"Dear Mark Zuckerberg. No, I Will Not Remove This Picture..."

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Update: Facebook has backed down....


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Authored by Espen Egil Hansen via AftenPosten.no,

Dear Mark Zuckerberg.

I follow you on Facebook, but you don’t know me. I am editor-in-chief of the Norwegian daily newspaper Aftenposten. I am writing this letter to inform you that I shall not comply with your requirement to remove a documentary photography from the Vietnam war made by Nick Ut.

Not today, and not in the future.

The demand that we remove the picture came in an e-mail from Facebook’s office in Hamburg this Wednesday morning. Less than 24 hours after the e-mail was sent, and before I had time to give my response, you intervened yourselves and deleted the article as well as the image from Aftenposten’s Facebook page.

To be honest, I have no illusions that you will read this letter. The reason why I will still make this attempt, is that I am upset, disappointed – well, in fact even afraid - of what you are about to do to a mainstay of our democratic society.

First some background. A few weeks ago the Norwegian author Tom Egeland posted an entry on Facebook about, and including, seven photographs that changed the history of warfare. You in turn removed the picture of a naked Kim Phuc, fleeing from the napalm bombs – one of the world’s most famous war photographs.

Tom then rendered Kim Phuc’s criticism against Facebook for banning her picture. Facebook reacted by excluding Tom and prevented him from posting a new entry.

Listen, Mark, this is serious. First you create rules that don’t distinguish between child pornography and famous war photographs. Then you practice these rules without allowing space for good judgement. Finally you even censor criticism against and a discussion about the decision – and you punish the person who dares to voice criticism.

Aftenposten's Editor-in-chief Espen Egil Hansen.
Aftenposten/Nick Ut

Facebook is for the pleasure and benefit of the whole world, myself included, on a number of levels. I myself, for instance, keep in touch with my brothers via a closed group centered on our 89 year old father. Day by day we share joys and concerns.

Facebook has become a world-leading platform for spreading information, for debate and for social contact between persons. You have gained this position because you deserve it.

But, dear Mark, you are the world’s most powerful editor. Even for a major player like Aftenposten, Facebook is hard to avoid. In fact we don’t really wish to avoid you, because you are offering us a great channel for distributing our content. We want to reach out with our journalism.

Aftenposten's print front page Friday.

However, even though I am editor-in-chief of Norway’s largest newspaper, I have to realize that you are restricting my room for exercising my editorial responsibility. This is what you and your subordinates are doing in this case.

I think you are abusing your power, and I find it hard to believe that you have thought it through thoroughly.

Let me return to the picture I mentioned by Nick Ut. The napalm-girl is by far the most iconic documentary photography from the Vietnam war. The media played a decisive role in reporting different stories about the war than the men in charge wanted them to publish. They brought about a change of attitude which played a role in ending the war. They contributed to a more open, more critical debate. This is how a democracy must function.

The free and independent media have an important task in bringing information, even including pictures, which sometimes may be unpleasant, and which the ruling elite and maybe even ordinary citizens cannot bear to see or hear, but which might be important precisely for that reason.

"If liberty means anything at all," British George Orwell wrote in the preface to Animal Farm, "it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

The media have a responsibility to consider publication in every single case. This may be a heavy responsibility. Each editor must weigh the pros and cons.

This right and duty, which all editors in the world have, should not be undermined by algorithms encoded in your office in California.

The original post on Aftenposten's Facebook page.

Mark, please try to envision a new war where children will be the victims of barrel bombs or nerve gas. Would you once again intercept the documentation of cruelties, just because a tiny minority might possibly be offended by images of naked children, or because a paedophile person somewhere might see the picture as pornography?

Facebook’s Mission Statement states that your objective is to “make the world more open and connected”.

In reality you are doing this in a totally superficial sense.

If you will not distinguish between child pornography and documentary photographs from a war, this will simply promote stupidity and fail to bring human beings closer to each other.

To pretend that it is possible to create common, global rules for what may and what may not be published, only throws dust into peoples’ eyes.

The last decade has shown the extent to which unpredicatable and destructive things can happen when publication refuses to take into account the context.

The controversy over the Mohammad-caricatures, which flared in late 2005 and still remains a heated debate, had unknown consequences simply because the context and the original justification for publication were ignored.

The drawings were put into entirely new contexts, censured and condemned based on allegedly universal religious rules. This resulted in large demonstrations, violence and killings – and a remaining, potent threat against the freedom of speech. Some of the persons involved must still live with police protection.

