game but Saudi Oil going public and Saudi fracking should give everyone a heads up into the inevitable decline taking place.  At some point the system cracks and millions head for Europe.

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We need to stop giving them cash welfare payments, free housing, free education and free health care.  Only then will they stop coming.  It doesn't take a genius to work that out.

They say that Europeans need them because of the low birth rates, well you know what, robots are cheaper and more acceptable to the European population than a bunch of ugly, violent, illiterate parasitic neanderthals.

tuetenueggel's picture

If they arrive at the european borders and are facing small black holes cal .50,

they retreat. If we throw teddybears, we are idiots and the realize exactly that.

I prefer .cal 50 at my side during the night.

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no news here on that bit? kurds escalate with us-jets in north-syria?

good point to get "hot" by "accident"


tuetenueggel's picture

Vladimir is answering already

RagnarRedux's picture

ISIS Hit Squads Threaten Germany

"ISIS “hit squads” and “sleeper cells” have definitely entered Germany disguised as refugees, Bavaria’s spy agency (BayLfV) chief Manfred Hauser has announced.

In addition, there have been at least 340 confirmed ISIS recruitment campaigns in “refugee camps” in Germany."


Nonwhite Invasion of Europe Unabated

"The nonwhite invasion of Europe has continued unabated this year, and the first six months has already seen over 230,000 Third Worlders cross the Mediterranean Sea—more than last year at this time.

This figure is also more than the total number of nonwhites who invaded Europe in all of 2014."


Footprint's picture

This is just the beginning of turmoil in Europe. Let's just say that by 2018 nobody will think Germany or France are tourist destinations. That little Sharia secret: Polygamy, will make today's influx pale by comparison once Abu Ali imports his 4 internet wives from Chad, Mali, Afghanistan and Nigeria. I would be surprised if this is not already happening in a small scale.

oncemore's picture

Do what Israel is doing: MG3 every 100 meters and shoot-to-kill. Alll of them.