"We Are At A Point Where The Encroachment Of Government Power Has Historically Resulted In Rebellion"

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Overnight, one of our favorite hedge fund commentators, (ex) IceFarm Capital's Michael Green, was gruesomely entertained by Ken Rogoff's WSJ Op-Ed, pushing for a ban on $20, $50 and $100 bills, to which he - just like us - has some less than kind words.

Unlike our bemused conclusion about the idiocy of Rogoff's latest pitch to do away with cash (something we predicted would happen years ago as banning cash is a necessary, if not sufficient, condition for NIRP to work), Green provides the following thought experiment to demonstrate just how ridiculous economic prescriptions have become:

"Ken wants even more powerful monetary policy ability to pursue negative rates – because they are doing such a bang up job in Japan and Europe – or at least they would be if it weren’t for that pesky reality of cash.  Like many Keynesian proposals, however, this ridiculous love affair is predicated on a very simple concept – lower interest rates equals more borrowing and therefore economic growth.  A simple thought experiment suffices to prove this fallacy.  Imagine the government sets a -100% rate to “stimulate” growth.  Almost immediately, all economic activity would cease.  Payments would go unaccepted, checks would be refused, loanable funds would evaporate.  Yes, there would be an initial burst of economic activity as “savers” fled from currency, but move to the second economic period… what happens next?  Do banks lend money?  They would like to… but who would take the electronic deposit that needed to be spent immediately with no one willing to accept it?  It’s an absurd scenario, but it illustrates the primary issue with negative rates – under a negative rate scenario, the only participant receiving more cash over time is the governmentThe private sector slowly collapses as we are seeing in Japan and Europe in real time.

Green then confirms something else we have said for years, namely that "the Keynesian model of banking is simply wrong."

Banks are not constrained by either cash or reserves – both are easily available in ordinary times and in fact modern research into the credit creation process reveals that neither is viewed as a constraint.  Using the equivalent of the medical technique of tagging radioactive isotopes for cancer research, Richard Werner presented empirical studies on this subject in 2014


This paper presents the first empirical evidence in the history of banking on the question of whether banks can create money out of nothing. The banking crisis has revived interest in this issue, but it had remained unsettled. Three hypotheses are recognised in the literature. According to the financial intermediation theory of banking, banks are merely intermediaries like other non-bank financial institutions, collecting deposits that are then lent out. According to the fractional reserve theory of banking, individual banks are mere financial intermediaries that cannot create money, but collectively they end up creating money through systemic interaction. A third theory maintains that each individual bank has the power to create money ‘out of nothing’ and does so when it extends credit (the credit creation theory of banking). The question which of the theories is correct has far-reaching implications for research and policy. Surprisingly, despite the longstanding controversy, until now no empirical study has tested the theories. This is the contribution of the present paper. An empirical test is conducted, whereby money is borrowed from a cooperating bank, while its internal records are being monitored, to establish whether in the process of making the loan available to the borrower, the bank transfers these funds from other accounts within or outside the bank, or whether they are newly created. This study establishes for the first time empirically that banks individually create money out of nothing. The money supply is created as ‘fairy dust’ produced by the banks individually, "out of thin air".


Richard Werner, International Review of Financial Analysis

So while banning cash is necessary for NIRP, NIRP in itself - as well as the Keynesian model in general - are flawed, something which is increasingly obvious to all, and thus eliminating paper currency will do nothing more than push more to buy precious metals.

There is, however, another more important observation which Green makes: as he says, "there is no coincidence between Rogoff’s proposals and the Google nGram of Benjamin Franklin’s quote on liberty"

"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” - Benjamin Franklin

A    Whiskey Rebellion                                                                                
B    War of 1812                                                                                
C    Patriot War (vs Canada)                                                                           
D    Civil War                                                                                     
E    Indian Wars                                                                                
F    Spanish-American War                                                                           
G    World War II                                                                                
H    War on "Terror"                                                                                

Which brings us to Green's startling conclusion: we may have reached that point in history, where rebellion - due to government incursion into private liberty - is once again inevitable. To wit: "We are at a point where the encroachment of government power, whether foreign or domestic, has historically resulted in some form of a rebellion against said power." 

