Greek 'Thought Police' Prosecute Bishop For (Accurately) Calling 'Refugees', "Illegal Migrants"

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Submitted by Maria Polizoidou via The Gatestone Institute,

  • The Minister for Immigration Affairs himself, repeatedly stated that 50% to 70% of migratory flows to Greece were illegal migrants and the rest were refugees. The illegal migrants come from 77 different countries.

  • If it is a "racist crime" for a citizen to express accurately the percentages of refugees and illegal migrants entering the country, what will come next, the Thought Police?

  • The real reason for prosecuting Bishop Markos, it seems, is that the government expects that Turkey's migration deal with the EU will collapse, and that if it does, the migrant flows in the coming months will increase dramatically. The government, according to some members in the opposition, has no friendly way to manage illegal migration and therefore prefers to impose restrictions on freedom of speech and prosecute anyone who objects.

  • The government might scare the Bishop of Chios Island by pressing charges against him and trying to stigmatize him as a racist. But the government will still not scare the angry majority of Greeks.

In coalmines, from 1911 to 1986, canaries operated as an early warning system for the leakage of hazardous gases. Whenever the birds showed signs of distress, the miners knew trouble was coming.

Greece has deep problems. Greece is presently in the "coalmine" of an endless economic and immigration crisis.

This month, for the first time, there was a request to activate an anti-racist law, passed in September 2014, against a Greek citizen who also has institutional status.

The coalition government of Alexis Tsipras (SYRIZA) and Panos Kammenos (Independent Greeks) asked the district attorney to prosecute the Bishop of Chios Island, Markos Vasilakis, because he dared to say, during a sermon, that the thousands of people who recently arrived from Turkey on the island of Chios are illegal migrants, and not Syrian refugees.

Chios, the fifth-largest island of Greece, is only 3.5 nautical miles from Turkey, and therefore offers an opportunity to migrants and refugees to cross from Turkey into the European Union.

Chios is also one of a few Greek islands that has received the largest waves of migrants. Its population of 51,320 inhabitants now accommodates, according to the latest official data, 3,078 migrants, with more on the way.

It seems the government coalition, through the Secretary of Human Rights, has decided that the solution of Greece's migrant/refugee problem will come if the Bishop of Chios Island is prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred, and if the constitutional right of Greek citizens to freedom of speech is overturned. Secretary of Human Rights Kostas Papaioannou asked the district attorney to prosecute Bishop Markos for these specific charges.

Is Bishop Markos Vasilakis a Greek Orthodox fanatic or a neo-Nazi? Did the church close its doors to refugees and migrants? Did the bishop try to turn the population of Chios against anyone?

Not at all. Bishop Markos is highly educated, with a PhD in Byzantine Philology from the Philosophical and Theological School of Athens University. Since the beginning of the migrant crisis, according to the residents of Chios, Bishop Markos opened all the island's churches to accommodate the refugees and illegal migrants. Under his command, all the available spaces on the island were given to caring for whoever left his homeland and home. He has fought hard to collect clothing, shoes and food for refugees and illegal migrants. His work speaks for itself.

If Bishop Markos were such a horrible person, why did Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras met him in his office in November 2015 to discuss the migrant crisis and never express any dissatisfaction him?

What, then, did Bishop Markos do to infuriate the Greek government to such an extent that they turned on him?

Bishop Markos spoke the truth. He said that the people arriving in Greece were not refugees but illegal migrants.

Was it a lie? According to the Hellenic Coast Guard, for the period of July and August 2016, of the 1,950 people who illegally entered Greece from Turkey, only 500 -- or 25% -- were refugees from Syria; all the others were illegal migrants. The Minister for Immigration Affairs himself, repeatedly stated that 50% to 70% of migratory flows to Greece were illegal migrants and the rest were refugees. The illegal migrants come from 77 different countries.

Left: The Bishop of the Greek island of Chios, Markos Vasilakis, is being prosecuted for incitement to racial hatred, because he correctly observed that most of the migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey were not refugees but illegal migrants. Right: Migrants occupying the port of Chios in April 2016.

If it is a "racist crime" for a citizen to express accurately the percentages of refugees and illegal migrants entering the country, what will come next, the Thought Police?

