Major M5.6 Earthquake Hits Oklahoma, Felt From North Dakota All The Way To Houston

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At 7:02:44 am local time, a major, M5.6 earthquake hit 14km northwest of Pawnee, Oklahoma, and rattled a swath of the Great Plains, from Kansas City, Missouri, to central Oklahoma. It was the strongest quake to hit Oklahoma in years.

Immediate Facebook post reports indicated pictures fell off walls as far away as Tulsa. Others felt it in Norman and Wewoka in Seminole County. It lasted roughly 15 seconds. Saturday morning’s earthquake is the largest in Oklahoma since a 5.6 magnitude quake near Prague. That quake was followed by 10 aftershocks, according to the Associated Press:

The magnitude 5.6 earthquake and its aftershocks still had residents rattled Sunday. No injuries were reported, and aside from a buckled highway and the collapse of a tower on the St. Gregory’s University administration building, neither was any major damage. But the weekend earthquakes were among the strongest yet in a state that has seen a dramatic, unexplained increase in seismic activity.

According to press reports the quake was felt virtually across the entire midwest, from North Dakota through Houston -  a 1,300 mile stretch:

Aftershocks lasted for several minutes according to the USGS.

The quake was especially felt in Oklahoma City, while residents as far as Dallas said the shaking continued for at least 10 seconds. The earthquake was shallow, with a focus just 4.1 miles below the surface; such quakes convey more energy to the land surface; as the USGS notes the recent quake in Italy started at a 10km depth.

What is notable about the quake is that in recent months as a result of the decline in fracking, the number of quakes especially in the Dallas region, had declined significantly.

It’s not yet clear whether the earthquake caused any injuries or damage. Earthquakes hit Oklahoma frequently, but they are typically below 4.0 magnitude and rarely are felt in the northeast part of the state, according to Tulsa World.

People in Kansas City, Missouri, Fayetteville, Arkansas, and Norman, Oklahoma, all reported feeling the earthquake at about 7:05 a.m. Saturday.

The shake map:

A seismograph of the quake when it hit, just after noon GMT.


According to the USGS the quake was particularly powerful due to its shallow nature:

The USGS has said on its twitter account that it hopes the M5.6 quake is not a foreshock of a similar or larger quake.

Owing to Oklahoma’s dramatic rise in earthquakes and a now-undisputed link between the seismic events and oil-and-gas disposal wells, the issue has gained political prominence that it didn’t have in 2011.

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You live there? Good luck buddy! 

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No. I was referring to the frequency. And look how that thing went off - straight to the top.

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"...residents as far north as Dallas ...."?


Dallas is south of Oklahoma.

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Just to be clear, injecting lubricant into the Earth does not facilitate earthquakes. This is crazy nut-jobery!

-Your friends in the oil industry.

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Well, it’s not that simple.

The USGS is currently studying seismicity that may be induced at 6 locations across the United States. These studies involve earthquake monitoring, examining industrial data, and evaluating any relationships between seismicity and industrial actions. Previous USGS studies have shown a strong connection in many locations between the deep injection of fluids and increased earthquake rates.


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Interesting article.

On the bright side, this incident is probably not related to the New Madrid fault.

That would be the exogenous shock some folks are looking for.

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I would keep fracking

I don't think a big one is going to happen for quite a while.

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What a bunch of pussies!

When I was a kid I walked thru all sorts of eartquakes in snow blizzrds with only a thin wind breaker and no hat, holes in my shoes, uphill both ways to get to the little school house where they still taught in English and had an American flag hanging in class next to the Confederate one and the Ten Commandments on the side wall.

There were no "safe spaces" or "sancutuary neighborhoods", no "social justice dorms" and no knockpout punchers, and only 1 homicide a year and that was usually 'cause someone stole someone else's hog or cow (or wife).

It's largely responsible for where I am today (where ever the hell that is?!)

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"fertilizer", you say??????  next you're going to be telling me you saw tim mcveigh in town last night...

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Hillary fell down again. The Earth rumbled a little bit. Nothing to see here folks.

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"What is notable about the quake is that in recent months as a result of the decline in fracking, the number of quakes especially in the Dallas region, had declined significantly."

Just wait till Putin succeeds in getting major oil-producing nations to slow down production. Fracking will pick up again then.

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At least this shit isn't anywhere near Yellowstone. . . 

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Tim actually lives two roads down from me in _______, __. It's strange,though. The name on the mailbox isn't McVeigh.

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Private Profits, Social Losses.

A few will become insanely rich via fracking.

10's of millions will be economically damaged by the fracking earthquakes.

As I've posted, I'm a long ways away and it shook my house...I bet there are a lot of people closer with new foundation cracks, or at least drywall cracks, this morning...who do they sue for the damage?




I own land with a creek running through it...creek comes out of its banks and into my land...never happened for decades, now happens routinely..."Global Climate Change"?....LOL...NO... up stream, a lot of parking lots have been built...more run off than ever before...called the city, basically said tough I said, "Can I build a dam and flood the parkting lots upstream" know the answer to that one...

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Cushing is just a short drive down the road from the epicenter. Might want to send a crew there to check for leaks...

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DO NOT DISTURB!...400 miles to the east rests since 1811 a sleeping GIANT: NEW MADRID...hmmmm...

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Dutchsinse is under constant attack by TPTB. He issued a warning for OK last night. He issued warning for Italy 2 days in advance, Utube took it down, preventing people from seeing it...

