Obama Admits 10,000 Syrian Refugees: This Is Where They Are Headed

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Yesterday, the White House announced that the US had met President Obama’s goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees into the country; it did so ahead of schedule. 

One year ago Obama had sought a sixfold increase in the number of Syrian refugees provided safe haven in the United States. After a slow start, the administration was able to hit the goal about a month early and just a few weeks before Obama convenes a summit on refugees during the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly. He would have been hard-pressed to make the case for other countries to do more with the U.S. failing to reach a goal that amounts to about 2% of the 480,000 Syrian refugees in need of resettlement. Millions more Syrians have fled to neighboring states such as Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon and to countries in Europe since the civil war broke out in 2011.

Over 1 million Syrian refugees made their way to Germany, where the resultant social shock, and surge in violent terrorist attacks, have led to a plunge in Angela Merkel's approval rating. That, however, has not deterred the US from seeking to admit thousands of refugees.

“On behalf of the president and his administration, I extend the warmest of welcomes to each and every one of our Syrian arrivals, as well as the many other refugees resettled this year from all over the world,” National Security Adviser Susan Rice said in a statement. More from the statement:

Less than a year ago, in response to an historic global refugee crisis, involving millions of Syrians in flight from violence and conflict, President Obama directed his Administration to increase the number of Syrian refugees provided safe haven in the United States.  While refugee admissions are only a small part of our broader humanitarian efforts in Syria and the region, the President understood the important message this decision would send, not just to the Syrian people but to the broader international community. As such, he set a goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees this fiscal year. Millions have been displaced by the violence in the region, but this decision still represented a six-fold increase from the prior year, and was a meaningful step that we hope to build upon.


Today, I am pleased to announce that we will meet this goal more than a month ahead of schedule.  Our 10,000th Syrian refugee will arrive this afternoon.  On behalf of the President and his Administration, I extend the warmest of welcomes to each and every one of our Syrian arrivals, as well as the many other refugees resettled this year from all over the world.  We will admit at least 85,000 refugees in total this year, including vulnerable individuals and families from Burma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, El Salvador, Iraq, Somalia, Ukraine, and many other countries.

Rice said the summit in New York City will highlight the contributions the U.S. and other nations have made to help refugees. She said the U.S. has committed to working with the international community to increase funding for humanitarian assistance and double the number of refugees afforded the opportunity to resettle.

As AP admits, the increase in Syrian refugees also comes at a time of heightened national security concerns following extremist attacks in the U.S. and abroad. The Obama administration has said that refugees fleeing war and persecution are the most scrutinized of all immigrants who come into the United States. The process typically takes 12 months to 18 months and includes in-person interviews and a review of biographical and biometric information.

With many Americans curious where these refugees will land, a map we first posted last September shows a wide dispersion. More details can be found in a document from the Refugee Processing Center.


According to NBC, the top destination for Syrian refugees arriving in the U.S. is the state of Michigan. More than a 10th of the 10,000 Syrians admitted this fiscal year at the urging of the Obama administration are headed there, according to State Department figures.

Most of the 1,036 new arrivals are likely to settle in and around Detroit, which has long been a magnet for Arab immigrants. This despite the fact that Michigan's Republican Gov. Rick Snyder suspended efforts last November to bring more long-suffering Syrians to his state after the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris.

Snyder spokeswoman Anna Heaton told NBC News the governor "never suspended refugee resettlement" and is not opposed to more Syrian refugees settling in Michigan. "The governor suspended efforts to bring in additional refugees above and beyond the amount Michigan normally receives," Heaton said in an email. "This increase in Syrian refugee resettlement is not surprising as our state continues to be a welcoming home for refugees who go on to contribute to our economic comeback and Michigan's overall quality of life."

Close on Michigan's heels is California, which has taken in 1,030 Syrians between Oct. 1 of last year and Aug. 29, the federal figures show. Arizona and Texas, two red states led by Republican governors who have flat-out said they don't want Syrian refugees because they supposedly pose a security risk, are next on the list having taken in 766 and 735 people, respectively, the figures show.

Those states were followed by Pennsylvania (600), Illinois (569), Florida (542) and New York (538), the figures show.

However, as Breitbart noted overnight, there is a possibility that thousands of the Syrian refugees may end up doing something else entirely: noting that in a previously little-noticed video from February at the Clinton Global Initiative, former President Bill Clinton suggested that the U.S. use Syrian refugees to rebuild Detroit. Since the decision what to do with the Syrian refugees will ultimately be made by America's next president, who may well be Hillary Clinton, this is significant.

“The truth is that the big loser in this over the long run is going to be Syria. This is an enormous opportunity for Americans,” Bill Clinton said about the Syrian migrant crisis.

