TIME Argues "Trolling" Demands Formal Policing Of The Internet

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Via The Daily Bell,

How Trolls Are Ruining the Internet, Joel Stein … Troll Culture of Hate, TimeThey’re turning the web into a cesspool of aggression and violence. What watching them is doing to the rest of us may be even worse  …  This story is not a good idea. Not for society and certainly not for me. Because what trolls feed on is attention. And this little bit–these several thousand words–is like leaving bears a pan of baklava.  It would be smarter to be cautious, because the Internet’s personality has changed. – TIME

TIME magazine has written yet another horrible article, this one basically calling for the Internet to be controlled and censored because of too many “trolls.”

It’s not clear why there are more of them now than before. The only reason the article gives is that “mores” are being stripped away by anonymity and “aggression and violence” are “seeping from our smartphones into every aspect of our lives.”

This doesn’t make much sense but TIME often doesn’t seem to make a great deal of sense. Smartphones have been around for years but TIME has only decided now, apparently, that trolling is a big enough problem to warrant a major article.

And it’s one, eventually, that TIME suggests ought to be dealt with by civilian policing. You’d think the Internet itself provides enough ways, for the most part, to deal with all but the most persistent harassment. But TIME doesn’t see it that way.

TIME is actually a little late to the party. The article actually builds on reports (here) that London’s Metropolitan Police are setting up a £1.7 million “Twitter squad” to fight social media trolling. Some £500,000 is funding a Home Office Online Hate Crime “hub” as well.


Once it was a geek with lofty ideals about the free flow of information. Now, if you need help improving your upload speeds the web is eager to help with technical details, but if you tell it you’re struggling with depression it will try to goad you into killing yourself.


Psychologists call this the online disinhibition effect, in which factors like anonymity, invisibility, a lack of authority and not communicating in real time strip away the mores society spent millennia building.


… The people who relish this online freedom are called trolls, a term that originally came from a fishing method online thieves use to find victims. It quickly morphed to refer to the monsters who hide in darkness and threaten people.


Internet trolls have a manifesto of sorts, which states they are doing it for the “lulz,” or laughs. What trolls do for the lulz ranges from clever pranks to harassment to violent threats.

The article goes on to mention “doxxing” –  which is “publishing personal data, such as Social Security numbers and bank accounts.”

Also something called “swatting,” –  “calling in an emergency to a victim’s house so the SWAT team busts in.”

So we can see the article is conflating words with actions. Trolling, it is implied includes the theft of data and false reports of an emergency. Additionally, some of the examples of trolling seem aimed at men and women whose belief structures seem to be emphatically politically correct.

No matter. Toward the end of the article, we get to the argument that the Internet needs official policing.

As more trolling occurs, many victims are finding laws insufficient and local police untrained. “Where we run into the problem is the social-media platforms are very hesitant to step on someone’s First Amendment rights,” says Mike Bires, a senior police officer in Southern California who co-founded LawEnforcement.social, a tool for cops to fight on-line crime and use social media to work with their communities.


“If they feel like someone’s life is in danger, Twitter and Snapchat are very receptive. But when it comes to someone harassing you online, getting the social-media companies to act can be very frustrating.” Until police are fully caught up, he recommends that victims go to the officer who runs the force’s social-media department.

This excerpt mentions Twitter, which (controversially) has been relatively aggressive about punishing users it deems abusive. In some cases, lifetime bans are levied. Of course, it’s not just Twitter. Facebook and Google (via YouTube) monitor user communications on an ongoing basis.

This is ironic, however, because both Facebook and Google are basically CIA-supported and funded facilities (here and here). One can make the argument within this context that the Internet’s largest providers are basically part of the US’s military-industrial complex.

Thus the same groups that fight interminable overseas conflicts wounding and killing millions are also concerned with “trolling.”

Certainly some “trolling” may be extremely malicious and even dangerous. But it obvious as well that the Internet has given people an independent voice along with important, alternative points of view. And this is obviously – and increasingly – disturbing to those who control society from behind the scenes.

Conclusion: The idea is to generate yet another faux reason to regulate and police information technology. Britain has already begun, and TIME apparently wants to ensure that the US won’t be far behind.

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wisehiney's picture

Of course they did.

The ptb are losing control of media thanks to the internet.

Time just announced ANOTHER restructuring and ANOTHER round of layoffs.

You can always tell when those unemployed marxist "writers" show up to troll here at ZH.

J S Bach's picture

Yep.  They just can't stand the fact that they no longer have the monopoly on opinion-making.  At last, our liberation is within sight.  As long as we continue to pump out the truth wherever possible, they are doomed.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

How dare the Goyim think for themselves...

