Increasing Number Of Americans Are "Microdosing" On Psychedelics To Enhance Mental Performance

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Whenever an irrational and inhumane law remains on the books far longer than any thinking person would consider appropriate, there’s usually one reason behind it: money.


Unsurprisingly, the continued federal prohibition on marijuana and its absurd classification as a Schedule 1 drug is no exception. Thankfully, a recent study published in the journal Health Affairs shows us exactly why pharmaceutical companies are one of the leading voices against medical marijuana. It has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with corporate greed.


– From last month’s article: The Real Reason Pharma Companies Hate Medical Marijuana (It Works)

This isn’t my typical kind of article. Normally, I’d include something like this in my links post, but as I continued reading this piece it became apparent this is one of the most fascinating things I’ve read all year.

What follows are excepts from the Wired article, Would You Take LSD to Give You a Boost at Work? WIRED Takes a Trip Inside the World of Microdosing. I strongly suggest reading the entire thing.

It’s 7am on a sunny Friday in a shared house in the sleepy San Francisco neighbourhood of Richmond. Flatmates buzz in and out of the kitchen as Lily (not her real name), a publicist for several startups, sits down with cup of tea and a credit-card-sized bag of dried magic mushrooms.


The 28-year-old breaks up the caps and stems and places them into a herb grinder. She then scoops the pulverised mixture into empty gel pill capsules, weighing each one on a tiny scale. Once finished, she pops one of the capsules into her mouth and washes its down with PG Tips. She’s now ready to start her working day.


“It helps me think more creatively and stay focused,” she says. “I manage my stress with ease and am able to keep my perspective healthy in a way that I was unable to before.”


Lily is one of many young professionals in San Francisco and beyond experimenting with “microdosing”: taking small quantities of psychedelic drugs – typically LSD or psilocybin mushrooms – every few days in the hope of improving their performance at work. In small amounts, say, a tenth of a full dose, users don’t experience a consciousness-altering “trip”, but instead report improvements in concentration and problem solving, as well as a reduction in anxiety.


Proponents WIRED has spoken to – including software engineers, biologists and mathematicians – say that it induces a “flow state”, aids lateral thinking and encourages more empathetic interpersonal relations.


Albert Hoffman, who synthesised lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD’s full title) in 1938, and who took what is considered the first intentional LSD trip in 1943, microdosed throughout the last couple of his decades of his life (he died in 2008). The father of psychedelics, who lived to be 102, found consuming LSD in small amounts clarified his thinking, according to Dr James Fadiman, a long-time friend.


A Reddit forum dedicated to the practice has grown its subscriber base from 1,600 at the start of 2015 to almost 7,500 in mid-June 2016. Google search volumes for the term “microdosing” have grown at a similar rate. Although WIRED found no completed clinical studies looking specifically at microdoses, Fadiman has been carrying out his own research by collecting anecdotal reports from volunteers who self-administer the drugs.


Fadiman offers guidance to participants on how often to dose and, in return, asks them to keep a journal of observations. He started collecting these reports in 2010, following the advice of friend Albert Hoffman, who described microdosing as the most under-researched area of psychedelics.


The high-pressure startup culture of the Bay Area leads many participants to view their bodies and brains as machines to be optimised using all of the tools available – meditation, yoga, Soylent, intermittent fasting, so-called “smart drugs” (including off-label ADHD and narcolepsy meds), microdosed psychedelics and legal nootropics.


The trend for using “smart drugs” can be traced back to schools, where Ritalin and Adderall prescriptions are rife, explains Anjan Chatterjee, a professor of neurology at the University of Pennsylvania. Children even at preschool age find themselves in competitive environments with dense schedules of study, tutoring, music lessons and sport.


Those who aren’t already prescribed ADHD medication can buy it with ease; a series of surveys suggest that around 20 per cent of US college students have abused prescription stimulants. It’s something Lily, who has been prescribed ADHD medication since she was six, can relate to. At university she would share her prescription with friends seeking help focusing on assignments – something that she continued when she entered the working world. “It’s what fuels not just the tech community but any millennial trying to work really hard and make it,” she says.


