AsiaPac Stocks Plunge Most In 8 Months As China Money Market Turmoil Accelerates

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Hong Kong Interbank borrowing rates spiked to 6-month highs as a combination of central-planning-inspired liquidity restriction and global 'risk-off' strikes. 3M HIBOR spiked 95bps to 4.21% - its highest in 6 months; and Chinese stocks are feeling the pain, tumbling most in 3 months. Having reached historical lows in volatility, it appears 'pent-up' anxiety is coming back with fury. The broad-based MSCI Asia APEX 50 index is down 3.5% - the most in 8 months...

This could be a problem...


And Chinese stocks are displeased...


India is down most in a month...


And Indonesia is down most in 7 months...


"It's probably nothing"


Charts: Bloomberg

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Emperor's Voice:

Gooooooooooooooood! *cackles with evil delight*


I seriously wonder if this is the week where it will all hit the fan:Hillary has her health meltdown and the market collapses...Santa? I've been very good this year...mostly.

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As hillary goes, so goes......

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Abe standing by with the diazepam.

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Is he the guy that founded Linkedin ?

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bleu (not verified) o r c k Sep 12, 2016 12:56 AM

Money itself has become the Problem everywhere.

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It would be better if he had his stiff tongue sticking out ?

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Its been nice chatting and conversing with everyone here on ZH for the last 4 or 5 years. The straw that broke the camels back has just been put in place. The twig holding the trip wire that triggers the grenade has just snapped. I wish each and everyone of you the very best and may you come out the other side with your PM's, friends and family intact. Take care, for the time is now... 

runningman18's picture

Probably not this time.  Things are looking more nasty that usual. 

auricle's picture

TPTB know illary will not be able to rebound from her latest episode. Presidential VIX has spiked massively. Turbulent times begin in ernest. 

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Dow 30 futures has a gap down.  last gap down was mid 2015

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Man this is bullshit, I just joined, I barely got to chat with anyone :(

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Mebbe its becos the dang page keeps refreshing each time you give an up vote to a comment.

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Reinstall your browser, delete application data folder.

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But youve been watching longer then that I suppose. That isn't all bad.


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Good luck to you buddy. I truly think the game is about over and the situation is going critical. Expect a HUGE false flag soon. I'm gonna miss ZH along with everything else that I have ever known.

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My indicator is showing nothing of significance. All it read last week was values consistent with a 2-5% correction. It has predicted every single major market move with 100% accuracy since the August 2015 plunge.

runningman18's picture

There's no such thing as an indicator that is 100% accurate.  Going to have to call bullshit...

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" God Bless ya babe. God bless us all "

- Frank Rizzo

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Got no PMs. Got no fiat. But I got no debt. And I do have a great lady. Two cases of rot gut. And I do have about 1500 units of premium brass encased lead.

Should work out, but if it doesn't...well ill get drunk, have wild couple of nights with the lady, and get to work with the lead.

Been here lurking since 2012. Cheers all and may God smile upon our endeavours.

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Chin up chap, the Sun will rise tomorrow. WE will prevail.

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It does feel kind of the right moment. Its been a long time. The stars are aligned and the events and dates are just about right. Hilary is toast. They cannot, do not, will not accept Trump. pulling the plug would certainly seem like something they would do. The perfect black swan may have just arrived.

conraddobler's picture

Eh with Hillary looking wobbly at best this is starting to open up the box that shall not be mentioned.


That box has got to be pee pee time worthy for those who may be running scams that have pissed off the wrong people.  

I would be shitting bricks if I was balls deep in a ponzi scheme that Trump might not help cover for.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

The liars are being exposed as despots and thieves. The leaders are so lost and decieved. 

We are getting to end of this financial experiment and it will not end well for anyone but a select few.

Sky flyer's picture

Election postponed in 3...2...1.

Space Ghost's picture

Only way he could do that is impose martial law. I doubt that would go too well for him considering the group called Oath Keepers has kept him in check in that regards. Shit would go south for him real fast

Economic nuclear winter on the other hand will be bad for everyone

Lost in translation's picture

Oath Keepers are a complete farce, total JOKE.

They haven't done a single thing to keep Soweto "in check," AT. ALL.

Just a bunch of self-serving BS artists and blowhards, living off the taxpayer's dime while talking... and talking... and talking...

