New Russia-China-Iran Alliance Could Push US Out Of Much Of The Middle East

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When the current Syrian conflict first erupted in 2011 - and then enflamed in 2012 - a small minority of the American public probably wondered why President Obama was not intervening to help the Syrian people as he had done in Libya (they were likely completely unaware the president had already been interfering heavily in Syria since the conflict began). However, some pundits speculated that Obama would eventually intervene directly, and that this intervention would be the beginning of the end of the American empire as we know it.

What started out as a seemingly hollow prediction has become as true a statement as any. First, American involvement began with funding, arming, and training violent rebels to try to overthrow the Syrian government. Then came attempts to misrepresent so-called “intelligence” to justify military intervention against Assad in 2013. And finally, like a dream come true, Washington was then able to capitalize  on the growth of ISIS in Syria, a growth predicted by their own security establishment in 2012, which then became an excuse to start bombing Syrian territory in 2014. By interfering so forcibly in the affairs of Syria, the U.S. has forced a number of countries  — notably Iran, China and Russia — to step up and strike back at U.S. efforts to destabilize the region.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Iran has been heavily involved due to the fact Syria is an important ally to the Islamic republic, bound by a mutual defense agreementMuch to the anger of the U.S., just this week, Iran allowed Russia to strike Syrian territory from its Hamadan air base. Iran is supplying ground troops, advisement, and high level training to Syrian pro-Assad forces. They are also providing a credit line, and Iranian involvement is growing in tandem with the two nuclear powers also working in defense of the Syrian regime.

Russia has a history of being involved in Syria, but following its direct military intervention last year, they have shown they can set up their own no fly zone within the country at any moment (note that the Russian intervention is arguably legitimate given that they have received authority from the Assad regime to do so). Despite this, they have continued to extend a hand to Washington to achieve their stated goals of defeating ISIS together.

China has sided with Russia and Syria for some time now, using its veto power at the U.N Security Council level to block resolutions on Syria - after Russia and China were completely duped by the Security Council resolution on Libya in 2011. China has warned the U.S. against attacking Syria and Iran, and now, they have officially stated they are looking to join the fight on the side of the Syrian government, further complicating the issue from Washington’s standpoint.

Unless the U.S. wants to confront these players directly, it has no choice but to accept that they have lost a war they directly and indirectly started through covert CIA operations that began in 2011 (and as some would argue, well before that). This isn’t a loss in the Iraq or Vietnam sense — which are arguably victories in the eyes of the elite class. Rather, the Syrian war is an operation that has left them with less influence in the region than when the Syrian crisis began (cue picture of John Kerry dining with Bashar al-Assad in Damascus in 2009).

It will be back to the drawing board for Washington, whose only real move is to continue arming and funding fanatical jihadists or encourage Saudi Arabia and Turkey to deliver on their threat to send ground troops into Syria. This will only delay the inevitable, however, and eventually they will have to either admit they have completely lost influence in the Shia-Crescent region of the Middle East — which has, in turn, been snatched up by Russia and China — or directly confront these nuclear powers in an all-out war.

Or they can just wait until Hillary is elected president.

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navy62802's picture

Let that hell hole rot in the hands of the Russians and Chinese.

nuubee's picture

They want it for their own oil-for-paper arrangements. Kinda makes you want to buy something physical, doesn't it?

ACES FULL's picture

Get ready for MUCH higher gas prices within a few years America. Maybe by stopping spending so much blood and treasure in the M.E. it will all be a wash.

leanux's picture

All the USrael wants is set the Middle East on fire.

38BWD22's picture



The Middle East is not our problem.  I agree with navy62802 who said LET Russia and China play in that tarpit.  

Have fun kiddies!

beemasters's picture

The alliance is getting bigger. Turkey, the Philippines (where US bases are probably the strongest in the region)...and more to come. Too many nations are currently passive victims/whores to the western corporate/political powers. It's about to change.

Bumpo's picture

The US, NATO, UAE and Saudi Arabia were never invited into Syria, so get the fuck out. On the other hand, Russia and Iran are Syrian allies, with Turkey apparently leaving the Dark Side to join them. What does the US expect when it tries to overthrow another Middle Eastern country, or two, or three, or four, keep counting (Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria ...)

conscious being's picture

Somalia, Sudan, and while we're making a list, let's not forget Ukraine, Serbia/Kosovo and Armania too.

fleur de lis's picture

The Middle East was never our problem.

But a certain neurotic tribe made it our problem.

Now it's the whole planet's problem.

The Russians and the Chinese want to resolve and manage the problem but the DC warmongers are upset.

They want the problem to remain because they profit from it.

Peace and quiet means DC psychopaths lose money.

DC likes the problem just the way it is.


Aussie V's picture

You should all watch this Press Conference by the

US Peace Council at the UN on their Fact Finding Mission to Syria

They tell the TRUE story of Syria and the lies we've all been told by the complicit and lying media.

It's well worth the time

You Only Live Twice's picture

WOW! That is worth the listen! Thanks!

BlindMonkey's picture

The US just told Syria and the Russians that they will not accept bombing on Kurd territory.  That is a MASSIVE escalation and I'm quite sure the consequences will be completely out of hand.

ACES FULL's picture

Need to be selling short on the Kurds right about now. I feel for them. Maybe just let them immigrate to the U.S. Tough people,I like the cut of their jib.

