$oRo$ (PART II)

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The two Soros prints yesterday and today, would make an excellent collector set. Think of the two together in one frame.

Enquiries: banzai7institute@gmail.com

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Well, I heard from our ZH Canadian gold mining buddy from Western Canada aka Angus McHugepenis.  I was at work and saw he PHONED twice.  He left a message.  I called him back twice and left him some wisdom in a message of my own. 

"She ain't gonna be near as pretty in the morning as she was last night."

At least we know he is alive.:-) 

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There's gold in them thar hills!

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All I know is that the Canuck screwball is still alive.  The further north you go the more insane you get.  The first order of business is addressing Canada's piss poor performance at the Rio Gas Station Olympics.  The Canadian swimmers didn't even show up to help wreck the SHILL bathroom and later make up stories for the press.  That just shows you what kind of friends those Canardians are.:-)

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Like I'd love to have pics of that Rothschild minion hanging on my wall...I'd rather have his skull on a pike at the foot of my walkway to my porch.

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Hillary Harkonnen?

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I like that.  The spice must flow.

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But still she was there, who was there before Sauron, and before the first stone of Barad-dûr; and she served none but herself, drinking the blood of Elves and Men, bloated and grown fat with endless brooding on her feasts, weaving webs of shadow; for all living things were her food, and her vomit darkness.

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Soros looks like Darth Vader without the helmet on. 

Darth plays harmonica: in this video you can see what he looks like without the helmet:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3eZBevXohCI

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Heavenlysunshine  Aug 27, 2016 1:26 PM

The Bible gave us Judas, the betrayer, to hate; in literature, Orwell's '1984" presented Emanuel Goldstein to hate;

at present, we are given George Soros as the arch-villain to focus on.    Interesting. "

I'm not that narrow, I can name about 20 supervillains that need to be cremated. Soros, just happens to be a warped activist showman. The other 19 are just as evil though more cunning.

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you may have noticed that good conversation and open argumentation, honest,
have been outlawed in the contemporary mindset?

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Nice, WB.  Now how about bringing Trump into the picture carrying a pig sticker?  Better than he deserves but hey.

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which cultures or civilizations have risen
to the stage of good conversation held in public?
let me say none, just to attempt the initiation of a good
argument. we need some good arguments today.

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The Amish, for example, have been a relatively mild-mannered, self-sufficient

and pacifist cultural group.

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notice the media does not cover their discussions or arguments.

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Could it be that what happens among the Amish, stays within the Amish?

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It's true, 'most any family has present or past skeletons in the closet

they don't want to discus.

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Thanks WB. So tired of this shit show. Thanks for your commentary. Wish today's musicians would comment on current affairs...oh ja...guess they won't get to be heard on any joo stations then.
These were the days then.

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Wealth is a flow and it cannot be saved. Spent it must be as it accrues, whether on consumption or on capital outlay designed to produce future wealth. As regards the first, life is consumptionfrom the cradle to the grave, consumption of that pristine flow of energy we owe to the sun. The efforts of the financier and monied person to make life a balance-sheet with the debit and credit sides in agreement are untrue to nature. Life is a continuous expenditure of wealth and in this point again Ruskin, rather than the modern chrematist was absolutely in agreement with science. And, as regards the second, capital expenditure, even though it is designed to increase the flow of wealth, and admittedly, over a certain natural period which is not infinite, it does achieve this object it is expenditure as much as the other. The river of wealth is thus divided, but a part is metered carefully and recorded as an accumulation of capital indebtedness against the community. Scientific men, in the innocence of their hearts and the benevolence of their souls, fondly imagine that by increasing the revenue available for life they benefit the community. But do they? The larger the revenue, and the greater the flow above that required for inmediate consumption, the greater the debts incurred by the community and the impossibility of their ever being repaid. Meantime, though real wealth rots if stored, the meter readings spontaneously bear interest and increase ad infinitum. The principles and ethics of human conduct and convention have their own code and standards, but whatever they may be, they must conform to and not run counter to the principles of thermodynamics. A chauffeur may have a soul above the mechanism of his car, but if it led him to try to run it on already consumed petrol, none the less he would be considered a great ass.