Detroit has 10,000 empty, structurally sound houses—10,000. And lot of jobs to be had repairing those houses. Detroit just came out of bankruptcy and the mayor’s trying to do an innovative sort of urban homesteading program there. But it just gives you an example of what could be done. And I think any of us who have ever had any personal experience with either Syrian Americans or Syrian refugees think it’s a pretty good deal.

As Julia Hahn notes, it is unclear from the video why Clinton seems to think it would be better to fill these Detroit jobs with imported foreign migrants rather than unemployed Americans already living there, who could perhaps benefit from good-paying jobs.

We may soon find out: Hillary Clinton has called for a 550 percent expansion to the importation of Syrian refugees. Based on the minimum figures she has put forth thus far, a President Hillary Clinton could potentially import a population of refugees (620,000) that nearly equals the population of Detroit (677,116).

Here a quick note: in the US, 91.4% of recent refugees from the Middle East are on food stamps, and 68.3% are on cash welfare, according to data from the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Department of Health and Human Services.

This may be something else for the American public to consider in the 69 days remaining ahead of the presidential election.

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buzzsaw99's picture

yep and he'll give them a free house, a good job, you know, all those things he wouldn't do for the unemployed black youth of america.

ChemtrailPilot's picture

Yes, the black community's problem in America is not enough gibsmedats being thrown at them...

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Words cannot describe the way I feel about this current "president", in short I don't like him. Trump 2016.

scm's picture

Down voted for "thump 2016" because the truth is, he's no different than the rest of the people you hate.

jcaz's picture

Wow, you are so wise- we never considered that before.....  Thank you, grasshopper.

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So how exactly do we know these are Syrian refugess and not economic migrants like frau Merkel thought were such a great idea?!

Ghost of Porky's picture

There's a questionnaire.

1) Are you a bad guy or good guy?  Bad/Good

2) If you are a bad guy, are you willing to change?    Yes/No

3) If you are not willing to change, do you promise to vote Democrat?    Yes/No



thesonandheir's picture

More Democrat floating voters.


Welcome to Ameristan. 

WordSmith2013's picture

The whole enterprise was set up in London, Rome and Washington.




The Syrian Holocaust: A Preplanned Genocide And Forced Exodus
Million Dollar Bonehead's picture

The important thing is not to merely allow immigrants to enter the country, but to encourage interbreeding with the local population. Only in this way can we ensure a homogenous society of peaceful, docile laborers. We should all encourage our sons and daughters to marry, or at least mate with, one of these hearty immigrant workers. 

Shocker's picture

An this is going to help the economy how?

Layoff List: http://www.dailyjobcuts.com


Whoa Dammit's picture

I wish someone would pay for me to live in California. But since my family was here too long and fought in the Revolution, I don't qualify.

BuddyEffed's picture

What happens in Syria, stays in Syria.   Let them support their own peoples, with their own local revenue streams, and their own local tough choice economic decisions in a tough world economy.

CaliforniaRecipe's picture

Yeah, but the US gov't has to leave them alone before Syrians can do their own thing. 


The US gov't created the problem by trying to oust Assad from power. Bombing the bejesus out of the Syrian population.


Now, the US gov't brings people, who were perfectly happy in their country, to the mainland by the thousands. Suspicious, indeed. 



Million Dollar Bonehead's picture

The New World Order will allow you to work in peace, for a livable wage, happily making food, clothing and the necessities of life. The rest of us will be busy prefecting the finer things of life like VR headsets, relational robots, genetic cosmetic enhancement, and uploading our minds to the cloud.

SamAdams's picture

Baby steps to the one world order.  Ran by Zionist bankers, who were given the ability to create money from nothing.  This is exactly what Soros is after.  Elimination of nationalism and race.  One people, under one government.  You could call it the "United Federation of Planet"....

knukles's picture

Only stars gonna get to see are those left by the baton whacking our heads

Climb's picture

Wow... we have a MDB impersonater now.... nice try.

ZD1's picture

You forgot George Soros' contributions to the plan...

Dick Gazinia's picture

It was not part of their blood,
It came to them very late,
With long arrears to make good,
When the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved,
They were icy — willing to wait
Till every count should be proved,
Ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.
Their eyes were level and straight.
There was neither sign nor show
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon began to hate.

-- Rudyard Kipling --

espirit's picture

I see no influx to either Chicago or Detroit.


WordSmith2013's picture

May sound crazy, but the Syrian people are being moved off their ancestral lands to save them from the NW-engineered Armageddon that is planned to complete the Greater Israel project.




The Levant andArmageddon, Syria and World War III
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It's a perfect scheme for Clinton - getting more votes. Being like Mutti Mackerel. Obama didn't have balls to do this but Hillary? She would sell Texas if she could to replace it with new Syrian voters.


But it is good. When people are going to feel the pain themselves, right in front of their eyes - this is when change might happen.

It has to be bad before it will be good. Right now - take a closer look at Western Europe and learn not to make the same mistakes.


