Le Pen Praises Brexit, Promises Frexit Referendum On EU

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Submitt edby Michael Shedlock via MishTalk.com,

French National elections take place in two rounds of voting 2017. Marine le Pen is widely expected to be one of the final two candidates.

Today she praised the UK for choosing their own destiny and repeated her pledge to have a referendum on France’s membership in the EU.

Le Pen Frexit

In her first public meeting after a summer break in the tiny village of Brachay in northeastern France, Le Pen portrayed herself as the sole credible defender of law and order and national unity, saying the best way to combat terrorism was the ballot paper.


“This referendum on France belonging to the European Union, I will do it. Yes it is possible to change things. Look at the Brits, they chose their destiny, they chose independence … We can again be a free, proud and independent people,” she said.


Le Pen’s increasingly popular party thrives on anti-Europe and anti-immigration sentiment and opinion polls see her making it to an early May run-off in France’s presidential election, but losing that second round to a mainstream candidate, as a majority of voters do not want her as president.

Can Le Pen Win?

Reuters noted a majority do not want Le Pen to win. That’s true enough because a majority do not want any particular candidate to win.

In the US, a majority do not want Hillary or Trump. Voters will have to make a choice anyway.

Many will claim Frexit is “impossible”. They said the same thing about “Brexit”.

For now, I will go with the majority who believe French socialists would rather see any other candidate than Le Pen.

That is true today. But it may not be true when it matters, next May.

For more on how the 2017 election shapes up, please see French Economy Minister Resigns to “Regain Freedom”; His Political Party “En March”

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Stick a fork in them...

The Frogs are done!

Through no one's fault but their own.

Cue the photo of the weeping Frenchie in WWII.

East Indian's picture

I could not agree with many of the statements, because I have seen counter examples in my life; but this statement, I agree with 110%:


"As soon as we start winning, the ladies will find our arguments plausible, our faces handsome, and our jokes witty."

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I like Marine - if she will get elected, the whole bureaucratic Brussels mafia will eventually crumble. That will be good for Europeans, as they will have more of a chance to decide on the paths they will choose nationally.

However, I don't hold my breath, too many French voters are statists.


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How could any patriotic Frenchman not love her?


Wile-E-Coyote's picture

A couple more mass shootings or atrocities over there in the coming months will seal the deal for Le Penn. I was on holiday in Normandy in August and the people were like coiled springs, any loud noise out of the ordinary and they are like Meerkats. I was in a supermarket and an alarm went off, normally people would just carry on as normally but the local people looked really scared. The tourist numbers seemed well down as well, very few Americans about or were they keeping their mouths shut. You always know a Yank abroad, you can hear them before you see them.

GreatUncle's picture

That appears to be why the American got killed in London a few weeks back.

The distinctive voice.

RiverRoad's picture

Finally a woman on the European stage with a brain in her head and who has not sold out her soul to Goldman/Mamon the creator of the EU. 

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Butter-Cup (not verified) wee-weed up Sep 5, 2016 10:29 AM

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DontGive's picture


Article 50 will fuck em proper. Along with Article 2.

For the children. As Britania will soon find out.

Kaeako's picture

The muslim vote will be her downfall. France can already thank the muslim vote for the current weakling inhabiting the Élysée Palace.

root superuser's picture

This is the main weakness of leftists. They think they can keep the office by importing and buying voters. They are trully naive if they think ballot box is the only way for Le Pen & friends to win. For those of us who are aware of cabal, their secret societies and their plan already know how this is going to end. All those guilotines and plastic coffins have a purpose. I used to feel sorry for them and I dont anymore.

flaunt's picture

If you have to be negative and say she's anti-something how about going with "anti-bullshit?"  Better yet try being honest and saying pro-French.  Time to get off the MSM bullshit bandwagon and start changing the discourse to something based on reality.