Facebook did not go global until this controversy had passed its peak. Your approach, Mark, might possibly have been to ban publication of Mohammad-drawings? If so, Facebook would in a stereotype way have stood on the side of the extreme religious forces, in opposition to the freedom of speech. You would have overruled the individual editor’s assessment. Those of us who were in the centre of events at the time had to weigh the pros and cons day by day – and make decisions based on the reality we were in.

This is the message Aftenposten received from Facebook.

It was – and remains – different in Oslo and Karachi.

The controversy over the caricatures demonstrates just how impossible and illogical it is, trying to live with universal rules for publication in a time which is multi-religious, muli-cultural and multi-everything. Every human practice differs a lot as to geography, politics, social and economic conditions.

The least Facebook should do in order to be in harmony with its time is introduce geographically differentiated guidelines and rules for publication. Furthermore, Facebook should distinguish between editors and other Facebook-users. Editors cannot live with you, Mark, as a master editor.

These measures would still only soften the problems. If Facebook has other objectives than just being as big as possible and earn as much money as possible – and this I am still convinced that you have, Mark – you should undertake a comprehensive review of the way you operate.

You are a nice channel for persons who wish to share music videos, family dinners and other experiences. On this level you are bringing people closer to each other. But if you wish to increase the real understanding between human beings, you have to offer more liberty in order to meet the entire width of cultural expressions and discuss substantial matters.

And then you have to be more accessible. Today, if it is possible at all to get in touch with a Facebook representative, the best one may hope for are brief, formalistic answers, with rigid references to universal rules and guidelines. If you take the liberty to challenge Facebook’s rules, you will be met – as we have seen – with censorship. And if someone will protest against the censorship, he will be punished, as Tom Egeland was.

I could have continued, Mark, but I have to stop at this point. I have written this letter to you because I am worried that the world’s most important medium is limiting freedom in stead of trying to extend it, and that this occasionally happens in an authoritarian way. But I am also writing – and I hope you will understand this – because I take a positive attitude to the possibilities that Facebook has opened up. I only hope that you will utilize the possibilities in a better way.

Sincerely yours Espen Egil Hansen Editor-in-chief and CEO Aftenposten

PS. I enclose a commentary from Aftenposten’s 73 year old cartoonist Inge Grødum to the censorship practiced by Facebook. What does the algorithm say? Is it within?

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roxyNL's picture

((( facebook ))) is a (((globalist))) corporation that makes money on your data.

it's also the largest spying and social engineering framework.




J S Bach's picture

They should call it VoyeurBook.  I've never used it and never will.  It's perfect for our decadent age though.

CuttingEdge's picture

Facebook = Blatant propaganda (Zuckerfuck?) and an essential building block of the Matrix.

Rubicon's picture

The link has been taken down.


svayambhu108's picture

the link has been neutralized

TahoeBilly2012's picture

FACEBERG a giant iceberg of shit

froze25's picture

Face book is great as long as you know what it is. It is a means for shaping perception and through that control and shape reality. It is also a tool to blackmail people, you do something in your youth and it is there forever to be used against you. Facebook is a means for elites to predict future events and influence future events. Trump 2016

Payne's picture

I am always using it and others to spread mis information, best way to screw with it.  Start up multiple accounts with your face and another name with lots of activity.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Payne Sep 9, 2016 10:49 AM

The problem is the liberal, two faced Zuckerberg and his minions.  They censor conservatives and promote things like open borders.  And they do it clandestinly.  Then they scrape all the data they can from their users violating privacy rights in a massive way.

It's a disgusting outfit and an example of everything wrong with America today.


Manthong's picture

Never ever been on or intentionally looked at anything from ZuckerF*cker.

Will never do it… no reason to get suckered by Zuckerf*cker.

I don’t need to see the greasy puke people eat for dinner or the photos of their pathetic trip to Branson, Mo. or the Wisconsin Dells.

Pics from my favorite beach in Ste. Tropez might be welcome but Zuckerf*cker would probably declare them porn.

There are better, less manipulative ways to share pics and comments.

Occident Mortal's picture

Americans are living in some kind of Orwellian hell hole and they don't even know it.

The rest f the world looks on and wonders what the fuck happened to you guys?

Since 9/11 you are all wrapped up in cotton wool as if you government believes "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".

You are turning into a nation of ignorant mugs. I mean look at your politicians!? WTF??

bamawatson's picture

mark zuckerburg -- thieve'n jew

SilverSphinx's picture

he is just another ashkenaz animal

bleu's picture

It's not ZuckHamnurger's fault he's a DISEASED idiot.