At the start of her career working in a tech startup, she found Adderall useful. “It helped me launch a company. We went from three cities to over 30 in six months. I felt like a rockstar but I was being an asshole,” she says. Lily started to research microdosing psychedelics after experiencing unpleasant side effects from the amphetamine-based drug. “My heart would be racing when I took it, and when I didn’t I’d experience withdrawal and feel really dumb – like my brain was slowing down.”


Even though magic mushrooms and LSD are illegal in many countries, Lily views them as safer than her legal meds. Not only are the doses small and infrequent, she has found no evidence that psychedelics are physically addictive. “I don’t think we’re going to find out that microdosing fucks up your liver,” she says.


Lily still takes her ADHD medication, but microdosing magic mushrooms has allowed her to substantially reduce her dose. “In a perfect world I don’t want to take Adderall at all,” she says. Lily’s case highlights how inconsistent policymaking around drugs can be. It’s fine for six-year-olds to be prescribed amphetamines, but it’s illegal for adults to turn on, tune in and drop out.

Well yeah, one of them makes drug companies a lot of money, and the other doesn’t.

As a society, we’re medieval in how we classify substances,” says Woo. “Some compounds are prescription-only, some are readily available, and some are illegal. And the classification is pretty arbitrary if we really dig into their potency, addictive potential and harm risks to self and society.”

As a society, we are medieval in all sorts of ways. The global financial system also comes to mind.

In London, 34-year-old Blake (not his real name) works at a mobile startup as a software developer. He has been microdosing on and off since October 2015. He takes tabs of LSD, also bought on the Dark Net, from an online dispensary known as Nucleus Market for around £5 per tab. He divides each tab into ten, taking one dose in the morning, once or twice a week.


“It makes me work in such a focused way,” he says. “It gets your brain out of its regular grooves and helps you snap out of unproductive trains of thought.” It’s part of a range of techniques he uses to optimise his mental prowess, including playing instruments, exercising and brain games. “I try to get as good as I can at everything I do. It’s a natural attribute of many software engineers, especially when it comes to optimising mental activities,” he says.


When he was preparing a proposal for his masters thesis he set aside time to take the larger dose and try and visualise ideas. “My mind became a supercomputer. It allowed me to visualise ideas, shuffle them, put them into multiple combinations,” he explains. Alex says that he’s noticed a marked improvement in the feedback from his supervisor, who is none the wiser. “Maybe I could have got to the same result on my own, but it comes faster with the drug.” The benefits aren’t restricted to work, but spill out into the rest of his life. “It makes me more happy and social,” he says.


Blake agrees: “I listen to people more, I have an appreciation for simple things, and an inability to eat unhealthy food. Looking at fried stuff can be repulsive.”

Of course, like with everything else in life, moderation is probably an intelligent strategy.

Fadiman’s research revealed other side effects: “Several people reported uncomfortable sweating on dose day, but they continued dosing. And two subjects reported increased anxiety. One person reported more migraines.”


Furthermore, we don’t really understand the long-term impact of taking these drugs every few days. David Nichols carried out an experiment in 2011 in which he gave rats doses of 0.08 to 0.16mg/kg of LSD every other day for three months. Over time the animals became aggressive and hyperactive, showing behaviours that resemble psychosis in humans, brought about by changes in the circuitry to the brain.


“Using these drugs once a month is one thing. Using them every day, I’m not sure they are innocuous,” Nichols says. “They may bring about subtle behavioural and hormonal changes that we don’t yet fully understand.”


Fadiman dismisses this study, arguing that no-one ever takes psychedelics daily for three months and that if individuals don’t feel as though their microdose is beneficial, they should stop. However, drug charities are more cautious. Although there’s currently no evidence that LSD and magic mushrooms do any long-term damage to the body or directly cause long-term psychological damage, in large doses they can lead to unpleasant hallucinations, flashbacks and exacerbate pre-existing mental health problems.

Now here’s where things get really interesting…

The study that has captured the attention of today’s microdosers is one that took place in the summer of 1966, at a research facility in Menlo Park, led by a then 27-year-old Jim Fadiman.


