New Hillary Emails Expose Bill Pushing Meetings With Foundation Donors, Requests For "Diplomatic Passports"

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Judicial Watch just released another 510 pages of State Department emails from Hillary's tenure as the "inconvenient facts" just keep piling up for the Democratic nominee.  Per Judicial Watch, the new disclosure includes 37 Hillary email exchanges that were not turned over as part of her initial 55,000 page submission to the State Department.  Obviously, these new discoveries continue to contradict Hillary's claims to Congress that she turned over all of her government emails to the State Department. 

The new release includes, among other things, Clinton Foundation executive, Doug Band, reaching out to Huma Abedin to help facilitate "diplomatic passports" for himself, Justin Cooper (member of Bill Clinton's personal office) and one other person referred to as "jd".  The emails also reveal Bill Clinton pushing the State Department for a meeting between Hillary and the CEO of Dow Chemical, a $1-$5mm donor to the Clinton Foundation.  Emails also reveal Hillary forwarding classified information to Huma's email account and a request from Newsmax CEO, Chris Ruddy, for a State Department favor.

But we're sure Donna Brazile, the new DNC chair, will see these various "requests for favors" from the Clinton Foundation and others as just another attempt to "criminalize normal behavior."

Below is the exchange between Doug Band (Clinton Foundation Executive) and Huma Abedin back in July 2009 where Band requests diplomatic passports for himself, Justin Cooper (aka "justy") and and unknown person referred to as "jd."

From: Doug Band
To: Huma Abedin
Sent: Jul 27, 2009 10:32 AM


Need get me/ justy and jd dip passports


We had them years ago but they lapsed and we didn’t bother getting them



From: Huma Abedin []
Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 10:38:39 PM
To: Doug Band
Subject: Re:


Ok will figure it out


Per Judicial Watch, the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations strictly limits the granting of diplomatic passports to members of the Foreign Service, their family members, or those working on U.S. government contracts. According to 22 CFR 51.3:

A diplomatic passport is issued to a Foreign Service officer or to a person having diplomatic status or comparable status because he or she is traveling abroad to carry out diplomatic duties on behalf of the U.S. Government. When authorized by the Department, spouses and family members of such persons may be issued diplomatic passports. When authorized by the Department, a diplomatic passport may be issued to a U.S. Government contractor if the contractor meets the eligibility requirements for a diplomatic passport and the diplomatic passport is necessary to complete his or her mission.


Next we have the exchange where Huma admits that Bill Clinton is pushing for a meeting between Hillary and the CEO of Dow Chemial, a $1-$5mm donor to the Clinton Foundation.     

From: Huma Abedin
To: Valmoro, Lona J
Sent: Monday, Jul 27 06:02:01 2009


Wjc wants to be sure hrc sees Andrew Liveris, ceo of dow tomorrow night. Apparently he is head of us china business council. Is he definitely going to be there?



From: Valmoro, Lona J [
Sent: July 27, 2009 6:03:54 AM
To: Huma Abedin
Subject: Re:


I will check. He declined our invitation to dinner tonight at State.



From: Valmoro, Lona J
Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 9:24:08 AM
To: Huma Abedin; Narain, Paul F [Clinton aide]
Subject: Re: CEO of dow


Paul, Andrew Leveris, CEO of Dow Chemical, is going to be at the dinner tomorrow night. We would like HRC to see him, perhaps they can do a brief pull aside upon arrival. Huma, would that work for you?



From: Huma Abedin []
Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 9:24:55 AM
To: Valmoro, Lona J, Huma Abedin, Narain, Paul F
Subject: Re: CEO of dow


Yes pull aside on arrival



From: Narain, Paul F
Sent, Monday, July 27, 2009 7:56 PM
To: Valmoro, Lona, Abedin Huma
Subject: RE: CEO of dow


Lona, I have arranged this pull aside for on the arrival in the Hold Room across the hall from the ballroom, immediately prior to the Secretary’s entrance and remarks.


The next exchange begins as Band urges Abedin to follow up on a request from Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy to set up a meeting with then-Ambassador to Panama Barbara Stephenson on behalf of lobbyist Amb. Otto Reich, President Reagan’s ambassador to Venezuela who maintained high-level government positions during the tenure of both President George H.W. Bush and President George Bush.  In early September, Ruddy then was contacted by State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, Roberta S. Jacobson, at the behest of Band and Abedin, in reference to Ruddy’s concerns about Wilson Lucom, whose estate was embroiled in a heated multi-million-dollar lawsuit.  Ruddy’s Newsmax Media Inc, made a contribution to the Clinton Foundation of between $1 million and $5 million. The emails show the responsible official was put in contact with Ruddy.


