Assange Assassination Attempt? Cops Took 2 Hours To Respond To Embassy Breach

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The Wikileaks Twitter account reported early this week that an unidentified man attempted to scale the wall of the Ecuadorian Embassy in the U.K. at 2:47 am. The “cat burglar” escaped security and managed to flee to safety while embassy security waited two hours for U.K. police to take the two minute walk from the police station to the embassy housing internationally-known whistleblower Julian Assange.

The Wikileaks founder has been confined to the embassy since August 2012, when Ecuador granted Assange political asylum to keep him out of the British government’s jurisdiction. According to British Foreign Secretary William Hague, Assange would under no circumstances be granted safe passage out of the country.

The Ecuadorian and British governments have been at odds over this issue ever since, with Britain immediately threatening to revoke the embassy’s diplomatic status. Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino called the U.K.’s bluff at the time and continued to provide a safe haven for Assange. “I don’t think they will dare to infringe international law … Diplomatic headquarters cannot be broken into, we can’t imagine that happening,” Patino asserted back in 2012.

It appears U.K. police have been much more concerned about Assange regaining his freedom than protecting the embassy’s safety. At one point, Scotland Yard issued a 24-hour guard at the embassy at the expense of its citizens. According to the BBC:

“Between June 2012 and October 2014, direct policing costs were £7.3m, with £1.8m spent on overtime, police said. Scotland Yard confirmed the cost of the operation to UK taxpayers in the first 28 months, until 31 October last year, had reached £9m.”

Yet it took over two hours for police to respond to a crime committed approximately 120 seconds from the police station. The Ecuadorian government released a statement earlier expressing its extreme disappointment in the U.K.’s “inadequate” response:

“The Embassy of Ecuador to the United Kingdom reports that in the early morning hours of 22 August 2016, an unidentified person sought to gain unauthorized access to its embassy in London.


“The Embassy has made available to the UK diplomatic police the evidence in its possession to help clarify this serious incident.


“According to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations (1961), the host country has the special duty to take all appropriate steps to protect the premises of any diplomatic mission against any form of intrusion or harm. In this case, the security of the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK is the responsibility of the British authorities.


“The Ecuadorian Government therefore expresses its concern about the inadequate response by the British authorities, who only arrived at the embassy more than two hours after the incident took place.


“The Government of Ecuador regrets that, despite the enormous resources that the British government has undertaken to prevent Julian Assange leaving the Ecuadorian embassy, the authorities did not respond more quickly to this extremely serious attempt an unauthorized entry.


“The Government of Ecuador expresses its willingness to cooperate with the security forces in the UK to prevent future incidents and renews its commitment to protect Julian Assange.”

This attempt to break into the embassy comes less than a month after the Assange promised to release another batch of emails via Wikileaks containing sensitive information on the Clinton Foundation. Many U.S. officials and media figures have previously called for the extrajudicial killing of Julian Assange, leading many to speculate that the break in could have been a failed assassination attempt.

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thesonandheir's picture

And you think Putin is bad?


He has nothing on the Clunton crime family!

WTFRLY's picture

It fits the M.O. of the shadow state.

jeff montanye's picture

it fits the m. o. of the clintons at least as tightly.  assange also offered a reward for info on the recently murdered seth rich.

Here2Go's picture
Here2Go (not verified) jeff montanye Aug 26, 2016 5:32 AM

When seconds matter, the police are only a few minutes away (unless you have some dirt on a Clinton, whereby they're already hiding in the library with a nailgun disguised as a candlestick).

WTFRLY's picture

What the fuck are you talking about? Clinton is a card carrying member of said shadow state. She's a Joo World Order OG 

CuttingEdge's picture

There is a simple solution to Assange's plight:

Step 1: Apply for Ecuadorean citizenship (bonus is not far to travel with his application).

Step 2: Receive Ecuadorean citizenship.

Step 3: Apply for attache's job at embassy.

Diplomatic fucking immunity and the next plane out to wherever.


Here2Go's picture
Here2Go (not verified) CuttingEdge Aug 26, 2016 6:02 AM

Maybe they could get John Boy Kennedy to fly the plane...

eclectic syncretist's picture

The Clintons are having a hard time getting the shit off their shoes. I wonder where all that Clinton Foundation money is kept. Probably not in Bank of America. Probably not even in the U.S. Probably somewhere the Red Cross, Salvation Army, Metropolitan Ministries, or any other real charity would never even think about banking.

fleur de lis's picture

A few Speznaz could secure the Equadorian Embassy and make the CIA gigolos think twice.

Langley must be world headquarters for violent losers.

They are only successful against unarmed civilians.

mtl4's picture

I live out in the country and all we've ever needed was a ruger 22 with a scope to take varmits off a wall.........not sure what the problem was here?

Déjà view's picture

May is looking everywhere for article 50...LEAVE will be 'Assuaged' as Julian...

