Furious Venezuelans Chase Away President Maduro With Pots And Pans

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Just days after a massive protest swept through Caracas, which according to estimates saw some 2 million participants demanding an end to Maduro's reign, the Venezuelan president was chased at a regular political event by a crowd of angry protesters banging on pots yelling that they were hungry.

Videos published by activists from the Margarita locality of Villa Rosa on Friday night, showed scores of people banging pots and pans and jeering the socialist president during a visit to inspect state housing projects.

Scenes from the confrontation late Friday, which appeared in social media videos, captured the attention of Venezuelans, many of whom blame the unpopular president for the country’s food shortages. Maduro had traveled to Margarita Island off Venezuela’s northern coast to inaugurate a number of new public housing units and give a televised address to the near-insolvent nation. During the speech, he denounced his opponents’ calls for his removal from office, calling them “vampires” and saying they were preparing for violence.

However events quickly turned sour when the locals turned on their unpopular president. In one video, Mr. Maduro tries to calm the pot-bangers by walking among them, only to be surrounded as the furious crowd yells obscenities. “What is this?” an astounded voice behind the camera asks in one of the video clips according to the NYT.

It is extremely unusual to see Maduro openly booed. His public appearances are normally carefully choreographed to show only cheering red-shirted supporters, Reuters adds. "The people loathe him and last night they made that very clear with the pots-and-pans protest," exulted opposition leader Henrique Capriles, who published three videos of the incident on his Twitter feed.

As expected, the crackdown was instant: following the humiliating protest, Venezuelan authorities arrested more than 30 people; among those detained was Braulio Jatar, the director of a local news Web site called Reporte Confidencial, said the site, which had reported on protest against the president. After Maduro left Villa Rosa, a rundown area known in the past as a pro-government stronghold, intelligence agents moved in, opposition and rights campaigners said. "Right now, there are more than 30 people detained ... as a result of the incident in Villa Rosa," Alfredo Romero of Penal Forum rights group said on Twitter.

Venezuelan politicians wasted little time on Saturday in using the confrontation to advance their agendas. “The people of Villa Rosa in Margarita have no fear,” wrote Henrique Capriles, an opposition governor who lost to Mr. Maduro in the presidential election in 2013. “Through banging pots, Maduro was run out of town.”

Alternatively, Pedro Carvajalino, a pro-government television anchorman, said the protesters had been sent by Mr. Capriles and other members of the opposition. “It was a lack of respect to presidential dignity,” Mr. Carvajalino said.

The government has yet to officially mention the incident, and the Ministry of Information did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Since narrowly winning election to replace Hugo Chavez in 2013, Maduro's popularity has plummeted due to an economic crisis. The opposition say this week's protest drew more than a million people in what appeared to be the biggest such demonstration in more than a decade.

Meanwhile, buoyed by Thursday's self-styled "Takeover of Caracas" grand protest, the opposition are planning further street actions to demand a recall referendum against Maduro this year. But with the election board dragging out the process and Maduro vowing there will be no such vote in 2016, it is hard to see how the opposition can force it. Which likely means that any upcoming regime change will be violent, as Maduro - and the army to whom he has effectively all but handed over power -  have left the millions of angry, starving Venezuelans no peaceful alternative.

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Fester's picture

I'm shocked no one has put a bullet in this guy's head.

Mr. Universe's picture

Pots and Pans? I thought they would have been rolling out the guillotines by now. Perfect opportunity wasted. Oh well there is always next time.

nmewn's picture

Yes comrade, pots & pans.

Obviously just another capitalist-pig plot to overthrow the kind, benevolent, socialist-utopian revolution! ;-)

bigkahuna's picture

Don't let his real victims get too close - they will snap his neck with their bare hands.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) bigkahuna Sep 4, 2016 9:18 AM

The U.S. does food drops for every other starving country around the world, what wrong with the people of Venezuela?  Obama, get off your ass and drop some U.S. marked food for the Venezuelan people.  They are starving!

Oh, wait.  I guess that would require Obama to recognize that socialism doesn't work.  And that will never happen.


espirit's picture

Doesn't look like too many protestors have missed their daily ration of cheetos y cerveza.