From: Christopher [Redacted]
To: Doug Band [Redacted]
Sent: Mon Aug 17 3:40:56 2009
Subject: Panama


Otto Reich is arriving in Panama tonite on the matter I discussed. He was hoping to meet with Barbara Stephenson or her Charge this week. He has not heard back from her. Any “air’ support you can give for this meeting would be helpful. Thanks! – Christopher Ruddy



From: Doug Band
To: Huma Abedin
Sent: Aug 18, 2009 10:37 PM
Subject: Fw: Panama


Would be good to do quickly.


Even a call



From: Huma Abedin
To: Doug Band
Sent: Wed Aug 19 4:51:35 2009
Subject: Re: Panama


Both of our point people are out on vacation. I can ask someone junior to deal with this?



From: Doug Band
Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 5:20:13 PM
To: Huma Abedin
Subject: Re: Panama





From: Jacobson, Roberta S
Sent: Friday, September 04, 2009 7:32 AM
To: ruddy [Redacted]
Subject: Panama case


Mr. Ruddy: Your inquiry about the Lucom case has been passed to the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs here at State. I apologize for not getting you a response on our position last evening, but we will get back to you as soon as possible today. Many thanks. Roberta Jacobson.



From: Christopher Ruddy
To: dband
Sent: Fri Sep 04, 08:01:20 2009 7:32 AM
Subject: FW: Panama case



From: Doug Band
To: Huma Abedin
Sent: Fri Sep 04 08:18:43 2009
Subject: Fw: Panama case



From: Huma Abedin
Sent: Friday, September 04, 2009 8:37:21 AM
To: Doug Band
Subject: Re: Panama case


She’s the dep assistant secretary for the whole bureau.


The Panama desk guy is on leave so I asked that she at least reach out.


And the plume of smoke continues to grow... 

But what say you, ZH readers?  Is this all an attempt by the "alt-right" to, as Donna Brazile would say, "criminalize normal behavior" or have the Clintons been actively engaged in selling influence to donors?  At lease one poll would suggest the overwhelming majority of people believe the latter.

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Bush Baby's picture

WHile Trump visits LA and Mexico , Hillary spends her time plotting with her lawyers on how to stay out of jail

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Thank you for your service, Judicial Watch!

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Oh, for Goat Scrotum’s sake!

The bitch deserves to be gasoline-boarded twice a day for the rest of her long-LONG live.


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Honestly, is anyone suprised?  Corrupt!

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The newly "found" emails are coming in smaller numbers now, but they're more damning in their content.

Eventually (hopefully the week before the election) there will be a single email released where all the big players are copied in saying "You know all this stuff we're doing is highly illegal, right?"  HRC responds:  "Don't worry.  Those idiots will never catch us."

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To increase the "catch", refer to Trey Gowdy's question to Martha MacCallum, "Do you consider Foundation emails to be private?"

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Boris Badenov Sep 1, 2016 5:11 PM

It won't be in the "news" that 90% of the people watch/listen to so it didn't happen.  The "news" media have become an arm of the statist government.  Pravda would be proud.

archon's picture

Pravda would be envious.  They never had it so easy as the US media does. Stalin, Mao, Hitler all wish they had a lapdog news media - they actually had to intimidate their media to do their bidding.

macholatte's picture



"criminalize normal behavior" or “normalize criminal behavior”?

Is it so difficult for anyone to see the low hanging fruit displayed by so many conspirators guilty of perjury, aiding & abetting and obstruction of justice as well as racketeering?   A decent prosecutor could clean out the DNC and the state department right now without touching Hitlary.

Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.
– Wyatt Earp

Every Indian outbreak that I have ever known has resulted from broken promises and broken treaties by the government.
– Buffalo Bill

Stackers's picture

Doug Band ? Now where have I seen that name recently elsewhere ?

Oh, that's right he was a listed passenger on the $90,000 jet ride Hillary took to her "chef's" retirement ......

weburke's picture

finally, someone saying "bill". 

bill clinton was the reason for the separate server. 

logicalman's picture

It would appear that the US government sees everyone as 'Indians'

Hopefully, given the number of broken promises, Buffalo Bill was on to something.



weburke's picture

finally, someone saying "bill". 

bill clinton was the reason for the separate server. 

beemasters's picture

Have they found any email involving sex? Lacking anything sexual, the people and media don't seem to take the Clintons' crimes seriously. I bet Weiner's story get more attention than Hillary's emails.