The question he set out to answer was whether psychedelic drugs could help solve hard science problems. Volunteers for the study had to be dealing with a problem – something that could be measured, built, proven or manufactured – that they’d been stuck on for at least three months. Twenty-seven men, including engineers, architects, mathematicians, a psychologist and a furniture designer, signed up.


Each participant was given 200 milligrams of mescaline – the equivalent of 100 micrograms of LSD – and left to listen to classical music with their eyes closed for a couple of hours while the drug kicked in. Then, they were let loose on their problems.


The results were startling. There were breakthroughs or partial solutions to 40 out of the 44 problems the volunteers were collectively grappling with.


“It’s hard to estimate how long this problem might have taken without the psychedelic agent,” reported one scientist who took part in the trial. “But it was the type of problem that might have never been solved. It would have taken a great deal of effort and racking of brains to arrive at what seemed to come more easily during the session.”


Tangible innovations to emerge shortly after the psychedelic experience include a mathematical theorem for NOR gate circuits; a new design for a vibratory microtome; a space probe experiment to measure solar properties; a technical improvement to the magnetic recorder; a new conceptual model of a photon; and a linear electron accelerator beam-steering device.


Research came to a standstill as the US government classified psychedelic drugs as Schedule 1 substances, the most tightly controlled. Nixon’s subsequent war on drugs whipped up moral outrage among the socially conservative. This stigmatised psychedelics, causing funding for research to dry up, leading to a 40-year interruption to scientific advancement in the field.


“This is the worst censorship of science in the history of the world… since the dark ages. It’s worse than the Catholic Church banning the telescope in 1616,” says David Nutt, who is widely known in the UK for being sacked from his role as the government’s chief drug advisor in 2009, after claiming ecstasy was safer than horse riding.

The U.S. government. Protecting the American people from creativity and scientific progress. Why am I not surprised.

The article ends by getting to the crux of the issue.

The logistics of researching microdoses are more challenging. With full-dose experiments, human participants are kept in a controlled environment with access to medical professionals and a sitter who stays with them at all times. A study on microdosing would involve, in theory, administering a Schedule 1 drug to volunteers before sending them home – a tough challenge for risk-averse institutional review boards.


Compounding the issue is the fact that LSD was discovered so long ago that it’s off-patent. If it were to be commercialised today, it would be a less profitable, generic drug.


“A pharma company needs to figure out how to make an obscene profit – that’s what gets their attention. The problem is that these drugs are not addicting and you don’t need to take them very often,” Fadiman says.

If this article isn’t enough to convince you of the monumental stupidity of the failed “war on drugs,” I suggest you read the following:

Federal Judge of 17 Years Repents – Compares Damage Done by “War on Drugs” to Destruction of World War II

The Real Reason Pharma Companies Hate Medical Marijuana (It Works)

How NSA Surveillance Was Birthed from the Drug War – The DEA Tracked Billions of Phone Calls Pre 9/11

Meanwhile, over at the FDA…

NYU Professor Uncovers How the FDA Systematically Covers Up Fraud and Misconduct in Drug Trials

Fraud Alert: FDA Allowed Drugs with Fraudulent Testing to Remain on the Market

The FDA is Caught Spying on its Employees and Creating an “Enemies List”

And you wonder why society is so completely messed up.

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SixIsNinE's picture

it's that 50-year post JFKMLK assassination hangover - thank God it's almost over

Jballsquared's picture

Microdosing is for pussies.

Go big or go home!

bruinfan's picture

Drug abuse is not a new phenomenon.

SixIsNinE's picture

no, but nutrient-finesse is an art, and because of the draconian DEA policies, humanity has had to improvise, adapt and overcome.   We're coming back, step by step :)

2cb is in many ways in my opinion, a more preferable micro-dosing element - a 1.5 to 3.5 mg dose can be quite effective and is an lsd-lite experience.  


NuckingFuts's picture

Ah ha, a man who knows his RC's. Better living through chemistry huh?

djsmps's picture

More great music was created under the influence of heroin than LSD.

Hey Assholes's picture

The illegal war on drugs have made heroin a killer. I know. My daughter died of fentinol laced heroin.

I blame the government. And my daughter.

