Mike Maloney: "This Is The Peak"

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Submitted by Adam Taggart via PeakProsperity.com,

Precious metals dealer and monetary historian Mike Maloney is quite confident the liquidity-driven 'recovery' created by the world's central banks is now over. In his estimation, the path ahead is one of accelerating descent into inevitable currency destruction:

What the central banks are doing has never worked and they keep on trying – you just hit that nail a little bit harder each time because it isn’t working. They have these theories and they think that the theory is correct that this – and no matter what the results are they say well, we just didn’t do enough of it. Japan has been trying this for 30 years now and it hasn’t worked. These people are just absolutely dangerous. They are going to drag the entire world economy down. You talked about the helicopter money that is now happening in Europe and so on. That is going to be coming to the United States soon. Coming to a Central Bank near you.


It always has damaging results. They don’t look at this. It is a huge wealth transfer. The immorality of an entity and everywhere I go I take a look at – when I would go speak in Singapore or Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Colombia, Peru doesn’t matter – Russia – everywhere I go I take a look, I go on the websites of the central bank for that country and I start gathering information. I haven’t found a central bank that is part of the government. They are all private. Here is a private entity that is allowed to create currency and now they are buying bonds from corporations? They can buy stocks.  When they write a check and they buy something, currency is created and it enters circulation. A very large portion of it is Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac stuff. It is the mortgage backed securities. And so that means that they own real estate. This private corporation is able to counterfeit and purchase real estate legally. The morality of this is insane.

Keynesian economics isn’t even remotely plausible. But it's what is taught all over the world. They don’t understand fundamental economics. This is the problem that we have: all economies on the planet are being run by economists that don’t understand economics.


The purchasing power that is contained in currency is basically the agreement that we have as a society that we are all going to use that currency and we trust that currency and we store hours of our lives. We trade hours of our lives for currency. We work. That is the purchasing power. Then that currency measures the goods and services in a society. The true wealth. They think that they can actually print wealth. When they print new units of currency, the only way it can get purchasing power is the moment that it is spent in the circulation -- it has to steal it from somewhere else because it is empty when it comes into existence. There is no work that went into it. There are no hours of life traded for it. There is no product or service that it represents until it is spent in circulation and then it steals that purchasing power from all other units of currency. It is fraud. It is theft. They can’t actually stimulate an economy. All they can do is warp it. They can steal purchasing power from some areas of the economy and transfer it to another area of the economy pushing that area into a bubble. It is very, very disruptive.


Now we've got bubbles in stocks, real estate and bonds. This is going to be one hell of a crisis.


This is the peak – we have passed the peak of the bubble. It's now deflating. There is usually a little tiny roll over and then a huge crash. And the little tiny roll over is just starting right now. We are seeing it first in the top end (like luxury real estate), where the currency that was created by the central banks went to that 0.1% first.


Within the next few years you are going to see probably the greatest crash in history. I have often said that the crisis of 2008 was just a speed bump on the way to the main event. We are in the process right now of seeing this unwind.

Click the play button below to listen to Chris' interview with Mike Maloney (46m:37s).


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Tallest Skil's picture

I have to say that I like the representation of generic 'bankers' in his Hidden Secrets of Money series. It's quite fitting.

Of course he's trying to sell you something (in this case, gold and silver), but the videos are still informative.

Thoresen's picture

The videos are first rate but the conclusion is awaited.

The Juggernaut's picture

I just signed in on my phone... How the hell do I sign out?

mtl4's picture

Totally wrong like usual.........PM's will go up at the same time the stock do, figure that one out Mike (hint all assets are good buys when bonds are crap).

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) mtl4 Aug 29, 2016 3:23 PM

"Within the next few years you are going to see probably the greatest crash in history."

Few meaning anywhere between one and 35.  That's why you make the BIG money.  Oh, and hedged with "probably."  Thanks for the tip, Sparky.

HopefulCynical's picture

I'm expecting it before another decade has passed, at the farthest; maybe sooner. And the longer we wait, the more carnage will ensue when it finally hits.

bamawatson's picture

i expect it by 2009; at the very latest

UnpatrioticHoarder's picture

Mike Maloney is wrong. The central bank of Australia is a government agency.


N2OJoe's picture

If Trump really is an outsider and hated by TPTB(I myself am not convinced of this), then I would expect it earlyish during his term(s) to demonize and destroy him.

All Risk No Reward's picture

Maloney is wrong. He's pushing the false narrative that all economists are stupid. No, they are trained that way so some are stupid in the sense they won't figure out they've been duped. But the Krugman's of the world KNOW. The MIT economics professors KNOW.


Krugman to Lietaer: "Never touch the [debt-]money system!"

"Didn't they (MIT economics professors) tell you, never touch the money system!"
~Paul Krugman

"You are killing yourself academically if you touch the money system."
~Paul Krugman

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the [Debt-Money Monopolists who own the mega-] banks."
~Lord Acton

THEY KNOW - and everyone who pretends they don't know are useful idiot tools PROTECTING THE CRIMINALS RUNNING THIS ART OF WAR OPERATION ON THE MASSES.

Look, use common sense. If economists were stupid, the BANKSTERS wouldn't win every single time and the criminals wouldn't be given government protection from obvious, public crimes. It isn't just Hillary, it is the JP Morgan crew that bribed Jefferson County officials - and only the government employees went to jail. It is the mega-bank $100 billion money laundering operators...

How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico's murderous drug gangs

They aren't stupid, but their routine is predicated on the idea that YOU ARE STUPID.

Don't be.

forexskin's picture

never heard of Lietaer before - some of his TED talks on complementary currencies is really interesting.


still though, his involvement or leadership in creation of the euro makes me want to ask him why he thought a monetary union without a fiscal union would not lead to a crisis....

