Leaked Memo Exposes George Soros' Plan To Overthrow Putin & Destabilise Russia

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Submitted by Alex Christoforou via The Duran.com,

The recent DC Leaks, of over 2,500 documents from George Soros NGOs, has shed a bright light on how the billionaire uses his vast wealth to create global chaos in an never ending push to deliver his neo-liberal euphoria to the peasant classes.

While Soros has managed to thoroughly destabilise the European Union by promoting mass immigration and open borders, divided the United States by actively funding Black Lives Matters and corrupting the very corruptible US political class, and destroyed Ukraine by pushing for an illegal coup of a democratically elected government using neo-nazi strong men…one country that Soros has not bee able to crack has been The Russian Federation.

Russia’s political pragmatism and humanist value system rooted in a traditional, “nation-state” culture most likely infuriates Soros.

Russia is Soros’ white whale... a creature he has been trying to capture and kill-off for nearly a decade.

Unfortunately for Soros (and fortunately for the entire planet) the Russian government realised the cancerous nature of Soros backed NGOs, and took the proper preventative measures…which in hindsight, and after reviewing the DC Leaks memos, proved to be a very wise move.

On November 30th 2015, ZeroHedge reported,

Russian Prosecutor General’s Office issued a statement in which it recognized George Soros’s Open Society Institute and another affiliated organization as “undesirable groups”, banning Russian citizens and organizations from participation in any of their projects.


–prosecutors said the activities of the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation were a threat to the foundations of Russia’s Constitutional order and national security. They added that the Justice Ministry would be duly informed about these conclusions and would add the two groups to Russia’s list of undesirable foreign organizations.


According to RT, prosecutors launched a probe into the activities of the two organizations – both sponsored by the well-known US financier George Soros – in July this year, after Russian senators approved the so-called “patriotic stop-list” of 12 groups that required immediate attention over their supposed anti-Russian activities.


The Law on Undesirable Foreign Organizations came into force in early June this year. It requires the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Foreign Ministry to draw up an official list of undesirable foreign organizations and outlaw their activities. Once a group is recognized as undesirable, its assets in Russia must be frozen, its offices closed and the distribution of any of its materials must be banned. That said, it is doubtful that Soros still has any active assets in Russia – his foundation, which emerged in Russia in its early post-USSR years in the mid-1990s, wrapped up active operations in 2003 when Putin cemented his control on power.

The huge document tranche released by DC Leaks shows how dangerous the Open Society and George Soros were to the well being and preservation of the Russian Federation and the Russian culture.

In a document from November 2012 entitled, “OSF [Open Society Foundation] Russia Strategic Planning Meeting Notes”, Participants:

Leonard Benardo, Iva Dobichina, Elizabeth Eagen, Jeff Goldstein, Minna Jarvenpaa, Ralf Jürgens, Elena Kovalevskaya, Vicki Litvinov, Tanya Margolin, Amy McDonough, Sara Rhodin, Yervand Shirinyan, Becky Tolson

Discuss how to …

Identify joint priorities for OSF’s Russia activities in the coming year. How can we most effectively collaborate, considering the deteriorating political environment for our partners?

The main revelation of the document minutes comes from the hope that Medvedev’s years as president would provide the NGOs the “opening” they would need to finally break the Russian bear.

That all evaporated in 2012, when Vladimir Putin returned to the President’s office.

The OSF, clearly distraught and disappointed, begins to lay down the groundwork for how to challenge the Putin administration, in light of his very different approach to dealing with NGOs like the Open Society Foundation.

The human rights context has greatly changed from 2006 to 2012: the Medvedev period allowed for a number of improvements and significant openings for NGOs. Amendments to the NGO law in 2006 led to campaigning on behalf of NGOs; many of our grantees benefited during this period. Surkov established ties with many groups that were willing to cooperate with the state and our partners served as experts in key processes like police reform. A space was created for modernization and for the inclusion of civil society during Medvedev’s term. However, pressure has come back very quickly in the short time that Putin has been back in power.

