Obama Granted Iran "Secret" Nuclear Deal Exemptions, Despite Claiming Otherwise

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One of the recurring criticisms of Obama's landmark Nuclear deal with Iran is that in Obama's scramble to get a formalized agreement, he had implemented many loopholes allowing Iran substantial leeway far beyond what was disclosed for public consumption. And, in the latest blow to US foreign policy under the Obama administration, a new report confirms precisely that. According to Reuters, the United States and its negotiating partners agreed "in secret" to allow Iran to evade some restrictions in last year's landmark nuclear agreement in order to meet the deadline for it to start getting relief from economic sanctions.

The report is to be published on Thursday by the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security, said the think tank’s president David Albright, a former U.N. weapons inspector and co-author of the report. It is based on information provided by several officials of governments involved in the negotiations, who Albright declined to identify.

"The exemptions or loopholes are happening in secret, and it appears that they favor Iran," Albright said.

Among the exemptions were two that allowed Iran to exceed the deal's limits on how much low-enriched uranium (LEU) it can keep in its nuclear facilities, the report said. LEU can be purified into highly enriched, weapons-grade uranium. The exemptions, the report said, were approved by the joint commission the deal created to oversee implementation of the accord. The commission is comprised of the United States and its negotiating partners -- called the P5+1 -- and Iran. One reason for the exemptions is that, according to one senior "knowledgeable" official, if the joint commission had not acted to create these loopholes, some of Iran’s nuclear facilities would not have been in compliance with the deal by Jan. 16, the deadline for the beginning of the lifting of sanctions.

Which means Obama lied: the U.S. administration has said that the world powers that negotiated the accord - the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany - made no secret arrangements. A White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the joint commission and its role were "not secret." He did not address the report's assertions of exemptions.

What was the significance of the secret loopholes? As Reuters reports it meant that as a result of the process, it would make it impossible to know just how much weapons-grade uranium Iran could yield, arguably the biggest sticking point of the entire agreement.

As part of the concessions that allowed Iran to exceed uranium limits, the joint commission agreed to exempt unknown quantities of 3.5 percent LEU contained in liquid, solid and sludge wastes stored at Iranian nuclear facilities, according to the report. The agreement restricts Iran to stockpiling only 300 kg of 3.5 percent LEU.

The commission approved a second exemption for an unknown quantity of near 20 percent LEU in "lab contaminant" that was determined to be unrecoverable, the report said. The nuclear agreement requires Iran to fabricate all such LEU into research reactor fuel.

If the total amount of excess LEU Iran possesses is unknown, it is impossible to know how much weapons-grade uranium it could yield, experts said.

Additionally, the deal allowed Iran to meet a 130-tonne limit on heavy water produced at its Arak facility by selling its excess stock on the open market. But with no buyer available, the joint commission helped Tehran meet the sanctions relief deadline by allowing it to send 50 tonnes of the material - which can be used in nuclear weapons production - to Oman, where it was stored under Iranian control, the report said.

Albright said the exceptions risked setting precedents that Iran could use to seek additional waivers. Furthermore, these behind the scenes arrangement with Iran have certainly empowered the Tehran regime to believe it has the upper hand in bilateral relations with the west, which may have led to such debacles as Iran arresting US navy crews or encouraging "close encounters" with US ships in the Straits of Hormuz.

Albright served as an inspector with the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team that investigated former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons program. While Albright has neither endorsed nor denounced the overall agreement, he has expressed concern over what he considers potential flaws in the nuclear deal, including the expiration of key limitations on Iran's nuclear work in 10-15 years.

To be sure, it wasn't just Obama who kept the details from the public - Congress was likewise complicit. The administration of President Barack Obama informed Congress of the exemptions on Jan. 16, said the report. Albright said the exemptions, which have not been made public, were detailed in confidential documents sent to Capitol Hill that day - after the exemptions had already been granted.

Still, some deny this was the case: Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, a leading critic of the Iran deal and a senior member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told Reuters in an email: "I was not aware nor did I receive any briefing (on the exemptions).”

Reuters conveniently notes that "the report's assertions are likely to anger critics of the nuclear deal." It may also boost Trump's polling, as he has has vowed to renegotiate the agreement if he's elected, while Democrat Hillary Clinton supports the accord. It is unclear if and how much cash Iran or its proxies may have donated to the Clinton foundation.

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Hussein Oballah the Manchurian Jihadi

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Twas Wookiee’s fault! She is one angry naggah – she can nag a gallon of syrup out of an old maple table.   ;-)


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When I look at that stringy negro, all I can think about is Lynch.

