Dakota Access Pipeline Tensions Grow Increasingly Hostile As Officials Cut Off Water Supply, Arrest Dozens

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An ongoing protest by Native American members of the Standing Rock tribe, intended to halt the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, got a little celebrity "love" today in Washington D.C. as Bernie supporter, Susan Sarandon, and friends decided to swing by to show their support.  In July, the environmental group Earthjustice filed a lawsuit (included in its entirety at the end of this post) on behalf of the Standing Rock tribe, seeking an injunction against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which authorized the pipeline's construction.  Judge James E. Boarsberg heard arguments in the case today but did not offer a ruling instead saying he would issue his opinion by September 9th with an appeal hearing set for September 14th.


For those that haven't followed the situation, the Dakota Access Pipeline is an 1,100 mile, 30-inch diameter pipeline intended to connect oil producers in the Bakken area of North Dakota to refining capacity and other transportation infrastructure in Patoka, Illinois.  The pipeline will initially carry 470,000 barrels of oil per day with capacity as high as 570,000 barrels (roughly 50% of daily Bakken production).  The pipeline is expected to cost $3.8 billion and was expected to be completed by the end of 2016 until recent protests halted construction.     

Dakota Pipeline


Although the pipeline primarily runs along private land, federal approval was required for crossings at various bodies of water, like the Missouri River.  The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the Standing Rock tribe, alleges that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers failed to conduct the proper "cultural" reviews before approving construction.  The complaint further alleges that running the pipeline upstream of tribal land threatens the water supply of the tribe.  According to RT:

The tribes' lawsuit filed last month in federal court in Washington challenges the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' decision to grant permits at more than 200 water crossings in four states for the pipeline. The tribe argues the pipeline that would be placed less than a mile upstream of the reservation could impact drinking water for the more than 8,000 tribal members and the millions who rely on it further downstream. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of the tribe by environmental group Earthjustice, said the project violates several federal laws, including the National Historic Preservation Act. The tribe worries the project will disturb ancient sacred sites outside of the 2.3-million acre reservation.

Meanwhile, per the New York Times, the Army Corps of Engineers rejected claims made by the Standing Rock tribe saying it consulted extensively with tribes, including the Standing Rock Sioux, and that the tribe failed to describe specific cultural sites that would be damaged by the pipeline.  

The battle culminated today in a hearing at the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C. with well organized protests drawing some celebrity attention.


Protesting #DakotaAccessPipeline. The Native American way #NODAPL #standingrock pic.twitter.com/edEDS9aLrj


Members of the Standing Rock tribe have been protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline now for months in North Dakota.  Protesters have setup a camp along the Missouri River on land belonging to the US Army Corps of Engineers, despite not having the proper permits to do so.  The number of people at the camp has steadily grown over the past several weeks and have been estimated to be as high as 5,000 at various points in time. 

DAP Protesters


Protests at the site have grown more contentious in recent days with protesters trespassing on private land to halt construction operations and taking to horseback to taunt police officers.  "Safety" concerns at the site forced the Morton County Sheriff's department to halt construction last week as some protesters were found to be carrying "pipe bombs and guns."  According to NPR:

"Construction at the site is now halted. Law enforcement said some are carrying pipe bombs and guns. Twenty-eight protesters were arrested over the last week, including Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault. He's urging protesters to comply with the law.


When Sheriff Kirschmeier was speaking about "safety concerns" Thursday, he said, "There have been some instances where things have become unlawful. ... Things have been taken a little bit further every day."

The escalation of the protests prompted police to remove water tanks and trailers that had been supplied by the North Dakota Department of Health as Homeland Secuity Division Director, Greg Wilz, told the Birmarck Tribune that “based on the scenario down there, we don’t believe that equipment is secure.” 



With environmental interests recruiting celebrities to help draw attention to the cause we're pretty sure we'll be hearing more about the Dakota Access Pipeline over the coming weeks.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) TeaClipper Aug 25, 2016 6:12 AM

Soros rolls out Indian color revolution.

Gay, tranny, black, latino cards played no longer useful.

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Im from the South. Calling me a Yank or Yankee to my face is not something I'd recommend.

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You drive a truck with a dog in the window?

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My dog prefers the truck bed - kept banging his head on the gun rack.  Stars and bars on the front license plate.  I'm the last generation of a share-cropping family, what used to be called an octoroon, but now I'm called a Data Scientist.  My great-grandmother slept with Tommy Johnson before they called it delta blues.  I am short gold through August 26, and short SPUs through December at least if not longer. I save my pennies in Bitcoin and Monero, and I might just vote for Trump, purely to spite Hillary.  Do I fit your stereotype?