As long as LE's bloated pensions are kept intact, they'll NEVER challenge the Ruling Class. EVER.

Space Ghost's picture

Military and law enforcement are all on high alert because of oath keepers, and because of the soros leaks they on alert even more if that was possible.

Say what you want about oath keepers, but the fact that they have a significant amount of active duty officers in the org says a lot when it comes to blocking martial law. I can see fed departments like doj and Fbi trying test their luck but all these vets, special ops, marines etc--- hell naw nigga

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Space Ghost Sep 12, 2016 1:23 AM

Yeah- I'm sure in this shitty economy some low-IQ cop is going to risk losing his job over some fucking serfs

Space Ghost's picture

It's not the low level cops, it's the sheriffs that make the decisions. Ferguson cops would be killing niggas left and right because they are paid off by Feds, but there are other counties where sheriffs have already been preparing against it, some have been training local civilians through programs, etc.

A martial law coupe would be short lived and disastrous for Obama

Lost in translation's picture

Dear low-post noob,

I'm going to dumb this down for you, so that you're able to get it.

Numbers of "members" are meaningless since O.K. primates have done less than zero except run their fat mouths, all while ENFORCING Unconstitutional edicts.

Oath Keepers are a fraud. The only reason you support these tax-funded maggots is that you're one of them.

Space Ghost's picture

No I'm not one of them. I just have contacts in military and police I consult with from time to time. I understand a lot of these guys actually take the oath to the heart and this time actually understand what is going on with all the leaks that came out, but hey, if you think Obama can pull off a martial law then I whatever mayne

o r c k's picture

If we make it to the debates--imagine the fear of the elite (of Hitlery crashing physically). I say they won't allow the debates--a gigantic false flag or declaration of war (declared by Obombyou that is) I say too that Biden will step in soon to replace Hitlery.

Space Ghost's picture

Biden would get his ass cooked. Dude has Alzheimer's, gave out the info of who has nuke launch codes in a rally, and there's a video of him on YouTube blatantly saying he wants an endless stream of immigration to USA from South America, Asia, and Mid East, to create a white minority by end of 2017. Forget white people, not even minorities want that shit. Plus, ballot deadlines have passed in many states.

Biden literally cucked himself out of having a chance.

indaknow's picture

Tomorrow might be interesting. The world might be coming to the end. Hope you have been paying attention. 

Father ¢hristmas's picture

You mean, the Fed using PBOC munney to inflate equities and assets and then sell them to Chinese corporations in an environment completely devoid of consumer demand is not a sustainable monetary policy?

Sky flyer's picture

I usually say it jokingly but I believe "something is different this time". Too many things coming into play at the same time. Nothing that could happen in the next two weeks would surprise me.

Father ¢hristmas's picture

Then Barry's legacy is toast and we'll finally have a First Lady who has posed nekkid before.  

These things will be comforting as we chase Outlanders with 4-10 shotguns on souped up dune buggies through a barren wasteland riddled with emaciated starved corpses.

Kprime's picture

WOW  Dow 30 futures has a gap down.  the last gap down was mid 2015



never mind, just a mild case of pneumonia, or maybe it's a little overheated.

DCon's picture

A Democratic Party spokesman has commented:

"Clearly global markets are reacting to Mrs Clinton's pneumonia. I would like to assure global investors that Mrs Clinton will make a full recovery and will be the next President"

Puncher75's picture

I'm bullish on stawks! ;-)

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Sep 12, 2016 1:25 AM

On his first day of his presidency Trump should default on all US govt debt

markl's picture

This is not the big one. I promise. It should be enough, coupled with Hillary's "pneumonia" and foundation and emails, to get Trump into office, but it's not the big one.

The big one is coming, we can all feel it, but this is just a tremor. 

There's no way we're breaching S&P 1900, and I doubt seriously we'll drop much below 2000. 

Curiously_Crazy's picture

ASX down over 2% woohoo.

Now if only we could add a zero to that figure.

Sky flyer's picture

My spidey sense feels a slew of "since Lehman" titled post coming up on ZH in the coming days.

Sky flyer's picture

I'll take ASX down for 3% Alex.

Golden Phoenix's picture

The Dow started falling one business day before Hillary. What does it know?