European American's picture

There are still some great people out there who've got their shit together, when it comes to attempting to re-establish the cultural integrity of a nation. However, France is in deep shit; may have waited too long. Civil war seems inevitable.It could turn bloody in the streets.


damicol's picture

It doesn't matter which circuitous tortuous route it takes, whether France leaves now, next year or whenever, or if it gets overtaken by Austria, Portugal Catalan Ireland Spain or whoever, just one thing is certain.
That route is always downhill because there is no gas in the tank and no one strong enough to push it uphill, and it is a steep hill, so they will fuck about taking this turn or that turn but eventually it will hit bottom and then burst into flames as they always do

TheVoicesInYourHead's picture

Good luck to her.

She is France's last hope.

the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Sep 5, 2016 3:56 AM

She would look good with a white sheet over her head.

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If BREXIT shattered the EU dream, FREXIT would kill it stone dead. 

Sandmann's picture

BreXit means it is economically difficult for Denmark to remain and also Netherlands. Dutch farmers own vast areas in East Anglia and Lincolnshire and depend on the UK market. Denmark too is heavily reliant on UK for sales of pork and bacon products which it could lose to Canada. There are various countries dependent on the UK market. Likewise Bavaria depends on exports to UK and not just Audi and BMW but lots of SMEs and Bavaria pays the transfer payments that keep much of Germany afloat.

FreXit is less to do with liberty to decide [not a strong French trait] but economic pressures to survive now they have thrown away the Russian market and Italian dairy groups are setting up plants inside Russia, as are German corporates. The export market is lost and the surpluses of milk, apples, pork, vegetables are killing farmers across the EU

Déjà view's picture
Britain’s current-account deficit: the deficit that nobody’s talking about

it’s become so large, hitting a post-war high of 7% of GDP in the last quarter of 2015. (The figure for the whole of 2015 was £96.2bn, or 5.2% of GDP.) A current account is not a bad thing in itself, and nor is a current-account surplus.

So it’s good news for the UK?

No. A large and persistent deficit can signal an economy with strong domestic consumption that’s not paying its way in the world, while a large surplus can signal a country where domestic demand is too weak and growth is too reliant on exports. In the case of Britain, the deficit could in one sense be seen as a vote of confidence in its ability to balance the current deficit with a capital surplus. After all, a country can sustain higher borrowing if its investments are growing. However, that’s not been the case in recent years: on the contrary, Britain’s net investment income has fallen.


Kiss Scotlands oil arse...Stick a fork in UK...

Sandmann's picture

So how does being inside the EU improve matters ? The trade deficit is with Germany, Spain, Belgium, France  - 53% UK imports are from the EU.  UK is Germany's No3 export market and No9 import market and a 50 bn Euro trade deficit largely with German cars.

So Germany has a big problem


zippy_uk's picture

See "Deutch bank is bankrupt" - where does all the trash IOUs get parked ?

Déjà view's picture

Contrary to what many Brexit supporters may believe, the UK's exit from the EU will make it less important for the US in both political and economic terms. Economically London will now have to negotiate its own new trade agreements with Washington - a prospect that many in the US have warned will not necessarily be a priority for administrations busy with more pressing affairs. "Britain will have to get in line and won't be at the front of the line when it comes to negotiating new tariffs and trade deals," said James Davis, dean of the School of Economics and Political Science at St. Gallen University in Switzerland. As far as economic issues are concerned, Davis said, the US is going "to focus first and foremost on relations with the EU. It's a huge market that still dominates trade in a way that a market of 60 million Britons will not." Brexit voters who thought that their country could get a better deal economically from the US by going it alone than as an EU member are mistaken, Harper said: "The Americans have said clearly, 'Don't expect any favors from us.'"


UK has bigger problems...

GreatUncle's picture

Bluntly ... you put USA to the back of the list and pull China and Russia to the top.

There no big deal and to show importance you remove all US installations and replace them with like for like of new found friends.

That is a fair and reasoned response, dittol pull out of NATO save 2%, junk the IMF and UN too.

Reckon that would be a good realignment to combat the trade persecution.

Sandmann's picture

Eurasian Economic Zone with New Silk Road

Dodgy Geezer's picture

"The Americans have said clearly, 'Don't expect any favors from us.'"

I think that the Brits realise that quite well. In the middle of WW2, when the Brits were fighting alone for Western Civilisation, they didn't get any favours from the Yanks...

