What's Wrong With This Picture? (Again)

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Stocks at the high of the day, Treasury yields at the low of the day, gold at the high of the day... someone is wrong or the 'QE trade' is back...

Buy everything stupid!


More safe-haven buying...


Even crude is sliding. But VIX is extremely noisy with 3 mini flash crashes overnight...

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Foolish Fed Folly

to be followed by certainty,

which is more death and even more taxes.

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nice metal dip, i'm in...again

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Oil tanking for two days, dollar/yen crashing. Could someone explain to me why in the name of hell equity markets are up?

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1) Chasing yield
2) CBs are gasing equities  

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TIAAA - this is always an alternative...

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The chart is inverted. Kidding. It's fucked up beyond belief. 

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The shit is about to hit the old fan...........

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Let it hit. I'm tired of waiting.

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Just make sure to Hedge properly as Obama goes so goes everything with it, and that includes miners and PM's the setup is so 2008 ....I said I was buying shorts in September well were close enough.

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Disney world magic wand and Pokémon are hoping you to join Windows 10. You can live in a animated reality world of fucking fake government financial data.

Sums it up

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nobody has to be wrong. the farking stock and bond markets have been going up together for the past three decades bitchez.

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everything its all good, just keep buying thoes stawks sheeple



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Nobody is wrong, this is what markets look like when they are being nationalized and are quickly dying.  No rationality, no focus on company fundamentals, no volume, no retail...might as well put this in a backroom at the Fed and let them play with it.

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Nothing is wrong.  Everything is broken.  New normal.


All good.