Silver Spikes Over $20, Gold Tops $1350 - Biggest Spike In 2 Months

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Precious Metals (and bonds and FANG stocks) are in demand as safe-haven flows surge as US macro data's delusions of grandeur dissolve...

As rate hike odds plunge amid US Macro's crash...


So PMs are bid...


As Gold bounced off its 100DMA...


And Silver breaks its 50DMA...

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So this is the top right?

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Silver and gold is money, nothing else is.  Come get some.


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Not Really Much, Wait until It Starts Moving ...

Haus-Targaryen's picture

The real money from PMs will come when we stackers break the COMEX and there is a default of paper contracts vs physical, and all the paper shorts are having to cover positions with physical driving the price skyward to eyewatering levels.  

Regrettably for the CBs no one has figured out alchamy yet.  No CTRL + P for you Mr. Yellen. 

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I am still waiting for the gold/silver 'New USD' price.

You know, the New USD that is actually asset-backed...  Yeah...  Since it has not even been discussed (publicly) yet, I think we are a few years from the 'top'.

When I see signs on street corners "Buy SILVER here!  Buy now or be priced out forever!"  I will sell at least half.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) espirit Sep 6, 2016 3:13 PM

Watch out for Monkey Hammer Wednesday.  Fed sponsored Happy Hour afterward.

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The HFT's can make real bank moving digits around and taking 6-8% off the table every cycle. Nice work if you can get...oh never mind.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

Wait for Monkey Hammer Wednesday.  Fed sponsored PM buyers Happy Hour afterward.  Fixed it for ya.

Chipped ham's picture

You think stackers' stacks mean a hill of maples to them? I think not. 

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Where Is MDB, Need His Expertise ...

Bill of Rights's picture

He's busy jerking off in a corner to a Hillary  Clinton poster...

This Might Hurt's picture

PM’s will take their rightful place as the preferred safe haven above bonds soon enough.

kliguy38's picture

I just don't get it.....WHO IS BUYING THIS SHIT

SilverRhino's picture

The awake people are stacking.  

ThaBigPerm's picture

Considering the prices we're talking about aren't prices for Ag/Au, but paper pinky swears, and in light of the recent issue with delivery from Deutsche, that's actually a pretty damn good question.

We know how the endgame ultimately goes ... the price you see quoted as "Ag/Au" goes to zero, but you can't buy any phyz with fist-fulls of hundred paper notes

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I'll be furiously trading my stack for real estate. 

espirit's picture

Just remember that you only 'rent it'.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Property taxes in Germany and the United States are two different beasts. 

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Doesn't the same Beast benefit from both tax?

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me, myself, and I....


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just wanted to holla at ya,and brag about the new level(above 300 oz's) i hit just last Saturday

while everybody else was planning their College F'Ball day, i was visiting wit my coin dude

settled up on a few more rounds,and then dived into some Junk Morgans he had

i kept my mouth complaining,etc,etc

Today is A Good Day On This Side Of My Purchases


Kaiser Sousa's picture


knowledge, understanding, courage, and conviction...

the code....

u aint seen nothin yet...

stay up & stay stackin...

cheers man.

kliguy38's picture

You guys hang in there and keep stackin'......most are not awake

Kaiser Sousa's picture

for sure...

u 2 Kilguy...


Bemused Observer's picture

Smart people with a knowledge of history...:-)

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January 21, 2016

Coeur Mining is worth $1.76/share per the efficient market

Sep 9 2016

Coeur Mining is worth $14.77/share per the efficient market

I think I was in initially around $7, and then when i saw the price closer to $3, I figured "This is where you put your money where your mouth is".

sandhillexit's picture

The Silver the Green Party except it actually has a plan.  The Platform has just 3 items, don't start adding stuff.  This is a coalition to take back America, not a Xmas tree. 1)  enforce law to protect the safety of our food.  no dirty seafood from China, no GMO-monster food, just real food. (the Italians andthe Russians are way ahead of us on this one.)  2) coin American silver to reverse the collapse in the money supply, encourage the small business economy  3) repeal the 17th amendment so that our Senators are known, respected leaders from each state, and are not owned by foreign money.   We will run young and talented candidates at the local and state level in each state...and in twenty years they will be experienced and ready to help us crawl out of the hole this bunch has dug for us.   WIth those three, American ingenuity will do the rest.   That's it....GO!  

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

It would appear that Shanghai is "Running Rick Shaw" over NY and London

RawPawg's picture

Never Stop..Go,Go,Go

PrefabSprout's picture

Woohoo!! Beautiful.

TheytookERjobs's picture

Get the circuit breakers ready 

SumSUN's picture

Holding phyz until I need to spend it.

Soul Glow's picture

And if you hold it long enough you will be buying houses with gold and new cars with silver.

pods's picture

I doubt "new" cars in that event but I see your point.

Chances are if gold and silver become monetary again, there will not be a very efficient production economy going on.


SumSUN's picture

Haha what will my children buy with it I wonder.

ikhan's picture

Get as much as you can!


Lets make being your own central bank a new trend!!

bamawatson's picture

brilliant !
say it again

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

Central Banks have gold? You Russian or Chinese?

ikhan's picture

Get as much as you can!


Lets make being your own central bank a new trend!!