FSA in the USSA will look the same when the time comes.

JackT's picture

It's as if we are reading headlines from the Middle Ages

shamus001's picture

Silly hispanic rulers...they just dont learn. White overlords learned long ago to feed the poor masses to prevent revolutions. Why do you think USA is handing out foodstamps/EBT cards to nearly 50% of the poor in the US?

Because if not, they would calculate their poverty and begin revolting- DUH! 

Maduro- feed them dumb@ss, and theyll go away and enjoy the chains of their poverty! (Sheesh, I should have ruled Venezuela)

American Psycho's picture

No no no.  Socialism does work, they are just doing it wrong.


golden kafir's picture

Socialism can work, but if it does, the US will come and bomb you like they did to the former yugoslavia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw49iL6zGyQ
great documentary.

Doom Porn Star's picture

Pots and panius: like fast and furious but with cheaper steel !

nightwish's picture

Is Obozo next? Im sure we'll all end up chasing Hillary but she'd have a seizure whilst running so not very long before we run her down.

The Wizard's picture

The second amendment exists for this very reason, it wasn't penned for hunting.

phatfawzi's picture

they should ban pots and pans, 

Escrava Isaura's picture

I don’t know what ‘surprises’ me the most:

Article: scores of people banging pots and pans and jeering the socialist president during a visit to inspect state housing projects.


First, if Venezuela was a socialist society, share common interests, where labor would control and share within their groups/villages, this pot and pan scenario wouldn’t exist.

Now, on the other hand, these scores of ‘unsatisfied’ people, because state capitalism and/or private capitalism won’t take care of them, because there will be less profit and less for them, will turn into millions.


Wondering what will come next?

Google Nebuchadnezzar, 586 B.C.E.




nmewn's picture

To finish your incomplete thought, the only thing "capitalistic" about the socialist Maduro is his capitalizing on the peoples misery by offering them moar misery...he just doesn't frame it that way.

Escrava Isaura's picture

You’re correct. Capitalism leads to misery.


bigkahuna's picture

Capitalism has made the greatest nation on earth and all of the ideas/innovations that have come from it. Is it all great? No. But at least it is not one of your socialist/communist/statist/globalist control schemes.

You have a chance of getting rich and enjoying life in capitalism. In socialism, only the boot lickers in the government have an outside shot - whilst all your citizens are subjugated.

Troy Ounce's picture


  1. Corporates bought the regulators.
  2. Governments interfere into markets

That' all what's wrong

Doom Porn Star's picture

3. Money supply controlled by private interets.

4. Corruption within govenment itself ( DNC, IRS, etc. )

5. ineaqual application of laws.


There is plenty wrong and most of it won't last too much longer.

According to the US Treasury sick-care spending is devouring the federal budget; -MIC now losing ground...

Escrava Isaura's picture

Really? So why we have millions of Americans on food stamp?

Unemployed while there are trillions of dollars slashing around?

While about 20% are getting super rich and 80% barely making?


Haus-Targaryen's picture

The United States isn't a capitalist nation anymore. Is a corporatist economy.

If you blame the sins of corporatism on capitalism you are a moron.

Escrava Isaura's picture

I understand that capitalism is a suitcase word, just like the word sports. Anyway, the core of capitalism is generate profits. Acquire gains.  


US is state capitalism, from its creation. US middleclass was a by-product of state capitalism.


You’re correct to invoke corporatism because US has a “Deep State” that flourish by state capitalism.


How I am so sure that US has always being state capitalism? Because US was found as an Empire. To conquer others. Killing the Amerindians,  taking half of Mexico for its cotton. Trying to invade Canada twice…….. and I could go on.


Haus-Targaryen's picture

You keep confusing capitalism (e.g., the freedom to transact with other when and how you wish) with imperialism -- which is a political system -- not an economic one.

You're having a hard time.

You're essentially saying "freedom sucks because politicians do x, y and z"

Escrava Isaura's picture

Haus-Targaryen: You keep confusing capitalism (freedom to transact) with imperialism -- which is a political system -- not an economic one. You're essentially saying "freedom sucks because politicians do x, y and z"


Capitalism condensed: Servitude to the people with capital, banks.

Imperialism condensed: We live beyond our means.