A major turning point for NGO operation in Russia came with the botched Russian “Maidan like” protests, which were promptly dismantled before any damage could be inflicted.

The Russian protests deeply affected the life of NGOs. The state had been providing money for self-organization, thinking this would defuse the possibility of large-scale opposition. But by encouraging self-organization, they had opened up a Pandora’s Box. People became active and began to feel that it was possible to change something; the door was opened for self-mobilization.


The state has responded with repression and political prisoners, in order to instill fear in the population. The state is also working to undermine social support for the protests. Its support of socially-oriented (“good”) NGOs is a way to divide the community, while the foreign agents law frames the protests as foreign money undermining Russia.

Why the fascination with Russia? Why is it important for OSF to focus on Russia? With Russia comes immense wealth and tremendous geo-political power.

Key open society themes and issues are highly relevant in Russia


– Transparency and accountability (anticorruption)
– Rights and justice (i.e., criminal justice, policing, rule of law, LGBT, women’s rights)
– Migration
– Inclusive education (disability, Roma)
– Media freedom, access to information
– Health (access to medicines, HIV, harm reduction)


Copy-cat problem: Russian tactics are picked up by Central Asia (ie, anti-extremism law in Kazakhstan)


Russia’s influence in UN Human Rights Council – pushing resolution that says human rights should take into consideration traditional values of country in question – very few HR orgs that are following the council saw this coming – has large implications beyond Russia


Participation in global international regimes (G20, ICC, WTO) – a more open Russia creates changes in international governing bodies

European Court litigation

The document details in an extensive bullet point list, “what must be done” to destabilize Russia, focusing on many recurrent neo-liberal themes that Soros uses to infect host nations and overturn governments…

– Political prisoners (Bolotnaya, etc.)
– Media censorship and control (pressure in independent media – work w/ NMP)
– Surveillance
– LGBT (push against propaganda laws, which are driven by local officials, not by the federal gov’t)
– Women’s rights
– Disability rights and inclusive education


– Lots of funding is going to monitoring; where is our money best placed?
– ONKs don’t have sufficient $ for travel and legal representation


Policing and police violence (Public Verdict, Man and Law, etc.)


Transparency and accountability
– State spending – monitoring, analysis
– Tracking cross-border transactions and business purchases
– Connections between accountability, human rights, and ordinary citizens’ interests

The complete PDF document can be found here: -Russia-russia strategic planning 2012-meeting notes-russia strategic planning meeting notes 11 16 12.pdf

*  *  *

Following the 2012 document, and the apparent disappointment expressed by OSF members at Russia’s resistance to the neo-liberal way of life, DC Leaks provides a follow up memo entitled, “Russia Project Strategy, 2014-2017”. 

The document summary…

Russia today faces a regrettable backsliding into authoritarian practice. Confronted with serious domestic challenges, the regime has become more insular and isolationist, seeking to solidify its base. The progressively draconian laws promulgated since Putin’s return to the presidency have placed all foreign- funded organizations under threat of isolation and disrepute. Despite these decidedly challenging conditions, it is essential that we continue to engage Russia, both to preserve its extant democratic spaces, and to ensure that Russian voices do not go dark on the broader global stage.

The destabilization of Russia, now aptly named, “the Russia Project” goes on to identify three cornerstone concepts…

Amid the grim landscape, there nonetheless remain apertures for the Russia Project’s intervention. Exploiting all available opportunities, we will undertake the following three concepts, which we deem vital in the current climate:


1)  We will mitigate the negative impact of new laws via domestic and international advocacy. Key allies in this regard are the growing numbers of diverse Russian citizens opposing the country’s regression, along with the sizeable community of Russian legal experts with an in-depth knowledge of NGO law and a strong motivation to help the sector continue its activities.


2)  We will integrate Russian voices into the global exchange of ideas. Given that Russian intellectuals, practitioners and activists are increasingly sidelined domestically, and academics are often isolated from the international community, we will support venues for inserting diverse, critical Russian thinking into the global discourse. Such opportunities allow Russian actors to enter into mutually beneficial collaborations on topics ranging from migration to digital activism, thus maintaining their relevance and reducing their provincialization.


