"There Will Be Blood" - The Whole Game Is About Containing Russia-China

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Authored by Pepe Escobar, originally posted op-ed via SputnikNews.com,

The next BRICS summit, in Goa, is less than two months away. Compared to only two years ago, the geopolitical tectonic plates have moved with astonishing speed. Most BRICS nations are mired in deep crisis; Brazil’s endless political/economic/institutional debacle may yield the Kafkaesque impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff.

BRICS is in a coma. What’s surviving is RC: the Russia/China strategic partnership. Yet even the partnership seems to be in trouble – with Russia still attacked by myriad metastases of Hybrid War. The – Exceptionalist – Hegemon remains powerful, and the opposition is dazed and confused.

Or is it?

Slowly but surely – see for instance the possibility of an ATM (Ankara-Tehran-Moscow) coalition in the making – global power continues to insist on shifting East. That goes beyond Russia’s pivoting to Asia; Germany’s industrialists are just waiting for the right political conjunction, before the end of the decade, to also pivot to Asia, conforming a BMB (Berlin-Moscow-Beijing) coalition.

Germany already rules over Europe. The only way for a global trade power to solidify its reach is to go East. NATO member Germany, with a GDP that outstrips the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, is not even allowed to share information with the “Five Eyes” secret cabal.

President Putin, years ago, was keen on a Lisbon-to-Vladivostok emporium. He may eventually be rewarded – delayed gratification? – by BMB, a trade/economic union that, combined with the Chinese-driven One Belt, One Road (OBOR), will eventually dwarf and effectively replace the dwindling post-WWII Anglo-Saxon crafted/controlled international order.

This inexorable movement East underscores all the interconnections – and evolving connectivity – related to the New Silk Roads, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the BRICS’s New Development Bank (NDB), the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the Eurasia Economic Union (EEU). The crux of RC, the Russia-China strategic partnership, is to make the multipolar, post-Atlantic world happen. Or, updating Ezra Pound, to Make It New.

Containing RC

Russia’s pivot to Asia is of course only part of the story. The core of Russia’s industries, infrastructure, population is in the west of the country, closer to Europe. BMB would allow a double pivot – simultaneously to Europe and Asia; or Russia exploiting to the max its Eurasian character. Not accidently this is absolute anathema for Washington. Thus the predictable, ongoing no holds barred exceptionalist strategy of preventing by all means necessary closer Russia-Germany cooperation.

In parallel, pivoting to Asia is also essential because that’s where the overwhelming majority of Russia’s future customers – energy and otherwise – are located. It will be a long, winding process to educate Russian public opinion about the incalculable value for the nation of Siberia and the Russian Far East. Yet that has already started. And it will be in full fruition by the middle of the next decade, when all the interpolated New Silk Roads will be online.

“Containment” of RC will continue to be the name of the exceptionalist game – whatever happens on November 8. As far as the industrial-military-security-surveillance-corporate media complex is concerned, there will be no reset. Proxies will be used – from failed state Ukraine to Japan in the East China Sea, as well as any volunteering Southeast Asian faction in the South China Sea.

Still the Hegemon will be in trouble to contain both sides of RC simultaneously. NATO does not help; its trade arm, TPP, may even collapse in the high seas before arriving on shore. No TPP – a certainty in case Donald Trump is elected in November – means the end of US economic hegemony over Asia. Hillary Clinton knows it; and it’s no accident President Obama is desperate to have TPP approved during a short window of opportunity, the lame-duck session of Congress from November 9 to January 3.

Against China, the Hegemon alliance in fact hinges on Australia, India and Japan. Forget about instrumentalizing BRICS member India – which will never fall into the trap of a war against China (not to mention Russia, with which India traditionally enjoys very good relations.)

Japan’s imperial instincts were reawakened by Shinzo Abe. Yet hopeless economic stagnation persists. Moreover, Tokyo has been prohibited by the US Treasury Dept. to continue unleashing quantitative easing. Moscow sees as a long-term objective to progressively draw Japan away from the US orbit and into Eurasia integration.

Dr. Zbig does Desolation Row

The Pentagon is terrified that RC is now a military partnership as well.

Compared to Russia’s superior high-tech weaponry, NATO is a kindergarten mess; not to mention that soon Russian territory will be inviolable to any Star Wars-derived scheme. China will soon have all the submarines and “carrier-killer” missiles necessary to make life for the US Navy hell in case the Pentagon harbors funny ideas. And then there are the regional details – from Russia’s permanent air base in Syria to military cooperation with Iran and, eventually, disgruntled NATO member Turkey.

