Stunning Maps Depict Collapse Of Obamacare "Coverage" In 2017

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Remember when Obama toured around the country telling everyone that Obamacare was going to increase competition and lower premiums?  If not, here is an example to help jog your memory (comments taken from Obama remarks delivered at Prince George's Community College on 9/26/13):

Now, this is real simple.  It’s a website where you can compare and purchase affordable health insurance plans, side-by-side, the same way you shop for a plane ticket on Kayak -- (laughter) -- same way you shop for a TV on Amazon.  You just go on and you start looking, and here are all the options.


It’s buying insurance on the private market, but because now you’re part of a big group plan -- everybody in Maryland is all logging in and taking a look at the prices -- you’ve got new choices.  Now you've got new competition, because insurers want your business.  And that means you will have cheaper prices.  (Applause.)

Well, as we've pointed out numerous times things are not really playing out as Obama had hoped with premiums skyrocketing (see "Obamacare On "Verge Of Collapse" As Premiums Set To Soar Again In 2017") and "competition" collapsing (see "Tennessee Insurance Commissioner Warns Obamacare "Very Near Collapse"").

The two maps below prove that point beautifully by illustrating the epic collapse of Obamacare coverage in just 1 year.  A collapse that will leave a stunning number of people across the country with only 1 option for health insurance.  Meanwhile, healthcare shoppers in Pinal County, Arizona will actually be left with no options in 2017 as all carriers have abandoned service there. (charts per the New York Times)


2016 healthcare insurance carriers by county:

Obamacare 2016


2017 healthcare insurance carriers by county:

Obamacare 2017


Meanwhile, the Obama administration continues to insist that all is well with the Affordable Care Act.  Per the New York Times:

The Obama administration says it is too early to evaluate competition in the Obamacare markets for 2017. Marjorie Connolly, a spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services, said: “A number of steps remain before the full picture of marketplace competition and prices are known. Regardless, we remain confident that the majority of marketplace consumers will have multiple choices and will be able to select a plan for less than $75 per month when Open Enrollment begins Nov. 1.”

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

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Fundamentally Transgendering America

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Insurers want to maximize profits...and in the case of these exchanges, they want MORE of the GOVERNMENTS MONEY!

This is nothing but an extortion scheme to force the government to cough up more money for the exchanges.

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Slightly OT…

Here’s an interesting fact about Mylan’s CEO, Heather Bresch:

According to Wikipedia, Bresch was an MBA student at West Virginia University until 1998. In 2007, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Bresch had claimed to have an MBA degree from West Virginia University, but the university disputed that. The university subsequently awarded her an EMBA despite her not having attained sufficient credits (22 out of the required 48).

Her father, [Joe Manchin, currently a US Senator from WV] was governor of the state of West Virginia at the time.

In the ensuing controversy, the university announced in April 2008 that it would rescind Bresch's degree. Michael Garrison, WVU President at the time, was reported to be "a family friend and former business associate of Bresch" and a former consultant and lobbyist for Mylan. After a faculty vote of no confidence, Garrison and several university officials subsequently resigned.

BTW, her only qualifications for getting a clerical job at Mylan were: (1) being able to print postal labels, and (2) being Joe Manchin’s daughter. The bitch is a Hillary in the making!   ;-)


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That's the same thing Mylan's executive board did when they approved her 19 million salary. It's all fraud, every last bit. The politicians are talking about this because publicity stunt, but there are many, many other examples of the Epipen.


Hey tRump, if you wanna make murika great again call out FDA that enables and enforces this shit. Call out FTC and DOJ for enabling, enforcing, and encouraging monopolies that prey on sick people.

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They deliberately enable fraud and corruption and then point their fingers at capitalism as the villain. This is simply madness that the press will not illuminate this. It has to be a desire to see America...and the world, on its knees before the devil himself.

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The entire "establishment" is complicit. I don't get caught up too much on the isms debate, imho the defintions have become obsolete. There is no way it could get this bad, where literally *everything* is fraudulent, without the power of the state behind it. I remain very pessimistic about the future.

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True, Obamacare has forced many privileged Americans to pay slightly more. But coverage rates for minorities and women have increased substantially. What’s wrong with those who can afford it paying more so that less fortunate people can get coverage? Conservatives don’t make any sense.



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Well I be damned. Nancy Pelosi was right. They did have to pass it for us to really see what was in it. In light of this information, has anybody gone and asked her what we have to do to not see it?

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leanux (not verified) fishpoem Aug 26, 2016 10:03 PM

This is also what Obama will be remembered for:

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Wingman et al...BIG PICTURE!

Billy Tauzin, the former congressman turned pharmaceutical industry lobbyist, was paid $11.6 million in 2010, the year he brokered a deal with President Barack Obama that helped pass the health-care overhaul.

After the law was signed, Tauzin left his job as head of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, or PhRMA, as the highest-paid lobbyist among groups most involved in the overhaul debate. Karen Ignagni, leader of the insurer lobby, was paid $1.5 million in 2010 while Tom Donahue at the Chamber of Commerce made $4.8 million, tax records show.

Tauzin did “what loads of other politicians have done -- trading on his expertise and connections to amass great personal wealth,” said Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics in Washington, in a telephone interview. “He’s just more successful at it than others.”

Tauzin, a former Republican U.S. representative from Louisiana, joined PhRMA in 2004, a year after he wrote the law creating Medicare’s prescription drug benefit, a boon to the pharmaceutical industry, while he served as chairman of the House Energy and Commerce committee.

