Dear Congress: Have You Received Money From These Pharma Companies

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We have been following the latest melodrama involving a "greedy" Mylan, and numerous "humanistic" US politicians, all the way up to the Democratic presidential candidate, exchange blows over the company's dramatic price increases of its EpiPen anti-allergy medication, with a healthy dose of amusement for one simple reason: if Congress wants to crack down on someone, it should crack down on itself.

After all, the only reason Mylan has been able to pass the kinds of price increases that Congress is now blasting it for, is because of US laws and regulations; laws which incidentally, have been determined in Washington's backroom bribe parlor, i.e. the corner offices of thousands of local lobby organizations dispensing with billions of dollars in "client" funds.

Clients such as the companies listed below.

Which brings us to this question: dear Congress, have you received millions in lobby dollars from the US pharmaceutical industry.

Or perhaps Congress denies that virtually every single pharmaceutical company operating in the US has spent millions on influence peddling pardon lobbying, in recent years? Perhaps, just like in the case of the Clinton foundation defense, that money was not used to buy favors and influence legislation, but was purely for humanitarian reasons?

So how much money has the US pharma industry spent? According to OpenSecrets, so far in 2016, the amount is $129 million, rising to $2.3 billion over the past decade.


Here is a small selection of the 369 lobbying "clients" OpenSecrets keeps track of: one can see Mylan toward the bottom.


And, as usual, we conclude with our favorite chart showing the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry  and Congress, according to which every dollar spent by big Pharma on lobbying generates a return of 77,500%!


And since virtually all representatives and senators suddenly appear so eager to accuse Mylan and its CEO of greed, we look forward to each and every member of Congress explaining to the American public, and their constituency, precisely where all their lobby dollars have came from, what laws were enacted as a result, and most importantly, what they spent the money on.

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kliguy38's picture

 I'm sure it is in all of our best interests........

Ghost of Porky's picture

Shiela Jackson Lee is looking out for YOU!

Déjà view's picture

Not for me, Billy Tauzin is looking out for YOU!

Billy Tauzin, the former congressman turned pharmaceutical industry lobbyist, was paid $11.6 million in 2010, the year he brokered a deal with President Barack Obama that helped pass the health-care overhaul.

After the law was signed, Tauzin left his job as head of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, or PhRMA, as the highest-paid lobbyist among groups most involved in the overhaul debate. Karen Ignagni, leader of the insurer lobby, was paid $1.5 million in 2010 while Tom Donahue at the Chamber of Commerce made $4.8 million, tax records show.

Tauzin did “what loads of other politicians have done -- trading on his expertise and connections to amass great personal wealth,” said Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics in Washington, in a telephone interview. “He’s just more successful at it than others.”

Tauzin, a former Republican U.S. representative from Louisiana, joined PhRMA in 2004, a year after he wrote the law creating Medicare’s prescription drug benefit, a boon to the pharmaceutical industry, while he served as chairman of the House Energy and Commerce committee.

PositiveChanges's picture

Yes, more of us dying after long, torturous, expensive "health" treatment is absolutely in our best interests.

After all, this is a democracy, our best interests are our leaders best interests.

And they want us gone.  Well, just most of us.

Doesn't it start to make a little better sense when viewed that way?  Works for me.

NEOSERF's picture

Any of that $1.55M from Mylan head to West Virginia Senators?

carbonmutant's picture

Well Mylan's problem is obvious from that chart. I would suspect that the larger contributors want a piece of her market...

More Ammo's picture

Play our game or else looks just about right...

Bill of Rights's picture

Dear tax payers STFU and GO SHOPPING!





JRobby's picture

Every aspect of government is corrupt. It is vast and far reaching. Quite disgusting the number of criminals involved (but it's my job! And it pays really well)

I believe the time has come where the electorate will shout "enough" in unison.

Casual_Observer's picture

People who need perscribed drugs have been getting so ripped-off.

The change in price point between what one pays out-of-pocket compared to what one pays in an insured plan is sometimes 100 percent more. It's not as though they're selling less volume.

With common perscribed drugs that are not narcotic, the need for perscriptions, at all, or monthly or tri-monthly prescriptions renewals is asinine.

Until we demand and end to the symbiotic financial relationship between the drug companies and politicians, we are slaves to them, unless we're prepared to say, fuck-you and let nature take it's course.

Also, the fact we bare virtually all the R&D costs baked-in to the cost of US drug prices, while the rest of the world bares little or none of the R&D costs is outrageous.

Bill of Rights's picture

Enslaved you are pending your existing health. Only you can fix you but as we both know that requires sacrifice, sacrifice many Americans and the like refuse to do. A healthy lifestyle is a choice and you need to make many sacrifices to do so.


Im not only a club member Im the club president.

PositiveChanges's picture

It's not the R & D, it's the U.S. advertising and buying regulators and politicians.

Fun fact, they've all offshored huge parts of the R&D.

I am so glad I finally had enough of being at their mercy while growing ever sicker.  For the first time in my entire life I've just gone six years with no prescriptions, and nearly no OTC to boot.

Our self-induced illnesses put us at the mercy ofthese evil, rich, bastards .

We keep believing their lies even as we bury our friends and families.

I pray people wake up and realize real health is achievable for nearly everyone.  But they are never going to find it in a prescription bottle.


Hubbs's picture

Its the consumate rip-off-go -round!!


Big Pharma rips off the consumer for big bucks which they can use to turn around and bribe congress for even more favors.


Ross Perot, whatever you may think of him was right: A huge sucking sound of consumer dollars (wealth/savings) being sucked up  by big pharma and  blown to the politicians, CEOs and share holders.


Only armed revolt will change this I am afraid.


More Ammo's picture

Spilled Blood of tyrants or something like that...

PositiveChanges's picture

Funny thing, many pharmaceuticals, and the fluoridation of our water, all have brain effects including slowing down your desire, passion, drive.

Fluoride was used in concentration camps to help keep the inmates compliant.

We are being intentionally dumbed down, culled even.  The VAST majority will have it no other way. 

The internet is way more than doom-porn, porn porn and Facebook.  I used it to heal myself and break away from the sway these evil pukes hold over us.


Bill of Rights's picture

Many congress critters have been enriched through your bad health. Now go enjoy your Number 3 Big Mac meal with a large diet Coke and then take your sugar pill afterwards.

Fuku Ben's picture

Funny I lobbied the global alleged health care industry about 3 weeks ago when I informed them I'd provide them a cost savings of what should equate to close to $1 Trillion annually + additional expected revenues at least in the 10's of billions + the potential to save up to 6 million lives per year + the benefit to 10's of millions of other patients globally. Response? None.

Since I would place no limits or conditions on who could receive the treatment and cure this loss will affect everyone over their lifetime. This currently affects almost 1 in 3 of all total diseases. There is almost a 100% chance this will affect either you or your family or both over that time. If the so called global community either individually or under the UN is either too ignorant, too incompetent or too complicit in continuing the current global corrupt fraudulent system they need to step aside for those that can provide positive productive global change for everyone.

I'll take it cigarette smoking man was not from the World Health Organization. I hope he stops smoking its bad for his health.

Charming Anarchist's picture

Abolish patent protection!
What is the problem?

More Ammo's picture

In this instance it is not the bought patent system.  Several of the drugs can be made generic but the FDA and the import promotes the ability for them to raise the price since there is no competition by design.  You can buy an epipen equivalent in the EU for about $20 but would be arrested if you try to bring them into the ussa.


Lock them all up...