Federick Soddy.

Again wealth is a flow and cannot be saved.

Repeat after me 

Wealth is a flow and cannot be saved. 


Wealth is a flow and cannot be saved.

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Gold doesn't rust. That which rusts can be processed. If it rots, its fertilizer for another process.

Community arises from a shared set of values. Wealth is a surplus a community shares. Prosperity results from stored wealth. Prosperity is shared. Or denied. What I produce is mine to share with whom I care to, or hoard. The corrupt State as it is now steals not just my surplus but my basis. With a pen and thugs. China is just more advanced along the Dewey/Toohey path. Nobody there invents or produces anything because the State takes it all. So they all beggar their naybores, just like the government. 

What I invent and discover I am responsible for. Learned that from Tesla, Einstein and Feynman. You have no claim on my work if I do not offer it voluntarilly and I receive adequate compensation. Idiots have nothing I want. They have no money except what they steal. They can't appreciate my work and respect me for it. They are crass and rude. They obstruct my passage and deny me access to my own base resources. A gun to my head is not incentive. Not killing me is not just compensation. This mob is not my community and has no claim on me. With malice of forethought the architects of this mob obliterated my community.

When I die I'm taking my work with me. I could have enriched all your lives, but looking at what you have done I chose not to on the grounds that you are collectively too stupid and will destroy yourselves with that which you already have been given. Up yours, looters.

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what is this gold i have heard of?

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It's nothing of concern. Probably just FES2.

Just so you don't feel bad I'll give you equal weight of dried wild boar dung to heat your chicory coffee substitute in the morning.

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speaking of flow and energy, gold has a singular
signature in relation to storage and creation. what is stored
in the world? do we know anything about symbols,
language, context or perish ability today? what is information,
what is knowledge? what was the universe doing when it created
the element au and then the eye/mind of man?
what in the world is quality anyway? and how long does it all last?
does the post modern flow paradigm entirely
denounce the concept of quality?
it is funny and extremely painful, that is all i can say.
get used to it or exit?

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bravo & kudos, DOC.

made me think of this (my favorite) canto from E. Pound:


"store up for yourself treasures which are in heaven, where neither moth nor rust corrupt."


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I'm not convinced.

The principles and ethics of human conduct and convention have their own code and standards, but whatever they may be, they must conform to and not run counter to the principles of thermodynamics.

The practice of capitalism INCREASES order in the universe and , apparently, decreases entropy.

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"Increases order in the universe "

I love it 

The universe is a big place.

The Italians respond to the usury crisis.....



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Soros speaking some truth in 2008.

"Forclosures.... you cannot do without, as that gives mortgages their value "

Think about that for a second.
The financier does not see the supposed physical value of the property - he see collateral seizure.
Your piece of the  energy pie.
Collateral seizure is the true driver of inflation and not the money supply.
Inflation subsequently fuels the racetrack economy.
The movement of oil out of the human production / consumption sphere and into the giant orbiting spinning wheel

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The trash class and homes/cars = Indians and trinkets.

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You 16th-century "usury" folks sure suck at economics.

Look dude, mv=pq over the long run. It's an accounting tautology. Printing money increases prices, everything else is just incidental.


Edit: just remembered i wrote this. https://hxcbastard.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/disaggregating-the-equation-...

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MV=PY. Money times velocity equals the price level times total output Q, or total income Y, or transactions T, which are the same in what might be called a “closed” economy.

Keynes: n = p(k + rk')

Both suck as far as I'm concerned.

I've got two different rocks...If you hit them together they make a spark to start a fire. I'm hungry and you're cold.

I'll give you 1/4 of my rocks if you give me 1/4 of your Mastodon.

Simple as that!

Fuck  maffmatical formulas!

edit: I enjoyed reading and yelling at my my computer while reading your wordpress post. (which I thought was pretty good although a little hoity toity) Thanks!