He continues:

Sometimes those are futile (Whiskey Rebellion, Patriot War, Civil War), other times those are successful.  Regardless, they are costly.  It is likely not a coincidence that economic booms (mid 1820s, 1850s [driven by gold rush in California], 1920s and 1990s] resulted in little interest in libertarian slogans, while periods with high utility for Franklin’s quote match up well with military activity.  Rogoff is approaching this period from the perspective that governments are being “deprived of tax revenues” that could be used to drive further economic growth if utilized by governments to repay debts; the correct” approach is to view negative rates as a tax on the private sector to fund the public sector.  Until this second view is embraced (which I would not count on any time soon), we should expect more proposals of this nature – and eventually their embrace by madmen in authority:


“Practical men who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influence, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist. Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back”


      - John Maynard Keynes

Incidentally, if anyone is tired of holding physical cash, Green has a modest proposal: "as an alternative to negative rates or the abolition of cash, on the Ice Farm we have instituted the world’s first storage facility for unwanted $100 bills – please feel free to donate your unwanted large denomination cash."

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New battle cry...  Give me liberty or give me a SNAP card.

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"Pushing for a ban on $20, $50 and $100 bills"

Weimar is going to be a bitch without large denomination bills.
This is wrong headed. They need to ban small denominations, nothing less than a 5000 should be about right for a while.

Restorative_Ally's picture

The elite thought it out this time. They printed money and kept it in the hands of a few banks and cronies. If the money never gets to the people, there can be no hyperinflation, except in the case of extreme luxury goods and services offered by the wealthy (healthcare, equity markets, maybe bank owned housing). They won't be giving us a dime because they know we will pay off our debts, which would cripple the scheme. Worse comes to worse and the economy crumbles, you and I are broke but still have debt, the banks go broke but have trillions in emergency reserves on the Fed balance sheet. We still owe them, and there is no way they go under because with the swipe of a pen, those reserves are freed up for the banks. They don't have to play by the rules. No hyperinflation will be coming. Just misery until the end. We will owe them our children in exchange for the clothes on our backs. It was always the plan.

litemine's picture

Me Thinks you're Right, sad as it is.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

This is why any vestige of real value must be remove from monetary regime of Fictional Reserve. Even physical token of value must be remove, until is all 1 and 0. Amerikansky, prepare to be turn off and on like flip of light switch. Choose ye this day whom you will serve!

bleu's picture

There'll be no rebellion. The CURSE will make sure of that.

3rdWorldTrillionaire's picture

so far, so good... now, describe this so-called, "end". What's that look like?

Restorative_Ally's picture

Slavery. Complete domination of non-jews by the Jewish master race.

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Restorative_Ally Aug 28, 2016 3:32 PM

Maybe. But, there are a lot of federal reserve notes floating around the world that people would be more than happy to exchange for real money, once the inflation hits.

Maybe the chance for stackers to get some cheap dollars to pay of debts/buy land, before it is all over.

WordSmith2013's picture



2016 — A Critical Year! The American People Must Act NOW … Or Face The Consequences Of Electing Treasonous Leadership
acetinker's picture

Yeah but- they gave you a way out, and then made you think it was immoral to use it.

As soon as my divorce is finalized, I'm filing chapter 13.

It's not for everyone, but by doing so I'm gonna dump about 85% of that fraudulent debt right back into the laps of them who induced me to create it.  At 0% interest.  Fuck 'em.

It's like a personal debt jubilee, and trust me, they deserve it.

Some call me Richard Parker's picture

Naturally, anyone holding a bill larger than $100 is punishable by imprisonment.

SurfinUSA's picture

So the fat cats will need a wad of $5, $10 to tip their waiter or doorman.  Not only that, without $20, $50, and $100 bills, the "gentlemen" clubs will disappear, leaving bar bunnies destitute.  Outrageous. 

JennifersBody's picture

Bitcoin should also soar in popularity if this idiocy is allowed to proceed.

Sudden Debt's picture

The banks are ready to launch their own bitcoin and people will flood into it expecting the same kind of returns.

Buy the real stuff and hide it.

aminorex's picture

Bitcoin is traceable and hence controllable. To protect yourself from extortionists kidnappers and theives, whether governments, NGOs, or freelancers, you need Monero.  The market has chosen Monero due to cryptographic merit.  I am up 20x in my holdings today, and there are 7 billion people who don't know about monero yet.

Sudden Debt's picture

Have you guys ever actually talked to the average Jane's and Doe's???