SixIsNinE's picture

very sorry for your loss.   the story about Prince's overdose now says he had fentanyl laced pills too. 

I read that over 50,000 Americans have died from opiate misuse since year 2000.  

When one totals up how many of us die off prematurely I sometimes think that the immigration policy is to make up replacement numbers that aren't happening with our natural births. 


NuckingFuts's picture

So sorry HA, fentanyl is some bad shit. I blame the government too. Everyone make their own decisions, sometimes bad ones, myself included. But the stupid drug war turns what is a bad choice into a death sentence. I wish you all the best.

Blue Horshoe Loves Annacott Steel's picture

When asked his thoughts on this topic, Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said:

Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always interesting to me, because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know.

We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know.

And if one looks throughout the history of our country and other free countries, it is the latter category that tend to be the difficult ones.

Spungo's picture

I have yet to meet 1 person who said DMT, acid, mushrooms, or MDMA changed their life in a negative way. They are all positive. They are used because they work. Drugs are growing in popularity because the government is once agian losing control over the narrative. The truth is spreading, and they are frantically trying to stop it. The original war on drugs was a political strategy that allowed Nixon to arrest anyone who disagreed with him. Up until then, he couldn't arrest protesters just because they were protesting. 

I expect Hillary to ramp up on the war on drugs so she can legally attack anyone who gets in her way. 

willy seaweed's picture

i know a couple people who ate lsd too many times and ended up in a psych ward,,,,moderation is key and some people should probably not consume lsd but would be better advised to use shrooms or mescaline and those with a trusted guide,

Gold Dog's picture

My dials are pupulated!

SixIsNinE's picture

i remember in the height of the rave days late 90s the Swedish police were trained to be on the look out for dialedpupulated :) and arrest them !   And be on the watch for those gigantic smiles too !


Oldrepublic's picture

similar to that Wired story, this article from April 2015, New York Times

showing the use of cognitive enhancement drugs to increase productivity

is worth reading

it might be behind a paywall

Bill of Rights's picture

Hi my names bill and I read zerohedge Can I have my pill now...

moonmac's picture

I was always a horrible bowler but I tripped and bowled a perfect game. It was insane!

Fiction Peddler's picture

Dock Ellis is known to have pitched a no-hitter on LSD ... and tests of various substances on spiders showed spiders weave perfect webs on LSD, even better than sober.


Fiscal.Enema's picture

DMT... (D)onald and (M)elania (T)rump....

NuckingFuts's picture

DMT a substance produced naturally in the brain but is illeagal. How does that work? Seriously though, DMT is one hell of a drug. It's not like anything else, closest to true death of ego. It is in a whole nother category then LSD. It's some crazy shit not to be taken lightly.

heisenberg991's picture

Just bought some shrooms on amazon and free shipping woo hoo

Thoreau's picture

I'm thinking of doing some micro-dosing... more for mental de-cluttering so I can zero in on some writing projects. I remember reading somewhere that Cary Grant did acid 70 to 80 times with his wife who was being treated for some nervous/anxiety disorder... now that's a supportive spouse! 

SixIsNinE's picture

yes Cary was a big acid fan - but his new wife you are referring to, Diane Cannon, was not as enthused.

i've got the article saved somewhere, but you can do a google search for it - she was acting as women do, which is nest planning and baby dreaming - which was not exactly Cary's gig, but he did credit acid for giving him the energy and motivation and courage to be a father again.

Thomas Pynchon wrote a trippy novel, Vineland - about how informants would termite into families and communities and destroy things .... 

Leary used to recommend Gravity's Rainbow by Pynchon, which is good, but a tad long ....


back to Cary Grant - he played the chemist who tries a substance quite like LSD in the movie "Monkey Business" - of course that was 1950s, way before anything was CRIMINAL by possession - and they had incredible fun !

Readership_of_the_Financial_Times's picture

Amazing, that society can decide what you can and cannot eat.

VWAndy's picture

  Clearing out the clutter of lies i tell myself before falling asleep might be a better way to go. It does help with remembering my dreams. YMMV.  lol

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Didn't LSD totally and permanantly screw up Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac)?