The real reason for prosecuting Bishop Markos, it seems, at least according to members of the opposition, is that the government expects that Turkey's migration deal with the EU will collapse, and that if it does, the migrant flows in the coming months will increase dramatically. The government, according to some members in the opposition, has no friendly way to manage illegal migration and therefore prefers to impose restrictions on freedom of speech and prosecute anyone who objects. Tsipras's government is leftist; the ideology and the official policy of the SYRIZA party is that of open borders for illegal migrants who wish to settle in Greece.

Church groups in Greece believe that the government is targeting the Church in an attempt to change the country's Christian foundation and lead the society into a non-Christian era. The SYRIZA party was always "Christianophobic." Its members do not even enter Christian churches. When a notable priest is giving to migrants and being so unjustly prosecuted, the Greek Orthodox Church cannot help wondering about the government's real intentions on the issue of migrants and refugees.

If Bishop Markos is the canary of freedom of speech, then, as many observers believe, the prosecution of people who have a view on migrant/refugee policy that differs from SYRIZA's will continue.

If the government believes that prosecuting whoever objects will scare them into silence, as members of the opposition claim, the government is making a big mistake. The government might scare the Bishop of Chios Island by pressing charges against him and trying to stigmatize him as a racist. The government forced him to publish a press release claiming that for him, all people are created in the image of God and that all he had explained to his congregation was the legal difference between refugees and illegal migrants.

But the government will still not scare the angry majority of Greeks.

In a country suffering seven years of economic downturn, and where each municipality will have to accommodate 1,000 migrants, whether it wants to or not; in a country that sees on the news migrants fight each other, the natives and the police; in a country that has 61 cases of malaria and 12 municipalities already in quarantine because of the migration problem, according to the Health Ministry, and where gun sales increase day by day -- the last thing we need is to abolish the constitutional rights of citizens. Violence and social unrest will then be the next stage in a drama that will have a bad end.

In Greece -- the "coalmine" of the Eurozone -- the canary seems to have died. If this is the beginning of a methodical abolition of constitutional rights such as freedom of speech, Greece could turn into a Turkish style of democracy -- like that of Erdogan, which he seems hell-bent on turning into an Islamic caliphate. What a very sad fate that would be for Greece, the nation which gave birth to democracy.


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Infocat's picture

This type of political correctness has reached ridiculous and deadly levels.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I have no sympathy for the Greeks.  None. 


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Agree. They are either pussies, or too busy screwing each other (a la Greek), rather than screwing the politicians.

Too much of the New Testament has made them a nation of sheep. Now even its Shepherds are getting shafted by the Tribal Elders who own them all.

In the end, ALL effeminate nations are conquered by more masculine (dominant and aggressive) nations. That's why all this PC BS will destroy the entire West.

And why I'm attracted to move East, where men are men and women are women, rather than repulsive metro-sexuals or gender-confused basket cases and freaks.

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From the article: "If it is a racist crime for a citizen to express accurately the percentages of refugees and illegal migrants entering the country, what will come next, the Thought Police?

My answer: OK gatestone, what about other thought crimes, can we forgo them as well? Should we be free to talk about WW2? About the apartheid state of Israel? About said regime's involvement in this orchestrated refugee crisis and upcoming war of civilisation? No? Thought so.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

I am going to vomit. Is this stuff for reals? The Zionists have the globe on the march and everyone eating out of their hands.

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Submitted by Maria Polizoidou via The Gatestone Institute,

Stopped reading as soon as I saw that.

OverTheHedge's picture

I would recommend reading and paying close attention: it is always useful to know what the propaganda arm is saying, and what you in turn are allowed to say. If things keep moving in this direction, being able to regurgitate the party line may actually save your life.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Free speech is the cornerstone of any modern society.  Its how you can tell we are regressing -- many topics are becoming "off limites." 

Try going to work and talk about genetics and IQ.  I did it once.  Ended up in front of HR. 

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Free speech is the cornerstone of any modern society.

Free speech is not a European Value®.

Vageling's picture

What I don't get is the way the article was written. Good luck getting a judge to convict him for speaking measurable facts. Everyone can look at eurostat and see the MSM is lying. 

