Venezuela's Latest Response To Food Shortages: Ban Lines Outside Bakeries

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Submitted by Anthony Fisher via's Hit & Run blog,

The tragedy of Venezuela continues unabated, but that doesn't mean the government of President Nicolás Maduro has stopped trying to fix problems like the devastating scarcity of food which has led to malnutrition, riots, food truck hijackings, vigilante lynchings of petty thieves, and the starvation of zoo animals.

No, Maduro hasn't admitted the failure of Chavismo — the brand of Bolivarian socialism imposed on the oil-rich country by his late predecessor Hugo Chavez — instead, Venezuela's embattled leader has launched a war on "anxiety."

The National Superintendency of Fair Prices has reportedly instituted a policy of fining bakeries that allow lines to stretch out their front doors, according to PanAmPost. The head of this particular bureaucracy, William Contreras, claims the lines aren't a true indicator of a severe shortage of bread, but rather, a political "strategy of generating anxiety."

Contreras claims there is no shortage of raw materials to make bread, but seems to not understand that bakeries just bake bread, they don't process the different kinds of wheat used to make the flour that's then used to make bread.

But this is indicative of the magical thinking of Venezuela's socialist government: the breakdown of the economy couldn't possibly because of failed economic policy, and scarcity must be the result of a greater conspiracy.

Contreras was also quoted by El Tiempo as saying the long lines represented "fairly clear political intentions and purposes" such as "destabilizing the economy and break[ing] the morale of the people." This is in keeping with Maduro's deflection of the blame he deserves for destroying Venezuela's economy, which he puts at the feet of U.S.-backed agitators engaging in "economic war" by keeping things like toilet paper off supermarket shelves.

Even in a time of crisis when infants are dying in electricity-deprived hospitals, Maduro insisted on putting on a brave face and keeping with his government's practice of lavishly asinine spending by dropping over $400,000 on a week of celebrating the 90th birthday of the president of another impoverished Latin socialist nation — Fidel Castro.

This whole battle over both the cause and greater meaning of long lines at bakeries must come as a shock to former presidential candidate and noted democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, who once argued that bread lines in socialist or communist countries were a "good thing" because they proved that everyone is suffering equally.

Meanwhile, a major rally by the Venezuelan opposition which is calling for Maduro's recall is scheduled in Caracas for September 1. 80 percent of the Venezuelan people reportedly want Maduro to be removed from office.

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HopefulCynical's picture

Marxism: It's what's NOT for dinner!

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

"former presidential candidate and noted democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, who once argued that bread lines in socialist or communist countries were a "good thing" because they proved that everyone is suffering equally."

Except Bernie, everyone ISN'T suffering equally.  Do you think baking a $100,000 cake for politicians to celebrate Chavez's birthday qualifies as suffering?  Do you think Kim Jong Un is suffering like the people of his country are?  Do you think the ruling elites of the old USSR suffered?  HELL NO.  They drink the finest wines, and eat the finest foods.  While EVERYONE ELSE suffers.  Thats the WHOLE FUCKING PROBLEM BERNIE!!!  The elites don't suffer AT ALL!!!  Meanwhile, they expect you to WORK HARDER!!!  Another name for communism is SLAVERY!!

froze25's picture

The 1984 inner party members never suffer. 

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Exactly.  The politicians will become the elites.  Thats what happens all the time, throughout history.  And they live like kings while everyone else lives in poverty.  When everyone is dirt poor, no one will be dirt poor.  Thats basically what Bernie Sanders is trying to ram down everyone's throats.  And a great deal of the population believes in that bullshit.

sessinpo's picture

Become? They already are. And they use the farce of elections as proof that they are the legitimate and chosen to lead and every thing they force upon the population is a mandate approved by the population.


LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) sessinpo Aug 23, 2016 4:23 PM

Come on...  If the government kills enough people there will be PLENTY of food for the ones who obey.

Ahhhhhh.... Paradise.

nmewn's picture

Whats the problem here?

Clearly if Dear Leader Maduro just killed the people waiting in bread lines the lack of people waiting in bread lines would resolve the not enough bread situation for people in no time at all!

Pretty sure the great Marxist economy thinkers surrounding Mao & Pol Pot & Stalin said the same thing ;-)

mary mary's picture

Bernie Sanders has got 0 credibility with me, for the rest of his life. 

And that quote of his just sounds like one more tough-sounding political one-liner cheap shot.  I doubt Bernie ever went hungry.

