Hidden Agenda Perpetrated By Congress & The Fed Exposed In One Simple Chart

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Submitted by Thad Beversdorf via FirstRebuttal.com,

I like to say policy objectives are invisible ink and policy results are the coloured glasses that expose them.  You see, policy makers always tell us how they design and implement policies targeted at middle class America.  However, time after time after time, the only segment of society that fails to realize any benefit from any policy is middle class America.  Yet for some mind boggling reason we continue to allow these policy makers to carry on with this skullduggery.  The following chart really tells you everything you need to know about economic policy objectives for the past three decades.

The above chart depicts Wall Street real profits (black line), non-financial corporate real profits (red line) and real median weekly wages and salaries (blue line) all indexed back to 1982 (this is an important period where antitrust policies broke down under the Reagan admin).

What we find is that while median wages and salaries have increased by a paltry 9% over the past 35 years, corporate income is up 250% and Wall Street income is up almost 800%.   And so over the decades this story line about policies targeting the middle class is absolutely, in every way, a total and complete fabrication.  This chart doesn’t happen by accident nor could it be the result of honest mistakes.

The above results expose the hidden agenda perpetrated by Congress and the Fed.  

The American middle class is a patsy in a system designed to do exactly what it has done.  

International trade agreements and excessive money printing do help Wall Street and Corporate America but do not help the middle class.  This is made absolutely clear in the above chart.  And if you are one of those typically shallow regurgitators of the theories you’ve been told, well tell it to the facts above.

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A star's gravity is its thermal-energy debt:

So where did all the energy come from when the star was shining all those millions of years? Where did the energy come from to produce the sound and the fury which is a supernova explosion? Energy is conserved; who paid the debts at the end? Answer: gravity! The gravitational potential energy of the final neutron star is much greater (negatively; that's the debt) than the gravitational potential energy of the corresponding main-sequence star (Problem 8.7).
—Shu, Frank H. The Physical Universe: An Introduction to Astronomy. University Science Books, 1982, p. 157

Having borrowed a portion of thermal energy, a shrinking star radiates away only a half of the portion before it borrows another portion of thermal energy:

After each infinitesimal step of collapse the star has to wait until it has radiated away a half of the released gravitational energy before it can continue to contract.
Introduction to Stellar Astrophysics. Cambridge University Press, 1992, p. 29

Thus, the shrinking star accumulates the borrowed thermal energy, whose temperature increases:

Stars leak heat always, and the heat leaks out through the star's material. We have the paradox that the bigger the star, the cooler it is—yet, nevertheless, the more heat it has inside. By losing heat into space the star becomes hotter—it shrinks by losing heat and thereby gets hotter, because the heat due to shrinkage is greater than that loss. A hot body sends out light.
Journal of the British Astronomical Association. Vol. 31, 1921, p. 180

But the star's radiative power is proportional to the fourth power of the star's temperature. Roughly speaking, if the star's temperature increases tenfold, the rate of heat loss and consequently the rate of the star's shrinkage increases ten-thousand-fold.

An individual proton self-gravitationally condenses much faster than a star. The denser matter becomes, the faster its further condensation:

Equation (13.8) implies that the denser clumps collapse more rapidly, which may lead to separation and fragmentation. As cores are observed to be densest near their centers, the interiors cave in most quickly, producing an inside-out collapse.
—Pater, Imke de; Lissauer, Jack J. Planetary Sciences. Cambridge University Press, 2010, p. 518

Thus, the self-gravitational condensation of protons proceeds increasingly faster than the self-gravitational condensation of the ambient photon bath, so that from the perspective of an observer made of atoms, the ambient photon bath appears to be in the process of accelerating expansion, whereas in reality it is in the process of accelerating contraction, but at a progressively lower rate compared with atoms:

All change is relative. The universe is expanding relatively to our common material standards; our material standards are shrinking relatively to the size of the universe. The theory of the "expanding universe" might also be called the theory of the "shrinking atom". <...>
Let us then take the whole universe as our standard of constancy, and adopt the view of a cosmic being whose body is composed of intergalactic spaces and swells as they swell. Or rather we must now say it keeps the same size, for he will not admit that it is he who has changed. Watching us for a few thousand million years, he sees us shrinking; atoms, animals, planets, even the galaxies, all shrink alike; only the intergalactic spaces remain the same. The earth spirals round the sun in an ever?decreasing orbit. It would be absurd to treat its changing revolution as a constant unit of time. The cosmic being will naturally relate his units of length and time so that the velocity of light remains constant. Our years will then decrease in geometrical progression in the cosmic scale of time. On that scale man's life is becoming briefer; his threescore years and ten are an ever?decreasing allowance. Owing to the property of geometrical progressions an infinite number of our years will add up to a finite cosmic time; so that what we should call the end of eternity is an ordinary finite date in the cosmic calendar. But on that date the universe has expanded to infinity in our reckoning, and we have shrunk to nothing in the reckoning of the cosmic being.
We walk the stage of life, performers of a drama for the benefit of the cosmic spectator. As the scenes proceed he notices that the actors are growing smaller and the action quicker. When the last act opens the curtain rises on midget actors rushing through their parts at frantic speed. Smaller and smaller. Faster and faster. One last microscopic blurr of intense agitation. And then nothing.
—Eddington, Arthur. The Expanding Universe. Cambridge University Press, 1933, pp. 90–92

As the Earth's radius shrinks, the gravity on the planet's surface intensifies in accordance with the inverse-square law. That is why during the Mesozoic era (from about 252 to 66 million years ago), the gravity on the Earth's surface was less intense and permitted the existence of megaflora and megafauna.

Gravity is negative energy, whose inertia is negative too. A negative inertia implies superluminal propagation—nonlocality. Therefore, by making gravity more intense, the Earth's shrinkage abolishes the principle of locality—the planet turns into a single organism bound by gravity. Gravity's nonlocality implies that the entire continuum is bound by a single gravitational field that has a single centre—the planet Earth.

The continuum's gravitational field is a gradient of binding energy or "synergy". The absolute gravitational centre of the continuum is the most intelligent man of the planet Earth:

The earth, to Fuller, is a "contracting phase" of the universe, a low-pressure zone in the cosmos where energy is collected and stored. The sun's radiation warms the oceans, and the oceans feed the earth. Fuller calls processes which conserve energy aspects of "synergy", a word he relies on heavily in his discussions of the "more-with-less" technologies that will accomplish the defeat of scarcity. An example of synergetic action that Fuller is particularly fond of is the way chrome-nickel steel acquires, through chemical mating, a tensile strength greater than the sum of its components. But the highest expression of synergy is man's intuition, his ability to see comprehensive patterns in random events, which has led him from near helplessness to the point where he can now take control of his own evolution.
—Farrell, Barry. The View from the Year 2000. LIFE Magazine, 26 February 1971

The superluminal propagation of gravity implies that it is exerted from the future. Therefore, the entire 13.8-billion-year-long cosmic involution from a state of uniformly distributed zero-frequency protons to the current dendritic hierarchy of high-frequency protons is the gravitational self-assembly of the most intelligent man—the last Adam. He is born forty-nine years after the Balfour Declaration, on 2 November 1966 AD:

Shortly after the beginning of the 46th yovel, the Balfour Declaration was ratified. Dated November 2, 1917 (17th Marcheshvan 5678), the Balfour Declaration is one of the biggest steps towards gaining international recognition for the return to Eretz Israel.
—Killian, Greg. Yovel (Jubilee) Years

... since the commandment to return and to build Jerusalem, precedes the Messiah the Prince forty-nine years; it may perhaps come forth not from the Jews themselves, but from some other kingdom friendly to them, and precede their return from captivity, and give occasion to it ..."
Isaaci Newtoni opera quae exstant omnia. Vol. 5, Joannes Nichols, 1785, p. 376

By 2 November 2016 AD, which is His 50th anniversary and the culmination of the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, the Messiah the Prince acquires psychokinetic powers and becomes the King of the Universe:

"Were sin the only thing that mattered, we would be the most desperate of creatures," Pope Francis said. "But the promised triumph of Christ’s love enfolds everything in the Father’s mercy… The Immaculate Virgin stands before us as a privileged witness of this promise and its fulfilment." ... Pope Francis concluded his homily by saying "as we pass through the Holy Door, we also want to remember another door, which fifty years ago the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council opened to the world."
Pope Francis opens Holy Door at St. Peter's Basilica, opens Jubilee. Vatican Radio, 8 December 2015 

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Can you please repeat the part after, "A star's Gravity is?"