When stating facts becomes a legal ground for prosecution you know that will backfire. Hollows out all credibility of MOJ and the judges. Laws are not above the constitution. 

I really can't look at this any other way then an attempt to divide. You know how our greatest ally loves that.

And I find it hard to believe you ended up with HR for genetics and IQ... I do know politics is sensitive so I avoid that topic as whole. 

Zero Point's picture

Ah get fucked. Greeks have tried rioting and burning cop cars while Germans have been taking it politely up the ass. It's hardly their fault that they haven't quite got to the point of full on revolution. NONE of us cunts have. Least of all German and American pussy ass fucks.

jefferson32's picture

The Gatestone "institute" would like nothing better for a thought police to exist. One that suppresses the truth on zionism, neoconservatism, imperialism. Actually, a thought police DOES exist (where I live), insofar as it is already criminal to have some thoughts and express them (e.g. on some aspects of WW2), and Gatestone "institute" and its "writers" love it that way.

Stanelli's picture

Because it's not a "correctness". There's nothing correct in what's going on. On the contrary, it's sick, perverted thougth policing.

Dead Canary's picture

Another derogatory "canary" reference. RACIST!

johnconnor's picture

This madness one end until patriots start hanging these traitors.... Europe is going to be in open civil war within 15 years if things continue this course

Stanelli's picture

I'd say you're right and I don't really see other option as well. But... look at the patriots' age structure in most of Europe's countries. It will be worse in 15 years. What I'm trying to say is that while this course of action is necessary in order to give the native population a chance of survival, 15 years from now it might be just too late.

And talking to young people in many countries here... sad to say, but I wouldn't bet on success.

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Notice how this hit piece doesn't actually QUOTE the dear bishop, who specifically stated that "there are no refugees, they are all illegal migrants".

According to the statistics in this same piece, that is factually incorrect, twisted for political reasons into propaganda.

The church has a PR problem, they are seen as tax-avoiding parasites by the majority of Greeks you seem to care about so deeply, Ms. Polizoidou, showing up at refugee hotspots for photo ops with the oligarchs who are profiting from them.

Tyler, perhaps you shouldn't host hit pieces by folks defending these berobed medieval troglodytes and the status quo criminals who defend them.

Instead, perhaps write about how the EU has done next to nothing to keep to its commitments of funding and organizing hotspots where these folks can be processed and their status determined.

Stanelli's picture

But isn't Turkey a safe country? How is it possible then to have Syrian refugees in Greece, as there is no Greek - Syrian border? And leaving said safe country those people renounce a refugee status becoming just immigrants. Since they have no Schengen visa, they cross the border illegally, hence the name "illegal immigrants" seems to be quite correct, isn't it?

CTG_Sweden's picture


98 % of the asylum seekers in Sweden are not granted permanent residence permit because of political persecution but for various humanitarian reasons. Also keep in mind that it is enough to have been beaten up abroad by followers of the regime in order to get political asylum in Sweden. So an Iranian student who lives in India and get beaten up by people who support the ayatollahs can get political asylum in Sweden. At the same time, people who in Sweden beat up people who want the same immigration policy as Israel and Japan are rarely prosecuted and they are sometimes hired by the big media.

Moreover, I don´t think that there has ever been any asylum seeker from Saudi Arabia in Sweden despite the fact that some people that belong to the opposition get their heads chopped off. The difference between Saudi Arabia and other authoritarian societies is that the living standard is so high that people prefer to shut up or prefer to take the risk to get their heads chopped off.

I agree that it´s not nice to live in Africa and most of the Middle East. Particularly if you are a woman. But the reason why the rulers let millions of these people in is not that they feel sorry for these people but that they want to change the composition of the electorate. They also exploit the compassion among the general public Europe ruthlessly in order to make them accept as many immigrants as possible.


Escapedgoat's picture

@ Kataphraktos DO TELL US  how the Israelis manage with the PALESTINIAN PROBLEM? DO TELL US.

 On the other hand Tell us weather you are  on THE PAYROLL OF GEORGE SOROS.