Freedom (your word): US is the most free (political speaking and not social) society in the world. I live here and I have no problem with that.


So, as you can see, I am not confused. To the contrary is true.


Haus-Targaryen's picture

You just described corporatism.

You are very confused. I hope you don't vote.

beemasters's picture

I think capitalism, like socialism, only works if everyone, including the politicians, play by the rules. This, unfortunately, is never the case for human greed always intervenes.
Furthermore, the problem with socialism in the sea of capitalism, there are [powerful] forces outside (and even within) that want to destroy it to profit big from it. The idea of wealth and resources for the common good is repulsive to them.
And the problem with capitalism is there are forces within it that want to control all of it. They manipulate governments and regulations to their favor.

Doom Porn Star's picture

NO system 'works' if the rules of said system are continually subverted or broken.


"And the problem with __________ is there are forces within it that want to control all of it. They manipulate governments and regulations to their favor. "


^^^Any questions?^^^

beemasters's picture

Agreed (forces within and without). In capitalism, wealth, when unlimited, becomes a double-edged sword; even more unfortunate, mostly psychopaths strive for unlimited wealth and thus power. Soros is a good example. He has manipulated, destroyed many nations and subjugated the people (directly or indirectly) including his own.

bigkahuna's picture

1836 - Texas declares independance from Mexico - Mexico threatens war with the Union if the Union annexed Texas

1845 - Texas joined the Union (Mexico does not recognise - all fair)

1846 - a 2,000-strong Mexican cavalry detachment attacked a 70-man U.S. patrol (parolling the border of "break away" Texas - provacative yet fair)

1846 - the Union army invaded Mexico

1847 - Union Army enters and occupies Mexico City.

1848 - War ends, rather than continuing the bloodshed and allowing the Union to take eerything down to Mexico D.F. the sides agreed to have the Union withdrawl north of the Rio Grande and Mexico ceded all of that territiory to the Union.

The alternative was for the Union to take the whole thing - which in retrospect probably should have happened - even the dirt bag globalists would agree with this. We would not have a third world country to our south if they had just gone ahead and integrated it then.

Mexico now wants the land back that it ceded to the Union? No they don't.

History has never been anything but civilizations rising and falling based on their fortunes and strengths. If you look at your own apparant country of Brasil, you will find that Although long inhabited by prehistoric tribes and settlements, Brazil underwent an entirely new kind of habitation during the 16th century. In April 1500, the Portuguese arrived on the Bahian shores of Rio Buranhém, under the direction of Pedro Alvares Cabral. What followed is the enslavement of the native people and the conquest of their lands. Name a place where this has not happened in the history of human beings. There is no place. get with the program, humans have been overrunning weaker humans thoughout history, they will continue to do so - and if you are a weak nation or a weak people - you will get rolled!!!! Wake up!!

Escrava Isaura's picture

Sorry, I have to leave now.

Rain check.


cheka's picture

big gap in your story - mexico granted texas independence on the condition that they NOT join the united states

bigkahuna's picture

Where is your link for that? I can find no reference to Mexico granting Texas independance under a "condition" --- not really independance if there is a condition is it?

No matter, Texas decided to take an action and it angered Mexico and Mexico decded to take action resulting in the subsequent defeat of the Mexican Army  deep inside Mexican territory.

What is your point? Have you heard the nasty cliche " all is fair in love and war"? I don't like it either, but it is true.

Doom Porn Star's picture

Texas legally petitioned the US thrice to join.

It is arguably one of the only independent nation states to ever actually seek to relinquish it's own sovereignity/autonomy in whole or part in order to become a constituent part of a larger nation to protect the general welfare and interests of it's citizenry in lieu of seeking an allegiance with a more powerful nation, or incur foreign debts to fund it's defence so as to avoid such..

Coincident with the third request Texas threatened that if it was again refused it would immediately petition Great Britain, which was mediating the situation between the Spanish and the Texans to some extent which is not well documented, for the same.  

The US Congress saw the writng on the wall so to speak: welcomed Texas and prepared for War with Spanish Mexico...