3)  We aim to mainstream the rights and dignity of one of Russia’s most marginalized populations: LGBT individuals. The RP’s diverse network of partners provides an opportunity to build a broader base of civil society allies at a time when the LGBT community is under profound threat. We hope to see a more balanced discourse on LGBT rights among the Russian public, as well as a strong cohort of mainstream independent organizations actively incorporating LGBT interests into their work.

Social mobilisation and the funding of alternative media networks, to promote social discourse and dissatisfaction, are common tactics that Soros NGOs uses to build up towards a revolution.

Along with these initiatives, we remain committed to supporting three primary fields: (a) access to justice and legal empowerment of marginalized groups, (b) access to independent information and alternative media, and (c) platforms for critical debate, discussion, and social mobilization. The RP plans to provide core support to our trusted partners in each of these fields, investing in their growth and development, and remaining flexible about the funding arrangements necessary to allow them to continue their essential work. We also seek to strengthen their legitimacy and financial sustainability, in order to build a more transparent, effective, and organizationally efficient third sector.


Russia is currently in a gradual, arbitrary, and haphazard process of becoming more closed. Amid this background, the RP’s cardinal role is to create a dense and wide-ranging field of independent civil society actors, who can in the best case help set the agenda for a more open and democratic future in Russia, and in the worst case survive the effects of new draconian legislation.

Engaging with Russian diaspora who oppose the current government, and mobilising the LGBT community through mass media propaganda, are recurrent themes in the Soros document.

The media focus on LGBT rights in the run up to the Sochi winter olympics was an opportunity not to be missed by Soros.

In the short to mid-term, the RP aims to engender broader civil society support for this highly marginalized group. Even though the “propaganda of homosexuality” law has gained unprecedented international attention in the lead-up to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the voices of Russian activists are barely being heard over larger international LGBT organizations. We want to make sure that our Russian partners have a leading role in shaping the strategy of the international movement, that planned campaigns have a domestic rather than just an international focus, and that the momentum gathering around Sochi does not dissipate immediately after the Olympics end.


Our comparative advantage lies in the deep and wide networks that we have fostered these past years. A strategic use of these networks will maximize the long-term impact of the work that LGBT rights organizations are doing. LGBT rights groups in Russia are professional and effective, yet they lack the capacity to reach far beyond their immediate communities and galvanize other civil society players necessary for their long-term success.

Destabilisation of a country the size of Russia does not come without a significant price tag, for which George Soros seems more than ready to pony up…

Given the large number of grants in the RP portfolio, we see a need for additional staffing in order to implement our strategic priorities and effectively monitor our activities. However, as a number of programs in the Eurasia region are being restructured, we are awaiting the results of this transition before making any substantive recommendations.

Their can be no doubt that the 2014-2017 plan outlined by Soros NGOs, which even envisioned staff growth and Eurasian region restructuring, has hit a major speed bump with the 2015 law that saw these divisive forces operating within Russian finally get booted out of the country.

The complete PDF document can be found here: -Russia-Russia Project Revised 2014 2017 Strategy.pdf

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Soros is just a front man for a movement that believes there are too many people on earth and getting rid of as many as possible is a really good thing .... it is not about politics, it is about genocide.

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We need to fight these Evil Globalists with everything we´ve got! http://www.truthjustice.net

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soros needs radiation therapy putin style.

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Go for it Vlad.  Do his ass in.  And leave a note he's been "Arkancided"
He's a menace to you, too.

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Hey Soros, you better start wearing a Geiger counter, and watch what you eat & drink.

Two words... Alexander Litvinenko

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Hang.  Soros.  NOW.

And he's a Clinton Foundation donor, is he not?  I guess that makes it clear what US / Russian relations will be if Cankles wins a rigged election.


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I am not a Russophile or a Putin fanboy, but if Putin  has that sonovabitch killed I would put up a Putin monument in my back yard with a plaque that read "for service to mankind".