KingTut's picture

People took crazy large doses in the 60's.  I had a friend who took 2500 micorgrams (25 times the micro dose), and ended up in a psychiatric hosptial for a few days.  That much causes halucinations that can be quite frightening, leading to prolonged anxiety attacks that last until the drug wears off.   However, Timothy Leary is reported to have taken it over 30,000 times.  He was a little strange but not psychotic.

bloofer's picture

I took LSD dozens and maybe even scores of times, back when it was easy to get. The "normal" dose is 250 micrograms. The most I ever took at one time was 1,000 micrograms--enough to cause a high but manageable level of anxiety, which passes after an hour or so.

I think LSD is enormously valuable. The change (for the better) in mental processes, powers of observation, and insight is extraordinary. Once in awhile (maybe once in a lifetime) you may have a spiritual experience. I had one such experience that was identical to the way people describe NDEs. These are life-changing.

I don't know if I would attribute my rejection of almost all conventional beliefs and modes of thought to LSD, but I suspect that LSD jolted many people awake back when its use was more widespread. I think the stuff is an unqualified good.

cheech_wizard's picture

Saw Timothy Leary once back in the mid 70's at Bennington College in Vermont.

Standard Disclaimer: Still think dosing the entire water supply of Washington D.C. might not be such a bad idea...start around page 19..."chickens"  



SixIsNinE's picture

just to clarify for folks, lsd does not last in bodies of water, especially running/moving water.   Especially municipal water supplies with any chlorine. 

It will break down if exposed to sunlight and air over time... but is remarkably stable if stored well.  

I remember not that many years ago some folks had squirreled away a 100mcg Sandoz vial from the 1950s which worked just fine.


The water scare was put out there though back in the day ....    watch the 1966 LSD movie "Wild in the Streets" to get an idea what the "status quo" was scared of back then, 50 years ago!


Readership_of_the_Financial_Times's picture

I hear some guys take particular chemicals that let them dream consciously. I want to try that.

smacker's picture

If I take microdoses of acid will it give me an even deeper meaning of music?

I'd like a new meaning of  Moody Blues - In Search Of The Lost ChordLegend Of A Mind ,,, Timothy Leary.

Lea's picture

There is a tsunami of articles in the MSM, all praising LSD and Cannabis.
I repeat, the MSM.

Does any of you believe the MSM? Serious?

I leave these here for the instruction of those who will be willing to read them.

And I add, "follow the money". The USA is seeing a slump in consumption, and the drugs are good business. That's the explanation of the MSM general praise. They hope to create a mass demand that they will use to push for the legalization of drugs (as in "to make serious money by opening a new market"). Whether these drugs are good or bad for you is irrelevant.

You are all expendable.


SixIsNinE's picture

a tsunami i wish - we're talking about dripping an article here or there over years, if you're talking lamestream - and LSD is the LAST nutrient that's about money.   LSD being so potent is in a "normal" free market an essentially FREE product.   A small briefcase could contain 5 kilos which would yield over 60 million doses at 75mcg.   They tried giving it for free back before it was illegal - and humanity just doesn't operate as well for FREE stuff.  Even a $2 pricetag causes the psychological processes to engage determining factors which act to make better decisions.

Psychedelics are amazing medicines - but you are right, we are all expendable - and first and foremost is a healthy diet and exercise activity for healthy body.  

There was a lot of discussion about licensing people for psychedelic use, but with the VietNam was being launched in full in 1966 the gov was so pressured at being found complicit in the assassinations that they just made it illegal, then shortly after they arrested Leary and the feds faked the Manson - crisis actress Sharon Tate - to take the wind out of the sails of the youth music psychedelic movement - that frightened most people to shut up and keep their heads down, move out to the country ... wait for another day ....

Father ¢hristmas's picture

Give everyone captagon.  It gives the jihadists in the caliphate the courage to act.*chuckle*

delacroix's picture

they must have given bernanke some of that.

roadhazard's picture

Mescaline = the happy trip. I helped put some in caps back in the 60's one time. I would trip my brains out just handling it with my fingers.  

delacroix's picture

the san pedro cactus has a high mescaline content.

willy seaweed's picture


once ate some sillycybe and neighbors called cops when i was yellin at wife to shut up cuz she was being a goad,,swat came,,i started laughing as they were

pointing their armamentarium at me,,,they thot that was pretty funny and started laffin too and left,,(they knew)



Skiprrrdog's picture

Mickey Mouse blotter and lots of sex... those were the days...

cheech_wizard's picture

While LSD taken in microdoses may help your concentration, let's go to the opposite extreme.