Déjà view's picture

Would open Pandoras Box...

Charbroiled kids fron NATO/'Bibi' policies.

BarkingCat's picture



Fucking thief stole the idea from his Harvard classmates.

I will never use FecesBook. I do not socially associate with thieves and certainly will do no business with them.

BarkingCat's picture


You got 9/11 as the date??


beemasters's picture

I can see the sick, non-emphatic, depraved, latent paedophiliac Mark Zuckerberg gets all sexually aroused looking at that photo to decide it is pornographic.

DadzMad's picture

Hey!  Leave the Dells out of this!!!  Just kidding, I live 30 minutes from that shit hole and won't go near it.  The gateway to the beautiful Wisconsin nothwoods is like a Wal-Mart full of tatted and pierced fat fucks wearing nothing but bathing suits.  It's like a circuis freak show.


Tarjan's picture

OK if you have the time to waste, I do not.


mrtoad's picture

Why use faceplant to spread misinformation when you can watch any US television news for that.

Major Malfunction's picture

You've answered your own question.

Because with Faceplant, you are able to inject your own misinformation.  Watching television news, all the misinformation is "read-only" and travels in only one direction.  From the screen, to your eyeballs.

nailgunner44's picture

No! Don't give them anymore accounts period. Their stock price is directly correlated to number of accounts. Just say no.

scm's picture

Facebook is the beginning of THUMPS database of all of us.
He will make it mandatory that we all have account.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) scm Sep 9, 2016 10:51 AM

You don't have a clue what you are talking about.  But then you never do.  You'e like a mini version of MDB.


PT's picture

Dear Espen Egil Hansen

The beauty of computers is that you can make that bunch of coloured dots on the screen do whatever you like.  Please do not lose sight of this important fact:

YOU    DO    NOT!!!!!!    NEED    FACEBOOK!

Make your own damn Facebook.  Honestly, what do you need?  There's a whole internet out there and billions of people are finding billions of web pages, that ARE NOT FACEBOOK, all the time.

The number one thing that gives Facebook a monopoly power is people deciding to give Facebook a monopoly power.  That is it.  Walk away.  If Facebook is screwing you then Stop letting your name legitimize their position.  Most people are too stupid to find an alternative to Fbook.  If people choose to stay stupid, or if people choose to legitimize Fbook, then perhaps one day they will have no choice.  There truly will be no alternative.  Until then, everyone SHOULD EMBRACE ALTERNATIVES.

Your concerns are legitimate.  Thankyou for voicing them.  But now you must move on.  There is NO EXCUSE for Facebook having a priveleged, Monopoly position in this world.  You are like the battered girlfriend who refuses to leave her abusive lover when millions of decent men are alone.  Except the battered girlfriend has real fear and weakness to overcome.  You have no excuse.  There is a whole internet out there.  You have the power to ensure it stays that way.  Walk away.  Use the rest of the net.  Every man and his dog should have built their own Fbook by now.  Why haven't they?

Good luck.


thinkmoretalkless's picture

Agreed. One year 8 days Facebook free. Like AA or quitting smoking you take the first step and don't look back. Life is better (and my clothes don't stink)

a Smudge by any other name's picture


chicks with blonde hair

-1 for ugly

NotApplicable's picture

PT, you're confusing monopoly with the largest social network on the planet. Sure people don't have to use fb, but if they want to spread any message as far and wide as possible, currently nothing compares to the reach of fb.

Question is, who can compete with companies with access to seemingly unlimited amounts of VC?

This is but another application of Gresham's Law. Bad money not only drives out good money, but the bad money undermines every single market segment it flows into, as others do not have the capacity to compete with CB bubblenomics.

PT's picture

And that is why it is so important to walk away at the earliest opportunity.  That is why I said, AT THE MOMENT we still have a CHOICE.  There are still 6 billion people who do NOT use Fbook.  You can still find us / we can still find you through the interface of "the rest of the world", including the rest of the internet.  If you choose to embrace the Fbook ball-and-chain, that ball and chain will only get bigger over time.  If you choose not to walk away, then perhaps you deserve the fate you will surely get.

Sometimes you do indeed need to "slit your own throat so that your enemy can get punched in the face".  So be it.  You think you are better off embracing the enemy?  The enemy was going to strip you naked and drag you along the gravel, while making millions while you scream.  If you can't live without Fbook then you have already lost.  In fact, if you THINK you can't live without Fbook then you have already lost.  Plenty of people prospered without FB.  Plenty of people live without FB.  No excuse for embracing the enemy.  Just walk away.  There is no excuse.