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Better yet, please don't repeat that clap trap.

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Pardon me, I just wanted to get back on topic for a moment.

"this is an important period where antitrust policies broke down under the Reagan admin"

Trump can start here.

Enforce the anti-trust laws.

The media comes to mind immediately.

Now back to the very interesting star stuff.........

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Exactly.  Electronic Universe  Combine that with the Qunatum and bingo!  Lotsa "problems" of mainline physics, etc., "disappear", are more fully and comfortably expalined.
One of them Occam's Razor moments.

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    don't tell him...

it's better that he doesn't know he doesn't know.


I must have an electric blue chopped & slammed 1949 Merc to go with the electric sun.

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This is exactly why you will see increasing civil unrest in the future.

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Yep, fuck neofeudalism.  It's time for a debt-serf revolt.

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If you like your chains, you'll be able to keep your chains . . .

Obama's on the case.  Hillary on Deck. 

Trump as pinch hitter.

It's a big club . . . and most likely you ain't in it.   

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I have always maintained that gravity is a bitch.  I have shrunk from 6'3" to 6'2" and my chest moved to my waist.  Not sure what any of this has to do with banksters fucking the middle class, but perhaps a giant solar flare from the Sun will even the playing field by knocking out every electrical grid and device on Earth?

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Clearly I'm closer to the center of the gravity well since I shrunk from 6'4" to 6'2" and my chest has moved to my ass.


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please use the proper scientific language.  your chest has passed the event horizon and is now being drawn into your black hole.

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Gravity!! Its not just a good idea! Its the law!!

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I think this means Obama levitates into Heaven and destroys the Universe.

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Are you on any sort of medication?  Did you skip a dose?

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Stars?? It's 6:27a out west here...I'm not going to read bullshit like that until the early evening...just sayin'.

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After we take care of the Banksters, we might proceed straight to the Physicists. They have created nearly as much destruction.

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Perhaps you need a nice rug to tie that room together

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Polemos Aug 26, 2016 8:38 AM

Wow!  That's really bad... even for you.

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No need to call the energy negative or positive. From a physics standpoint electrical flow is designated positive. It's all relative to what equation you are using to describe the phenomena.

What is truly mind blowing is that when the collapse of a star becomes final (black hole) even the inner atoms collapse. The wave functions for the electrons coelesce with that of the protons. The inter atomic weak forces are no more.

I don't think this will happen because of the Fed, though.

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QE ^Infinity Saves the Universe!

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No, QE ad infinitum will not save the universe.

During inflation, while the energy of matter increases by a factor of 10^75 or more, the energy of the gravitational field becomes more and more negative to compensate. The total energy—matter plus gravitational— remains constant and very small, and could even be exactly zero. Conservation of energy places no limit on how much the Universe can inflate, as there is no limit to the amount of negative energy that can be stored in the gravitational field.
This borrowing of energy from the gravitational field gives the inflationary paradigm an entirely different perspective from the classical Big Bang theory, in which all the particles in the Universe (or at least their precursors) were assumed to be in place from the start. Inflation provides a mechanism by which the entire Universe can develop from just a few ounces of primordial matter.
Inflation is radically at odds with the old dictum of Democritus and Lucretius, "Nothing can be created from nothing." If inflation is right, everything can be created from nothing, or at least from very little. If inflation is right, the Universe can properly be called the ultimate free lunch.
—Guth, Alan. The Inflationary Universe. Beam Line, fall 1997, p. 19

If the energy (frequency) of a proton increases by a factor of 10^75 or more, then the radius (wavelength) of the proton decreases by a factor of 10^75 or more.

Of course there is no limit to the amount of negative energy that can be stored in the gravitational field. But there is a limit to the temperature of protons—the smaller and hotter protons become, the faster they "evaporate" with radiation into the ever-colder ambient space. The end of the 13.8-billion-year-long free lunch is coming apace and hastening.

On 5 April 2016, Adam Riess et al. announced that since 21 March 2013, when the Planck space observatory published the local Hubble constant value, the speed of terrestrial protons' shrinkage relative to the intergalactic space had increased by nine per cent. http://hub.jhu.edu/2016/06/03/universe-expanding-faster-than-predicted

Therefore, protons are about to wink out of existence.

