Dead Market Walking - Stocks, Bonds, Dollar Go Nowhere

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Another day, another v-shaped recovery in stocks...


Rate-hike odds continues to slide...


As does US macro data...


Trannies soared and Small Caps squeezed higher as every effort was made to get nasdaq, S&P and Dow green...


Everything green on the week...


The squeeze is evident in "Most Shorted" stocks...


VIX went haywire in the last 30 mins with a mini flash-crash desperate to get the S&P green...but it failed


Apple's big day was a dud... until it finished and what appears to be a panic buying "Share buyback" program?


The USD Index went nowhere on the day with weakness in cable offsetting yen strength...


Treasury yields went nowhere and traded in an exceptionally narrow range...


Commodities quietly whipped around today with Silver and gold lower and crude crazy...


Ahead of tonight's API data, crude was dumped and pumped early on then went dead...


Charts: Bloomberg

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CPR Steps_30 pumps_2 breaths_then repeat's picture

This mid/late day ramp is getting so predictable… almost tempting to leverage into it (CFDs anyone?)… but, must resist the urge… could get VERY nasty if you do it on that day the shit hits the fan. 

BTW, I am currently short USO, but long NDX, TLT, GDXJ, FXI, and VNQ.

Mr Pink's picture

Get used to this....our owners will make sure this "market" is flat or slightly up until the election. That's when the fireworks start

nibiru's picture

True. As previously stated - green market gives the incumbent party win. 


I still hope for 'brexit' effect in the US. Just for the sake of showing a middle finger to all those TPTB. 

Since they all are too big to jail - at least what we can do is organically ridicule them leak after leak, interview after interview, scandal after scandal. It's a very shitty deal and we are paying for it. 

<keep stacking until China makes a move, or Trump gets a gift from FED in a form of the biggest crisis of our times>


Flatchestynerdette's picture

Always a pleasure reading these daily market recaps.

Its actually better than the market itself.

Comments are the popcorn.

Love ZH.

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brada1013567's picture

Everytime you think there will be a sell off, think of Janet Yellen smacking you with a ruler.

Traderone's picture

You know it my friend, what's even better is being nicely short from good levels and then covering and reversing at the lows. Ain't life grand!!!

brada1013567's picture

I am a fan of the Risk Reversal.

Here2Go's picture
Here2Go (not verified) brada1013567 Sep 7, 2016 4:50 PM

NATIONAL ANTHEM (of the counterfeit joobuck fueled paper stawk market, designed & policy managed to make jews richer & you poorer ~ & whereby you have the choice to STAND or SIT to)... Have fun bitchez! (& let me know how you did in your FANTASY DRAFT while you're NOT concerned about that)...

Traderone's picture

brada won't lower himself to reply to you but I have less scruples, fuck off you absolute tool. 

DavidC's picture

Another day, another farce.

Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.


Flatchestynerdette's picture

That apple ramp looks like a desperate attempt for 3rd Q return.

Money managers sitting on cash need to deploy somewhere & its not short or T's.

cognitive dissident's picture


Sunshine Daydream?

yeah, that about sums up this "mahkit" kid...

Son of Loki's picture

I talked to my friend in Sharpstown Houston and sales of houses there are down 14.5% mom.

Hohum's picture

Kiddos back in school?  How's it compare to other years?

Son of Loki's picture

Sales there have been up every year this time of year for the past 8 years. That area includes Houston's Chinatwon where condo and house sales have been quite strong so school is not the cause but nice NAR try.

Overall, Houston sales are down 8.8% yoy largely due to the energy sector devastation. For the first time in over a decade it has a negative pop growth I read. The health care boom there with a hopsital being built every second block [sort of like Starbucks] can't balance the energy plunge. Part of that is so many people have Obamacare that is not accepted by many of these Houston hospitals. The last time I looked not even MD Anderson accepted Obamacare patients!

