Someone Just Dumped Almost $5 Billion Notional Gold Into The Futures Market

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Gold futures are near the psychologically important $1300 once again as someone decided this morning was the perfect time to dump $4.7 billion notional gold into the futures markets...

Gold is back to Brexit day levels... as thedollar gains (amid EM outflows thanks to South Africa among other things)


Testing towards its 100-day moving average support at $1304


Silver is less affected for now...

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Slightly OT…

Our Ministry of Truth is working overtime!

This morning, CNN-Fox-MSNBC have proudly, in unison, announced that we killed ISIS’ Second-in-command, Abu Mohammad al-Adnani.

What a proud moment! I can hear those students chanting “USA! USA! USA!” in front of the White House, but…

We are nowhere near Aleppo! We don’t fly there - the Russians do. We don’t fight there - the Syrian Army and the Iranians do. Aleppo has been encircled and mercilessly pounded for a few weeks now.

Here’s yesterday’s statement of the Russian Defense Ministry:

“Today in Aleppo, between 1600 and 2000 local time, the RF [Russian Federation] planes targeted and killed Abu Mohammad al-Adnani, the official spokesman of ISIL’s leader, al-Baghdadi. 40 other terrorists were also killed during the strikes.”

What a great Foreign Policy – fuck up the Middle East and North Africa, get high and play golf all day long, and take credit for somebody else’s successes in cleaning up your shit. Exceptional!   ;-)


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The Euro Must be saved! Gold Must be destroyed!

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yes, three big hits today.  no substantial silver change...yet.  keep eyes on dollar yen and copper

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Thanks to the guy at the BIS trading desk!

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Harvey Organ predicted this last night....posted on SilverDoctors:


Expect Big Gold and Silver RAID Tomorrow! – Harvey Organ



BTFD...bitchez  ;-)


and speaking of predictions....let's all keep an eye on this one too as Friday looms ahead:


Friday’s Jobs Report Could Trigger A Stock Market CRASH – Stewart Thomson

The September and October time-frame is what I call “US stock market crash season”. The worst stock market crashes have historically occurred during these months, and Friday’s jobs report has the potential to create another one.
The PBOC could announce a major yuan devaluation if Janet hikes rates in September, and that could potentially unleash the type of stock market crash that occurred in 1929…


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This morning, CNN-Fox-MSNBC have proudly, in unison, announced that we killed ISIS’ Second-in-command, Abu Mohammad al-Adnani.

That poor guy gets killed over and over again--at least once every 6 weeks--sucks to be him.

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You’re confusing him with another dude, al-Shishani (the Chechen), but who cares? The sooner them assholes are wiped out, the better.   ;-)


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GOLD Breakout 2016: The Reign of the Almighty Dollar is Over

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For everything Harvey predicts that happens, he's predicted a hundred things that haven't. The COMEX has defaulted and shut down 1,000 times now per his imminent predictions.

I just watch the prices and buy the dips:

Live Gold Price:

Live Silver Price:

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"I dont often sell gold, but when I do, its billions of dollars in a straight line down until I've taken out the entire bid stack"

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The problem with that is we create more asshole every time we kill one. Its a never ending cycle, wack-a-mole with a drone. It will never end.

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Yes, when we do bad things in other countries, where we have no businesss being there, it creates a lot of hate and discontent. Anyone who doesn't think that our actions create blowback doesn't really understand physics very well.

The problem in the US is that so few are paying attention to what the govt is doing in their name, the rest are watching dancing with the stars or big brother etc or on FB...

When your youth population is scared by a Herky the Hawkeye mascot defense of the country doesn't look too promising should it come to that.

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Now I have to go drive 12 miles this morning to the coin store pick up some more.

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People seem desperate to avoid raising interest rates to stop gold, so more paper dumps

These paper dumps still work, but the dumps are now larger and more frequent.

As negative rates spread across the globe, the paper dumps will lose efficacy completely.

Negative rates in the US and/or London means gold rally is back to stay, paper dumps or no.

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Always check the Cmx Cotts...

""Commercials"" are still over 300K Contracts NET SHORT on GOLD.


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how long before buying range optimized?

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"The price of gold, as opposed to the gold price, always tells the real story."


Global Economic And Financial System On The Verge Of Total Collapse


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The dips are followed by bounces more quickly now.

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IT's been getting beat down all month, but really picked up speed this past week.  

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Existing only in theory or as a suggestion or idea.



Five billion worth of them..MUHAHAHAHAHA

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It was only a billion last week.  Somebody's getting more desperate.


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The market makers can see where people have their stops and have a pretty good idea even if the order isn't on their books.  With gold nearing $1,300, you know that people will close out positions around or slightly under $1,300.  People tend to think in round numbers.  So it will make sense for the market maker to push under $1,300 at some point just to trip those stops.  Whether it stays under $1,300 is a whole different thing.

The algos are smart enough that they know when and where you bought, your trading patterns and can figure out what you are most likely to do.  The house always has more information than you do.

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TZ over at BULLBEARTALK.COM says $1275 along with Sophia. Don't know myself, don't trade, just long term AU myself but I like to follow them as they have a proven track record. Poly = Bob Loukas is bit over the top regarding his tribe once in awhile but overall it's the best trading forum I've come across, everybody keeping their opinions and emotions in check. Tex, Poly, DG and Pivot are the real top dawgs over there.

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They are trying to reduce Sovereign Gold Redemptions from major custodial holding banks.  Why?  Because the gold has been leased to so many individuals, it is no longer clear "Who Owns What".  I mean, what are they going to do, let gold go 'free market' and destroy their careers in the process?  Nah way.

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The rest of the world must be laughing their asses off at Obummer and Killary. 

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Remember this one?

Beep, beep, beep...for those nubies on ZH:

That's the sound of my truck backing up to the loading dock.

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Is it not possible that this is a sign that somebody knows that that type of gold may be worthless soon? Just asking.

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Paging JPMorganChase.

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"Department of Consumer Butt Fuckery here, how may I assist?" 

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Is anyone keeping historical track of the relative shock effect here?

There has to be a trend there.

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Efficient markets. Go capitalism!

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Gotta tilt the machine to win their options

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ok i admit it, it was me

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I was going to, but I'd left the $4.7bn im my other jacket.


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It's because I just doubled-down on miners.  HAPPENS EVERY TIME

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When are they going to dump silver?

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Soon....I hope! I have another strong box, that has some room in it!

At the bottom of an uncharted lake of course.

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They do it every frikken day.

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Silver seems bullet proof to further push downs. It looks like any further push down will just result in increased demand industrially or as inflation hedge.

Silver has a right-left punch. First, the PM aspect then the AG/AU ratio which is historiucally low.

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Options expiry clockwork.

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I may be naive on the subject, but can't they find out the official record of who decides to do this all the time?

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National security, need to know and all that.

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The rule of law doesn't apply to these traitors.

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Yes, I want to know that too. *Who* is it?

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Don't ask me stupid questions, and I won't tell you no lies.

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The exchange knows who it is. The have the customer account number when the trade is executed.