Methaqualone - seriously, everyone I know that had taken it at one time or another experienced a complete loss of motor control, and yet remained fully conscious of their complete lack of motor control. 

Standard Disclaimer: Yes, when your stepfather is a dentist and you stumble upon his copy of the PDR..., and being naturally inquisitive, you memorize the Schedule 1 drugs...

NuckingFuts's picture

We always had a PDR at home growing up, every couple years got a new one to stay up to date. Most folks don't even know what a PDR is.

Jack's Raging Bile Duct's picture

Um, so they didn't have a control group solve these problems? Was there a double-blind group doped with a placebo? Considering the evidence of classical music in promoting alpha waves, why was this variable included? Variable isolation is paramount.

People have forgotten that science is a method and not simple empericism. I hate studies like this. Almost all research is bullshit for this reason. Between goal seeking and trying to get more funding, it's so much bullshit.

GeoffreyT's picture

Anyone who does decent amounts of thinking-based work will benefit massively from teensy doses of acid (or modest doses of modafinil) unless they're already off-the-wall smart. I'm 'almost off-the-wall smart', and the difference that it makes is so huge that on the odd occasion that I have 'supply-chain difficulties' I feel like a fucking retard.

There is only one workday more satisfying than a workday spent solving 20 'slightly hard' problems: a day spent solving 30 'slightly harder' problems, where you are so 'in the zone' that you wonder where the time went. Days like that are so great that I would do them for free.

We routinely submit project proposals where I start with absolutely no clue how to implement key functionality that the project requires: the only criterion is that we don't promise anything unless we know that it is 'doable' (usually because there's something in the literature indicating that it is proved-doable). From there it's a 'slightly-hard problem'.

Thankfully there is the Iron Law of 'War on [X]': namely, any [X] subject to a 'War on [X]' will become more widely available, more potent, and cheaper.

SixIsNinE's picture

any opinions on Adrafinil, the otc pre-cursor for modafinil?   supposedly it converts to modafinil - i recently got some - not really impressed although i haven't upped the mgs high - supposedly dose it at 2x or 3x modafinil for similar effects.


here's a link that offers ready to go prescriptions for modafinil

offering 30  200mg for $92 @ kroger or CVS    - looks like they're saying you don't even need to go to a doc for the script


skinwalker's picture

Sorry for the book guys, but I wrote this awhile back and it's been living on my hard drive. I can't link to it, as I've never posted it before.

Tips for tripping.

This article refers to trips of the psychedelic nature, not vacations to Jamaica.

I have over 50 trips under my belt, on every known psychedelic drug. This makes me an expert on the subject, insofar as one can be an expert. I ate 3 strips of acid once. I've been candy flipping, hippy flipping, Jedi flipping.

Let’s clear something up: people have the right to do drugs. Taking acid and eating a candy bar are morally equivalent acts; both contain mood altering substances. Other people will tell you drugs are bad, but other people are stupid. Drugs are only bad if you cannot cope with reality without them; at that point you should quit and if unable to do so, there are many low cost rehab options available.

Tripping is likely to be one of the most important things you ever do. If like most people your life is going nowhere and you’re stuck in the same rut, a little out of the box thinking might be what you need. A psychedelic trip will enable you to consider options you never thought of before, will give you a deeper insight into how the universe works, and if nothing else is a lot of fun.

Drugs only amplify what's already inside you, they don't give you anything new. If you eat some shrooms and become a raging serial killer, it was your fault, not the shrooms.

