VIX Spikes Most Since Brexit As S&P Tests 2-Month Lows

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Well that escalated quickly...

VIX's biggest jump since Brexit - back above its 100day moving average...


Sent S&P 500 back to 2-month lows critical support...

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RawPawg's picture

i visited my local banker chicka this week

she looks in need of a "holiday" on Monday

gmak's picture

They'll baby-seal it back down later in the day once all the specs have squared their option positions.

Spungo's picture

I can tell some weird macro shit is going on when every stock I watch (20+) is down. It's like someone ran into a theatre and yelled "PATRIARCHY!"

metalup's picture

You know what that means- the ramp this afternoon will be epic.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Just bought TFD, and I feel amazing!

jamesmmu's picture

I have monitored this ramp happens almost every trading day, but it gets too crowded. It will reseverse one day and today is it. Once it reseverse, it crashes. 



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ANy profits made in the casino should be cashed into silver or gold bullion otherwise it remains worthless invested in worthless fiat paper.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Of course, only one thing everyone needs to know now;

"When fraud is the status quo, possession is the law".

Kaiser Sousa's picture

but u cant eat Gold or drink Silver....

The Duke of New York A No.1's picture

If you look at a chart of the DOW JUNK Industrials ... you can see a pronounced "double top" formation in July/Aug ... and now price has precariously punched down thru the 50 DMA.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

see any pattern????

Kaiser Sousa's picture

here comes the last hour "Londone Express"....

illuminatus's picture

S+P   Controlled -            check

Energy Controlle-             check

Bonds Controlled-            check

Commodities -Controlled - check

Pm's Controlled-              check

Currencies - Controlled     check

Vix -  Controlled              check

Did I leave anything out?  

Kaiser Sousa's picture

yeah u did....


Albertarocks's picture

You forgot the word "mother".

Hohum's picture

It's bad form to do this on a Friday.

the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Sep 9, 2016 11:57 AM

September smoke ---> October fire!

Clock Crasher's picture

<< It's over (7.x year equity bull)


<< Gap fill next week + new all time highs

Turin Turambar's picture

Never fear!  2:30pm PPT slamdown is here...well, not for a few hours.  LOL