Tarzan's picture

Love the Rugers, but can't give up my lever action Marlin 22, made in 1917, which to this day operates flawlessly.


There is no doubt in my mind Hillary wants Julian dead.  I'd say nobody has more motive to kill him, Nobody! 

If he's killed she should be the number one suspect!  No impartial investigator could deny that, she has the motive, means and will to kill him!

worbsid's picture

The planted evidence will point to someone else.

fleur de lis's picture

Her being the suspect of anything does not matter.

She was grilled on live TV for serious offences and it did not matter.

The FBI is a Gong Show.

PTR's picture

She probably too hopped on meds to remember who Julian Assange is.



fleur de lis's picture

The varmit probably flashed his CIA photo ID to the British police and they let him go.

The Brits didn't want to get into the middle of another screwball CIA assassination assignment.

Pulling a serial killer on US .gov payroll into a police station would be a problem for all of them.

The serial killer would get off anyway, and the offending cops would get punished.

So what's the point of them going to all that trouble for nothing.

Law enforecement is for law abiding citizens, not criminals.

And especially not criminally insane psychopaths on US .gov payroll working on an official assignment.

Bush Baby's picture

"If you have nothing to hide , you have nothing to fear"  Ahahahaha

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

beckel is a coked up pill popping drunk and those are the positives

saveandsound's picture

@CuttingEdge: do you remember the day "they" forced the Morales-Airplane to land in Austria? "They" don't give a shit about diplomatic rules when it comes to traitors like Assange or Snowden.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Here2Go Aug 26, 2016 7:06 AM

What is this scale the building?

Scale Trump Tower

Scale Ecuadorian Embassy

Really I have never seen anything like this in my life. All made possible through the internet.

They must be freaking out that they are losing TV viewers which is there mechanism to keep the public mind controlled.

this is Uranus Aries (the warrior) vs Pluto Capricorn (the government) Capricorn rules tall places as in lonely at the top.

One thing about the elites is they are disgusted by the public because they are so corrupted, they don't ask questions or

do research, as long as they "got theirs" they go along with it. They have no respect for them at all.

I feel that way too now, I have no respect for the public which is why I avoid them altogether. Over the years people have called me a moralist, which I am. There is no way self governance can survive if the public is not policing themselves. That all comes out of the "do your own thing" or Aleister Crowley "do what thou whilst" which the Beatles showcased on their 1967 (Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo) album Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. They said the album depicted all their hero's, Crowley being one of them. The conjunction in Virgo, Pisces is the God box and Virgo is God in the flesh. Most serious theologians will say Christ was born in early Virgo because Virgo rules the human body. I see it this way, God from Pisces looks across to his partner or other half in human form as we do when we fall in love with another, we see them not as they are but as how they should be.

Now the square, push back to the 1967 conjunction. One of my gifts/curse was to be living in San Francisco during the Summer of Love as an impressionable teenager. I was at the Altamont concert when Mick Jagger was singing "Sympathy for the Devil when the Hells Angels killed that black guy as Jagger watched. Oddly George Lucas was filming that. You can watch it on youtube and it is disturbing to say the least. They covered up which song was being played but those of us there know it. Hells Angel walks onstage and interrupts Jagger (who does that?) and whispers in his ear, Jagger walks to the edge of the stage and looks, then goes into a frenzy.

This shit is all demonic, they are trying to do what Crowley was doing which is trying to raise Lucifer.

Besides the West is a demonic culture now, in every way.

Captain Chlamydia's picture

Did you take your medication? Dude, this shit is schizofrenic. 

Troy Ounce's picture

Great idea.

Despite being a diplomat, the Clingons will try to murder him.

SilverRhino's picture

Diplomatic Immunity didn't work out too well for Chris Stevens either.  

Troy Ounce's picture

Great idea.

But despite being a diplomat, the Clingons will try to murder him.

ConnectingTheDots's picture

Diplomatic immunity does not matter when a criminal syndicate is in charge. Just look how far Evo Morales' plane got and he was a head of state.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) WTFRLY Aug 26, 2016 8:02 AM

Hillary is just highly paid whore.

Trump said it "you give her money, tell her what to do and she does it"

Why he told her to be at his wedding, he wanted all his competition to see her there.

She takes Soros money, he emails her with orders, she implements.

Happy Ending

swmnguy's picture

I'm not sure why everybody thinks Hillary Clinton is behind the persecution of Assange.  Did we all watch the video included in this story?  The list of people calling openly for Assange to  be killed includes:

Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, Tom Flanagan (former Stephen Harper advisor), Megyn Kelly, Ralph Peters (former US General), Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Bob Beckel and Rep Candice Miller (R-Mich), on the floor of the House.

Of course, Hillary and Joe Biden chimed in as well.

The GOP has only supported Assange since he started releasing Hillary e-mails.  The cyncial opportunism and hypocrisy is rank.