No wonder such exceptionalist luminary ideologues as Dr. Zbig “Grand Chessboard” Brzezinski – foreign policy mentor to President Obama – are supremely dejected.

When Brzezinski looks at progressive Eurasia integration, he simply cannot fail to detect how those “three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy” he outlined in The Grand Chessboard are simply dissolving; “to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together.”

Those GCC vassals – starting with the House of Saud – are now terrified about their own security; same with the hysteric Baltics. Tributaries are not pliant anymore – and that includes an array of Europeans. The “barbarians” coming together are in fact old civilizations – China, Persia, Russia – fed up with upstart-controlled unipolarity.

Unsurprisingly, to “contain” RC, defined as “potentially threatening” (the Pentagon considers the threats are existential) Brzezinski suggests – what else – Divide and Rule; as in “containing the least predictable but potentially the most likely to overreach.” Still he doesn’t know which is which; “Currently, the more likely to overreach is Russia, but in the longer run it could be China.”

Hillary “Queen of War” Clinton of course does not subscribe to Brzezinski’s “could be” school. After all she’s the official, Robert Kagan-endorsed, neocon presidential candidate. She’s more in tune with this sort of wacky “analysis”.

So one should definitely expect Hillary’s “project” to be all-out hegemony expansion all across Eurasia. Syria and Iran will be targets. Even another war on the Korean Peninsula could be on the cards. But against North Korea, a nuclear power? Exceptionalistan only attacks those who can’t defend themselves. Besides, RC could easily prevent war by offering some strategic carrots to the Kim family.

In many aspects, not much has changed from 24 years ago when, only three months after the dissolution of the USSR, the Pentagon’s Defense Planning Guidance proclaimed:

“Our first objective is to prevent the reemergence of a new rival…This requires that we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power. These regions include Western Europe, East Asia, the territory of the former Soviet Union and southwest Asia.”

Talk about a prescient road map of what’s happening right now; the “rival”, “hostile” power is actually two powers involved in a strategic partnership: RC.

Compounding this Pentagon nightmare, the endgame keeps drawing near; the next manifestations and reverberations of the never-ending 2008 financial crisis may eventually torpedo the fundamentals of the global “order” – as in the petrodollar racket/tributary scam.

There will be blood. Hillary Clinton smells it already – from Syria to Iran to the South China Sea. The question is whether she – and virtually the whole Beltway establishment behind her – will be mad enough to provoke RC and buy a one-way ticket to post-MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) territory.

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Here2Go's picture
Here2Go (not verified) Aug 29, 2016 10:02 PM

If the health concerns are accurate, HRC will be dead soon, so the neocons will have just used her as a useful tool.

WillyGroper's picture

these folks are no doubt working together.

no boogie man.

from SGT...http://philosophyofmetrics.com/are-emerging-markets-about-to-switch-us-t...

marbilly's picture

russia and china are certainly not in trouble, pls stop the nonsense

Arnold's picture

Da Bears....

Da Chinks.....

are certainly in trouble.

Worldwide economic contraction may shrink the former Soviets back to the Motherland,

But, the Chinks' internal population has violent revolutionary tendencies when faced with famine.

The fuses are lit.

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

Very true...but EVERYONE knows not to put your populace into famine...even the USsA. This is why SNAP, extended benefits, other forms of welfare are invented and funded. To keep the masses in check by assuring them basic living. Remove these today and by the end of the week you will have RIOTS and UNREST in the USsA. We are no differen than the rest.

yogibear's picture

LOL, good luck with that.

Now China announced it was building it's own jen engines.

Quest for independence: China to make its own jet engines


So China is saying "thanks a lot suckers for providing us with your technologies"

Thanks Boeing for the carbon fiber technologies,,

Thanks GE, Pratt and Whitney for the Jet engine technologies

Thanks Honeywell and others for the avionics.

Now China can build advanced commercial and military aircraft within Chinese strategic industries.

Next China will be eating whatever lunch you have left.


lucitanian's picture

I strongly recommend your reading of New Aquarius' comment below and just think for a minute that those companies you listed as the origins of the technologies have all been financed and expanded by the "trillions" of dollars lost and spent by the pentagon, without which they would not have been able to continue to exist , less profit from the 80% of the total finance into research provided to Universities and institutions so that the US can dominate in terms of global hegemony. Yes, you can complain that that was, is and will be till the generation of your great grandchildren, the burden of the US citizen, but you, the USns, had a choice and made it to continue down a path of aggressive imperial dominance. If China or Russia, to survive, had to learn the game to play, and now play it better, it is because the US only knows one tune, and so be it. They loose.