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OBAMA = One Big Ass Mistake for America.

Corrupt homosexual...

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Now I remember why I quit sticking knives in electrical sockets...

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Privileged Americans?

Slightly more?

And the poor still can't afford to get sick with $6000 deductibles and $300 OR co-pays. Better sit home and play Xbox/PS4 and pray you don't develop carpal tunnel or cataracts.

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"You have to pas the bill to find out what's in it."

Look, I found that it's a giant scam and I can't afford it!

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Just SAY you have insurance when checking the box on your 1040.  Is it really a "lie" when you "lie" to Liars?

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Nobama has only ever been concerned that people who can't afford gets for free, not the extent that the rest of pool pays.

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Make Obamacare THE plan for ALL government workers (congress critters, presidents, SCOTUS, etc.). Things would change. I do not know how everyone can keep a straight face and justify a different plan for THEM.

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"Fundamentally changed America one sheeple at a time!"


Mizzou’s paying the price for lame response to racial protests


If the University of Missouri thought its concessions to Black Lives Matter radicals would boost its appeal to students, it looks like it made a big mistake.

Six months after the radicals garnered national attention with fiery protests against supposed campus racism — and with Mizzou’s school year set to start in August — the university faces an enrollment drop of nearly 1,500 students. And a potential budget shortfall of $32 million.

“I am writing to you today to confirm that we project a very significant budget shortfall due to an unexpected sharp decline in first-year enrollments and student retention,” interim chancellor Hank Foley said in an email recently.

The actual drop in numbers turned out to be a whopping 2,100 or over 8% a result of catering to the tearrists on campus.



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The whole map will be purple soon. There will only be ONE provider,good ole Uncle Sammy.

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Its a feature, not a bug.

ACES FULL's picture

Exactly,if you just listen to them they admit that was the goal all along. Admitted after the fact of course.

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And still coverage will be spotty.

GCT's picture

Spot on Aces!!

This monster always was and will become a single payer system for the sheeple.  The law was designed this way.  Hillary will finish the job!!  I just want to puke stating that.

Full implementation of the law begins in 2017.  The waivers will expire and all the original backers of the law will see some pissed off people.  The government will come in and place all of us on a new single payer system.  Of course our politicians and high level govenment employees will never be placed in the system. 

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MDB's "slightly" is akin to K2 in a blizzard.

Privileged? opium in the MDB den must be musky and "slightly" potent

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Do you copy your comments off Obama's teleprompter?

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You must be grossly underappreciated.

You honesty deserve a quadrillion dollar bonus.

Excellent job my dear friend!

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Accredited times? Is that your blog? All the comments on your blog call you out for the liar you are, everything you stated was based on msm lies.

Here I thought you were being sarcastic the whole time! When you actually believe all the bullshit you type.

What a fucking asshole you are.  Billion dollar douchebag !!!!!

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Perhaps. But BDB is our asshole.
A ZH treasure trove of Alt-Lib insight.

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When he was born, they threw him away and kept the afterbirth.  In fact, I could have been his father, but his mother couldn;t make change for a dollar.

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You are either a complete idiot or some kind of troll. Maybe both. A trolling idiot.

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You some kind of an liberal asshole? 

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I don't have any insurance..........and I can't afford what is offered..............I make $500 a month..................try living on that!

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God´s own country, land of the free and home of the brave

is at least morally down to the level of Mugabe´s Simbabwe.

Banana republic at its finest.

The only country in the world, where one can buy a president. In spite him or her

beeing world´s leaders of corruption and stupidity.

If the US didn´t have their latinos, they would have collapsed long ago.

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There is corruption in government because government is corrupt.

Isms don't matter.

The Imperial Russian treasury was looted at the time of the Russian Revolution. It wasn't looted by the Proletariat. It went West.

The US war on the States ended slavery of Africans and created debt slaves of all citizens to the City of London.

Government is a worldwide scam.

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Crazy Khazarians...quite a crafty and untrustworthy lot

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I bought Triazolam in March 2016 for $85 at Costco.  New price at both Costco and Sams a few days ago = $235.    

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Yeah, it's criminal. On the topic of epinephrine, FDA turned around and declared OTC Primatene Mist was causing global warming and banned it, forcing millions of people to pay through the nose. They still sell tablets that aren't as good and you have to show a gov ID and sign that you swear penalty of perjury you're not making it into anything else. Probably get moar honest dealings from meth maufacturers. I like this one here...doxy...a 50 year old generic antibiotic.


Cost of Doxycycline Skyrockets


According to a U.S. House committee investigating price hikes in several generic drugs, the average wholesale price of 500 tablets in October 2013 was $20. Seven months later, the average wholesale price for the same amount was $1,849, an increase of more than 8,000 per cent.


This House committee didn't do a damn thing because nothing has changed.

*bold emphasis added by me

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Here2Go (not verified) chunga Aug 26, 2016 11:47 PM

"I bought Triazolam in..."


If you're having trouble sleeping you could just try going to a Celine Dion or Barry Manilow concert.

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 Do not take this drug. It is seriously dangerous. I have been an insomniac for 30 years and I would never take this drug. If you want to die then go ahead. Get some serious excersise and eat a balanced diet and excercise more. You eventually will sleep. Its all in your head. 

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eustace mullins wrote a great book on interlocking directorates and the annointed execs

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tRump don't care. It's a good thought just way too late. 

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Roman Catholic.  It pays to belong to the Mafia.

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A real MBA from an accredited university is 60 credits

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A real MBA from an accredited university is worthless.

There, fixed it for you.