If you talk to them about the corruption these days, they just say: yeah... hehehehehe.... always been like that...

Most find it funny!

Nothing can be done about it.



And don't underestimate the power of the media. It the tvbox says hillary is the good guy, most will just repeat it. Especially the older generation as they believe that what is said on TV is the truth and nothing but the truth.

Winston Churchill's picture

i've met a whole two people that say they'll vote for Hitlary.

Everybody else,when you ask probing questions, havehad enough of the status quo.

It may be that way in Belgium, but its not in my neck of the swamps.

Sudden Debt's picture

Well, our regime is what your end will look like.

The only time our country was doing well was when we didn't have a government for a year.

Over here, the people are depressingly idiotic and egocentric. I guess that's what happens when people live to close to each other and turn into lemmings.

I guess that's why I'm dreaming of selling everything, leaving Europe and restart my life somewhere else.



eekastar's picture

Especially the older generation as they believe that what is said on TV is the truth and nothing but the truth "


My friend, a significant number of Brexit voters were  'the older generation'.

I appreciate your youthful urge for change (godspeed!) but you do underestimate the knowledge and wisdom among +/-babyboomers.

Not to mention their number...



adanata's picture


ES... I agree completely. It was the older people; those with a knowledge of history and common sense, who actually swung the Brexit vote. I find young people don't know the difference between socialsim, capitalism and free enterprise. Only the young, uniformed and the idiotic can be sold a "free lunch". I'm old and I don't watch TV; I know shit when I see it. Most people will put up with an amazing amount of pain before they finally say, "That's it".... I believe our rulers underestimate our endurance and perceive it as weakness or stupidity.. which it often times may be... but you get to the point when it's enough already, consequences be damned. The "reset" will probably be that point.

True Blue's picture

III% is all you really need -so long as 1/3 inactively support, 1/3 inactively opposes, and 1/3 sits on the fence.

chunga's picture

I dunno, as a social studies project, whenever I'm out around strangers I use the word "fraud" to see what happens. It often gets quite a response. I think moar and moar of the sheeple are realizing the world is one big Epipen.

Things that go bump's picture

Rebellions don't require the participation or support of the majority of the populace. In fact, according to Erica Chenoweth, no government has survived if 3.5% of the population is mobilized against it. That's still about 11 million people in the US. See the transcript or video of her TEDtalk at:


And according to her research, over the course of the past 50 years every single campaign that reached that 3.5% threshold was a nonviolent one using civil disobedience and resistance. Nonviolent resistance allows many who would be unable to participate in armed conflict to participate in such resistance. I don't think I'm young enough or fit enough and I don't have the training to take up arms, but I could participate in a national strike by dragging my junker down to park it on the freeway along with others to block those trying to get to work and then park my fat ass in front of it in support. I'm okay with being hit or hauled off to jail or tear gassed. I already buy precious metals and keep nothing in the bank. I'll happily show up and plop my fat ass at any protest and generally get in peoples' way. I'll bring extra lunches and extra bottled water to share. I'm down for this, and I think it's past time.

CNONC's picture

"Anatomy of Revoltion" by Crane Brinton suggest the same.  Ideas of revolutions as popular uprisings arise from the myths built up after the fact.  B uilding a persuasive idealogical argument against the old regime is the first task of the potential revolutionaries.  I kind of see fora such as ZH as a (horribly distorted) modern version of the commitees of correspondence. The corruption and failure of the old system is becoming apparent.  The most important thing us older folks can do at this point is to convince as many people as possible that free markets and self government are the solution and not the problem, and that allowing corporate power and government power to join is deadly to freedom.

Radical Marijuana's picture

There is no doubt that you are correct, Sudden Debt!

I have been working on the potential of the Canadian Political Contribution Tax Credit since 1984, and I continue to try to do so through Canadian Electoral District Associations. During that time, I have discussed monetary and taxation system issues with tens of thousands of different people from all walks of life, including a few hundred lawyers and a couple dozen judges, since I also had two long court cases against the Canadian government regarding the laws that control the funding of registered political parties.

Since about 2008, I am no longer able to maintain the slightest shred of idealism nor optimism towards the most probable finite futures for civilization based upon public governments enforcing frauds by private banks.

However, I sort of disagreed with your conclusion that:

"Nothing can be done about it."