And do you have a proper job or are you " DEFENDER of human Rights" ? as long as they are JOOS' RIGHTS?

Lebensphilosoph's picture

Awww, did the big bad priest step on the godless commie's toes? Poor thing.

Kataphraktos's picture

Not sure why so much hatred for my comment, I guess you guys are OK with religious fanatics in dresses as long as they pray to your version of god.


I've been pounding my fist for 2 years, that the EU should just use the money they eventually promised to Turkey to take over a bunch of barren Greek islands and turn them into refugee camps. In this way, REAL refugees get safe harbor, and economic migrants get stymied from taking advantage. No economic migrant is going to want to be isolated in a refugee camp, and spreading the word that this is where they will end up will stop them from coming - kind of like that Soros campaign informing folks that Europe was open for business kicked off this disaster in the first place.

Bonus: European population centers are protected from any jihadis who try to enter hidden in the throngs of refugees and migrants.

Every one of my friends, on the left and on the right, has admitted that I was right all along about.

Now all of you ZH idiots should take your meds, because seriously, WTF.

P.S.: to the person who asked if I have a job, I'm an FX trader on Wall Street. Hate me.

IProtectYou's picture

Leftist politparasites were the worst, always.

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Aug 30, 2016 1:35 AM

In America we have the 2nd Amendment to defend the 1st. Will we use it if we need to?

HedgeJunkie's picture

Some of us have made the determination that we will.

CTG_Sweden's picture


In other parts of Europe, the leftist parties which are more leftist than the ex-communist parties, beat up their opponents and burn their cars. And they sometimes brag about it in public. Some of them become a part of the media establishment. Jacques Wallner, who stabbed a "right-wing extremist" to death in the early 1980s landed a job at 2nd largest Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. In Greece, similar people can become the prime minister.

Greece and the EU could easily pursue the same strategy as Israel and pay 3rd world countries for accepting resettlement of the migrants. But they don´t want to. Because their goal is to change the composition of the electorate all over Europe. Unfortunately nobody is telling people about it. Not even the populist/moderate nationalist opposition. Therefore, the general public in Europe believes that there is no other solution than to let these people in and then distribute some of these refugees to poor countries in Eastern Europe so that their countries also can become “multi cultural”. Some big media have mentioned that the UNHCR in 2015 cut food rations to nothing in some refugee camps on the border to Syria in 2015. But no media and no politician said that there was a connection between that and the great influx of Syrian refugees. And nobody raised the question”why don´t we at least give them food in the refugee camps rather than let them in?”. Not even the populist/moderate nationalist opposition raised that question.

The general public just don´t have basic information they should have. The way countries like Israel and Japan handle their immigration problem is just one example. No big media mention anything about the DC leaks and how George Soros was involved in the Coup d´état in Ukraine, for instance. The big media in the West seem to have a coordinated strategy in some respects.

We desperately need alternatives to the current mainstream media.



HenryKissingerChurchill's picture

Kalergi plan

because barbara spectre needs low IQ mongrels to complete

KuriousKat's picture

just for the hell of it i duckducked soros and syriza....ding ding ding

and i got this  from 3 yrs ago

questioning why soros gavethe poor ngos money..the article sort of defended him and pointed to other billionaires not giving..

however one commenter was not impressed and didnt need the emails we have today

Jewish international capitalist billionaire George Soros is the patron Saint of leftists!
As reported by Wirtschaftswoche Magazine: the famous Jewish international Capitalist George Soros arranged and paid for Alexis Tsipras, the Leader of SYRIZA (Coalition of Radical Left) to visit America, through the "INET" institute.
The Jewish billionaire Soros uses SYRIZA and other Leftists like Giannis Mpoutaris to serve his interests - and the interests of the international Jewish usurers.
The Hellenic people don't want Marxist puppets of Zionism like Tsipras and Yiannis Boutaris dragging Greece further into ruin. SYRIZA and other Greek Leftists are the rebels of wall street.

Jesus every hot spot there is Soros is smack in the middle of it.