Mark of Zerro's picture

Let them watch cake.


American Psycho's picture

I love the absurd statements coming out of Venezuela. 

wombats's picture

They should make Barry O. their next el. presedente.  He could fix all their problems...and he will be available to work for them starting Jan. 21, 2017.

mofreedom's picture

Oh, the equinamity, they have no hay!

mary mary's picture

Let them eat maize and beans.  It's South America.

Cloud9.5's picture

Communism is a secular religion of the mathematically impaired.  It is predicated on the notion that there is plenty and the reason certain individuals don’t have plenty is because the system is unfair.  What communism never deals with is the fact that this is a finite planet and there is not enough.  Some people have to be pushed away from the table.

That simple fact coupled with the hubris of central planners who attempt to manage complex systems that are by their very nature organic and chaotic complicates an already difficult situation bringing on systemic failure.

Those people standing in line are an embarrassment to the true believers of communism.  They will do what they have always done.  People will be relegated to the internment camps where they can starve to death out of the lime light. 

Hitler killed his millions. Stalin killed his many millions and Mao killed his many millions more.



Bill of Rights's picture

 "If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding, how can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat!"

BritBob's picture

Nicolas Maduro is an avid supporter Falklands claim even speaking in CELAC on behalf of Argentina. Ooops!


Oldwood's picture

Appearances are everything. The pain in you empty belly is all in your mind.

VWAndy's picture

 Next up a ban on babies cyring?

ebear's picture

Don't the toilet paper shortage and the lack of food cancel each other out?

Dialectics, ya know.


La Gente Unida, Siempre Será Jodida!

Madcow's picture

Once you've gone this far to the Left - you've got to go all the way - eg N Korea. 

Otherwise, Gov-Co has to deal with constant bitching and moaning about starvation and whatnot and has to eventually go out there and start up with the mass graves and re-education camps and whatnot.

Dead pepople don't complain so much about government incompetence and corruption.

Benjamin123's picture

INB4 CIA did it Maduro is the real victim send prayers.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Yes!  Ban the lines and everything is suddenly copacetic - what socialist brilliance!



Gern Blanston's picture

Anyone remember when US Post Offices were receiving a surge in complaints about the lengthy wait in line... so their solution was to remove the clocks from their lobbys?  The seeds of this madness have been sown here as well.

Head_Shots_Work's picture

Sounds like they are employing the same logic genius of our Demoncrats whose only response and solution to rising crime is to take guns away from the victims. 

SloMoe's picture

"the lines aren't a true indicator of a severe shortage of bread, but rather, a political "strategy of generating anxiety."

How true. Whenever I want to generate political strategy of anxiety, I stand outside my local bakery. For hours...

bookofenoch's picture

Read this. Spit up my coffee. Laughed out loud.

Paracelsus's picture

OT but I am having trouble loading RT news,several days now (ZH as well).

Is this normal merde or is somethimg up with Ukraine and Syria?

Riquin's picture

RT is getting hammer with hackers!!!

Money Counterfeiter's picture
Money Counterfeiter (not verified) Aug 23, 2016 12:55 PM

When someone with a loaded 9 mm and a brain puts the 9 mm in Muduro's brain it ends.

Head_Shots_Work's picture

And - 'how 1984 of them!'


Christianman's picture

Lol it's like if you have a low gas warning light come on in your car you just remove the bulb...

Crazed Smoker's picture

Chavez was extremely popular.  The people loved him and were frenzied with support everytime he threw out and seized businesses from the evil capitalists.  Sooo....  it's the bankers fault right?  Yes?  No? 

mofreedom's picture

Chavez was extremely oily. The bankers maketh and takerh away. If they don't make you, they can't break you.


whatamaroon's picture

What's that sulfur smell?

sober_kiwi's picture

A reminder to keep your silver airtight! 

Spungo's picture

It's nice to see people getting exactly what they asked for - poverty

Agent P's picture

We need a similar law here at the Apple store....though I suppose that would put a lot of actors out of work.

All is chosen's picture

Sweet :)

Victim 'support'?

Riquin's picture

Problem solved!!!

Mr.Kowalski's picture

Yup.. banning lines will solve the problem. Rather like Jesse Jackson,Jr pushing for a constitutional amendment promising a house for everybody... so let it be written-- so let it be done !! God I miss Yul Brynner

magnumpk's picture

We konw how this ends.  Maduro should just hang himself in public now and end the suspense.

youngman's picture

They are trying to run to Colombia for good now...but we are deporting them back...