"What A Mess!" - Pentagon At War With CIA In Syria

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Submitted by Eric Margolis via Strategic-Culture.org,

What a mess! In the crazy Syrian war, US-backed and armed groups are fighting other US-backed rebel groups. How can this be?

It is so because the Obama White House had stirred up war in Syria but then lost control of the process. When the US has a strong president, he can usually keep the military and intelligence agencies on a tight leash.

But the Obama administration has had a weak secretary of defense and a bunch of lady strategists who are the worst military commanders since Louis XV, who put his mistress, Madame de Pompadour, in charge of French military forces during the Seven Year’s War. The French were routed by the Prussians. France’s foe, Frederick the Great of Prussia, named one of his dogs, ‘la Pompadour.’

As a result, the two arms of offensive US strategic power, the Pentagon and CIA, went separate ways in Syria. Growing competition between the US military and militarized CIA broke into the open in Syria.

Fed up with the astounding incompetence of the White House, the US military launched and supported its own rebel groups in Syria, while CIA did the same.

Fighting soon after erupted in Syria and Iraq between the US-backed groups. US Special Forces joined the fighting in Syria, Iraq and most lately, Libya.

The well-publicized atrocities, like mass murders and decapitations, greatly embarrassed Washington, making it harder to portray their jihadi wildmen as liberators. The only thing exceptional about US policy in Syria was its astounding incompetence.

Few can keep track of the 1,000 groups of jihadis that keep changing their names and shifting alliances. Throw in Turkomans, Yzidis, Armenians, Nestorians, Druze, Circassians, Alawis, Assyrians and Palestinians. Oh yes, and the Alevis.

Meanwhile, ISIS was inflicting mayhem on Syria and Iraq. But who really is ISIS? A few thousand twenty-something hooligans with little knowledge of Islam but a burning desire to dynamite the existing order and a sharp media sense. The leadership of these turbaned anarchists appears to have formed in US prison camps in Afghanistan.

The US, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey armed and financed ISIS as a weapon to unleash on Syria, which was an ally of Iran that refused to take orders from the Western powers. The west bears heavy responsibility for the deaths of 450,000 Syrians, at least half the nation of 23 million becoming refugees, and destruction of this once lovely country.

At some point, ISIS shook off its western tutors and literally ran amok. But the US has not yet made a concerted attempt to crush ISIS because of its continuing usefulness in Syria and in the US, where ISIS has become the favorite whipping boy of politicians.

Next come the Kurds, an ancient Indo-European stateless people spread across Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. They have been denied a national state by the western powers since WWI. Kurdish rebels in Iraq have been armed and financed by Israel since the 1970’s.

When America’s Arab jihadists proved militarily feeble, the US turned to the Kurds, who are renowned fighters, arming and financing the Kurdish Syrian YPG which is part of the well-known PKK rebel group that fights Turkey.

I covered the Turkish-Kurdish conflict in eastern Anatolia in the 1980’s in which some 40,000 died.

Turkey is now again battling a rising wave of Kurdish attacks that caused the Turks to probe into northern Syria to prevent a link-up of advancing Kurdish rebel forces.

So, Turkey, a key American ally, is now battling CIA-backed Kurdish groups in Syria. Eighty percent of Turks believe the recent failed coup in Turkey was mounted by the US – not the White House, but by the Pentagon which has always been joined at the hip to Turkey’s military.

This major Turkish-Kurdish crisis was perfectly predictable, but the obtuse junior warriors of the Obama administration failed to grasp this point.

Now the Russians have entered the fray in an effort to prevent their ally, Bashar Assad, from being overthrow by western powers. Also perfectly predictable. Russia claimed to be bombing ISIS but in fact is targeting US-backed groups. Washington is outraged that the wicked Russians are doing in the Mideast what the US has done for decades.

The US and Russia now both claim to have killed a senior ISIS commander in an air strike. Their warplanes are dodging one another, creating a perfect scenario for a head-on clash at a time when neocons in the US are agitating for war with Russia.