And BTW a lot of the ingenuity, ideas and talent that developed those inventions and systems were not USns, but in one way or another bought with the almighty but easily printed peto-dollar.

Waving a nationalistic American flag relative to technologies and the money they cost, does not help what is needed for a humanity's survival, especially when faced by politicians that see conflict as an answer. Start by asking yourself what technologies, ideas, projects and attitudes would really contribute to the survival of free, fraternal, and mutually developed and developing nations and think about values that are missing in the direction we now travel.  

Lynn Trainor's picture

EXACTLY!  And thank you America for NAFTA, for sending your jobs and manufacturing base our way, enabling us to compete with you on every level.

One could go on and on with this, we did it for ourselves!

Dragon HAwk's picture

War Huh what is it good For? Absolutely Nothing... unless of course you sell arms to the world and don't care how many American Weddings get Bombed one day in retaliation.

ebworthen's picture

"Containing Russia/China" - You mean after the U.S. sold-out production and middle-class career employment to China while screwing Russia over a log with NATO and the Ukraine putsch?

The U.S. M.I.C. and bank/corporation/insurer hegemony never sleeps - they will sell their souls and ours for a profit today!

yogibear's picture

China has had MIRV and the latest nuclear warhead technology since Clinton.


Hulk's picture

How about they  fully fund SS before they "contain" Russia and China" ???

Archibald Buttle's picture

lol. beer on keyboard, by way of nose.

Cabreado's picture

Take some Dramamine, author, and then concentrate on corrupt points of control, rather than aimlessly feed the chaos.

litemine's picture

I Enjoyed it, Thank You very Much. ;0)

Stan Smith's picture

My guess is the R/C double duty is less of a threat to us than either (or both) of their economies cratering. Russia is already halfway there. China has so much built up capacity it'll make the mortgage collapse here look like nothing.

Not that we're home free here either. But im sure our debt to asset ratio isnt and back asswards as our Chinese compatriots.

ramius's picture

  guess you forget what a communist economy realy means. Money is created and owned by the state, so is the economy, so lending money is like taking money out of your left pocket to put it in the right, and where a loan apears on the debit side of the lender and on the credit side of the borower, they are both owned by the same entity, the STATE, so the final sum is zero debt, zero gained. The comercial surpluss is a completely different story, that is a net gain. So don't expect china to tank any time soon, with some communist wixardry it will all be well. I lived in a former communist country, the problem of the west is it does not understand how a socialist-communist economy works. How do you think Stalin brought the USSR from the wooden plow to the atomic bomb in just 25 years? Everything is possible if you have a good whip and lives are cheap. 

Atomizer's picture

Currency war, Bank of International Settlements panic. Honest trust. We kid you not. 

Fucking scared shitless. Nice to see. 

Aquarius's picture

Those of the Russian Far East, of the ground, began 30 years ago and more, in trading face to face with emergent China. This familiarity is well past with win-win approvals.

The USA problem and the World problem, are the crazed neocons, which has at its policies, the PNAC which infers ~150 years of killing, bombing, droning, murdering, thieving, torturing, looting. destroying, every child born, their Mothers, their Fathers, etc., so that these "f**king crazies" (Pentagon, prior to the ClintonWH Administration) can get their rocks off - Advanced daemonic lunancy with highly peaked sexual overtones of inadequacy, emotional stunted deformaties and delusions of grandeur aka cognitive and emotional dissonance.

Blood? This blod-clot Cult that infests the USA Empirium to even sewer levels, has saturated the minds and souls of American everywhere with their regurgitated fears and the ideological excreta though the basic elements of language imitata; the foundational elements of consciousness: thus creating a new Collective Unconsciousness throughout the USA and over riding, nay, obliteratiing the Collective Consciousness of Liberty and Freedom for all, as inculcated with US Independance.

Yes, an almost imperceptable takeover of the minds and souls of better folks by the vermin and feral of Hell aka as the Trotskyites and neocons.

This lot of parasites and blood sucking lava, love Blood -yours; their whole insanite ideologies are founded in the embrace of the sacrifice and blood - of others. their signature is blood and gore and their gesture is the animated Lie': where in the USA, they own and control the media, which carries the stench of their creed; the filth of the dribble.

Sure, they want to assassinate Julian Assange now; they failed, but their incomptence being biblically profound, this, if ever successful, will bring a global reaction that will do more damage that 1000 nuclear bombs. 