It is certainly correct that nothing GOOD can be done about the ways that public governments enforce frauds by private banks. But nevertheless, the FACTS are that those enforced frauds are becoming more and more fraudulent, at about an exponential rate. Therefore, various things which are extremely BAD can and surely will be done about that!

There is NO reasonable doubt that the public schools and mainstream mass media LIE BY OMISSION, to the degree that the vast majority of taxpayers are so totally clueless that they do not have a clue how clueless they are. Furthermore, they tend to have been successfully conditioned in such ways that the vast majority of taxpayers do not want to understand how the monetary and taxation systems really work   ... BUT, because those ARE THE FACTS it makes NO material difference that those ARE THE FACTS!

Moreover, the overall social situation is much WORSE because of the degree that not only is there almost nothing but the core of triumphant organized crime, operating through bankster dominated governments, but also, there is almost nothing which is publicly significant than various layers of controlled opposition groups surrounding that core of triumphant organized crime, which developed through the history of the vicious spirals of political funding enforcing frauds, so that fraudulence was able to increase at about an exponential rate.

Most of the material published on Zero Hedge is being presented by various of those layers of controlled opposition. Hence, there is usually only superficially correct analysis, followed by bogus "solutions," which remain within that original superficiality. As Cognitive Dissonance has stated, which is deeply and almost universally true: "The absolute best controlled opposition is one that doesn't know they are controlled."

FRAUDULENT FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS REQUIRED CIVILIZATION TO PUBLICLY IGNORE THE PRINCIPLE OF THE CONSERVATION OF ENERGY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, WHILE ALSO MISUNDERSTANDING THE CONCEPT OF ENTROPY IN THE MOST ABSURDLY BACKWARD WAYS POSSIBLE. Given the extreme degree to which everything already operates through fraudulent financial accounting systems, most of those who superficially recognize that still tend to grossly understate that!



Hence, that the underlying conditions for the majority of people are deteriorating, at about an exponential rate, towards some sorts of "rebellions," are reasonable expectations, within any previous consideration of historical circumstances where: "We Are At A Point Where The Encroachment Of Government Power Has Historically Resulted In Rebellion"

However, "Rebellions" are nowhere close to becoming successful "Revolutions."

There are no good grounds to expect "democracy" that is
already at least 99% destroyed to be able to ever recover.

Theoretically speaking, enough people would have to understand that money is measurement backed by murder, and so, their primary responsibilities as citizens are to direct those combined money/murder systems. However, what has already actually happened are that the public "money" supplies have become about 99% privatized, while the public murder systems have become something like about 75% privatized. Given those basic social facts, the only reasonable expectations are that the ruling classes will continue to become even worse psychotic psychopaths, while those they rule over will become even worse political idiots. Paradoxically, the better people adapt to living inside systems based on enforcing frauds, the more criminally insane they actually become. However, they continue to appear to themselves, and to most other people, as still being socially successful:

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

-- Jiddu Krishnamurti

"They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness."

-- Aldous Huxley

It was always obvious to any intellect with a shred of appreciation of the mathematics of exponential growth that endless exponential growth of civilization was absolutely impossible. Furthermore, many relatively well-informed people have been predicting for at least several decades that the manifestations of diminishing returns as the real limits to growth would probably start to become significant about now, and likely get exponentially worse in the next few decades. However, since the established systems were based upon public governments enforcing frauds by private banks, while those who were nearer the sources of that public "money" being made out of nothing as debts, in order to "pay" to continue to strip-mine the planet, were "benefiting" the most from those systems, as well as were able to become the best available professional hypocrites, who could best bullshit about themselves "benefiting" from those kinds of systems, regardless of the ways that those enforced frauds were runaway social psychoses, there has NEVER been any practically possible ways to stop that from continuing to happen ...



There are no reasonable doubts about the basic history of
the currently established systems of public governments
enforcing frauds by private banks
as described by Carroll Quigley:

"... powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching goal, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole ... to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements. ... The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks which were themselves private corporations. ... It must not be felt that the heads of the world's chief central banks were themselves substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather they were the technicians and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised them up, and who were perfectly capable of throwing them down. The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful, and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks."


"If history shows anything, it is that there’s no better way to justify relations founded on violence, to make such relations seem moral, than by reframing them in the language of debt — above all, because it immediately makes it seem that it’s the victim who’s doing something wrong."