Does anyone think poor, demolished Syria is worth the price? Hatred for the US is now seething in Turkey and across the Mideast. Hundreds of millions of US tax dollars have been wasted in this cruel, pointless war.

Time for the US to stop stirring this witch’s brew.

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And if that didn't 1) drive you crazy, and/or 2) confuse you, here is UK's Channel 4 to explain in pictures...

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The military complex has always been on both sides of a war. Revenues are doubled.

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Hi I'm from the gubamint and here to help y'all little brown Muslim folks.
Have an M-60.  It's on the house.
We's got some of that milti-culturalism to get on with.
Gimme sum dat!
No, I'm not your enemy, I'm your brother, brother.
Get some!

sleigher's picture

Probably more like "Here's an M-60, on me. Tell your friends and next time bring money."

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"US-backed and armed groups are fighting other US-backed rebel groups."


Who the F cares?

Get with the program.

As long as the salt, er, arms flow, everything is cool.


DownWithYogaPants's picture

Broken winder theory of economic stimulation?

At least we can claim we backed the winning side when it's all done.

bleu's picture

America's Syrian Nightmare benefits only Israel. https://goo.gl/GjvUog

pathosattrition's picture

ISIS are not anarchists.

hxc's picture

Pretty disingenuous of Margolis, who knows real (capitalist) anarchists, to say that ISIS is a bunch of anarchists. They're just the jizzlamic version of neocons.

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Hope everyone caught the important point in this article. It said the Pentagon was behind the coup in Turkey which is most likely correct. Same with CIA being behind ISIS. So where the fuck is Obama in all this? He is completely out of the loop while the Pentagon and CIA do whatever they want including effecting regime change in the ME. Nobody seems to care that the Executive branch of the republic has been rendered completely useless and is a joke to the rest of the world.

Obama - the world's most powerful empty suit.

beemasters's picture

Meanwhile, Putin may have just been served with a warning.

This time only his favorite driver is killed...

de3de8's picture

Pretty simple, they are fully aware of what they are doing.

dunce's picture

Many would say your critcism of our great and magisterial leader is racist rather than accurate. I say you are too kind.

wee-weed up's picture

Everything Obozo touches turns to shit!

spyware-free's picture

Albanian Muslim Margolis is a hypocrite. During the nineties he was the biggest cheerleader of US bombing and intervention in the Balkans and jizzed his pants as depleted uranium was sprayed all over Serbia and Kosovo. So, he doesn't mind the bombing as long as the targets are Christians and not his radical Muslim buddies.

wombats's picture

Isn't that the Rothschild method?

Freddie's picture

It is all about mass murder genocide to depopulate the country including letting refugees flood into the west.

Nobody For President's picture

Done? Yoga Pants.

All done?


Variations of this fucker have been going on more or less continuously for ~2000 years, give or take...

knukles's picture

Spice!  Yeah, the spice flows. 


Manthong's picture

"Here's an M-60, on me.”

And that really p’s me off..

Like everybody over there has a free US supplied select fire weapon…

and here, where we pay for all of that crap… squat…


Actually, I want a free Toyota Hilux PU with at least a .23 mmm in the back.


BingoBoggins's picture

What have you guys been smoking? This entire comment thread has taken on some kind of disparate yet surreal cohesion ... fuck! I'm in the wrong place! pass me someadatshit ...

Manthong's picture

So you didn’t get a chance to participate in MKUltra back in the day?

It was a real trip, man… and the flashbacks are awesome.


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Spice. The spice must flow.

Seriously, it's shaping up to be a doozy. Brexit pushes the UK away from Nato, (a bunch of lily-livered euro-pussies) and strengthens the Anglo-American-Zio axis. Taking all of Ezekiels 'young lions' with them. That's Oz, NZ, Canada & the US.

With the core strength of Ziobanker soveriegn states aligned and a stronger interdependence between City of London and Wall St, the sky's the limit.

Next comes the total destruction of Damascus...