Hype Alert's picture

Not sure why people don't look at stock market charts of Weimar, Zimbabwe and Venezuela.  Assets (stocks and gold) climbed until they collapsed. 

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

Uses Mike Maloney is a fucking idiot as is anyone who listens to him.

GeezerGeek's picture

How do you sign out? Well, you have at least two choices:

1) send your phone to me, I'll take care of it

2) put it on the ground and stomp on it


conscious being's picture

Clear private data. When you remove cookies, you are signed out.

Tyrone Shoelaces's picture

I say we will see a peak S&P at 2364 before we get a dump.

That will complete an elliot wave V from the 666 low.  After we get da bears market.

IS BE's picture

"666" I like that.

Its got a certain cachet.  

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

The truly smart Prepper money would've bought Epi-Pens, not PM.

I'm tired of PM peddlers, selling me more stuff than I need for safety or profit. I'm looking for the next 'Epi-Pen' item to "buy low, sell high".

Fuck the 'experts', shilling stuff that they pump & dump. These salesmen are no different than Wall St salesmen.

IS BE's picture

By paper.

Toilet paper.

You'll thank me later.

Thoresen's picture

When is Maloney going to produce his final money video?

RU4Au's picture

After the crash. It will likely be a "I told you so" kind of presentation where he recounts the process of our financial and social destruction to it's predetermined outcome.  Heaven help us if anyone actually learns anything from it, given the lack of learning and willful denial that we see in response to these warnings he has eloquently produced.

To Infinity And Beyond's picture

So when the Central Bank comes to repossess a home they purchased with nothing, how does that go down?

Things that go bump's picture

People meekly and respectfully vacate the property because otherwise the sheriff comes with a locksmith and gives you an hour to get your shit out.

RadioFlyer's picture
RadioFlyer (not verified) Aug 29, 2016 2:53 PM

Yeah, Mike IS selling PMs, but he's one of the best out there for explaining why. I love his videos, every one is well done, especially the hidden secrets of money.

BullyDog's picture

Definately a voice of reason in the drowning abyss of the likes of Wild Jim, we are all doomed, preacher dicky bow tie wearing AJ wannabe's.


For a start he isn't a ranting or raving fear monger.  Yes he is a salesman, however,  he has fine tuned, and presents coherent facts for the viewer to digest and make up their own mind.

mvsjcl's picture

A Golden Jackass. Actually not that bad. He sees it, but his baying is sometimes distracting. But he sees it.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I don't really mind the sales pitch. It's at the end, he isn't constantly shilling throughout the videos either. Since I decided I should buy some PMs long before I had ever heard of the guy, it's not like he is trying to sell me anything I'm not already buying anyway. They are well done and educational.

IS BE's picture

We're all peddling something.

Dr. Dooms-a-lot's picture

Agreed I sent a link to one of his videos to a sheeple friend, all he said was Mike is pumping gold. 

I replied: "If you knew paper assets were going to fail, what business would you be in?'

That being said, I wish he kept his very good videos separate from his gold business.  I would have more success spreading the word.


Spungo's picture

There are lots of alternatives to cash. Stocks, real estate, gold. I'm buying real estate as fast as possible.

Calmyourself's picture

Real Estate in this market, Miami Condos I hope..

Hohum's picture

Promises, promises...

Sizzurp's picture

Maloney had promises of $500 silver, then it went to $13.

RadioFlyer's picture
RadioFlyer (not verified) Sizzurp Aug 29, 2016 2:57 PM

all the better to exchange fiat for hard assets.  I have no problem with the monkey hammer and paper manipulation.

scintillator9's picture

Still worth more than Cramer's advice on Bear Sterns.


Other video is much more informative. (Start at 1:00, fun begins at 1:33)



GeezerGeek's picture

Barry promised healthcare insurance would decrease in cost. Then it went...well, you know where it went.

Dr. Dooms-a-lot's picture


100% True!


Please-o-please someone drop more paper contracts on the market so I can buy more PM’s on sale.  I just got one of those Kilo Mexican Libertad that I have been wanting thanks to the 1.5B they dropped on the market before Jackson Hole.


IS BE's picture

Timing, grasshopper.

I might, as ZH is at pains to point out, be dead by then.

SmilinJoeFizzion's picture

Does Janet Yellen use the same barber as captain kagaroo


Mr. Yellen uses the Ramones old barber, and Captain Kangaroo's old barber taught the Ramones barber how to cut hair before he retired.

tarabel's picture



Well, her maiden name was Janet Ramone.


Don't strain yourself, Mikey.

JLee2027's picture

This is why we need Trump. None of the other fools will know what to do when the crisis comes.

Jane Sheppard's picture

Trump and Hillary are both cartoon characters. I have no confidence that Trump's hollow rhetoric is any less hollow than $hillary. The country is perverted and corrupt from the top down, and I don't see it getting any better without massive upheaval, i.e. civil war. The critical mass of bozos is simply too large. Even if you started physically throwing them into a wood chipper, you'd still never move the needle.

JLee2027's picture

Right cause Trump building a 10 billion dollar empire from 10 million was all hollow building.

Got it.

Hohum's picture

With government help (the bankruptcy system).

shovelhead's picture

I have no problem with a guy smart enough to screw bankers and have them keep coming back for more.

I'd be proud to do the same myself.

Jane Sheppard's picture

If he were given 100$ could he build a $100,000 empire? The scale of the dough we have access to from our daddy's real estate company makes a huge difference. Why any regular schlub in the USA would consider a guy who was handed a rigged opportunity to be their buddy and "on their side" is beyond me. He is part of the same elitist class as all the other psycho wealthy pricks. I do think he'd be good for one thing though. He'd be amazing at managing the upcoming bancruptcy of the USA.