You Americans that love your Nation, believe in the pursuit of happiness, love and grant freedom and liberty for all, better soon come to terms with who did 9/11 or else your once great nation will be destroyed - and this filth of your "leadership" will desert you as fleas off the back of a dog.

This war you will not win, if you don't take back your Nation, yet if you do take it back, there will be no need for war.

The choice is Yours:  Good Luck or Good Bye.

Justice is the crowning glory of the virtues. - Marcus Tullius Cicero


Ho hum

consider me gone's picture

Cicero was a poser. But he was right about a lot of things. 

KashNCarry's picture

150 years? Try 500 years...

Cardinal Fang's picture

I always thought the Classic WwIII scenario was China invading Russia over land and natural resources.

Arnold's picture

I'll bet the Road to Moscow is a lot tougher from the East than it is from the West.



Atomizer's picture

I can't pull all the central bank members. Use my other device. Not tonight. Not stupid, always get away with tricking Google. 

Not in South Carolina. Easy unlisted link to pull from HQ computer. Outside of Google. 

Keep poking tomorrow. I had a list of every Central Banking fucknobs name. Location of country. 

It is gone or hidden. Keep plugging at file. 

Good night

Yars Revenge's picture

USA won't even be able to contain Mexico if the current course of borrow-spend-inflate isn't altered soon

Jim in MN's picture


Fucking Duh

Let's get our own shit together.  100 or so years might be enough.

Fireman's picture

To imagine USSA actually confronting China or Russia in a war of anything other than petulant defiance and whining (not to mention both simultaneously) is the funniest neocohen wet dream imaginable. These punks and their Pentacon Kill Industries Inc. (like the cancer in occupied, apartheid Palestine) murder defenseless babies, old men and women and their own USSAN "trained" terrorists as with the hairy goat drug addled I$I$ mob at the moment. They never ever "do" real countries with real armies.

In a word USSA'S next and final war will obviously, thankfully be against itself.

Onwards and backwards to civil war reloaded!

onmail1's picture

<-- To put the beast in cage

this is the right time to form new alliances

America destroys its friends who dont act into total submission as slaves

What Russia & China should do is to make new friends 

so that in the event of a world war,

the west can be isolated, neutralized, neutered & made eunuch hah ha

West is now a burden to the rest of the world

printing money and buying best from rest as well as threatening others

while these euroPeons , Americans & their rich allies live in paradise of excesses

Look they need manicured lawns, luxury houses with swimming pools, electronically operated blinds

jacuzzis in bathrooms and exotic pets & ride on private jets & luxury yatches

while in the rest of the world, ppl get less than 1 $ per hour to produce those goods

& they live in hell like conditions , entire family living in one small room 

many without even toilets.


Burn Down The West


Btw where is Kerry today...the devil's advocate

Father ¢hristmas's picture

Come to think of it, in the most cynical and pragmatic of terms, Kim Jong Un is an ideal head of state.

Fuck the citizens; let those fuckers eat grass.  Whaddya need reliable electricity for?  Bitch, you wanna call your lil friends on the phone and try to pull a coup on me?

There's only enough on the plate for me and my guys, kick rocks before I toss your sorry ass in a labor camp.

North Korea is the future of civilization.  Like the next logical step after an economic collapse and warfare.  Some fucking guy has all the resources and he decides that instead of sharing, fuck it, I'm gonna wield this shit like a sword over everyone else.

Deep down, Kim Jong Un is every gold bug's fantasy post-apocalyptic role model.

the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Father ¢hristmas Aug 30, 2016 12:12 AM

Stand on Zanzibar (2016)

skepsis101's picture

Wow!  And merry christmas to you too.

bid the soldiers shoot's picture


Kim Jong Un is told exactly what to do by Beijing.  You don't have to be a high school graduate to know that.


And North Korea is perforce China's Israel.  Can you understand that?


And when the North American Exceptionalists (Kagan & Wolfowitz) get too rambunctious for their pea brains,  North Korea will announce a nuclear test in the Pacific some 2 or 3 thousand miles West of San Francisco and our generals will poop their panties. 



After that  China and Russia will announce their withdrawal from the CTBT (comprehensive test ban treaty)


*Each State Party has the right to withdraw from the CTBT if it decides that extraordinary events related to the subject matter of the Treaty have jeopardized the State Party's supreme national interests.*

And the CIA will give Hillary and Bill their signature lobotomies. 

Lost in translation's picture

So the Satanists in DC desire war, you say? Okay, let them have at it.

The Lord still sits upon His Heavenly Throne, I say. He is still in complete control of His creation.