— David Graerber



Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

"Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Natural science is the study of the sources and control of natural energy, and social science, theoretically expressed as economics, is the study of the sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeeping systems: mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is the primary energy science. And the bookkeeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping. ... In this structure, credit, presented as a pure element called "currency," has the appearance of capital, but is in effect negative capital. Hence, it has the appearance of service, but is in fact, indebtedness or debt. ... if balanced in no other way, will be balanced by the negation of population (war, genocide)... They must eventually resort to war to balance the account, because war ultimately is merely the act of destroying the creditor ... War is therefore the balancing of the system by killing the true creditors (the public ...)"


The article above quoted Richard Werner, International Review of Financial Analysis:

This study establishes for the first time empirically that banks individually create money out of nothing. The money supply is created as ‘fairy dust’ produced by the banks individually, "out of thin air".

That is done through bookkeeping tricks, or magical mathematics, which "fairy dust" works because of the history of how public governments have ENFORCED FRAUDS by private banks. However, the excessively successful ENFORCED FRAUDS are necessarily becoming exponentially more FRAUDULENT, and hence, more and more people are noticing and talking about the accumulating apparent anomalies.

The standard patterns continue to be that most people do not understand, and do not want to bother to understand those apparent anomalies. The schools and mass media continue to MASSIVELY LIE BY OMISSION about how the existing monetary and taxation systems really work. Therefore, no good grounds are available in order to have any reasonable hopes for the foreseeable finite futures of those systems based upon enforced frauds becoming exponentially more fraudulent, ESPECIALLY because most of the few who do notice and discuss those phenomena tend to NOT go through series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts, which are what are necessary to better come to terms with the accumulating apparent anomalies. 

While the mass media tend to continue to deliberately ignore the ways that the public "money" supplies are being made out of nothing as debts by private banks, while those frauds continue to be enforced by public governments, alternative news, e.g., Zero Hedge, mostly continues to be controlled opposition because "the absolute best controlled opposition is one that doesn't know they are controlled." Those relative few who do bother to better understand the monetary and taxation systems mostly continue to still do so in ways which takes most of the biggest bullies' bullshit natural languages for granted, as well as mostly still takes for granted the banksters' bullshit world view, which is based on taking for granted the degree to which the public perceptions of everything has been almost totally INVERTED.

Those who superficially recognize that the MAD Money As Debt systems are based upon the public "money" supplies becoming about 99% based on negative capital, which has annihilated "free market capitalism," almost never engage in deeper levels of analysis regarding how and why THOSE ARE FACTS. (While, of course, the vast majority of the rest of the people do not know THOSE FACTS, and do not want to know, and so, certainly do nothing effective to resist that.) Therefore, what is really happening is that the excessive successfulness of controlling civilization through applications of the methods of organized crime is manifesting more and more as runaway criminal insanities.

The MAD Money As Debt systems are not only deferring the debts onto the young and future generations, but also, since the debt controls are backed by the death controls, the deaths are also being deferred and transferred onto future generations. The vicious spirals of political funding enforcing frauds continue to enable privatization of profits, while the losses are socialized. Even when the socialized losses become greater than the privatized profits, those socialized losses have no coherent ways to prevent the privatization profits from continuing to dominate the funding of the political processes, and thus enable the continuation of enforced frauds to become exponentially more fraudulent.

Therefore, it is correct to say: "Nothing GOOD can be done about it." 

But nevertheless, things which are extremely BAD can be done about that. The public figureheads of the central banks are agents of a collective group of trillionaire mass murderers. Perhaps those agents do not know what they are doing, when the systems that they are supposed to control, which were based upon public governments enforcing frauds by private banks become exponentially more fraudulent, as well as increasingly out of touch with the ways that their "money" made out of nothing as debts was being used to "pay" for strip-mining the natural resources of a fresh planet. However, it is clear that the only things which the established systems have actually prepared for, as well as instigated through series of false flag attacks, are to start more genocidal wars, along with preparing to impose martial law. The established systems are setting themselves up to demonstrate what was always the case, namely that MONEY IS MEASUREMENT BACKED BY MURDER.

The tragic trajectory we are on is most probably the exponential growth of mass murders, such that hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people are going to be mass murdered. Those who are not willing and able to engage in any deeper levels of analysis of how and why the debt controls are backed by the death controls are able to promote their superficial nonsense about "reforms." However, collectively we are necessarily headed towards some kinds of "revolutions" spinning out of control, because what actually exists are combined money/murder systems, and therefore, no realistic ways are possible to change the money systems without changing the real murder systems that back that up.