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Here2Go (not verified) SWRichmond Aug 25, 2016 7:02 PM

OK ~ So after a half decade... Who was right?

<--- francis_sawyer was right (it's FACT, not conspiracy)

<--- these jews like Soros & the gang that are hellbent on getting Hillary were right... f_s was out of his mind and needed to get kicked off of ZH 25xfor speaking the obvious truth

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Perfect opportunity to bag and tag Soros and dump him off with the Ruskies.

Maybe get a favorable trade deal in return.

Or a pay per view of Soros's KGB interrogation.

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Soros needs to export some niggers to Russia.  1 million bitches and 10 bucks should do it.  Sit back, let 40 years pass and watch the mayhem!

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The truth about the conflict with Russia. https://goo.gl/nKJndT

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Chris Dakota (not verified) fleur de lis Aug 25, 2016 8:09 PM

I told ya....

Vote up!

Vote down!

0 Chris Dakota Infocat Aug 15, 2016 12:09 AM

One of his putrid sons Robert Soros was on a flight with his 24 yr old girlfriend making out,  with his soon to be ex wife of 22 yrs was on the same flight a few rows away. She did not make a scene out of it but everyone in business class was very uncomfortable with this show of disrespect and abuse.

This is how they are. They are sadistic pigs, they should be given the same exact treatment.

Something is going to happen to George, first he will lose a lot of money, and maybe his life as well.

George Uranus 15* Aries

Jupiter conjunct Pluto midpoint 15* Cancer (why he is rich)

transit Pluto locks onto this square right fucking now at 15* Capricorn.

The hack is Pluto playing with him...Uranus (technology) and George will run but won't be able to hide.

ah-ooooooo George you sick demon, it's comin...

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Chris Dakota (not verified) fleur de lis Aug 25, 2016 8:25 PM

These are all Soviet tactics that I learned about 15 yrs ago from the KGB defector to America.

I learned more out of his vids than anywhere.

if you haven't, you should


"I was told never bother with leftists, feminists, gay rights, prisoners rights in the end nobody has any rights. Your leftists in America are instrumental all these groups are only useful during the destabelization process. They will turn against the system because they won't come to power as they thought, they will be executed. "


ack's picture

Thanks Chris. I learn alot from you. And I'm grateful. Lots are listening...

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I am really happy people are starting to see what we've been saying this entire time.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) fleur de lis Aug 28, 2016 4:18 PM

I looked all those people up who were at this meeting. Every single one of them is a color revolutionary, the whole Soros operation is that. His son Alexander Soros is revolting.

Seeing their photos from around the world gave me a vision of  NYC in 1917 before the Bolshevik revolution and the eager Jews who planned it.

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"I am not a Russophile or a Putin fanboy..."


You may want to reconsider.  Putin is obviously the target of a massive propaganda effort and your negative feelings are likely implanted by this constant negativity.  He is the best and most just politician on the field right now.  He isn't perfect, but history is going to remember him.

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Hah! We've got one that believes the Telegraph!

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Am in Russia now.  Have talked to a couple people about Putin.  The cabbies do not like him.  They think he is simply enriching himself at the expense of the people.  An example given was Sochi.  It was said the price was $50B but the true cost only $10B - where is the rest? - in Putin's pocket.  This is the point of view of the people I talked to.

My thinking is that if this is accurate about the money then it was probably a cover for military modernization spending on subs, jets, tanks, and missiles, not to mention electronic warfare systems.  This is my point of view.

Where is the truth?  I do not know but the US did not push a direct confrontation in Crimea nor Syria very hard.  If the Russians were still using cold war Soviet era systems, training, and doctrines then it would have been a cakewalk in either theatre.  Obviously this must not be the case.

TheReplacement's picture

I guess my point is that I believe Putin is doing things that must be done to protect Russia.  Some of these things must be hidden or disguised and he is taking flack for it.

There is no cult of personality here.  You do not see Putin posters on every corner or anything like that.  At least one of the people I talked to who thinks Putin is corrupt did admit that Putin is probably the best leader for Russia in the last 150 years.  That says a lot about how badly Russia has been abused by its leaders, no?