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~"To put it briefly, you know: Second-merikens first!"~

Now hold yer' horses there, Gio. Dab-nabit, I'm sick 'n tired of all this first injun, second 'meriken talk! Mah' family's been in this here country since before it was a country! Mammi's side landed in Maryland in 1714 and Pappy's folks in Hunting Ground Quarters, North Carolina in 1715! That's nigh over 300 yars' we's been here! When the hell do we get to become "native" 'merikens?!? Iffen I was a lady I could be double DAR, for Pete's sake! Second "merikens my ass! When, tell me when, do I become native?!????!!!!?

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DHS is preparing "special" blankets to be given to the protesters.

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Lol - they are taking away the water tanks. Watch out if they bring them back.

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Fuck em, they're just injuns, right? We've been sticking it to 'em for centuries, so whats the friggin' hang up here? ;-) /sarc


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I know it's late.  But is anyone getting a hard on over this imminant collapse stuff?  *Yawn*

Fuck me.

Oh, shit...can't.get.a...hey, put some pepper on it baby, then do that, let's see if it works.

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Each day it does NOT happen is a day to enjoy those little, stupid things in life, like running water, refrigeration, central heating and cooling, lights that work, groceries in the store, fuel at the gas station...........

By the way, Enbridge can always pump more tar sand trough Line 61, Like, who needs those silly Great Lakes anyway if something goes horribly wrong?


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whats the army core of engineers doing in the oil pipeline business?

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They are the agency for river crossings being up to certain codes for the protection of those along the river and those using the river for interstate commerce.

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If they want a TARFU situation they will hand it over to EPA. Watch where EPA goes, don't drink the orange water. Sorry Frank (Zappa).


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When it comes to private property rights vs. imminent domain Enbridge has a saying: "We are Enbridge and we don't move for anyone."  That's actually not a joke.

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have you ever built a pipeline.  

Ms No's picture

Yes and in that area as well.  I can also inspect pipeline (welds).  I am not sure if I ever will again though.  I have a refurbished 64 redface, all copper windings, that in my opinion is one of the nicest welders in the country... if your interested.   

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You are a female and pipliner???

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What, like in New Orleans?

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LENR technology can't come soon enough.

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I don't know. Why'd they buy a billion rounds of armor piercing ammo?

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I hate the authoritarian fucks as much as the next freedom loving person.  However it was the OPTION to buy HOLLOW POINT rounds over 5 YEARS.  Not that it's any better, nor is Uncle Sam shy about whipping out the credit card to buy everything it wants.  Not many civvies have armor to pierce anyway.  Better get body armor soon before they ban that too, and they're trying.

Exaggerating the facts just makes the complaint against it less and less credible.

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WTF is the problem.  That the pipeline is going to break and pollute the river. It's designed to get oil to the "point of sale" and make money and not to crap out the first week.

Next, your afraid the pipeline is going to offend youR ancesters?  You were given an opportunity to tell the Corps where there were sites, YOU DIDN'T.

Go back to your safe spaces (reservations).If you want a casino on legitimate tribal lands then start the proceedings.  

You want gallop up on your horses to the law enforcement lines, then unfortunately some horses (NOT YOU UNLESS THEY FALL OVER ON YOU AND PIN YOU TO THE GROUND) are going to get shot.

This crap gets old.

BitchezGonnaBitch's picture

The problem, friendo, is that you could be forced to concede your house tomorrow because some fat DC princeling decided they want to run a whatever-makes-me-money project over your land. If you don't see the problem... well, then you are the problem.

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Princeling. I like your use of that term.

Why limit its use to children of high ranking members of Chinese communists.

CaliforniaRecipe's picture

It's all so simple until it's your house or land being taken away.

As if we also don't already know this will lead to contamination of the land and environment.

Too many examples have been documented in America. Take the big oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that is still devestating the health and economy of the Southern states. A "clean up" never actually happened.

Barry Freed's picture

I'm all for allowing commerce, as long as we implement mandatory life sentences for anyone involved in environmental poisoning.  In an ideal world where there was accountability for crimes, reasonable people could support this pipeline.  In the world we live in, thieving corporate scum will cut corner and shave nickels, and when the pipeline busts open and thousands of people get fucked, and the environment we all depend on to live is destroyed, nothing at all will happen to the assholes who profited off fucking us.  So I say fuck them and their pipeline.

Kefeer's picture

Based on that standard and the measure used to define environmental pollution, then all would be in prison and the warden would be the last to enter the cell, lock it, and throw away the key.  However - I get your point.

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The authorities should have had BLM Oregon branch handle this. They have a way of dealing with protests that shut them down pretty fast. /sarc


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The land belongs to us, there is billions to be made, so you're onto a loser right at the bat. We can lay a pipeline where ever we wish. We've destroyed Middle East nations and displaced millions, in our geopolitical goals to secure oil and pipeline routes. Haven't you Indians got the memo? White is might and equals right. We've even twisted the narrative over Thanks Giving, making us look like good guys. So know your place Red Skin, its our home now.