Bunghole's picture

Ya think Mr Stein might be a zionist?

tmosley's picture

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Trolling Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

Zer0head's picture

That same Joel Stein once asked

How deeply Jewish is Hollywood?



That same Joel Stein

I DON'T SUPPORT our troops.

"I'm not advocating that we spit on returning veterans like they did after the Vietnam War, but "


wee-weed up's picture



Yep, same Lib argument as with guns...

We have to take away a powerful anti-govt tool...

You now enjoy... (and which is a threat to us...)

In order to protect you from yourselves.

Don't question it - We're the Lib elites...

We know so much better than you...

What's good for you!

NidStyles's picture

Funny they had no issues with it when the left and the Tribe were running the trolls and threatening everyone with death, violence, and theft.


FFS, the leftists not even 5 months ago were threatening to kill Trump and his supporters.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"Funny they had no issues with it when the left and the Tribe were running the trolls and threatening everyone with death, violence, and theft."~

Methinks they are aiming to shoot themselves in the foot and have ended up hitting the target higher up and in the center. Think about it. Isn't what the MSM is doing to Trump "trolling"? Certainly they are not proposing putting the kabbosh on that, are they?

cheka's picture

we need bio id for net access too.  how can you pin hate speech on someone if no id?

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Trolls have also given neocon Anne Applebaum a burning sensation in the anus.


PT's picture

It's all good.  Once the net is censored they will finally cure me of my addiction to the net and I will finally go off and do something else.  I had barely even start watching TV and buying newspapers before I gave up on them again because of their bullshit.  It's a shame because newspaper is handy.  If someone sold one with blank pages then I would buy it and my life would be a little bit better for it.  The ink actually has negative value.

The net is a pain enough now as it is.  Often have download "speeds" of 4.8k on a supposed "broadband" connection.
Can't read ZH comments on my phone because it only displays one character per line (articles okay, just comments displayed that way.  I think it is an ASCII vs UNICODE problem).
Have to keep altering between JavaScript and no JavaScript, Cookies and no Cookies to make different sites work properly.  (ZH + JS = ads cover 95% of screen and can't be swiped away).
Too many updates and AV crap.

And that's before I get started.
Here's to whatever it is that replaces the internet.  May it come sooner, and may it offer even more freedom of speech than the early days of the net.

Speaking of which, where is


The clean-up has already started.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Theosebes Goodfellow Aug 24, 2016 5:38 AM

Meaning "they are talking about Jews too much" same reason they shut down comments on Yahoo, only to find they lost all the users and brought them back moderated.

Trolling is coming from Daily Stormer, they have an army of trolls who go after politicians in the UK and US.

eforce's picture

Seems the MSM keeps falsely correlating trolling with actions that would get you arrested under normal conditions, such as death threats...

scm's picture

Thump would be screwed if he had to fire all his trolls. Then to have to watch Obama explain the sudden jump in unemployment would be equally as fun to watch.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

We knew you were butthurt, we just didn't know it was mostly diaper rash.

Proofreder's picture

Kibosh - dickhead !

Term has been around since Dickens - try research before posting, Badfellow

nailgunner44's picture

Kind of like Hagabeast's "correct the record" boiler-room brigade?

GeoffreyT's picture

It's actually hard to disagree with a single sentence of those two pieces if you read them.


He has clearly been incentivised to drive his head further up his ass in the last decade - there's nothing wrong with that. As I said to someone the other day about Bill Kristol...


Here's the thing - you are starting from the assumption (or premise) that Kristol is trying to be right.


What if he's just writing whatever he needs to write, in order to keep being paid an exorbitant amount of money for writing?


Put another way: if someone sidled up to you in a bar and said


'Sup, @slocklin. Look, we think you're a bright kid, and we think you could help our cause. We can organise a gig where you get paid a decent 7-figure sum, year-in and year-out: all you have to do is write positive stuff about []".


What would have to go in the square brackets []  above, to absolutely rule out your participation?


Bear in mind all you're doing is writing about [] : you're not doing [] , and you know - with absolutely adamantine certainty - that if you don't write in support of [] , someone else will.


So that's the sitch: []  is going to get positive coverage in the NYT, WSJ, WaPo and elsewhere... the only question is whether the money allocated to buy the opinion piece goes to you, or to some other writer.


I know very few people who could honestly state that they would refuse to write encomia to US Foreign policy if the offer on the table was in the mid-hundred-thousands per year (i.e., solidly in 'top 1%' territory).


Set the bar at 1-2 mill a year and there are only two groups of people who would claim to be able to resist: (a) those already making that amount in a cushier gig; and (b) those who have never faced a 6-figure temptation, let alone a 7-figure one.