What's the use of a new hospital with all the fancy equipment and highly educated doctors if people don't have meaningful acceess to it?

Thank you Obama...the man who screwed so many Americans.

847328_3527's picture

MD Anderson still doesn't accpet most Obamacare plans. That's why Obamacare is fondly called The Death Panels.


Also, I read rental vacancies are at a 10 year high of about 10% [which means they are actually higher]. [Normal vacancy rate there = 4%]

Countrybunkererd's picture

Nobody buying cars, homes, lawnmowers... it is a retail ice age but the market keeps on keeping on.

Eventually the reality that NOTHING is being purchased will have to be addressed.  A house down the road was purchased about 8 years ago for 65K and they are asking 150K after painting all the rooms inside.  I don't know where people get these insane ideas from, but eventually the greater idiot just cannot be found.

I have nearly zero, no truly ZERO respect for these younger ones with their safe spaces and all that but their idea of not buying homes seems to resonate with me more and more.  Even if they could, and did, the vast number of boomers selling and dying cannot be overcome anytime soon. 




Pareto's picture

but their idea of not buying homes seems to resonate with me more and more


yup.  until prices return to an "affordable" measure (and I do not see that happening anytime soon), fuck, I find nothing of interest.   What is for sale is over priced and shit.  One could live with an overvaluation, if there were some sort of fucking "wow" factor, where I'm walking around muttering - "I just gotta have that house!" - well then maybe.  But, all I am seeing is shit where my rent, relative to my space is way better value than buying a piece of shit that has an implied "you're going to be busy fucking around with this piece of shit in the not too distant future" disutility factor.

Son of Loki's picture

I wanted to live close to my brother when I moved out but Houston house prices are ridiculous still. Areas West where houses used to run $65/sf now are easily over $127/sf on a tiny lot. The housing market will correct eventually but who knew the fed could (or would!) manipulate this long?

Pareto's picture

Well, you nailed it.

And I have gotten comfortable - extremely - with the idea that I may never own a shack in the city ever again.

It worries me none.  So much so, that I would be more than happy if i could find a place where the shitter, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and lving room (fuck who even needs that), were all within 2 paces of each other.

Fuck it.  Don't need the slavery.

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

Why buy any of that stuff when you can buy a new iPhone every year?

They even offer a two year payment plan.

brada1013567's picture

17 hours to Draghi

walküre's picture

He's now going all inner. More bazooka printing. The EUR is already dead. Even the dumbest in Europe have figured out that the print fest only supports the 1%

jamesmmu's picture

Serious Economic Crisis On the Horizon- Artificial Stock Market’s Staged Collapse

brada1013567's picture

The playbook:


Short it in the morning, around noon reverse and go the other way.

Hohum's picture

I am worried--no ALL CAPS messages yet.

meco1999's picture

Likely a signal that we're not at a market peak yet. Not emotional enough in here yet.

El Hosel's picture

Another "V" shaped recovery inside the great Pancake Pattern on record low volume..  The market is a tool and the tools call the shots, go long the phoney baloney or go home.

Spifflove's picture

Dumped my burritos at 44 too afraid to buy back in atm.  But the real trade is to eat at cmg, wf, and now tasty made burger and dump the toxic gmo cleptopoly.


King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Sep 7, 2016 4:29 PM

like watching paint dry

Dg4884's picture

Bought more ammo. 

Wormwoodcums's picture

What are the chances that ammo will be moar liquid than gold?  That would truly be some FUBAR MAD MAX shit.  With a global EROI of around 5:1 now and trillions of printed promises for energy that isn't there it's starting to look that way.  Lead bullion might just be the cheapest asset on earth right now.

espirit's picture

I bought bricks of .22 back in the day for less then $1.00 per box of 50.

Now I can't even give it away.

/s dontchaknow.

stilletto2's picture

Oh dear, have the bastards nailgunned Kaisa?!!!

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

No he is fine. He asked me to stand in for today.