This pipeline is going where we want it and there's fuck all you can do about it. How many times have we broken treaties with you? Stupid fucks. Just acquiesce and it will prevent our militarised police force from killing a limited number of you. As for justice if our Boys In Blue kill you? lol I think you know the answer by now. Just take it in the arse AGAIN and we promise it will be our last encroachment near your lands. You know you can trust us and take our word.

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white people are deceitful! scalp they!

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  "The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?

 I, the Lord, search the heart, I test the mind, Even to give every man according to his ways, According to the fruit of his doings...


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Make no mistake, this is all about your personal sovereignty, the sovereignty of the States and Agenda 21.

This is the globalist ghouls or Ass Wipes Inc making a lunge for your property. ... All of it. .. Their purpose is to completely asset strip you, your community and your State as fast as possible.

They are using Eminent Domain to STEAL. ... Way past the original intended use of eminent domain.

Remember what your Missy School Ma'am taught you in civics class?

Live Hard, Signed Treaties With The US Dot Gov Aren't Worth Spit, Die Free

~ DC v2.0

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If ever there was a time to take a stand on the Bakken this would be the time for several thousand Americans to show up and support the Native Americans on this one before a national election.

And again unfortunately it won't happen because we don't care enough to take a stand on anything of substance that will end up affecting us 2,000 miles away!  Like 9/11.... Banker bailouts... Iraq... Afghanistan... Libya... Syria... Yemen... Ukraine...

Guess the good news is, if it doesn't end in a violent civil war at home, we can count on the Russians and Chinese to "lay the pipe"!!!

the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Aug 25, 2016 5:21 AM

The corrupt, crony-filled Army Corps of Engineers caused the Katrina disaster to be orders of magnitude worse thanks to all of their "improvements".


In fact, pretty much anything the Army Corps of Engineers touches turns to shit.


No wonder these indians and their supporters want them out.

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First they came for the American Indians and I said nothing......

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if they went for the zionists first there would be no problems, and no one would come for anyone else

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

People protesting and screaming POLLUTION OF MOTHER EARTH doesn't make their fucking protest right.
Am getting tired of these protesting cunts. Mow em down and fuck it already.
Cultural reviews for a fucking pipeline? Bunch of fucking whiny squaws.

Stu Elsample's picture

They're way too dumb to understand common sense logic that any natural resources that came from 'mother earth' CANNOT be pollution...

dogismycopilot's picture

Pipelines are safer than Buffet's trains which seem to blow up on a regular frequency. Also, pipeline companies pay good money for easements.

Shoot the protestors. 

Father ¢hristmas's picture

I guess Soros and Buffett are working in tandem now.  They take turns funding resistance and trading the moves once lawmakers get their envelopes.  "Earthjustice" lol.

When the Feds start seizing farms, then you know real slavery is about to come back.

And you won't even hear about it at first.  Cause who the hell pays attention to pickers and migrant farmworkers now, right?

They're getting whacked out and buried in mass graves and Merican honey badger don't give a shit.  Moar high fructose corn syrup bought with fiat and food stamps for all!

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Well, looks like the progressive eco-murdering assclowns continue in their war on poor people. Cheap energy improves the quality of life for the poorest people, oh no can't have that. And are those hydrocarbon powered vehicles in that camp? Oh the hypocrisy.....

The progressive stupid, it burns.







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Paid the trial shakedown and the problem goes away and the Hollywood idiots can go home.   

Kefeer's picture

Now we know why Obama poo-pooed the Keystone pipeline; look where this one ends - Illinois.

The only reason any "Environmental Whacko Group" would even bother is because it deals with "Indians".

The Indians should have gone to court to grab a piece of the proverbial pie like the Ukrainians do; charge for passage across the land and keep some for yourself by tapping into it.  This will be the only way to begin to make a dent.  Back it by threats to slow construction and/or cause "problems" that wold be detrimental to "profits".  Money always gets their attention.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Do ya think "white bread" would ever get off his ass to help the indigenous ones with the last place left on the map with an unspoiled reservoir for sustainability and make it "stand" issue before a national election?...

Naaa... Too far North... And it really doesn't concern me anyway!...  Till it does of course!!!

Kefeer's picture

Buffet is in here some where - this is what I found.  The Keystone pipeline would have limited this.


"From Patoka, shippers will be able to access multiple markets, including Midwest markets and East Coast markets by rail as well as the Gulf Coast, via Trunkline, to the Nederland, Texas crude oil terminalling facility of Sunoco Logistics Partners L.P. (NYSE: SXL). Additionally, Energy Transfer will develop a rail terminal facility in Illinois to access East Coast refineries." - end

Due North's picture

I think when Tyler Durden issued the homework assignment of starting a fight only to purposely lose the fight, he really was trying to teach us something about situations like this pipeline affair. These folks making this fight against enemy encroachment KNOW they are most likely going to lose but they make the fight anyway, if only to preserve their own soul. Every day that each of us chooses to defend our own little crumb of servitude as willing slaves probably gives meaning to the statement about cowards dying a thousand times.