X_in_Sweden's picture
X_in_Sweden (not verified) KuriousKat Aug 30, 2016 2:28 AM

Good Point there K_Kat. +1

I tried to find 'Secretary of Human Rights Kostas Papaioannou ' on the official *Gov't of Greece*

?????? ??????????? / Kostas Papaioannou

I got ???????????? ?????????? / search results, nothing.

However, when I did further searching I found an official EU-Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights document,


STINKS George Soros & his Open Society Foundation!!!

Take a look:

Without a doubt, (((Georgi Shwartz))) is behind this shit.

KuriousKat's picture

great  I use duckduckgo..I do not miss google at all. I hope to upload someof the soros files I have to and make a link available to all as dcleaks was down.

HopefulCynic's picture

It is censorship, the same as criticising someone for not standing up during the national anthem. The time of this faggots are almost at an end. 

Tachyon5321's picture

Once again the liberal left representing the 1% in the country attacks the truth 

Panic Mode's picture

For fuck sake, go & catch some real crime.

Gavrikon's picture

May God bless and uphold Bishop Markos Vasilakis , for "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you Free!"

Orthodox Greece should not welome another islamic invasion lest it be with an army.

Swamp Yankee's picture

New plan: we put all the good people behind bars so as to keep all of the bad people out.

RedDwarf's picture

The truth is treason in an empire of lies.  Europe is going full thought crime.  True Democracy (as opposed to shams like Turkey) cannot survive when free speech does not exist.  If the European people do not make drastic changes in their governments soon in a drastic way then they will soon be looking at the New Dark Ages.

Vageling's picture

I know one dictator allowed the creation of the "Geheime Staatspolizei" for this. Had all these departments specialized in every type of "opponents". Wonder what the communistic equivalent is. I know one of their departments is called gatestone. Department of propaganda. They do tend to bend the facts to their narrative I have noticed. 

Wahooo's picture

For a minute, when I saw the photo, I thought this was about Brother Nathanael.

chindit13's picture

While it is the anti-migrant crowd that is accused of being cruel and insensitive, I think it might really be the pro-migrant crowd that is cruel and insensitive.  Look at what they make migrants do to reach the West.

Not a day goes by when the media doesn't offer some tale of a boatload of migrants capsizing on that hazardous 3.5 mile journey after leaving the safe and largely culturally similar country of Turkey to get to alien Greece, or running into trouble a few miles off the Libyan coast, before being aided by EU Coast Guard-like entities to complete the last 99% of the sea journey to Italy.  Obviously, and sadly, many fail to survive their journey.

Why does the pro-migrant crowd insist potential migrants jump through these hoops first before getting to the Promised Land?  Are these do-gooders really sadists?  I am beginning to think they are.  If I were to give them the benefit of the doubt, I guess I could say that maybe Angela et al just don't know that millions more want to come, but are just too fearful of the journey as it now exists.  Yes, that must be it.  Well, I have a solution that kills two birds with one stone.

We all know about the tumble in the Baltic Dry Index, and what that also suggests about other forms of shipping.  Since there are literally thousands of empty but sea-worthy vessels sitting unused around the world, why not simply send these ships to Tartus or Benghazi to pick up any and all comers?  Isn't a 900' container ship superior to the overcrowded dugout canoes the migrants are now using?  And why stop there?  Since tens of thousands---even millions---of these migrants are coming not from Syria, but from Nigeria, Liberia, Chad, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, etc., why not send ships to Lagos, Karachi, Bandar Abbas and take any and all comers?  How about sending unused aircraft to N'Djamena, Mogadishu, Jalalabad, Ouagadougou and everywhere else where people either are trying, or plan to try, to migrate to the West?  Mutti Angela says we can take all who want to come.  It is entirely possible literally ALL will want to come, if ever given a less dangerous way to get there.  If that is really true, how evil is she and George Clooney and Jean-Claude Juncker and Susan Sarandon and Bono for first insisting these migrants risk death by crossing deserts, rebel-held territories, and rough seas before the West will accept them? 