His channel is scrubbed by Utube regularly, prevents him from getting paid...


gonetogalt's picture

One other link to a Dutchsinse video, talks about the Utube situation.

This censorship shit is getting real, real fast.

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I'll be damned!  So that's how the walk was uphill in both directions!  And I thought my old man was just full of shit. 

Damn, sending up a prayer now: Sorry, Dad!

Fucker always said I'd be sorry, too. 

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You had shoes?  We had to share a pair of feet to walk to school.

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As I recall from my days in geology classes in college the area around Lake Mead had a series of earthquakes for ten years after the dam was completed and the lake was filled.

Farmers have withdrawn many times that amount of water (weight) from the Ogallala aquifer. Since the crust basically floats on the mantle anytime any great weight is added or removed from an area it causes earthquakes as the crust sinks or rises.

Somebody with more free time than me should plot the magnitude of the quakes against the amount of water that has been withdrawn where the quakes have occurred.

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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Who cares about geography?

Anyway, any news that takes away from Trump’s media attentions is bad news for Trump.

Also, isn’t these areas most Republican “bible area.”

I bet that Hillary is already adjusting her travel itineraries. So will Trump.


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Isuara, you are a toenail clipping.

Has any alphabet soup "agency" caught the 'Russian Frackers' who are about to be implicated in this distraction?

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10,000 Apple users simultaneously jumped up and down in anguish as they heard their iWank gadgets were stuck on an impounded Hanjin container ship.

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You know the job market is AWESOME when if a giant canyon ripped the earth from Oklahoma all the way to North Dakota the western NoDaks would scream "IT'S NOT THE DISPOSAL WELLS!  JOBS FIRST.  SHUT THE HELL UP!"  Their hair would also be on fire.  Trust me I have seen this.

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You’re right. I need to stop my pedicure immediately and prepare myself for the Russians and Middle East frack invasion disguised as white middle classes.  


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Hopefully it's terminal fungal rot.

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"Who cares about geography?"

People who work in Cartography?

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Must have been a pole flip they forgot to tell us about.

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I'm 400 miles from pawnee and it shook the bed enough to wake me up; thought the wife had got out of bed...nope earthquake!

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i couldn't find your posted sentence in the article, only this: "residents as far as Dallas" with "north" absent.

i live in southern Oklahoma and was still in bed from working late last night but awoke at the time, looked at my clock and went back to sleep. i didn't realize the tremors are probably what stirred me from my beauty rest. (:

anyway... it's not so much the fracking that is suspected of causing the problem. it's the high-pressure disposal wells that pump a variety of fluids, including saltwater back into underground formations 24/7/365. there are two within 3 miles of my house. not only concerns for quakes but water table contamination is high on our list of reasons to discontinue the practice.

Maynard G. Krebs's picture

"The magnitude 5.6 earthquake and its aftershocks still had residents rattled Sunday"
It's still Saturday, isn't it?

Who wrote this?

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oh wait, yes I felt that twinge of angst that "shit", the markets aren't open, not open tomorrow, or Monday, didn't feel the earthquake.....

ha, I live along that "felt here" line south of D,  I was up and outside just before sunrise, which was  7:05 and did not feel anything

-I've driven from D to Tulsa, not much out there-lots of reservations. 

As for "studies" about the quakes in Denton , frack-central(near Dallas) yea those people have been waiting for years, the city banned fracking and the state came in and over rulled the people. They get quakes (or got?), their well water is flammable and the air is toxic..

My aquafer under my house comes from Oklahoma, so hell yea I want that water poisoning to stop.

We are truely run by psychopaths. Who injects toxic poison into the aquafers?  Really who does that?....

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New Madrid?

interesting times if that goes.

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All this shaking can't be good for the New Madrid fault.

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I doubt anybody would mourn the loss of Memphrica

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900 miles north of the Oklahoma temblor zone is the Snake River Yellowstone formation, where there is an underground hot spot.  These Oklahoma earthquakes can trigger currently unknown faultlines.  About 5 days before the giant Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami on Boxing Day in 2004, there was a much smaller earthquake off Tasmania on Thursday, December 23 that triggered the later more massive movement on the Indo-Austalian plate. If there is even a small chance that Oklahoma fracking can trigger a mantle plume in the Yellowstone caldera, the U.S. Geological Survey should recommend shutting down fracking in Oklahoma.  But the empty suits at the USGS are paid off shills for the petroleum industry.  So expect nothing from them.

WillyGroper's picture

harold hamm-CLR, threatened to w/d endowment if OU/OGS didn't change findings>>>>david boren-on BOD of CLR, committe of 300, OU prez

tarrrrump has tapped hamm.

no pun intended.

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If that monster is Yellowstone blows we're all dead anyway, either sooner due to ash, or later due to starvation from a year or two without a summer. 

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Also we are all dead anyway, full stop.  

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It's stated on the masthead of this blog, in any case.

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We need a control and experimental earth to explore this.  Oh, and either to end aging or to set up a kind of church and breeding program dedeicated to this 300 thousand year experiment. 

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I was about 30 miles away from the epicenter. Could hear a low roar, then  the "shaking" started. Felt like a shorter wavelength than previous quakes; like a rattle verses a swaying. It started , then achieved peak intensity within 10 seconds or so. It kept that up for another 10-15 seconds, then began to taper off. After 90 seconds, I could still feel it. Needles to say, the dog was scared. Waste water (from fracking) injection is the likely culprit.

Raisuli's picture

I know, Right? The dog was looking for his "safe space" while texting his attorney in order to begin legal proceedings against someone, Anyone.