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i beg to differ: economists suck at economics; moreover, they are just toadies carrying water for the bankers -- paid to formalize bankers interests as ecomnomic 'law'.  funny how economists prattle on endlessly about productivity, and yet they are among the least productive members of society.  my advice to economists?  start developing some calouses on those hands, you'll need them for the manual labor in your future.  there they will learn what productivity really means.  shovel ready?  you bitches bettah be!

also, i'm not sure you have permission to use a word like tautology; furthermore, you're confusing accounting (a trade) with a bunch of useless theorists (economists).

"printing money is the ONLY thing that increases price, everything else is just incidental."  are you sure you wanna stand-by that statement?

usurers have you bamboozled into thinking that they advance productivity and abundance through the very thing most caustic to both.  reminds me of that quote from charlie manson, "you beat a man with a whip, he starts to like a whip."  you seem to love the sting of the lash.  not janus.  

death to all bankers,


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one moar.
Team - "Sad Clown With The Golden Voice" Lorde Cover ft. Puddles Pity Party

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Royals - ("Sad Clown With The Golden Voice") -
Postmodern Jukebox Lorde Cover ft. Puddles Pity Party

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DJ Shadow feat. Run The Jewels - Nobody Speak (Official Video)

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WB, another brillant reflection of history unfolding!

This is my second attempt since Charter cable cut my first response off: "Server not found" when I hit the save button....this seems to happen regularly now.


Clintonator with evil $ugar daddy's support is vying for the title: "Babylon the Great, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations of the Earth."



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if anyone you know says they are voting for
clinton just ask them if they ever heard of
terry reed and larry nichols. tell them
you can talk about it when they have done
some looking into these two. if they still support
clinton then there is no hope for the federal government
of united states of america, none whatsoever.
just sayin'.

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My neighbor excitely told me yesterday; "The alt-right, this Trump guy Bannan are horrible, hILLary is the only answer".  My reply; "You are looking at an "alt-right person, you must not value laws & civil society if that's your choice....why not look at a 3rd party candidate?  She's on my prayer list that her eyes & ears may open to truth.

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vince foster 60m deception
"..one piece of evidence that proves he died in the park." reed
what is it?
min. 40

blindman's picture

alt right lives matter. where did this term
come from? just more divisive political smear
jelly for the empty talking heads to throw around
between shitty commercials for soap, poisons and
industrial garbage for sale. it is a wonder americans
can tie their shoes without shittling themselves today.
the media and the politicians and corporations have
destroyed a few generations with their stupid, evil "business">
i'm watching the clown with the golden voice and james booker
as an antidote, seems to be working?

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> where did this term come from?

It's been floating around for a while but apparently bannon published something earlier this year on brietbart.com that gave it some definition and included some white supremacists in it.  Now that don't mean nuthin by itself until bannon showed up on the Trump campaign and became fodder for the Hildabeast.

If you actually read the breitbart piece it's much broader than that but still not real clear.  The left takes the term, puts the worst possible spin on it, and then uses it to also include anything from Trump to Cruz to Rush to ZH.

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to be clear, power is accomplished by the elite convincing
the mush heads to accept their terms, nouns and privileged
verbs. there was a guy who talked about 'verbewarp' and
other terms to consider, he was on to something important.

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A"mericans Derelict for Allowing the Clinton Crime Family"

"Shame is the hallmark of a lost civilization.  Mislaid ethics is the cause of tolerating generational political corruption."



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Smells like world war three- kind of like dead floating pigs.

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The smell of China in the morning. Dead pigs floating in the rivers. Memories.

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"Some day, this war's gonna end."


Quite FRANKLY, there's nothing like the smell of a clean, sexy, tight woman sitting on my face while she gives me fellatio (in the morning).


THIS is a bad-ass riff!


It's up to YOU. Just fight the evil in your mind. The more love you give, the more you find!



I think that Chinese women would be much more attactive if they stopped eating pork. (The same goes for ALL women)

FUGLINESS has stages.