State University Now Offers 'Stop White People' Training

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Submitted by Pardes Seleh via The Daily Wire,

he State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton is now offering a course called “#StopWhitePeople2K16” as part of routine training for residential assistants.

The university’s residential assistant training schedule lists “#StopWhitePeople2016” on its roster, with the mission of giving RA’s an “overview of disabilities in Higher Education.”

The presenters of the course, Ciaran Slattery, Nicholas Pulakos, and Urenna Nwogwugwu, are all RAs at the state-funded college, which describes itself as New York’s highest-ranking public college. They state their purpose is to “help others take the next step in understanding diversity, privilege, and the society we function within,” presumably the “white” society they plan to "stop" at the event.

The three RAs claim they will give “#StopWhitePeople2K16” course attendees the “tools” to respond to “uneducated people” with “‘good’ arguments.” You know, the people who preach mutual respect, equality under God, and constitutional freedoms. Those people.

They also state they will help other RAs at the state-funded college “hopefully expand upon what they may already know”: that white people are cancer, of course?

College RAs hold important roles in college residential and dormitory life, serving as mentors, counselors, and peers to the student residents they oversee.

“These people should be sensitive to the issues of their residents, and to be prejudiced against someone on the basis of his or her skin color would seem, just like the hashtag itself, petty,” student Howard Hecht noted.

Binghamton Review, the university’s conservative student paper, publicized the course schedule, noting the university “seems to endorse it as a proper part of a RA training.” It was added:

At a public, state funded university, to potentially see racism endorsed is a frightening prospect for the future of higher education.

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Westcoastliberal's picture

"Stop White/Black People"

Don't you just get tired of all this rayciss bullshit?

Why do you need to turn it around? It's rayciss with either Black or White.

Jim Sampson's picture

It's only racist if you are white.  Dumbest thing ever... we really jumped the fucking shark on this shit.

El Vaquero's picture

Being a white male, they think I'm a genocidal demon.  If they really believe this, WTF are they doing pissing me and my ilk off?  


They really haven't thought this whole identity politics thing through.  

NidStyles's picture

Look out liberuls telling us not to prefer our own in group, just to accept the destruction of our culture and societies....

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Typo in the original. It should read "#StopWhitePeople-KKK2!" instead of "#StopWhitePeople2K16".

Someone can probably cash in on this idiocy by selling brown and/or black hoods and robes.

tc06rtw's picture


Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

This doesn't piss me off half as much as the White cucks who will still be watching niggerbowls this fall.

The Once-ler's picture

 …  Our only salvation is that these people are so stupid that they only
know what they’re “educated” to know.

Stainless Steel Rat's picture
Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) The Once-ler Aug 25, 2016 12:48 AM

White people have continued to survive despite their altruism.  Wat do?

espirit's picture

My gun club is also offering 'sensitivity" training of specific digits, particularly the trigger finger.

Long 300AAC.

(blk would be rayciss)

gladih8r's picture

Did George Soros co-author the course material?  I mean, come on, he is involved in this somehow. 

This thing just has this... Soros-stink  about it.

froze25's picture

If this said "StopBlackPeople2K16" people would be fired. Trump 2016.

AlaricBalth's picture

Ciaran Slattery - Binghamton, NY

One of the instructors???

BeerMe's picture

Oh fuck!  That's funny!

SumTing Wong's picture

We went to a basketball game at the negihboring school that was known for not being very white. Our high school, on the other hand often had the word "lily" used when describing it. So a friend of mine takes a poster in. And just when the game is close and one of their guys goes to the foul line, he brings out the poster, right in the view of the free throw shooter. It says, "Down with whitey." The guy visibly laughs at the poster and can't hit either free throw. My friend, racist against his own kind, just beat the racism monster. 

BeanusCountus's picture

This "University" should be shut down. America is in trouble, as if anyone that visits this site didn't know it already. Supreme Court is the only thing that can judge any of these agendas as unconstitutional. The judges appointed by the next POTUS will determine where OUR COUNTRY goes. If you like him, vote Trump. If you have questions about Trump, vote Trump and save yor children from a world of lost opportunity. If you hate Trump, vote for him because of what Hillary will do to this country with her SCOTUS appointments. For $$$$$.

any_mouse's picture

Wait, they can't just type 2016? It's not hip enough? Or they do not know that the 20 indicates 2000 or 2K. What are they going to do after 2099?

N2OJoe's picture

Then it'll be 2.1k16 of course! See? Aint those edjumacated suicidal white people soo smrt?

nmewn's picture

Racism is Big Business!

Look at Jessie and Al, they did alright for themselves ;-)

Son of Loki's picture

So did OJ!

Disemboweled a couple of people and got off scott free.

Things that go bump's picture

My daughter had a friend whose grandmother was the Reverend Jesse Jackson's psychic. He sent her and her grandchildren on a cruise as payment for a speach she supposedly wrote for him, but the old lady had no great verbal skills that I could discern, and wasn't even black so I think it was payment for some readings. I don't imagine employing a personal psychic would be good for his reputation though this was in the late '80s. The old lady was also Roseanne Barr's psychic while she was married to Tom Arnold. Roseanne entertained at her granddaughter's birthday party (I have the video).

nmewn's picture

lmao!...I can't imagine me, Roseanne Barr, a psychic and Jesse Jackson in the same room together.