The real problems are due to the central banks supervising banking systems based upon the manifestation of the ways that civilization operates according to the principles and methods of organized crime. While most people do not understand that, because they have been conditioned to not want to understand that, most of the few who superficially do understand, as well as recognize that the consequences are becoming exponentially more fraudulent, still tend to deliberately ignore and/or misunderstand that political economy operates inside human ecology.

When private banks make the public "money" supplies out of nothing as debts, that is an expression of the long history whereby violence was transformed into the language of debt. Human beings and civilization operate as manifestations of general energy systems. However, doing so NECESSARILY means civilization operates according to the principles and methods of organized crime. At the same time, that includes the NECESSARY corollaries that civilization has developed in ways which publicly express the maximum possible dishonesties about itself, since all the dominate sociopolitical systems are operated by the best available professional hypocrites.

That central banks, and the rest of the monetary systems backed by the taxation systems, are the recent manifestations of the ways that natural selection pressures drove the development of artificial selection systems to become most socially successful by becoming based upon the maximum possible deceits and frauds, which systems are structured in ways which drive them to automatically work toward becoming even more deceitful and fraudulent.

The only way to actually have any "sound and honest money systems" are to have "sound and honest murder systems" to back those up. Of course, that is why we are stuck having to muddle through the MADNESS of the combination of MAD Money As Debt, backed by MAD Mutual Assured Destruction. The already entrenched debt slavery systems have generated numbers which are debt insanities, and those have provoked, in some places, some significant degrees death insanities. However, those death insanities have barely begun, compared to what one can most reasonably expect in the foreseeable future, during the 21st Century, since it seems politically impossible to develop better murder systems, to back up better money systems, other than through the established systems spinning out of human control, to become "revolutionary."

(Note that, at the present time cryptocurrencies are merely tiny parasites riding on top of bigger parasites, and therefore, those are NOT genuinely realistic resolutions of the real problems. Similarly, going backwards to any commodity backed form of money is also a bogus "solution," since something like a gold standard money, actually only changes that money is measurement backed by murder to become the measurement of gold backed by murder.)

Since the established systems will NOT admit and address that the debt controls ARE backed by the death controls, because political economy NECESSARILY operates inside the human ecology, there are no politically possible "reforms" of the established systems, which historically evolved to become based upon the maximum possible frauds and deceits, while generation after generation of the best available professional hypocrites developed to operate those systems. Rather, what is actually happening is exponentially increasing FRAUDULENCE, so that the ruling classes are becoming increasingly psychotic psychopaths, while those they rule over match that by becoming increasingly impotent political idiots. (That the vast majority of people are behaving like political idiots regarding the public monetary and taxation systems tends to be made even worse by the ways that there is almost nothing which is publicly significant with respect to that actually happening than various controlled opposition groups, which includes almost all of those who publish anything on Zero Hedge.)

There should be series of intellectual scientific revolutions and profound paradigm shifts, BECAUSE there now exist globalized systems of electronic monkey money frauds, backed by the threat of force from apes with atomic bombs. However, BECAUSE that is the case, the vast majority of those monkeys and apes are NOT able and willing to sufficiently change the ways that they think. Instead, the established systems based upon enforcing frauds continue to become exponentially more fraudulent, since the only things they can desperately attempt to do from within those established systems is continue to double down on what are already flabbergasting levels of debt.

Indeed, the only marginally possible preferable outcomes to the most probable finite futures of the currently dominant civilization is that provoking unprecedented levels of death insanities might be channeled and catalyzed to become better death control systems, which then back up better debt control systems. However, since the established systems are based upon enforcing frauds, they are also based upon deliberately ignoring and/or misunderstanding themselves actually doing that as much as humanly possible, despite the accumulating apparent anomalies that the results are exponentially increasing fraudulence, which can NOT have any possible resolutions through any possible "reforms" from within those systems.