The people in group (b) are lying - perhaps only to themselves.

detached.amusement's picture

come now jefferey, are there none of us with morals?  I wouldnt help the fucking banksters for a million dollars a year.  Or two, or five.  Fuck them, with a capital F.


full disclosure, shit no nobody's ever offered me money like that.    but I make a good living, live within my means, and am happy.

fishpoem's picture

"As a proud Jew," says Joel Stein, "I want America to know of our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood."

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Which is why I don't spend a nickle watching their Hollywood crap. Control away I opt out.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Isn't media control supposedly one of the slanderous accusations of The Protocols?

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Joel Stein is just a tribal cry baby trying to find a safe space where he won't get laughed at for being a whining pussy

TeamDepends's picture

The penalty for saying "pussy" at Princeton these days is throat-rape.

NidStyles's picture

Is throat-rape where some young hot coed comes and fellates me? If so, where do I sign up?

TeamDepends's picture

Free speech for me, PC for thee.
-Leftist mantra

Perimetr's picture

the problem is really that 

there are one too many Time Magazines

booboo's picture

If there ever was a magazine dedicated to the mass of stupid people masquerading as serious scribble Time would be it.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Zionists....who awarded Hitler, Man of the Year?


Id fight Gandhi's picture

Exactly. (((They))) own media and entertainment and control all that flows.

joego1's picture

The machine hates a level playing field.

cheka's picture

you are too kind.  they hate ANYthing less than monopoly

Georgiabelle's picture

The last bastion of truly free speech is anonymous speech, and as more and more sites shut down comment sections, or require the use of your real name, free speech is also being shut down, deliberately. As John Stuart Mill pointed out in 'On Liberty', anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. It thus exemplifies the essential purpose of the Bill of Rights, and in particular the First Amendment---to protect individuals expressing unpopular ideas and opinions from retaliation, and prevent their ideas from being suppressed by an intolerant majority.

moneybots's picture

Time has become a Troll.

JLee2027's picture

The writers for Time are 23 year old college grads, pre-indoctrinated to the Left. They leave once they figure it out.

techpriest's picture

The readers of Time are the people who might have liked the earlier magazine, and they stop reading it once they realize what the magazine really is.

Who even reads Time anymore? The Left and neocon Right both have a reverse Midas touch - anything that's gold is turned into lead.

root superuser's picture

You are wrong. The real PTB know perfectly well nature always wins. Infact they are counting on it. Thatswhy they have set up Zionists to go against nature. They know exactly how this is going to end. Its no secret that Alt-right prefers Monarchy over democracy. And real PTB will be right here ready to jump in and take the throne when Zionism - which is what currently dominates the world - goes down in flames. This is why queen of England and the rest of white European elite idli sits by while Zionists perform harakiri.

Ace Ventura's picture

Maybe I missed the memo....but where exactly does it follow that the Alt-right prefers monarchy?

root superuser's picture

Well Alt-right doesnt like to speak about it directly because they understand its something that would put off most people. Instead Alt-Right speaks about it in terms of "electing a lifetime leader" or so. But you can see how they want a totalitarian, authotarian leader to set things straight.

doctor10's picture

so much for tolerance.

A truly superior ideology welcomes dissent as an opportunity to prevail-

Marxsim/socialism/communism has never been able to withstand dissent-and hence ALWAYS eventually morphs into totalitarianism to extend its lifespan

cowdiddly's picture

What the heck does Time know about the internet? They were the one's that were so stupid about the internet they  paid billions for the dead dinosaur dialup AOL as broadband was rolling out. SUCKERS better stick to something you know which is not much.

They want to make the internet just like their total propaganda magazine that nobody reads anymore.


t0mmyBerg's picture

Great point.  Why is this POS garbage magazine even published any more?  It isnt suitable for anyone who has completed eighth grade successfully.  It isnt even suitable for starting a fire or wiping your ass.  Completely useless.

cowdiddly's picture

Hundreds of multibillion dollar companies on the internet and this little pipsqueak has been in a dead industry that killed themselves want to tell everyone else how to run things? GO AWAY AND DIE.

Condition 1SQ's picture

Ever notice that TIME 100% politicizes their covers now?  It's because nobody reads the magazine anymore.  They have to convey the message quickly to people walking past it sitting there in a news stand at the airport or on the street.  That's what they've been reduced to - a single image, released monthly, placed in strategic locations.  Death throes of a dying industry ..

mary mary's picture

"Trolling" is the wrong word.  But zionists ALWAYS use the wrong word.  Intentionally, to keep everyone else as confused as possible.  Shame.

Id fight Gandhi's picture

They want to control the narrative. History repeats. It's like poetry, it  rhymes.