Bush Baby's picture

Looks like some people can't handle the truth

aardvarkk's picture

The main reason I would suspect Hillary first is probably because of the trail of dead bodies behind her.  To the best of my knowledge, that feature is unique to her among your list.

Also, you seem to be under the mistaken impression that people here are on the right.  If there is a majority, it's probably libertarian, but there are people here from across the spectrum.  The right/left paradigm is also considered fairly useless for most purposes here.

SilverRhino's picture

Why do we think Hillary?  Because Assange is releasing more and more damaging materials as time goes by and she KNOWS her own crimes and she knows what he could release.  

He dies; wikileaks shuts up.  

spacecadet12's picture

Of course these people want him silenced, they are all part of the cabal.  Hillary on the other hand has and is good in offing people that get in her way.  I believe this was either a ninja hit on Assange or a reconnoiter on the defenses in place.  Hillary is in deep kimchi with these email leaks, she is the one behind the attack and will silence him before the coronation!

Max Hunter's picture

I'm not sure it's a good move.  Men inspire men, but cause is the motivator. If JA goes down, another will step up and the organization will have gained a marrtyr. 

DownWithYogaPants's picture

It will be hard to find one as good at the public side.  Julian is not doing the hacking.  He's doing the presenting.  Also it would have a bit of a daunting effect on potential hires if they knew the last guy left the job boots first.  

This guy is a hero as is Snowden.

I am often puzzled when our U.S. guys call Assange a "traitor" when the guy is from Australia.  

ThanksChump's picture

I am often puzzled when our U.S. guys call Assange a "traitor"


No, you aren't. People who say this are trying to sell that narrative, Bernays style. It's a propaganda tool. Wording is everything however: People who are successfully tricked by such propaganda are unlikely to repeat it in the same way, so you can make an educated guess about the source's goals and intentions, based on phrasing.


If someone says 'Assange is a dirty trouble maker', that person is just gullible. Such a person is sad, but they're no real threat to We Peeps. If, however, I heard someone say 'Assange is a traitor', I would assume they are aligned in some way with rogue elements of TPTB ie, the real traitors.

aardvarkk's picture

Meh.  I think I disagree.  Some doofus calls him a traitor, I assume they're just parroting what their favorite TV news personality said.  My mom pops off at me all the time with stuff she got from Anderson Cooper.  I've really got to figure out a way to help her understand the world in a better way....

Dugald's picture

I am often puzzled when our U.S. guys call Assange a "traitor" when the guy is from Australia. 

You guys have an on going problem with reality.....

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Max Hunter Aug 26, 2016 8:14 AM

Assange is now the most powerful man in the world holding the cards. He is smart to drip, drip, drip which is why Wikileaks logo depicts that. If he released it all today the sheeple would forget about it in 3 wks. First it takes them weeks to even know about, if they ever do.

Assange natal: Jupiter conjunct Neptune 0* Scorpio in the 12th, secrets..conjunct Hillary's Sun.

Composite chart between Assange and Hillary has Pluto in Virgo conjuct the Sun, Venus, Lucifer.---!

Progress this chart  and there you have their relationship at this time, the stellium in Scorpio.

That which is hidden or veiled.

Dangerous work.

CrabbyR's picture

Just trying to figure out if it was the contrails or the aliens that spiked your Koolaid

Anti-kleptocrat's picture

... the 'KKKlinton' effect ... try buying someone off, and if it fails then try assassination ... 

Grouchy-Bear's picture

And? I thought there were cops all over the place outside, to keep him from leaving? I bet if he tried to leave they would be on him in two seconds flat! Oh! I guess not in my job description was the reason!

azusgm's picture

Next time something happens at the embassy, they should call the police and tell them that Assange is trying to leave.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

WikiLeaks should have a bunch of guys will bleach blond hair go into the neighborhood and embassy.  If they swirl around enough maybe Assange could get out.

Here2Go's picture

They could send Ryan Lochte & his relay team in there to piss on the building.

otschelnik's picture

There wasn't adequate security.  Like in Benghazi. 

But i'm sure this story is all smoke and no fire.

poeg's picture

No where do the Brits say they have dropped the 24hr surviellance of the embassy. Pretty sure it isn't one cct camera pointed at the front door too. If you stood in the hall that morning and listenned closely, Brit accented voice drifts out from behind the door of that couple with all the friends... "Bloody Yanks... all those guns are going to get him hung up... BALLS!... No, you go help him down... I did last time... fine, bugger me..."

Pumpkin's picture

I wonder if the embassy could grant him citizenship, give him a title and diplomatic immunity.

MANvsMACHINE's picture

They should bring into the Equadorian embassy hundreds of Assange look a likes (a la Eminem at the VMAs years ago) and all at once, they come running out the front door of the embassy and scatter throughout the streets of London. Let's see how the cops react to that one.