Boris Badenov's picture

The Oscar Meyer Foundation is looking for donors.

38BWD22's picture



I am sure that it all means nothing.

Panama?  CIA or FBI turf re the Clintons.  Hmm...

38BWD22's picture



Trupe post, bad wifi connection...

The_Dude's picture

And she'll still get 47% at least. ..

NoDebt's picture

Yes, easily.  Without even breaking a sweat or falling down and bumping her head again.  I look forward to the debates with Trump badgering her under the hot lights for a couple hours straight.  I hope her face melts off like in 'Indiana Jones'



nightshiftsucks's picture

No I want to see her flop around like a fish out of water.

RadioFlyer's picture
RadioFlyer (not verified) nightshiftsucks Sep 2, 2016 4:58 AM

And a colostomy bag overflow on stage

Oldwood's picture

She was framed!

It's a coincidence I tell ya!

Has ta be.

Oldwood's picture

She was framed!

It's a coincidence I tell ya!

Has ta be.

Automatic Choke's picture

vast rightwing conspiracy.   (get your terms right.)

greenskeeper carl's picture

@NoDebt - do you REALLY think that would even make a difference. A year ago, I would have said absolutely. Now, Im not so sure. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if half the country still voted for her. Maybe Im just to jaded and cynical and need to take a ZH break for a while, but I have lost pretty much all faith in my fellow americans to pull their heads out of their asses and start standing up to shit like this. The fact that they have witnessed this country turn into a banana republic like this and still support her means, in my mind, these people are hopeless. And, to paraphrase someone who was much smarter than I, they deserve to get what they want, and get it hard.

RadioFlyer's picture
RadioFlyer (not verified) greenskeeper carl Sep 2, 2016 4:59 AM

Wasserman-shite got re-elected

wildbad's picture

but no credible prosecutor would go after such crimes

lakecity55's picture

Haha, pour that gas down my throat! Satan has made me Invincible! Did I not defeat the fbi? Hahhaha!
(Flames erupt and consume the priest)

sam i am's picture


She has been appointed to be the US president.

Nothin' you can do about it

So, don't cry and read this fun article

Men don’t arch their backs, or why Russians reject “Western values”

ZH FNG's picture

After a brief meeting with Bill Clinton on her private jet Loretta Lynch has just closed down Judicial Watch as a terrorist organization.

Crash Overide's picture

All this Clinton corruption is way beyond ridiculous. With months left until the election and more leaks and emails to come at what point does someone bring charges and take her down.

How can she continue to be allowed to run for president?

Chief Wonder Bread's picture

Unfortunatley, most people are otherwise occupied. If only we lived in a rational world.

I'll drink to that. (I don't want to live in an irrational world).

gmrpeabody's picture

... and coming from a guy who calls himself Chief Wonder Bread.  ROTFLMAO

You owe me a new keyboard...

SweetDougisaTwat's picture

Wrong.  She is in no danger of going to jail.  Rather, she is incapacitated with seizure disorder to the extent that she cannot hop around to LA or Mexico.  She needs copious amounts of downtime and rest.

lakecity55's picture

"Brian Williams here. The body of Hitlary will be sworn in next, followed by VP Cane. Holding up her Highness is Huma."

doctor10's picture

Diplomatic Passports huh? Cash and drugs!!!

lakecity55's picture

Mr Jones! You have gained 40 pounds since you left!
Yes, Customs Agent. Good food.

MissCellany's picture

I wonder if anybody will really investigate that avenue... and a possible link with the ol' Clinton game of Mena drug running?...

Curiouser and curiouser...

Odin McHaggis's picture

Investagate? Not with any intent other than to exonerate. How many little people get to Bleach Bit their hard drive prior to turning it over to authorities? 

MissCellany's picture

Sigh... I know. Call me a hopeless dreamer.

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"I did it for the children"-HRC

lakecity55's picture

"I ate the Chilren."

Zarbo's picture

"The children were well done."  -- Bill and Hill

StychoKiller's picture

"Children make nutritious snacks!" -- Bad newspaper headline.

GeezerGeek's picture

That there haven't been RICO arrests shows just how corrupt the USSA is.

css1971's picture

Huma's going to get thrown under the bus by the Clintons.