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A self-gravitating particle's actual energy (E = hf) is the particle's nonzero-frequency angular momentum:

The Planck quantum of action, h, has precisely the dimensions of an angular momentum.
—Biedenharn, L. C.; Louck, J. D. Angular Momentum in Quantum Physics. Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., Advanced Book Program, 1981

A self-gravitating particle's potential energy is the particle's zero-frequency angular momentum.

A self-gravitating particle has the minimum (i.e., zero) actual energy and the maximum (i.e., zero) potential energy when the particle's radius is infinitely big.

In accordance with the minimum total potential energy principle, a self-gravitating particle's radius shrinks, so that the particle's actual energy becomes ever more positive, while the particle's potential energy becomes ever more negative. The total energy of the self-gravitating particle is always zero.

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It seems you have logged into the wrong forum, you probably meant to post at http://autismspeaks.org.  The article discusses strip-mining the wealth out of the middle class, a terminating scenario better understood via the neuropsychology of psychopathy and financial criminology.

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The universe is governed by the minimum total potential energy principle. The word "total" implies that the principle is holistic. Those who do not understand this principle and its implications are inanimate, because animateness is holism. Inanimate creatures cannot understand anything.

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As an experiment, find a police officer and explain why he is powerless to control you.

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Didn't the church make the telescope illegal in the 1600s? What changed.

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Truth will set you free.


Gets good around 1454. AD you Talmudic frauds.


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Let me guess... You're also a speechwriter for Hitlery, and she's going to deliver this rich nugget of distilled BS at a Uni later this week prior to rolling on the floor with frothy lips and speaking in tongues.

Byte Me and eat my kugelblitz.

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Sub-atomic particles come into existence by borrowing energy from the future. To pay that energy back, they must be annihilated.

Something like the rise and fall of empires or modern monetary policy.

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A central nervous system develops by the same principle.

Debt is suction exerted from the future. The neurons of a newborn have big somas but short axons. The cosmic vampire (the most intelligent man at the end of time) sucks potential energy from somas through axons, so that the somas shrink while their axons become longer and more conductive. Until age 24.5, this energy drainage from the present to the future is outweighed by the synergizing effect provided by the axons, and the organism grows. From age 24.5 onwards, the organism withers, because the somas become so emaciated that there is nothing to synergize.

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Hidden Agenda Perpetrated By Congress & The Fed


Heading up to the Bohemian Grove today guys.....sorry......you can't come.

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Aint nothing hidden about it.

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OK....you're not suppose to know about this...so just act stupid.

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or, better yet, you will be made to feel like you're an evil communist/socialist for even daring to criticize the way things are or that you are a loser because you have not been able to attain the same results for yourself in this land of opportunity.  these tactics, of course, are used to simply divert us from that fact that your average CRONY capitalist couldn't make a profit in a TRUE free market if his/her life depended on it. 

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Like so much else going on, it will never be reported by the main stream media. If it isn't reported, it never happened. The looters now outnumber the producers, which is why Hillary will be the next president.

It was a nice country we used to have.

Forward (over the cliff)!

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Main Masses Media are a entertainment product between the real show, the advertisers. It was never there for information. Just the opposite. Mental narcossis. The mark, the rube, citizen is not to be disturbed, but dreamed along that the next financed F150 with 4wd and military grade aluminum will bring happiness, until the shot of consumer heroin wears off and new stimulus is induced. Say, football. Then Christmas. And while you are sitting there stuffing cheap carbohydrates down the pie hole, perhaps you would like to view the new pharma drugs to fight the foot nerve pain from the diabetes, or buy some diet liquids. Or a reverse mortgage because the
"Doctor" says it won't be long now and I'll need to enter a caged, assisted dying farm so that you don't die too fast such that the last savings might be passed on, instead of slowly, surely drained, with the last few weeks in the intensive care sucking up the insurance money.

Would you like to get the full Movie package too? ( Hey, someone's walking in the neighborhood....call the police )

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That's funny stuff.  Thanks for the comedy relief. 

How insulated would the middle class be right now if they had of put some savings in gold over the years?  Just sayin.

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Next Fed Chairman--anyone care to wager on Verne Troyer?

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thank god for SNAP.  food lines at walmart with EBT cards instead of the ugliness of poor people lining the streets.

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Being behind them when you know you'll be paying for yours and theirs just fills you with the spirit of giving...