Shame on you for thinking tree... I’m talking DOJ.


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The only thing surprising about this is when people are actually surprised by it.

Why do people constantly confuse rhetoric with action?

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The Saint (not verified) NotApplicable Sep 1, 2016 10:29 AM

I'm really tired of being lied to constantly by Obama and the rest of government officials and Congressmen.  This isn't the way it is supposed to be except in 3rd world countries.  I'm just really sick of it.  And there never are any consequences for these liars.

Donald Trump is the ONLY chance America has now to regain some semblence of normalcy and turning our corrupt government around.

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Urge your congressthing to support:


H.R. 1205, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act



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This greatly increases the likelihood of an overt military Israeli aggression against Iran. At least, if such a war was planned, you'd need an information warfare campaign such as the one that has been going on recently (after the deal, at first, it was silent - it all started here). Keep in mind this is the most extremist Israeli government since Olso (i.e. the correct "brand" is out there).

Such an attack would likely happen after Nov 8. If psychiatric patient "Clinton" is elected, it is a near 100% certainty. I am sorry to say it's likely also true for Trump (he is an Israel apologist, supports Benjamin Netanyahu, impassionedly parrots AIPAC’s sombrest ravings; has served as a grand marshal at New York’s annual Salute to Israel Parade; was honored with an award at the annual gala for the Algemeiner. See here).


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Shame on you for NOT thinking Tree.

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"I dealt with Qaddafi. I rented him a piece of land. He paid me more for one night than the land was worth for two years, and then I didn't let him use the land. That's what we should be doing. I don't want to use the word 'screwed', but I screwed him. That's what we should be doing."

   The Donald , Art of the Deal

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After all, lyin' and stealin' are requirements to hold a high office.

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If he granted them a secret exemption, then good for him. He finally did something right. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

If Iran's enemies have nukes, why shouldn't they have them?


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the real first strike threat comes from the fucking J's, who would turn the entire world into palestine if they had the chance

No nukes for nations like iran, just a slow miserable death through isolation and sanction after sanction

The recent iran deal with the US was just to keep oil prices low for a time to screw Russia. Isreal/US will screw iran over first chance it gets.

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Nuke the Whales! 

Seriously tho...every new ideology with nukes adds potential threats. Iran, or any nuclear power, has target packages that would require retaliation. At some point someone is gonna let a handful fly, then two or three of those targeted will retaliate,  then everyone will jump in...

Damn it! Now you're depressing me... time to add a little "happy juice" to my coffee! 

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"If Iran's enemies have nukes, why shouldn't they have them?"

Two reasons:
1. Iran's enemies are somewhat more responsible. (I asssume you are counting Israel and the USSA as enemies.) Your warped logic would then justify Iran's non-nuclear enemies to also get nukes. It's not funny, but North Korean might send them some.
2. Even First World and Second World countries cannot adequately manage "peaceful" nuclear power. (e.g. Three Mile Island in the USSA, Fukushima in Japan and Chernobyl in Russia.) Humans are incapable of using nuclear power safely. No one should have nukes!

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no one should, but many do.  Look what had to be done when the USSR crashed.  Tracking massive numbers in the hope none fell into the wrong hands and destroying them at ORNL.  What happens when the EZ falls?  Or the US?  or... India, Pakistan...

no meteor needed, only one rogue nutjob with a plan.  Iran fits that piece and we did what?


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This is Treason.  Get rid of this chump

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I wish they would jam a nuke up jugheads ass and pull the pin

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Where is Vlad the Impaler when you need him most?  I would like to order the Liberal Lawn Ornament Set, please!

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Impeach, imprison in gitmo, let him sleep with snakes...his brothers

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Bammer Hammer lies so god damn much, no wonder he thinks hillary is the 'most qualified' to be his successor...

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gee what a surprise

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3.5% leu cannot be enriched into nuclear weapons. besides, real fuel for nukes is readily available if needed. ask israel how easy it was.

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institute for science and internatonal security- isis. cute.

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King Tut (not verified) besnook Sep 1, 2016 8:57 AM

Nowhere better to hide than in plain sight

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Nice to know that your President lies to you...makes you so Patriotic

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His Majesty doesn't like that kind of talk.


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Rep. Ron DeSantis isn't going to be happy when he hears about this.

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David Albright is blowing the whistle?

Is he related to Madeleine Albright?