Sandmann's picture

Last shipment of British gold collected from Simonstown Naval Base

January 22, 1941
-Heavy cruiser Louisville (CA-28) arrives at New York, with $148,342,212.55 in British gold brought from Simonstown, South Africa, to be deposited in American banks. 

white horse's picture

Many have tried re-writing history.

This is not what I read.

Sandmann's picture

UK is No1 foreign investor in USA.

If US wants to be stupid UK will simply cancel F-35s and buy Sukhoi and invite Russia to use port facilities. VIsas for US Citizens visiting UK and strict controls on US banks and USAF bases should be persuasive. 

zippy_uk's picture

Oil in the UK and Scotland is increasingly a small (and getting smaller fish). EU membership drives up the value of the pound which generally hurts domestic production and the ability of ordinary people to earn the money they need via wages.

A high pound is good for those who earn off assets, and crap for people on wages. Hence Brexit was a political revolt from wage earners against assets holders. If there is any economic fall out it will be for those at the very top who have done better than they should. Everyone else will benefit from higher wages, savers (from higher interest rates) and people who need to buy a home (lower house prices due to higher interest rates and less immigration competing for housing space).

May will be kicking Sturgeon all around the park for years to come while she wares a sign on her back stating "powerless and irrelevant".

GreatUncle's picture

May will not do anything to Sturgeon, they are both BREMAIN.

For Scots though, Sturgeon would take your sovereignty and tout it to the EU so that lasted then.

Your call to make, next referendum the English need to have a vote to cede sovereignty to Scotland, just like the UK parliament tried to do with the EU. You may be surprised at the strength of feeling of ensuring you have your own sovereingty in full, then you can blame Sturgeon for taking you into the EU later.

I do like the kicked around the park though with "powerless and irrelevant", that was the UK if we had ceded sovereignty through BREMAIN. Your voice worthless ... May would have been running round with "nothing we can do it is all the EU you voted for".

Note:- Sovereign need a CB to play this game ... CTRL-P by the BOE will be unavoidable and will affect your economic position if you rely on the pound. DEADLY THAT AS GREECE FOUND OUT.


Sandmann's picture

Biggest operator in N Sea is apparently China now or at least is on that trajectory

GreatUncle's picture

In or out of the EU the UK internal demand has been crippled and slowing for far longer.

Pound needed to fall much further, but the globalists couldn't allow it as we would be undercutting many western countries production whilst producing more and more for ourselves. A slow turnaround but a turnaround for an already existing poor position. SUPPORTED FOR NOW.

If the UK stops consuming, somebody else is going to take up the slack ... oh dear.

Now it is limbo land, to buy anything of worth you have to have an equatable level of income and the income side is still shafted. ONLY CITY BANKSTERS, CEO's and POLITICANS GET PAY RISES.

Only advantage economically not being in the EU is the BOE can ctrl-P like Japan and not trapped into a bad debtor position with no way out like Greece. THAT WAS DEFINITELY ON THE CARDS OR YOU BELIEVE MY GOVERNMENT COULD CONTROL ITS FINANCIAL SPENDING. Not a chance.

Global trade, neither here nor there, some win, some lose ... just right now EVERYBODY IS LOSING AND JUST PICKING THE UK OUT for preferential treatement is like saying the UK is the only bad apple in the barrel. THE WHOLE BARREL IS ROTTEN.

Global economy is stuffed, is no bad ones out there, they are all bad!

zippy_uk's picture

I agree that their are other pressures on the EU but given the EU was a French political dream, if they exit no-one else can hold it together especially if the German people work out they are the ones left holding the bailout bag. 

RiverRoad's picture

A French political dream dremt up in the basement of Goldman Sachs - therefore destined to ultimately fail. 

Hope Copy's picture

Back in thr 'good old USofA' corn (maize) is hitting an all time adjusted low even though there really is only a 7% carry-over and the EPA has increased the amount of corn that is going to be used in ethanol production; E15 is now the standard.  Starch production is the base of the economy, we are in a depression.  Farm income is now going to drop through the measly 3% profit level and that equates to  an historic 1.5% for the land investor making bonds look so much more attractive.  Looks like the price of land may give with the insolvent farmers going belly up in the next few years.  Of course this is a manipulated market and it is the banks that really want to get in, as trustees.. 

