WTF Chart Of The Day: "Mother's Milk" Is Drying Up Fast

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Even FactSet gets the joke...

As the bottom-up EPS estimate declined during the first two months of the quarter, the value of the S&P 500 increased during this same time frame.



From June 30 through August 31, the value of the index increased by 3.4% (to 2170.95 from 2098.86). This quarter marked the 16th time in the past 20 quarters in which the bottom-up EPS estimate decreased during the first two months of the quarter while the value of the index increased during the first two months of the quarter.

The blended earnings decline for Q2 2016 is -3.2% (with 2 companies yet to report). The second quarter marked the first time the index has seen five consecutive quarters of year-over-year declines in earnings since Q3 2008 through Q3 2009.

But that doesn't matter... the drying up of the "mother's milk" of the stock market has become entirely irrelevant...

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Just 65-70 more days to keep this turd floating..

Unless of course hillary survives/manages to get elected..

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No worries ... a little bit of cough syrup makes everything A-OK ...

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"Even FactSet get's it".. implying its a third rate organization with bottom of the barrel analysts

I agree ;)

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And charge plenty for it.

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Look, clients! Arcade fashioned color lights and moving numbers - me such analysis

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Nothing a few trillion printed can't fix... Go long

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Its like, all billionaris investors, fund managers have made a deal in Summer not to unload any shares. No matter whats the data, they will always buy buy buy. Are they out of capital yet? It doesnt even make sense anymore. Something big must be happening very soon, like the trend start reversing, stocks will plummet twices as fast as they went up.


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Or Lew pulls a Kuroda and prints us into Neo Serfdom while asset holders ride the wave

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Math, charts, and graphs, do NOT work on FRAUD.  When will we learn this smiple truth?


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get used to it already

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Mergers at an all time high. Stock buy backs to stabilize the prices = rigged market

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Mother's milk turning into powder milk huh?

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 So anyhow,,, I'm drinking a warm beer, and playing with the dogs. [ burping- farting- and usual stuff]

 Long story short ~~~  There's not a story.


   The fed NEVER had  your hind side.

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Only saw the headline, I have no clue what the article is about.

Sick and tired of liberal cunts. I'm sure I'm not alone. Any liberal cunts reading this? You've met your Waterloo, the 20 year ridef of fucking horse shit is about to end.

Thank you.

Your good friend,

Falling Down



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If the fed starts buying corporate bonds EPS can go negative and prices can continue to rise. Its likely that some foriegn CBs are already  buying US stocks & corporate bonds (ie SNB, BoJ, etc). Companies will simple continue doing buybacks to keep their stock prices inflated.

We now live in Bizarro world; What is up is now down.

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Markets keep bulldozing bearish traders out of the market.  Looks like this phenomenon is never ending and for once I have stepped out of the market after making huge losses on my shorts.

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The author is acting like the price of stocks has to have something to do with earnings. Ha hahahhahahh hahhahah. You is funny.

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If Trump gets a lead in the polls - the FED may crash the market as a warning -


Articles like - Stock Market picks election winner - are already being published -


They claim to show the market is up because Hillary will win -


If Trump takes a lead -

A nice quick 20% hit to the market could be sold as a - just look at how bad this will be for business - you will all lose your job!!