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) PT Sep 9, 2016 12:05 PM

Preaching to the choir. A blogspot page is free and it is easy to control the privacy settings. I don't use Fuckbook because of the changing privacy settings that continually morph. Furthermore, I fail to understand why people are so willing to give up their privacy while their data is being exploited and sold to various data brokers for a profit. Insane times.

nailgunner44's picture

Blogspot is google fuck those kikes too!

bluez's picture

Facebook is the Walmart of blogs. Why support Walmart and then be trespassed over a complaint and have to drive 30 miles to a Target?

Get your own FREE blog at


Set up "Post By Email".

Get a cheap ($10 ~ $12) forwarding/white-listing email account:



(Pricing --> One (1) Basic account.)

Set up forwarding and white-listing, and give your friends addresses that will forward into your private blog so they can post front-page articles--

Privately! No Facebook needed!

Blanche DuBois's picture

Thank you! Good info right there.

zeronetwork's picture

OT, but North Korea DPRK did a nuclear test. Good for them. Now they should start talking about unification with their brothers in south so our young men and women can come home to their families and world starts living in peace by eliminating one conflict at a time.

azusgm's picture

Get rid of the chubby guy with the bad hair and the world will be more likely to live in peace, especially the common people of North Korea.

BarkingCat's picture

The big eared nigger is responsible for exponentially more misery than the fat Korean.

The croocked liar bitch that is trying to replace him as well.

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

The Korean UN War never ended, both sides just stopped shooting at each other-an armistice. The NORK's know this, all others have forgotten it. When the NORK's have developed what they feel they need they will continue the war. I look for them to wait until we have softened-up, possibly after a major financial upset. They have put satellites into polar orbit which is a setup for an EMP strike.

The only benefit I can think of is Facebook going Tango Uniform.

Pure Evil's picture

Whomever covered the girls naughty parts with the facebook icon also forgot to cover her breasts.

You see, we can't have someone of the female gender running around with their nipples exposed.

ISIS would not approve.

Mercury's picture

The girl in the picture actually made it to N. America and has had a tough life but not one still empty of hope:



pods's picture

Why is it people think they have freedom of speech on Facebook?

Fucking retards.

I post here, but I know I have no freedom of speech other than what Tyler allows me to post.

Why are we pissed at facebook?  I would slap the fuck out of that whiny Snowflake for ever thinking that playing around in someone else's world would allow you freedom to behave in a way that the OWNER did not approve of.

Want to not deal with all the crap of facebook?  Why simply do not go on facebook.

Must I do everything?


undertow1141's picture

FAcebook by any other name is The Ministry of Truth. And this picture just went down the memory hole.

Pure Evil's picture

You've seem to have forgotten that we live in an entitlement society.

Two thirds of the country is entitled to live off the other third of the population which is only entitled to go to work and pay taxes so the other two thirds don't have too.

Therefore quite a lot of people feel entitled to do whatever they want. It's a derivation from the sixties of "if it feels good just do it" mentality.

Regrettably he failed to read the terms of use on the website when he created an account and this has led to his confusion as to why Zuckerturd does what he does.

scsherman's picture
scsherman (not verified) Pure Evil Sep 9, 2016 11:34 AM

And there are a bunch in that 1/3 that think they have the right to tax others and charge them rent and other fees for simply being alive because it fits with their ideal society. If you are a hard worker, you are also likely very stupid. It doesn't take hard work to survive or even thrive. It takes hard work if you are unable to work smarter or if you want to control other people.

TheMeatTrapper's picture

"It doesn't take hard work to survive or even thrive."

lol. I can tell you've never lived off what you can grow, catch or shoot. I'll be happy to cut you loose in the Mobile-Tensaw River delta and pick you up in a month. Then you can tell me all about your vacation. lol. 

SilverSphinx's picture

Pull the hooks from your jowls (yes it hurts) and start ghosting.

This corporate facist system runs not on profit, but on profit margin, and we can butcher the margin.

effendi's picture

The only problem is that many no longer have a real choice not to have a facefuck account. If you apply for many jobs it will be expected that you have a facebook account and if you are not on "social media" they regard you as having antisocial tendancies so they reject your application.

Same way most employers now require you to have an email account and many require you to have a "smart" phone (like my employer).