GoldIsMoney's picture

That would be a real good thing. Anyway even better Gexit.

GoldIsMoney's picture

Can't see the problem you have with an exist from Germany from this EU. Maybe you can give me

an idea why staying in the EU would/is a good thing for Germany?

El Pibe's picture

Bravo, Mme Le Pen! C'est extra!


Back in 1789, the Frenchies knew how to do it. We'll see if they are still able to get rid of these lefty-fascist globalisation morons.

Stu Elsample's picture

Great idea. The EU... a test run for a one-government NWO....has been a huge FAIL.

Closing the border, evicting 'refugees', and arming your (non-muslim, French speaking, white Christian) citizens are as important if France is to be spared from the EU globalist's invading army of non-assimilating third world trash.

Alberich's picture

The correct term isn't "Frexit". It's "Fruckoff".

shovelhead's picture

France may be predominantly socialists with a dim-witted immigration policy, but a few more Muslim splatter-fests between now and elections may convince even the die-hard ideologues that there are serious problems in France that the EU and it's moribund incompetence cannot solve and, in fact, can only make things worse.

Hope Copy's picture

It was the French that coined the term Communism over some reall dumb propaganda move.. Thos long loaves of fluffy French durmam wheat bread.  One would have thought that this gluten craze wouldn't be enough, but it was for the stupid townees, and the heads did roll.

soniii's picture

im french and its true she has no chance to pass the second round, every party are going to unite against her..

but whats important is that she went from 8-10% of voters to 35% now in what 2/3 years ? that tell you something about the state of europe at the moment.

Answer in may 2017, but her popularity is increasing dramatically. good or bad, will see ..

GreatUncle's picture

Just keep playing the statment of the French president over and over ...

You just got to live with terrorism see ... Oh we can't stop immigration see ...

Bullshit if you are sovereign, you deport all those that would murder and kill and let no other fuckers in. Get it?

On that ticket alone you going to have a massive boost.

Then throw in Hollande fucking you over work wise ...

Endless issues to throw at them but like the US is currently finding the MSM is globalist controlled to prevent a voice even if it is reasonable. YOU HAVE NO VOICE, DEAD BODIES MAYBE.

RockySpears's picture

"every party are going to unite against her.."


  It is the People, not the parties that are important, just ask Jeremy Corbyn,



GreatUncle's picture

In her first public meeting after a summer break in the tiny village of Brachay in northeastern France, Le Pen portrayed herself as the sole credible defender of law and order and national unity, saying the best way to combat terrorism was the ballot paper.

Better make your mind up Le Pen and all you French, if you believe in voting as a way to ensure a moderated outcome time is running out.

The French vote in French elections determines the actions of your government, but if as the goal seems to be cede sovereignty to the EU you just got fucked over, EU sovreignty now rules. Like many are now finding out IT HAS NO WORTH OR VOICE IN THE EU with an unelected commission selected from all of the MEP's who have to face the people to be there.

Merkel convenienetly for now has consensus from some tiny German election but if she loses that then what ... Junkers 2 mein fuhrer, the unelected appointed.

To really prevent the fuck up of all fuck ups - just make the EU commission elected from the MEP's not appointed. Those 13 elected can then designate amongst themselves a leader and if you do fuck up you can be ousted. You get to piss the CIA off in the process now they control has to be at the population level not 13 corrupted commissioners.

It is that simple, it just seems to be elites do not want you to have that voice anywhere in the world.


GreatUncle's picture

For all you Americans, I reckon it is fair to say this is your position.

The US voice of consent is the 2nd ammendment to be used as and when the electoral college vote is totally corrupted and why you have it. Correct that you are good to go again.

You have to set the period when all this came about to really understand why it is this way. Oppression by the British parliament (as sovereign now) resorts to your forefathers declaring the right to bear arms to overthrow tyranny = 2nd ammendment. See this musket, I shoot you with the fucker kind of thing.

Just now you got semi or fully automatice weapons of choice not a stupid lead ball you can hardly shoot straight with.