Bush Baby's picture

10,000 Legally, how many more via our southern "Border" ?

More Ammo's picture

"Legally"  What an interesting word...

knukles's picture

Ever so "Quaint" notion

slammin_dude's picture

millions.... here in seattle, tthey're everywhere already....fucking burkahs/tents an bitches all over the place.....10k my ass!

muzzie invaders spread throughout country already!

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I will take Mexican immigrants over Syrians any day, there is something to be said for those beautiful Latin booty's and our cultures are more compatible.

Who doesn't like cerveza fria, taco's and booty?

hxc's picture

For real. Nothing like going to Mexico and bagging some hotties... Syria, on the other hand... all the hotties are in bags already.

Oldrepublic's picture

speaking as a person with some personal knowledge of Syria, there are some very fine looking women there,but mostly minorities like Christians, Armenians etc, take a look at the President's wife

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You sound like my brother-in-law back east. Doesn't really know anything about Latino culture but for working on his house, thinks they're honest, hardworking folks. I grew up with them. If you're Anglo they hate you, but the trickster in them conceals it. The trickster is part of their indigenous side, its a game. The "booty" looks good at 14, they become more fat and gargoyle like as they age, and, they're bitches. They're inherently corrupt and dishonest, even to themselves. Calculate the crime, violence and sexual assault Latinos have committed in this country and compare to Muslims. Look up Katie's law or victoria Martens, the 10 year old raped, strangled and burned here in NM by a dirtbag Latino. I'd be happy never to have to live alongside such a bullshit phony culture that's able to pull the wool over you naive easterners eyes. Don't be a fool.

slyder wood's picture

Mexican beer was started by Germam immigrants in Mexico during Germam colonial rule. The indigenous probably drank fermented spit.

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10k from the same people who brought you the 4.7 % unemployment number.  Here in Indiana, the "immigrants' drive brand new Nissan with paper tags.


No Time for Fishing's picture

The Syrians are on top of the 100,000 plus per year already be allowed to immigrate. Muslims are also very fast breeding with each Muslim women producing 5-8 children all born here thus US Citizens. 

The rate of Muslim immigration has been increasing since September 11. Between 2001 and 2013, the United States permanently resettled 1.5 million Muslim immigrants throughout the United States. Unlike illegal immigrants, legal immigrants granted lifetime resettlement privileges will be given automatic work permits, welfare access, and the ability to become voting citizens.


Dugald's picture


Pilgrim, you created them, now youhave to look after them, by all means let them take over Detroit, Sharia law and all that, then it won't be long before Detroit becomes a Beirut, weapons of course supplied by CIA etc, the media will have long run of field days, and you folks can sit back with poppcorn and be greatly entertained....how good is that, gosh your gubmint really takes care of you....


francis_the_wonder_hamster's picture

"10,000 Legally, how many more via our southern "Border" ?"

Great, 4 of the relocations centers are within 20 minutes of me in San Diego.  Of course, nothing bad has EVER come from the muslim population here.  And of course, being the biggest Southern border city in the US AND home to a ton of our military personell, we wouldn't be a target for anything.

Nice that we have a boatload of  current and ex-special forces guys (not just SEALs) who live here now, but this really is just begging for the law of large numbers to work against you.

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Gee, search San Diego most wanted fugitives and/or sex offenders. Look at the surnames. Your problem comes mostly from south of the border. Don't get me wrong, we don't need any more turd worlders of any culture/ethno-religious group.
Stay classy.....

centerline's picture

This isn't about votes.  The numbers dont add up.  It is about pain though.  And change.  Just not the type people here are hoping for.

This is an engineered crisis in the making.  And like most of the schemes we have seen, it doesnt require too much intervention.  Rather, just play off the political correctness and otherwise do nothing.  Is brilliant really.  Plausible deniability.  Blame shifting.  Etc.  all built in.  Smoke and mirrors bitches.

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Long game.  How many more kids do they have then whites stuggling to make on their own without government?  

new game's picture

good will become shittier. ie vegas. this will not work as planned. oil and water never eventually mix. whip the fuck out of it and it still stays separate...

christians and muzzies will eventually do battle til death determines the the "religion of peace", LOL...

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Maybe in Michegan. I'm really not too worried about Arizona. More worried FOR the muslims in Arizona. If they start some shit we can have them all rounded up and exported by TOMORROW. We're a contender for "most heavily armed populace in the USA".

FireBrander's picture

..and the polls are showing Hillary winng in AZ; please explain yourself!

a Smudge by any other name's picture

I would explain myself thusly: I was put here by two people who fucked. I was not consulted in this event, I had no choice in the matter. As to the polls, ask the pollsters.

Ajax_USB_Port_Repair_Service_'s picture

Put the Syrians in North Las Vegas. Interesting experiment.

FireBrander's picture

They would feel right at home in dowtown Las Vegas; war torn hell hole.