Any psychic worth her salt wouldn't attend, knowing what would

Sounds like one helluva party though ;-)

Things that go bump's picture

You should have seen Roseanne in a bathing suit with a towel wrapped around her!

nmewn's picture


Yeah, I knew where you were going with it, him being a "Baptist minister" fraud and all with extorted money to burn but it'd probably be fun to party with Roesanne until around midnight just for laughs.

Nothing good happens past 2AM though ;-)

Global Douche's picture

This fellow honky saltine wears his uniform of white skin with pride. I also realize the tainted kool-aid these social warriors drank. They have very hot places reserved for each of them down in Hades, and we get the last laugh.

The Gun Is Good's picture

Totally... I'm sure the SJW types will give up their guns when asked (not that they likely have any to begin with), and we won't. I wonder then: how will they #StopWhitePeople2K16? 

I laugh.

o r c k's picture

The elite invented BLM to start a race war for the sake of simple distraction from the economy. What we see now is a massive rise in black on white crime. Our "leaders" failed with their purpose for ISIS but BLM has easily taken the bait. Their racism, violence and calls for murder are rewarded with visits to the White House and a protective "press".   Madness and death have overtaken anything associated with our country. The near certainty of a world war is not even surprising now.  Madness and death are in control.

newworldorder's picture

BLM is the vehicle by which the minority agenda is codified in law. Here are their demands, not for BLM but any malcontent willing to sign on to their agenda.

Refuse-Resist's picture

They lack the intellectual ability to read and comprehend history. Especially the history of White people. The most efficient, ruthless, and vicious killers this world has ever known. That's us! From the Uk to Siberia. From Finland to Greece. Doesn't matter.

If this country were as racist as they claim, they'd all be Africa right now. Or dead. And there wouldn't be food deliveries to Africa (check the polulation of Ethiopia in 1985 (we are the world) and now -- it's doubled -- how and why?). And what good are 100milllion 70IQ Ethiopians?

They keep pushing they might be surprised what the 'Awakened Saxon' is capable of doing. There are well documented examples throughtout history. We often slaughter each other in massive numbers. The browns have never stood a chance when Whites were resolved to win.  Only in recent history where Whites used 'rules of engagement' or other such namby pamby ideas have they not been defeated.  Total war is a White invention. Nuclear weapons, automatic weapons, guided weapons et al.  Japan was the last non-white race to feel our wrath. They haven't forgotten.

But this time it will be different I hope. Unite. Fight for your race. Fight for your childrens' futures.

If we don't there won't be a future other than perhaps what we currently see in South Africa, where hundreds of thousands of Whites live in squatter camps and the UN does nothing(but perhaps applaud it as they think those people deserve it).  Has the US media ever mentioned them? I don't believe so. But they do love the rapefugees. Ask yourself why that is? Maybe when you see (((who))) owns the media organs you'll start to understand.

Russia may be our only hope.  I want to believe that American men will stand tall when the time comes but I'm starting to have a hard time with that.

Once you start down the rabbit hole, or take the red pill if you prefer, you can't not see it. It's everywhere.

It has to change.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


It's only racist if you are white.

So that would mean that, for example, an anonymous commenter on the internet could make the most vile, hateful, and pernicious comment regarding any particular "genre" of people and, logically, it could not be construed as racist based on its content. It could only be racist if you somehow knew for certain that the commenter was white. Hmmmm...

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Just following this absurdity to its logical conclusion.

If you're one of those special snowflake social justice warriors who think only whites can be racist, I just have one question for you: what are you doing outside of your safe space?

Refuse-Resist's picture



How's that?

Occams_Chainsaw's picture

Lead don't care about black/white/gay/liberal/conservative/cult or anything else.  Fuck these people.

squ33zeb1nd's picture
DENNIS: Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! HELP! HELP! I'm being repressed!
ARTHUR: Bloody peasant!
DENNIS: Oh, what a give away. Did you here that, did you here that, eh? That's what I'm on about -- did you see him repressing me, you saw it didn't you?
greenskeeper carl's picture

Sometimes I wonder 'strange women lying in ponds, distributing swords' might indeed be a better basis for a system of government than the one we have....

Hyjinx's picture

"Just because some watery tart threw a sword at you!"

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Some of this seems familiar. Let's go back in time to when I was a teenager.

Here's the description of a "Blacksploitation" film from 1971 - "The Bus is Coming"

"A young black soldier returns home to Los Angeles from combat in Vietnam to find out that his brother had been killed by a gang of racist cops. Angered, he joins a black nationalist group to take his revenge."

broly's picture

i mean, my real name isn't easy to pronounce but:
urenna nwogwuwuwuwuwwu?

you're in a new world order wuwuwuwuw?

googooogoo? shit ain't legit. somali? friggen muzi animals think they're so hard buying trends, promoting BLM whilst uttering "MUHS LIMM VAY IS BEST VAY!!"

edit: felt like cementing the proposed bijection.

urenna nwogwugwu
| [whitespace] |
urinna NWOgoogoo(goo phonetic equiv of gwu,so gwu->goo[x2])
| [whitespace] |
you're in a NWO, baby (substitute googoo for baby, as latter makes this sound)

i wouldn't put it past these "NWO" type people to literally send a somali/black MUHS LIMM with this sort of name in order to taunt the aware, and laugh at the idiots who attend.

you're in a new world order, baby.

Bastille Day's picture

I went to a SUNY scool in the early 90s.  The only way they can increase divershitty is by ADDING white people.

ThanksChump's picture

What's needed is a new school, one block from SUNY, called the SHE-ITE technical college.


The school rivalry would have a 1500 year head start.