Smoking Gun? FBI Reveals Hillary Could Not Recall Briefings Due To Concussion, Clot

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With much of the recent discussion focusing on Hillary Clinton's general health condition, and mental acuity in particular, we wonder if the FBI just threw her under the bus with the following statement which links Hillary's "inability" to remember her transition instructions with her 2012 concussion and blood clot:

CLINTON stated she received no instructions or direction regarding the preservation or production of records from State during the transition out of her role as Secretary of State in early 2013. However, in December of 2012, CLINTON suffered a concussion and then around the New Year had a blood clot. Based on her doctor's advice, she could only work at State for a few hours a day and could not recall every briefing she received. CLINTON did not have any discussions with aides about turning over her email records, nor did anyone from State request them. She believed her work-related emails were captured by her practice of sending email to the email address of her staff. CLINTON was unaware of the requirement to turn over printed records at that time. Her physical records were boxed up and handled by aides.

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Its the blood clot's fault.

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It was THE Butcher Assad and his barrelclots but you are partially right because he is led by the Crown Prince of the Alt-Right Putin.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Her problem is that she has:

<<< Shit for brains

<<< Clot for brains

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        Hitlery is a retard.






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Her problem is that she has no redeeming qualities.

If she is annointed that will then become a huge problem for everyone else.


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When she finally goes full meltdown, or loosing by 40% of the vote, it will be....

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Yahoo has to have the worse propaganda web site on the internet. they can't even keep their lies straight.

yesterday, back-to-back were two stories:

1) Clinton pulls way ahead of Trump in the polls; and,

2) the Rasmussen Poll shows Donald trump leading in every state.


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This is known as the Yahoo! Hedge.

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even on jewhoo er uh yahoo the comment section is decidely anti cuntlary

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The Blood Clot is part of a vast right wing conspiracy....

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Isn't a requirement of getting a brain injury actually having a brain?

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Of course this makes her more "fit".

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vast right-wing conspiracy at work here....


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this "fall" she had this caused this blood clot, is it possible that it wasn't the people that made Harry Reid trip on his treadmill pushed Hillary?  Cause they both look like complete shit these days. 

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Harry Reid Lawsuit Against Exercise Band Manufacturer ‘Opens the Doors’ To His Bathroom, Medical and Bank Records
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Reid has a bag of dicks in his mouth.  Fuck him.

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When you do evil, you wear that shit

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Here is the definitive video on the true state of Hillary's health and why she should not be elected president of the USA. Hillary is quite ill and the media is doing a masterful job of covering it up.

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Smoking gun? you're kidding right? this email is inconsequential and most certainly is not a smoking gun about anything. Her blood clot and consussion are no secret now and they werent in 2013 either.  

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lighten up bro its Friday before Labour Day weekend the good stuff comes on Sunday night.

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The point is not an email. It's that she forgot to follow her legal obligation one month after being briefed.... she cannot remember important information for one month.

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she no longer has periods

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She did not forget a fucking thing.  She has been exposed to the classification system since her husband was in the White House.  She damn well knows what the rules are but only follows them when she thinks it benefits her to do so. 

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They're all just upset because their nazi hero DONOLF TRUMPLER is going to lose big time.  You and I both know that Hillary is the portrait of great health and is going to be president.  They hate the fact that their guns are going to be illegal and that millions of refugees are coming and that they're going to pay for it all and they'll be arrested for hate speech if they complain under President Hillary's administration.  They're just a bunch of sick nazis.  Just see what the authority on hate crime, the Southern Poverty Law Center, has to say about them.

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Are you......stealing some of MDB's opium???


I am thinking yes...yes you are.

Go back to the den, take a toke...and hold it for 3 exhaling for 3.............



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I've bee waiting,come and take them bitch and then we will finally get our country back.There's not an army big enough to disarm us.

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You want a smoking gun? Subpoena the Praetorian Guard. The symptoms they describe go far beyond "bad memory" and in any civilized country would disqualify someone from holding office. Funny thing though, the Praetorian Guards' diagnosis doesn't mesh with lunatic fringe's tinfoil diagnosis either.

No one should be above the law, and no one should have the blanket de facto ability to excuse others for their violations of the law.

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"she could only work at State for a few hours a day"

So her paycheck was cut to reflect her shorter hours like everybody else, right?

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That's why she invaded Libya which had nothing to do with anything.

She was only half conscious.

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She bombed Libya because she forgot Soweto Obama had already won the Nobel Peace Prize.

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You need to remember she's used to getting $250K for a 20 minute talk to the vampire squid.  So, in her "mind" a 20 minute workday at state is vastly underpaid (if it weren't for all the Clinton Foundation kick-back money why should she even show up).

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The Hildacunt makes Hannibal Lecter look like a warm fuzzy Cub Scout pack leader.

The thing about the bitch is it won't die, it will just nasty away. Which can not happen soon enough.

Go home Hildacunt, your father Satan needs you back in his warm embrace!

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Let the information bleed out until it clots, ending the bitch

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"OOPS! Oh my word! Who left that alligator on the stage?? I'll have them killed! Well, look at this, I had no idea these podiums feature air bags nowadays! Isn't that clever!"


"That's not an air bag, Madame Secretary, your lung came out again. What alligator?"


Perfectly fit.


Trump's going to need one hell of a laser pointer to get out of this one. TUNE IN NEXT WEEK 

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Edit your link... It throws in an extra space making it a not-found.

+1 though.

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You people are just a bunch of sexist nazi monsters.  Hillary is in perfect health and is going to be president and you morons just can't accept that.  Your stupid bill of rights, your guns, and your precious white race are GONE!  I'M WITH HER! HILLARY IN 2016!

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sure you are,, nice trolling tho but you cant fool me as there is none alive that actually believe the beast is what's for dinner.

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Damn, Bro. That shit you smokin' way better than what I is a growin.

Got any tips?

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soak your bud in paint thinner

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So, if she goes tits up, will you do the same!!

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Damn...she has a big clitoris...

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What about the CIA drone strike program that everyone knows about, but is obviously illegal under international law?

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HildaCunt for a pine box 2016

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whacu got agains pine boxes dawg?