Willy-nilly, we are being driven towards "revolutions" going out of control, AS "REBELLIONS" DRIVEN BY THE DESPERATION OF INCREASING NUMBERS OF PEOPLE OCCUR, because the only sufficient resolutions MUST be changes in the death control systems, while the only politically possible ways those can happen are through the eruptions of death insanities, provoked by the underlying debt insanities, as triggered by even more treacherous deceits. While it appears that the agents supervising the central banks are running out of options, those behind them are able and willing to change gears to up their game, in the form of causing unprecedented death insanities. ... Along the way there, we will probably see series of severe social storms blowing through, as various "Rebellions." However, those will mostly end up making the deteriorating conditions become even worse, ever faster ...

It is theoretically possible to better understand human beings and civilization as manifestations of general systems, since, indeed, they already ARE! However, doing so tends to INVERT the public perception of everything, on level after level, of deeper analysis. Not only are the problems actually the opposite of what most people were taught to perceive, but also the genuine solutions are the opposite of what most people were taught to believe.

Old-fashioned ideas about "Rebellions" and/or "Revolutions" are useless, if not worse! However, since the vast majority of people are surely not going to understand that, because they do not want to understand that, while that also will surely include most of the controlled opposition groups, the EXISTING systems based upon enforced frauds will continue to become exponentially more fraudulent, and thus, drive themselves through series of psychotic breakdowns, and crazy collapses into chaos, as severe social storms blow through, which have been pumped up by the debt slavery systems becoming runaway debt insanities, which will provoke death insanities. Some of those death insanities may look like "Rebellions." However, at the present time there are no good grounds to expect any better "Revolutions."

adanata's picture


Radical... yep. Lemmings. Sorry dude; I feel I need to apologize to you for the human condition.

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I'm older and I don't believe a scintilla of their propaganda put out by the rotten ass gov. The media are simple conduits and pig beauticians. Only the young buy their garbage. Lay off us old farts, we bite.

Sudden Debt's picture

Yeah right, all it takes to break up a crowd and let them stand in line is to give away free hamburgers and beer. And suddenly they'll fight each other because some will cut the line.

No need to have to much faith in humanity.


atthelake's picture

Few have the stomach or backbone for rebellion. We talk a good game but we are, all, armchair patriots.


Nyet, not all, BuckO!


NOTE: March 10th 2008 around 11:00am Bear Stearns time New York shitty I walked the walk, mofo.

litemine's picture

And that got you how far? And since.......then what.

You still disagree with the Original Post.

From your arm chair. Wait till the real revolt and watch it get shut down......

Blood in the streets.....the Bankers who created this will profit MOAR>


People do not need to revolt given that the real Revolution is set in motion via the rigged Central Banking Cartel. Mathematics, and the Law of Large Numbers, plus the Law of Diminishing Returns are fixing their respective wagons as we write here. The Central Banking Model is finished on the world stage given recent past failures, and a continuation of similar lunatic policies in light of the fact that we are being forced to continue following failed CB regimes, and policies that don't work. Yellen has no clue and neither do her colleagues at Princeton.

Montana Cowboy's picture

You are right. I see a bunch of fat beer-drinker fucks wearing NRA hats, cleaning their guns and basking in the glory of the 2nd Amendment. Most of them would be the first to run and hide in the basement with the women and children. Very few of us are warriors. It was, at most 10% of the US men that fought for the freedom of all. Next time, we need to shoot the cowards first, then go fight. I'm not shedding blood so they can be free. Not again. They need to be exterminated or they will emerge as the next generation of government-loving goons, gun-grabbers, and bean-counters.

crossroaddemon's picture

There won't be a next time. People are far too dependant on the infrastructure, and if you think you could stage an armed revolution without stopping the trucks from running you are dreaming. The whole thing would shudder to a halt as soon as millions of americans, including most of the revolutionaries, had nothing to eat because of the revolution. I haven't seen anyone propose a viable solution yet.

Montana Cowboy's picture

You haven't been to Montana. We produce more of everything here than we can use, including food and refined gasoline. 4th largest state and only about 1M people. They can't put military on the street here, Its just too big to cover. As I'm writing this, I have chicken and pork on the BBQ along with corn and potatoes - all non GMO and produced right here by the Hutterites (like modernized Amish). They won't take precious metals for food. I got them to seriously consider it in a meeting, but they said no. With just a phone call, I can have as many vegetables, chickens, and pig carcases as I want with 48 hours notice. They control thousands of acres in this state and all they know to do is produce. Its the only place I can get real 100% honey any more.