Sith1122's picture

And your solution is to steal that money? Where have I heard that before? Oh yes I think Venezuela tried this, I wonder how it is turning out. Yes, capitalism sucks, unfortunately your solution is much much worst. Using your example, you would take away their food stamps, and let them starve. How many Venezuelans are hungry\starving?

bigkahuna's picture

Ok, well even though we have a bunch of people on welfare, they could go get jobs and start working their way(s) back up - but they for one reason or another choose to remain on public assistance. They COULD go back to work somewhere - the pay would be shitty - but whenever we start over after getting canned in certain industries - that is what happens.

Now, take your ass over to the third world. See if you can even get a job doing anything. Try working your way to anything at anytime - wether thrown out of a job or not. If you are not part of the ruling socialists family or friends - you have NOT A CHANCE!!!  NOT EVEN A CHANCE!!! What do you not understand about this!!!! You cannot be this dense!! YOU ARE A FUCKING TROLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sith1122's picture

I agree with you he is a troll, but sometimes you can't tell, as socialist always use logical fallacies particularly the informal fallacy,  called "No true Scotsman"


Person A: "Socialism will bring prosperity, equality, and justice to any country that uses it."
Person B: "But Venezuela is in complete chaos."
Person A: "Ah yes, but Venezuela is not implementing true socialism."

nmewn's picture

So your thesis is, Venezuela (by virtue of the leadership of Chavez & Maduro) is based on capitalism?

You're even farther gone than I thought.

Next you'll be telling me Bill Clinton being named special envoy to Haiti by the UN and "the foundation" being given BILLIONS to help Haitians (which promptly disappeared into the crony abyss) was socialism?

You've left me completely speechless...lol.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Because the US is losing its influence/respect, but not entirely because of that, most nations are using US system of capitalism: State capitalism.

nmewn's picture

Keynes was British and capitalism is not subsidizing fucking $100k Tesla's and corn for ethanol (driving up the price and reducing the quantity of, maize available for people to eat) or Solyndra or forcing people into "healthcare market places".

Capitalism is competition in the pursuit of a profit or you would have everyone sitting around waiting for their EBT card to reload...which is basically what the hell you have now.

You sittin around thinkin the guy who picks plantains to sell at the market does so for charity or out of the goodness of his heart so you can have a plantain?

You've got fucking rocks in your head.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Tesla is state crony “shoot in the arm” capitalism, like saving GM and AIG in 2008.

Lockheed Martin, and many other contractors, because I don’t want pick on Lockheed, are state capitalism.

Underneath that you’ll find the Deep State capitalism.


nmewn's picture

Tesla is the same as any other form of Brazilian crony-socialism. Saving GM & AIG were also socialist interference with a capitalist market as REAL CAPITALISM would have let them collapse...that is to say, go tits up.

You seem to forget (conveniently, like any other "good" socialist) that lawful GM bond holders got screwed by government interference and AIG got caught holding the bag from yet another socialist boondoggle called CDO's formed by a "law" called the Community Reinvestment Act, another misadventure into the destruction known as socio-economics...ie socialism.

BabaLooey's picture

"like saving GM and AIG in 2008."

Wait just a seccond buster.

THAT statement alone makes you read like you are stupid.

Get your FACTS straight.

GM - nor A.I.G. was saved. They were "bailed out" - reshuffled. Obozo got involved, and with his socialist/criminal union thugs, hi-jacked the entire auto "industry" (which now, if you have a brain in your head) is located in CHINA and MEXICO - not here.

CRONY "capitalism" is shit.

TRUE capitalism is good.

Get it right.

detached.amusement's picture

what the fuck escrava, you keep attaching all kinds of modifiers that are departures from capitalism and then attempting to logically link them to capitalism.  do you not see the error in your logical process here?  it aint capitalism, ffs!!!

Not My Real Name's picture

If this was a boxing match, it would have been called in the first round by TKO.

This is why socialists are so dangerous. Despite all of the logic showing why socilaism and its forced redistribution of wealth "strategy" always fails in the long run, backed by numerous instances of hard core evidence no less, they are absolutely incapable of recognizing it.

These people are a scourge on society.

StychoKiller's picture

"The Fatal Conceit" - F. Hayak

The fatal conceit:  Thinking that you're smart enough to "plan" the entire economy!