You may be worried about bad trips. I have never had one, but I have known people who had. In my expert opinion, bad trips are caused by one of two factors:
• The most common is an inability to let go of reality. When you ingest these types of drugs, you will be raving mad for 9 hours. This is the whole point. Some people freak out when they feel reality slipping away, and try to hold on to it. The mind is elastic, but if you hold on too tight your mind will snap, ending up in a bad trip. If you feel you cannot let go of reality, I would not recommend tripping.
• Less commonly, the trip will unearth a traumatic, repressed memory. If you have had trauma in your life that you have not yet come to terms with, please do not ingest psychedelic drugs.

Here are a few general tips before we get into the specifics. You may have heard the term ‘set and setting’; this refers to your mindset and your surroundings while tripping. The more favorable these are, the better your trip will be.
• Try mediation, yoga, or tai chi before hand to calm your mind.
• Some people find it helpful to smoke a bowl before hand. If you would like to do this, find a calming indica with a moderately potent stone. Not only will this keep you calm, couch lock may prevent you from getting into trouble.
• You will want dim lighting during the trip. Bright lights may hurt your eyes, as your pupils will be dilated. I prefer light in the red portion of the spectrum. Candles are awesome, but you risk having a fire, which won’t be a good time. You can buy red light bulbs in any party goods store. You will want one dim lamp and all the other lights in your house to be off.
• Clear your place of distractions. If you have pets or children, find someone to look after them that evening. Turn off your phone, power down your computer, and let nothing interfere with your trip.
• It is strongly recommended that you have a buddy for your first trip. Ideally, this buddy should have psychedelic experience but remain sober during the trip to assist you if you freak out. It should be someone you’re comfortable with.
• You will want a decent stereo. Music is the best part of tripping. Keep the volume low, your ears will adjust. It is hard to describe the effect psychedelics have on music, but here’s an analogy: think of Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet. Pretty amazing, right? Now think of the archangel Gabriel playing the trumpet. That’s the difference you will hear.

Many people ask me, what psychedelic drug should I use? Stay away from the synthetics like research chemicals etc. Mescaline is not a good choice for beginners. DMT is the ultimate one, but far too intense for your first time. LSD will be intense, but more predictable. Mushrooms will be less intense but also less predictable. Acid is more of an internal trip, and mushrooms are more external. If you want great visuals (hallucinations), take mushrooms. As you won’t know what’s in a hit of acid until you take it (it could be something else) I generally steer people towards mushrooms.

When you ingest the drug, nothing will happen for a while. You will think you got sold a dud. DO NOT, under any circumstances, take more of the drug during this time. It can take up to 90 minutes for the trip to start. When it does, you will know it instantly.

If you would like to combine a psychedelic with another drug, here are some tips:
• Alcohol: the two are roughly equivalent in power, and ingesting both will likely cancel each other out.
• MJ: they will reinforce each other in a very synergistic way. It is a very pleasant combination; however, the weed may make you forget the insights you gain from the trip.
• MDMA/ecstasy/molly: probably the best combination. Almost entirely eliminates the chance of a bad trip.
• Meth: very bad time. Will make the trip too intense.
• Pills: will mute the trip, not worth it.
• Xanax: will likely end the trip. They use benzos in hospitals to end trips. Only take if the trip is too intense and you want to come down early.

Now that you have the basics, let’s get down to the specifics of tripping. When you have arranged your pad properly and set your mind at ease, here is what you do.

• Take the drug.
• Listen to the following four albums, in order
o Dummy by Portishead
o Mechanical Animals by Marilyn Manson
o The Legend of the Black Shwarma by Infected Mushroom
o The Spirit of Radio by Rush
• When this is done, take an hour to process what just happened to you and to enjoy the afterglow.
• Next, get a pen and paper and write down 5 goals, not matter how ridiculous they may seem.
• Go to bed. You may be unable to sleep; if so, spend the remainder of your trip doing something you enjoy, such as listening to your favorite music, watching stuff on youtube, TV, video games, etc.
• After you’ve finally come down and gotten some sleep, examine your list of goals. Pick one of them, and pursue it with everything you’ve got. This part is the whole point of tripping.

If you have done as I suggested, you will be reborn as a different, better human being.

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I found that it's good to have a couple of Seconal's(Reds) just in case...

Tripped over a Hundred times in my youth. A person Never really knows themselves if never have taken it once. IMHO