Urban Redneck put this up the other day, I'll relink...http://www.eifiles.cn/arm-en.htm

(Makes argument of Armageddon being in Syria)

Evidently the Whore who rides the Beast gets her just desserts later.

The whore is the Rothschild debt based banking system which is eventually destroyed, but later.

So relax, watch an NFL game, you'll be going in next quarter..


Beware the Lamb!!!

Manthong's picture

Yeah, I conflated Dune and the historical salt trade.

Oh well,... the arms still must flow.

hxc's picture

Not so sure trump is a ziocuck... guess we'll see. That or we go straight to apocalypse with Kaptain Kunt...

Salsa Verde's picture

See also:  "Hey kid, first hit's free."

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OT: I like you avatar.  I used to have a Grand National and I loved that car.

scintillator9's picture

Or, the M-60 might be like the cheap printer, but they get one with the ink cartridges (read as 7.62 X 51), and the printer carriages (read as extra barrels)


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I think this song may bring some clarity to the situation...I think.


conscious being's picture

James, can I call you James? It looks like the Klingons at YouTube did not like your vid - THE INTERNATIONAL FILM THE ESSENCE OF BANKING TO CREATE PERPETUAL DEBT. It won't load.

Ex-Oligarch's picture

"Hundreds of millions of US tax dollars have been wasted in this cruel, pointless war."

That sounds low.

nightwish's picture

iT IS. One military arm alone, the army, cant account for trillions in lost money. How about the pentagon not accounting for 3 trillion before 9/11? These facts alone should provoke a revolution but dumbfuck america doesnt give a rats ass. 

SwiffFiffteh's picture

Most of them just don't know about it


Mustafa Kemal's picture

Much too low. 100s of Billions, probably more.

Doom Porn Star's picture

"The military complex has always been on both sides of a war. Revenues are doubled. "


The CIA and the Pentagon..  

How much money is 'missing'?

How many awful acts -domestic and foreign- are known as fact.

As neither is accountable or controllable otherwise: totally defunding and disbanding both is the only intelligent answer.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

If they stopped stirring, all of us would benefit greatly.

Cautiously Pessimistic's picture

Well, I hope we kick their asses all the way back to th .... wait, I mean ... I hope they kick our asses .... uhhh, hold on.  I am not really sure who to cheer for.  

My head hurts.  I just wish Dancing With the Stars would crank back up.

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I'm kinda partial of late to old "Cops" reruns. 
I wanna see the one again where the nude tweaker with the mullet get Tazered in the nuts.


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Mike Lofgren used the term 'meddling'.



Youri Carma's picture
The rabbit kicked the bucket! The rabbit kicked the bucket! The rabbit kicked the bucket! The rabbit kicked the bucket! The buckit! The bucket kicked, the rabbit kicked the rabbit! The bucket kicked the rabbit! ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKPOhFZuFQg
2banana's picture

It's worse.

Turkey is a member of NATO.

It invaded a sovereign nation with ground troops and tanks.

Without permission of that nation.

We used to call that an act of war.

And if the situation was in reverse...

Turkey would be screaming for an article V NATO military response.

Doom Porn Star's picture

NATO should be restraing it's member state Turkey lest the perception that all NATO members approve and support this illegal aggression becomes accepted as fact.

Don't even get me started with the corrupt duplicitous self serving savages that populate the UN.

hxc's picture

Fake coup in turkey... fuckin ridiculous that all the dumb nato fucks that IT WAS STAGED FOR fell for it.

Cold War Kid's picture

A true shit storm.

Chupacabra-322's picture

This shit should be on Pay per View.

Al CIA duh Vs. I CIA SIS

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Cold War Kid Sep 6, 2016 8:23 PM

Not if the Yinon Plan is the endgame

LetThemEatRand's picture

"When the US has a strong president, he can usually keep the military and intelligence agencies on a tight leash."

True, until he gets shot in Dallas.  Since then, not so much.

sessinpo's picture

LOL. That is hilarious. A president keeping a tight leash on the CIA. LOL. What a hoot!

Anyway, I just realized that the word hillarious sounds like a bad medical condition.