Freddie's picture

No they are shitheads.  There are a bunch of factions of Kurds but they always seem to sabotage themselves.   We do not need any more invaders thanks to the zio-State Dept. NWO, See Eye Aye proxy wars.

ACES FULL's picture

You have had personal dealings with them?

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

The hell hole known as the US of AmArrogant is rotting away in its own hands.

The situation is remarkable triumphant insanity.

uhland62's picture

More unemployment  brings more recruits. What would they do with themselves if they couldn't destroy something. 

fleur de lis's picture

The instigators of this carnage sit back on their fat asses and keep escalating the violence.

They can't get enough.

Our tax dollars at work.

They destroy everything they touch at home and abroad.

Yet they profit from it all and fatten their bankbooks with every war.

And none of their vile spawn ever see combat.

Except when they vie with each other for some overpaid NGO job teaching poor people about their rights.

Instead of maybe teaching poor people how to improve thier own lives.

Then after they pad their cute resumes they get cushy, overpaid, non-accountable .gov jobs like mommy and daddy.

Blasting all the poor people to death.


Archibald Buttle's picture

these vile spawn could learn something from the next poster, my_apple, and make the big bucks from home on the interwebz. methinks we would all be better off. oh, wait... they make way more doing what they are doing already...

Grin Bagel's picture

"What would 'they' do with themselves if they couldn't destroy something."

Could you please be more specific as to who you are referring to as 'they', and what it is you seem to be referring to as 'something'?

I cannot help but assume from the facts presented in the clip, that you are meaning that 'they' are forced to try to destroy whatever it may be that is actively and illegally trying to destroy 'them'. 

the phantom's picture

That "hell hole" you refer to (Syria) was doing ok before the US and CIA decided regime change was the next step, along with Lybia, Egypt, etc.  Christians were living alongside Sunni, along with Shia and Baathists.  Wasn't perfect, but Assad kept the peace and they all coexisted.  Instead, you have tens of thousands dead, another country destroyed, and millions of people displaced.  But yeah, let the Russians and Chinese have the "hell hole".  Fucking moron. 

Freddie's picture

Christmas lights in Damascus.   Syria is probably more important to Christianity than the Rev John Hagee, Jonath Pollard, USS Liberty cuntry.    They just schemed to murder Jesus and he did not really like his own people just like Bobby Fischer.

onmail1's picture

Ya bring out all ur MEN America

Ant Man

Spider Man

Iron Man

Super Man

Bat Man

And where are Rambo & Terminator

researchfix's picture

... and Colonel Braddock ..

fleur de lis's picture

It wasn't a hellhole before the DC psychopaths started bombing it to dust and arming thousands of serial killers.

AlNiko's picture

err... US and Saudi are not going to Russian and Chinese hands. Even when they do, they can only get better in Russo-Chin hands, not rot from their present status.

Troy Ounce's picture










onmail1's picture


BRICS better than ISIS

ISIS == West

Greatest words of Trump :


beijing expat's picture

No way man. The ME is American real estate. The American army has invested trillions there and the people of the ME love Washington and hate Moscow. Can you imagine the ME without American leadership?

Thank god Hillary is going to win. She will protect Americans investment in the ME.

uhland62's picture

Glad you are reminding us that real estate is more important than the people there. 

rejected's picture

Yea, but they all went to Europe for holiday.

Freddie's picture

This Bejing douchebag may not be an American or a NeoCon.

The Framers of the Constitution totally were against any of this empire colonialism NeoCon bullshit.

conscious being's picture

Freddie, I think it's not what you think. Some people have trouble doing sarcasm.

Bill of Rights's picture

You must be the stupid one in the family everyone makes fun of..

Sheesh's picture

Did you forget the /s/ tag?

Due North's picture

Channeling MillionDollarBonus$?

TeaClipper's picture

Ahhhh, that explains why millions of US citizens holiday in the middle east every year, and why the friendly locals welcome them with special flag burning rituals, where they dance for the tourists shouting Alluh Akhbar.


Due North's picture

Team U.S.A. probably won't leave that court without a nuclear cheap-shot......

Never One Roach's picture

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Pearlman, Wolfowitz, Powell, et al don't care. They already got their millions in war/blood money. Neither does Soweto Obama who grabbed the Nobel Piece Prize despite decimating several countries on his own.


"Low Energy" war monger Jeb lost big time.

Freddie's picture

Clintons, Bushes and Obola are all the same neoconss.

The Bushes always seem to be involved in endless wars.  Including WW2 and Vietnam plus all the Gulf and Afghan wars.  Evil scum.

besnook's picture

don't you mean israel lost the mid east. the usa interest has only ever been oil until dc was captured by the zionazis. now the oil supply is as tenuous as it has ever been(when does the petrodollar die?) and israel has its back against the med, the israelis ready to flee like haitians in rickety boats to cyprus and a few lucky ones flying to nyc and london.

snakehead's picture

This is utter bullshit.

besnook's picture

niether russia or china will put up with the crap the jewish state shits. where are you going to dump your feces now?

snakehead's picture

Looks like whatever you're talking about goes straight into your head. Or maybe is produced there.

conscious being's picture

snakehead [appropriate name], take a look at your numbers. Ouch, that's got to hurt. Yes/no?

Dancing Disraeli's picture

Much as I enjoy the imagery, I doubt they're going to leave.  They've got nukes.

besnook's picture

if they implement the samson plan there won't be enough jews left to make everyone feel sorry for them. without their treasured victim status they are nothing, as they should be, with the clout of haiti.