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Anything to protect Israel.

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"Soros is just a front man for a movement that believes there are too many people on earth and getting rid of as many as possible is a really good thing"

Only when they are beginning to have less use for human slaves...which is starting now. Once automation in most industries are in place, that's about time their plans will likely be in full swing.

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K   H   A   Z   A   R   S  !!!

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We are witnessing more news to provoke violence/hatred between races, religious groups. They need people to hate/kill each other for now - this includes racial protests and violence, creating terrorism, transporting/admitting refugees on a large scale, etc.

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agreed...i hope all here view this video...

heres a former politician that tells the truth about both Trump, Clinton, Repbulican's,Democrats, and this entire shitshow cirucus all brought to u by the Shadow Governement here in the "land of the free"""

and this is why both groups supporters r fucking clueless and wasting their fucking few brain cells...

change will come from niether...keep dreaming though...


im sure "they" regret this inverview...




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And why would you believe anything on MSM ? Look up the repeal of the Smith-Mundt act,it's all propaganda.

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dude please...

whats lamestream media peddles is irrelevant...

what the former senator said about states versus the federal govt. and how neither repub or democrat will solve the nations problemsno matter who the fucking president IS THE FUCKING POINT...

think before speaking. or at least try...

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They need division and they need the MIC to protect their sorry asses when the people finally realize they are nothing but a criminal enterprise that adds no positive value to society.

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soros sure is hell bent on pushing the homo agenda, must be a cockgobbler as well or just knows it it has a ill effect on a society.

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Soros may have billions but he is a dead man walking. Literally. 

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some more than others, especially those who manage to piss off very powerful people



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Every time Soros walks, travels somewhere or eats something he will have to worry.

Because when he messed with the wrong guy.

When Soros goes to hell, at least 50% of Americans will cheer.

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Eccl. 9:5: “The living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all.”

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I'm glad you brought up radiation.

The Russians have the goods on this nuke story too.

Now that Putin knows Soros and Killary are in cahoots and out to get him he might just send us what he has evidence wise.

Check this out: NYFD Radiation Badges Going Crazy

And Jim Fetzer has a new book called: America Nuked on 911

That the towers were nuked has been my conclusion for years.

You talk about a hard sell to people. I put that on the back burner it was so tough.

Live Hard, Call Me A Nut All You Want, We Was NUKED!, Die Free

~ DC 2.0

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Have you seen this one? 9/11 Trillions: Follow the money. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3xgjxJwedA

HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

have you seen the part where standing steel beams turn to fumes? that´s the nuclear part (maybe there is a decomissioning plan that shows this option? )

and corbetts analisis on the money and the ilogical stupid anti phyisics theories is a good summary too



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Don't you know that all the oligarchs have geiger counter and detecting stations close at hand and that everything gets a going over, especially the food?

And deliveries to oligarchs homes, ranches and compounds are always done in a handoff away from the main facilitiy.  Tightly controlled and surveilled vehicle are their mules to ferry in people, and supplies and deliveries.   No truck or car that hasn't been in their immediate control gets past their checkpoints because the risk is just too great for treachery and sabotage.

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Beta radiation is stopped by paper. But it's very lethal if injested. It just keeps on doing its short range number. Hence polonium.

Waving a detector over that foodstuff will tell you nothing. 

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You mean alpha radiation.

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Alph, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Zeta, Theta, badabing badaboom. Sounds like a wild fraternity!

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I am sure Putin has in hand a couple of gentlemen that can sort this out.
(Poisoning Soros)

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Exactly, at very minimum this cancerous fuck needs to be hunted down and put on trial for crimes against humanity, mainly white Christians.

Why is this tolerable????

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Hey Soros, you better start wearing a Geiger counter, and watch what you eat & drink.

Two words... Alexander Litvinenko

Only one problem with that: Litvinenko was killed by a Russian-Israeli mafia gang with ties to British intelligence, and they probably have zero motivation to go after Soros.





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you do know polonium is mi5 trademark assassination tool....