Mutti Angela teaches us that there is no such thing as too many, so let's save lives by offering at least Economy Class transportation to those so inclined.  Think of the upside.  The possibilities and rewards are almost endless.  Most are obvious, since we have recently discovered that there is no such thing as too much diversity, but there are a few less obvious, but equally compelling arguments to adopt this approach.  For example, whatever country is the First Adopter of this---I'm not too non-narcissistic to be against calling it the Chindit Solution---could well garner all those Olympic Medals now being won by distance runners from Kenya and Ethiopia.  Another plus is that the Ebola problem would be solved because there wouldn't be any humans left in Africa to catch it, so nobody could carry it to Atlanta or Amsterdam.  Obviously all of Africa's string of civil wars would stop, because all the fighters would be busy enjoying their new lives in Paris, Munich, Stockholm and Rome.  In our New World Order, run by a selfless institution such as the United Nations, or perhaps an expert administrative body such as the EU bureaucracy, we could auction off the mineral rights to all of Africa, which would create a bidding war between China and everyone else, and like oil sales from Paul Wolfowitz's Iraq War, the greatest transfer of populations in the history of the world could be self-funded.  Liberal types like Bono love solving all of the world's problems with other people's money, so my plan offers a way to do exactly that, and Bono can keep his Gulfstream rather than auctioning it off to free up funds to help the poor and destitute, as I am sure he is planning to do as I write this.

The Chindit Solution could solve yet another problem, too, which is there simply are not now enough migrants to go around.  Up to now, only working class areas of the EU and US have been lucky enough to experience the joys that result from near-unfettered and un-vetted cross-cultural mixing.  One's heart simply has to go out to people like George and Amal Clooney, Hollywood A-List types, Bono and Bob Geldof, and all those European elites who never get the chance to have some of those sought-after migrants move into their own neighborhoods.  Imagine the celebration that would occur, for example, in Lake Como, if a few thousand Somali, Nigerian and Pakistani freedom-seekers could spend their summer afternoons poolside with George and Amal.  Think of the enhanced diversity we could create in stodgy, old Beverly Hills, Pebble Beach, and the Hamptons, not to mention Mayfair.  How about tossing a few dozen un-vetted "Syrians" into Malia and Sascha's schools? Why is it only kids in Flyover Country get all the fun?  No First family left behind, I say.  It's win-win for everybody under the Chindit Solution. Listen up, Obama.  Interested in book-end Peace Prizes?

As beautiful and loving as the Chindit Solution might sound, I fear that the inherent sadism---yes, I cannot disabuse myself of the notion---of the pro-migrant crowd would get in the way.  Maybe they NEED to watch people drown.  They need to rub it in the faces of folks like the Trumpists in particular, or Alt-Right in general.  They could not enjoy their own lives if they didn't get, at least once in a while, the chance to see photos of drowned kids on otherwise idyllic Greek beaches.  Sadly, I guess that is why they maintain the hoops, through which migrants must first jump.  It is the Alt-Left Hunger Games-style Reaping.

So I guess the world's shipping fleets will continue to go unused.  Mothballed aircraft will remain so.  Nameless and faceless people will continue to die ignominious deaths in the harsh deserts of North Africa, or suffer rape and murder at the hands of tribal lords occupying the lands between the migrant-wannabe's current homes and Lampedusa or Lesbos.

Okay, never mind.  It was just a thought.



BruntFCA's picture

The Greek government has not the resources to pay pensions and feed people, yet it finds the money to try and enforce it's speech codes. Good luck the the cretins trying to enforce this.

Vageling's picture

Guess he's an easy target. Watch Orban!

Good luck charging him for speaking the truth ;)

conraddobler's picture

I am too tired this morning to research who actually said it but it's along the lines of:

"To find out who rules you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

Most often attributed to Voltaire but maybe he didn't say it?

Still a good quote whoever said it.


What's interesting is who they are trying to INSTALL as we here in the US STILL to this day are not COMPLETELY ruled by anyone.

Lot of applicants for the job though judging by who's making a play to make it impossible to speak out against them.

This is the prayer I have cobbled together.

First I pray for the world but I understand that people need to learn so if not the world then my country.

If not my country then my state.

If not my state then my home.

If not my home then my family.

If not my family then my soul.

If not my soul tell me now it makes a big difference on what I do.


WassamattaU's picture

I think it was Chesterton who wrote "If you want to know what society holds sacred, find out what it considers to be blasphemy."