Now, if you want to talk about big city idiots that think food comes from grocery stores and hamburgers come from McDonalds, they are toast if the SHTF. They will be eating each other. I mean it. There really will be cannibalism if the trucks stop rolling. And the trucks will stop rolling if banks stop issuing letters of credit for purchase orders. Nothing rolls without that guarantee.

crossroaddemon's picture

Actually I've done lots of gigs in and around Williston, and some as far west as Bozeman. That said...

Positing a partial or full disruption of normal commerce, rural Montana could keep Billings, Missoula, Bozeman, Great Falls, and Butte supplied with the necessities, and on extremely short notice? Color me skeptical. A substantial percentage of your state's population lives in those cities and a few others, mind you. I'm also going to hazard a good guess (actually it's more than a guess) that a substantial percentage of your cropland is being handled by largish cash grain farmers who can't do shit without diesel and fertilizer.

Even in the unlikely event that you could answer yes to the above question, you are one thinly populated state on a large continent. 

BingoBoggins's picture

fish tacos and a bloody at Willie's, next to the airport. yeah

Montana Cowboy's picture

Actually, all those cities you named have only about half the state's population. The rest are spread thin everywhere else. As for diesel, we produce more fuel than we can use and we handle it from the wellheads to the refinery. We have no water problems. Flathead is the largest lake in the US West of the Mississippi. Remember, we only need to feed a million people. The standing livestock in this state right now could probably do that for 5 years or more. The harvest from Wheat Montana is so massive that they must export to other countries to get rid of it all - and its still all non-GMO. I believe they once said the annual grain harvest of just this one company was enough to provide 5 loaves of bread to every person in the United States EVERY DAY!

crossroaddemon's picture

It's the immediacy of it that would be the problem. So your revolution causes supply disruptions (and I can't imagine how it would not)... are you guys prepared RIGHT NOW to get food and other necessities into the cities before everyone's pantry runs bare? I think that's a huge stretch, and we're just talking about Montana here which as you pointed out is better off than most places. Or to take it further, you have your big grain farmers who can get their fuel/fertilizer sourced locally fair enough... but if they're mostly growing field corn and soybeans and small grains none of which are food without considerable processing, what's going to be the lag time from field to table unless this is something the state as a whole is already putting a VERY coordinated effort into achieving? I think it'd be more difficult than you think.

The public dependence on infrastructure is a situation unique in all of history, and I think it's going to put a major damper on any attempt at revolution. The revolution is always going to be a minority of people, and the masses will turn on them the moment they're not getting food. 

Montana Cowboy's picture

You would need to live here to realize that these folks will overcome those issues without a hiccup. You are forgetting how much harvested grain exists at any one time in this state. Its probably more than 20 years worth for the state population. Mobilizing food for only a million people is not a problem. We got railroads everywhere and we got plenty of horses. I live on a mountaintop in a developed area of Missoula. I stand at my picture window and look straight north and I see a massive river. North-East and I see dozens of horses. North-West and I see hundreds of cattle. All this while I got two bucks eating oatmeal on my back patio. Its all very close to begin with. We just don't need the far-away stuff. That's all surplus. We don't just produce small surpluses here. Its a massive surplus. And the more of a problem it is to transport food due to fuel shortages, the more of our production will get stuck right here.

The North-Eastern US has about 450 people per square kilometer. Los Angeles has 3200 people per square kilometer. New Jersey has 467. Montana has 2.5 people per square kilometer. Does that put it in perspective? Its not even comparable to anywhere else other than wasteland.

DuneCreature's picture

Cannibalism. .. That's the way the CeyeA taught the Charles Taylor boys to get by in Liberia.

Stay away from the Zombie ribs. There's practically no fat and very little untainted protein on those puppies.

Live Hard, Life Is Brutal During Times Of Political Upheaval, Die Free

~ DC v2.0


cart00ner's picture

Guy Fawks had the right idea, but even more simplistic is just pop

the ones doing the talking (rince - repeat) till their masters show their

heads... Worst case is martial law, but at least the gravy keeps flowing.

Think of it as election by .223 with 1-2 voters for everyone.


There are a myriad of ways to destroy supply of fiat currency, and if the CB can create currency out of thin air I, for one, can make it all disappear much faster than they can create it because I am MASTER OF UNIVERSE, and banksters are inferior beings that are incapable of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, not to mention advanced calculus.

I Write Code's picture

I approve of this post.  Mostly.  The point being that without cash the government is free to NIRP you at any time.