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Could be. After all, Wiki on Madeleine writes: "Madeleine Albright is a co-investor with Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild and George Soros, in a $350 million investment vehicle called Helios Towers Africa, which intends to buy or build thousands of mobile phone towers in Africa."  Just another incestuous relationship.

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Sounds like a nice monopoly... if ya can get it...

and if ya can keep it.

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You mean related to the Madeleine Albright, ""500,00 dead Iraqi children were worth it", fame.

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Just wondering what oil cuts and air base useage by military partner(s) were a part of that "package" which may in fact be the reason places like Aleppo and Manbij haven't effectively been overtaken by the Syrian government yet?!!!

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Iran clearly wants a war with the US! Just look at this map!



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What comes to mind is the scene from Sixth Sense where the kid, Cole, sees people hanging as he looks upstairs.

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So, a person in high office lied again.  Must be a requirement in order to hold a high office.

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Look I have nothing against Iran. Just leave them alone and stop menacing the world with our military. Trade with other countries. The problem I have is Oboner is a fucking traitor in so many ways. Hang that motherfucker

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RadioFlyer (not verified) Sep 1, 2016 9:13 AM

Shut up and eat your GMOs.  Stop looking up into the sky, those are contrails, nothing more.

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obama is a lying muslim. now isnt he to killed by sharia or not? but he lies to us, abouit everything,so?


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don't they throw homosexuals off of rooftops?  send oballah to those people.

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if you dont stop enrich uranium we will bomb you with depleted uranium.. what a fuck, go figure

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the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Sep 1, 2016 9:33 AM

Obama's lies are piling up faster than the bodies of the people who crossed the Clinton money machine.

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Good, Iran is no threat, unlike Israel.. though it's probably garbage since Obama doesn't call the shots.


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"Ayatollah, did you get the Secret Atomic Bomb plans from Hillary?"
"Yes, Imam Oblama."
"Excellent. I need a reason to stay in Power. Can you loan me a nuke?"
"Together, we will destroy the Great Satan!"
"Yes, praise Allah, Imam Oblama!"

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Maybe Obama made these secret deals with Iran because he is following the advice of every major intellegence agency in the whole damn world, who all say Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons and hasn't been since they shut down the Shah's nuclear program, which was intitiated and driven by...the US.  Even Mossad knows Iran isn't pursuing nuclear weapons.

The only people who do think Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons are American consumers of America's pro-war corporate media.  Even the Israeli fascists know the truth; they're just lying about it.

Maybe Obama knows that continuing to antagonize Iran would only help the Israeli fascists in their electoral efforts, and it's not as if he owes them anything; they're solidly allied with Obama's domestic adversaries in the US.  And continuing to antagonize Iran will drive them even further into alliance with Russia and China, forming a very formidable bloc in central Eurasia, driving the last nails into the coffin of Zbigniew Brzezinski's "Chessboard" strategy, which has been the over-arching philosophy of US foreign policy for the past 20+ years, and is really the only foreign policy Hillary has.  

The Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama continuity is over if Iran allies solidly with Russia and China.

All the ignorant morons who don't understand the differences between Sunni and Shi'a Islam, or the differences between Persians, Arabs, Pakistanis, Indians, Afghans, Turks, Syrians etc. should keep their mouths shut and read a little bit, but it's the nature of ignorance to outshout knowledge.

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"... who all say Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons and hasn't been since they shut down the Shah's nuclear program, which was intitiated and driven by...the US.  Even Mossad knows Iran isn't pursuing nuclear weapons."


So we had to have six countrfies negotiate a multi hundred page agreement over many years not to develop nuclear weapons they didn't want to develop?

swmnguy's picture

Yes, that's exactly what we had to do.

The real reason Iran has been refining uranium etc. is for their nuclear power program.  They're absolutely doing that, and have been for decades.  This is why they have nuclear scienntists to assassinate, centrifuges to sabotage with Stuxnet, etc.  They've got oil, but they don't want to burn it for electricity.  They want to use nuclear power plants.

The real purpose of the scare tactic about Iranian nukes is to suppress a potential regional power and keep a thumb of the scales of the international petroleum trade.  And there's a bit of vengeance for the Shah, of course.

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That last paragraph; I say the same about those concerning the veracity of the Bible, the word of the true and LIVING God.  Up for you for trying to get people to use reason.

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Anytime Obama makes a point more than once, it is a lie.  That is the pattern I have observed.  If it is a topic that he is keen on emphasizing, he is lying.

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I don't get why only some of us realize he is a terrorist. Are people really that fucking stupid?