No nation in human history has ever been as blessed of the Lord as the USA has been. But, to whom more is given, more is required. And today, in 2016, we see no nation doing more wickedly in this present world than the US. There will be consequences.

If the US seeks a world war, I tend to believe God will reprove Americans of their folly, and show them what happens when they take up the sword without His leading, without His guidance, and without His protection.

America's defeat will be epic to behold...

Peelingtheonion's picture


Do you really think the "Lord" has blessed the USA....do you really believe that the "Lord" believes in genocide and the enslavement and oppression of humans as righteous and deserving of "His" blessings....

oncemore's picture

You say it: let them have a war.

o r c k's picture

Yeah, unleash ol' lord Yahweh. He invented genocide, sex slavery, baby dis-emboweling, human sacrifice (Jesus) etc., etc. (He was very jealous after all).

Victor999's picture

You have it all wrong.  Actually, Satan has blessed America since its foundation.  America is the vanguard of the New World Order, the eventual one world government.  And as a reward for that effort, it will be overcome and subsumed into that government.  God has only allowed this to happen in order to fulfill His ultimate plan for the nations.  And the great anti-Christ will be a Jew, those who today now rule America and much of the West and use these countries as a weapon to propagate a spiritual war ion behalf of higher spiritual principalities.


May they all be damned.

uhland62's picture

No Empire lasts forever. 

"No TPP – a certainty in case Donald Trump is elected in November – means the end of US economic hegemony over Asia."

NAFTA did not produce good results for the American people so why would they not make sure there is no second helping?

Hegemony?!?!? Does that guarantee good and well paid jobs for everyone? Why would people vote for "HEGEMONY' which only benefits the 1% through their shareholdings in armament factories? 

CTG_Sweden's picture



Article (Pepe Escobar):


Slowly but surely – see for instance the possibility of an ATM (Ankara-Tehran-Moscow) coalition in the making – global power continues to insist on shifting East.”






My comments:


I doubt there will be a Ankara-Tehran-Moscow coalition. Free trade with the EU and perhaps even EU membership and NATO membership probably stands out as a more attractive option to Turkey. I would be surprised if Turkey would choose another strategy. It seems more likely that somewhat closer ties between Iran and China will evolve in the future. Russia and China can perhaps help Iran create a trade and military bloc that would include Iraq and the parts of Syria that will be controlled by Assad and the Alawites (and religious minorities and some secular Sunnis). The big challenge for Russia/Iran is probably to keep a land bridge between Syria and Iraq and see to that Iraq chooses an alliance with Iran and Russia rather than the West. Iran, Iraq and Syria could become a future market for Chinese consumer electronics and cutting-edge high-tech products. Other products can probably be produced by Iran which nowadays seems to master most modern, sophisticated technologies except cutting-edge technologies. I also guess that Iran and Syria will depend on Russian military protection. In return for that I guess that China could get the Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian markets for telecommunication equipment and consumer electronics. China can probably compensate Russia in some way for securing this area of the world for typical Chinese export products.


I guess that it will be harder for China to secure markets in South America. Africa will probably never become good markets. And a small chunk of the Middle Eastern market will probably not make a significant difference. So China should probably try to secure other large and affluent markets to the greatest extent they can.


China and Chinese billionaires should probably pursue a strategy that enables them to get inside future Western tariff walls by acquiring Western companies. Zhongwang´s recent acquisition of the American aluminum producer Aleris is probably a smart move. One problem for the Chinese government, however, is that foreign assets can make powerful Chinese billionaires and companies owned by the Chinese government susceptible to pressure from those who now rule the West. So investments in the West should be followed by a co-ordinated strategy for more Chinese political influence in the West. Otherwise, Chinese investments in the West may indirectly become a back-door for those who now rule the West into ruling class of China. Unless China comes up with a strategy for more power in the West I think that there is a very significant risk that China will get the same rulers as we have. The Chinese anti-imperialist doctrine (i.e. that all countries, including China, should mind their own business) is probably almost as stupid as the cultural revolution in case they don´t insulate their economy against foreign influence sufficiently. If China does not choose isolation they probably got to scrap the anti-imperialist doctrine and become as imperialist as the US and Britain and its media owners and campaign donors. Otherwise, they will probably wind up being controlled by other imperialists than themselves.


oncemore's picture

your comments=a piece of shit from a piece of shit, like Sweden.

CTG_Sweden's picture






your comments=a piece of shit from a piece of shit, like Sweden.”




My comments:


My ideas and attitudes probably don´t reflect typical Swedish attitudes. But I may still be a piece of shit like you say.