Chinese, Russian Navies Launch Largest Ever Joint Drill In South China Sea; Send Message To Washington

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Perhaps it is not a coincidence that on the 15h anniversary of Sept11, China's navy announced earlier that China and Russia will hold eight days of naval drills in the South China Sea off southern China's Guangdong province starting from Monday. The exercises, previewed here at the end of July, come at a time of heightened tension in the contested waters after an arbitration court in The Hague ruled in July that China did not have historic rights to the South China Sea and criticized its environmental destruction there. As reported previously, China vehemently rejected the ruling and refused to participate in the case, and has been aggressively pushing an axis that involves Russia to counteract that regional tension which has seen the US spearhead the anti-China quasi alliance.

The "Joint Sea-2016" exercise will feature surface ships, submarines, fixed-wing aircraft, ship-borne helicopters and marines, the Chinese navy said in a statement on Sunday on its official microblog. The two countries will carry out defense, rescue and anti-submarine operations, as well as "island seizing" and other activities, it added.

Among the numerous exercises, which are meant to send a loud message to the US, Japan, Philippines and other "interested" parties who dispute China's territorial claims on the artificial islands and reefs in the South China Sea, marines will participate in live-fire drills, island defense and landing operations in what will be the largest operation ever taken together by the two countries' navies, the statement said.

China announced that it had called the "routine" naval exercise in July, saying "the drills were aimed at strengthening cooperation and not aimed at any other country." One can almost sense the smile on its face as it wrote this.

As a reminder, China and Russia are veto-wielding members of the U.N. Security Council, and have held similar views on many major issues such as the crisis in Syria, often putting them at odds with the United States and Western Europe. Last year, they held joint military drills in the Sea of Japan and the Mediterranean.


Chinese and Russian naval vessels participate in the Joint Sea-2014 naval drill
in the East China Sea, May 24, 2014.

China claims most of the South China Sea, through which more than $5 trillion of trade moves annually. Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam have rival claims. Additionally, China has repeatedly blamed the United States for stoking tension in the region through its military patrols, and of taking sides in the dispute. The United States has sought to assert its right to freedom of navigation in the South China Sea with its patrols and denies taking sides in the territorial disputes.

And this is why the upcoming drills are not just important, they have a massive symbolic significance: Russia has been a strong backer of China's stance on the arbitration case, which was brought by the Philippines. China's defense ministry spokesman Yang Yujun said in a July press conference, that China and Russia were comprehensive strategic partners and had already held many exercises this year.

"These drills deepen mutual trust and expand cooperation, raise the ability to jointly deal with security threats, and benefit the maintenance of regional and global peace and stability," he said.

And, as time goes by, Russia and China will only become closer strategic partners, to the exclusion of the US and Washington's own Pacific Rim sphere of influence, until ultimately the balance of power shifts so far that a provocation, either real or fabricated by a "superpower", will be the only recourse to accelerate a reversion to the power mean. Luckily, the US has much experience in precisely the kind of false flag event that will be required.

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Is there any other Prez0 you would want in there to handle these sorts of things, than Barrak Hussein?

Where is the nearest safe space when the missles start flying?

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Remember that China hasn’t won a war against a foreign power in over 400 years. They massively outnumbered the enemy–sometimes 1,000 to 1–in every conflict and they still lost. Even when they had technological parity with the enemy (rather than spear-wielding medieval fucksticks vs. Europeans with guns), they still lost. You have to go back to the 1600s and find them slaughtering Russian migrants in Manchuria to find a war where they beat a foreign power, and it’s debatable whether you can call “sending soldiers to massacre unarmed peasants who have no military support” a war. Not that their centuries of humiliating failure have prevented them from declaring victory, like when they attacked unarmed fishing boats and declared it a victory over the Philippines. Or when they invaded Vietnam, achieved none of their stated objectives, took disproportionate casualties, were driven out, and then declared victory anyway. They’re in the habit of lying to save face and try to look less incompetent.


I'm not worried.

Theta_Burn's picture

I'm with you on that point.

I knew somebody who fought against them in Korea, really sick human wave stuff.

But, techno advancement, and Russian partnership, should be of some concern. the main concern should be the US's policy, and where this policy comes from..


Not my downvote by the way..

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John Kerry wasn’t available to issue a strongly worded condemnation – he just fell off a bicycle, AGAIN!

Maybe he should try riding a… umm… a homocycle?   ;-)


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Compilation video of the final stage of the Russian strategic exercise Caucasus 2016 in the Black Sea. This is why the US kept sending its spy planes towards Russian borders only to get the '10ft pass' treatment.

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Does this mean I have to learn addition to the Spanish and Mandarin I'm struggling with now?

Will someone set up "safe spaces" for english speaking American citizens and "sanctuary areas" for the minority of citizens we still have left??

bleu's picture

America is being wagged into catastrophic wars.

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Don't worry, Nobama and Kerry will handle everything.



newbie vampire's picture

Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, even South East Asia.   You'll be welcomed.   Most people know how to differentiate between good people and the actions of bad governments.  

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"10 ft pass" is complete bullshit...


Tallest Skil's picture

The Korean War! At the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, China had an American unit surrounded and outnumbered 40 to 1. The American unit broke out and destroyed 40% of the entirety of Chinese military strength in North Korea.



Theta_Burn's picture


and if it wasn't for the depletion of ammo, in most of those battles, the Chinese losses may have been double that..

Volkodav's picture

You are fighting the last war

actually far before the last...

if so dominate, why did not prevail? 

or any war since for that matter?


CzarVladimirI's picture

The little ass wipe from MO refused to win. 

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

The last war actually won by the US was the Spanish-American War in 1898.

Volkodav's picture

yep...but must give credits for also false flag starting it....

Dr. Bonzo's picture

You are fighting the last war

actually far before the last...

if so dominate, why did not prevail? 

or any war since for that matter?


Here's your legion of downvotes right here. Half-literate chimpanzees. LMFAO....... Shit... you broke my Google translate. LMFAO.......

VIS MAIOR's picture

 twenty-one member nations of the United Nations (UN)

Following the invasion of South Korea by North Korea, twenty-one member nations of the United Nations (UN) committed themselves to support South Korea which was not yet a member nation...


Tallest Skil's picture

Speaking of downvotes, look at it now! It's the China Internet Defense Force!

How does it feel to be the laughingstock of your entire continent, commies?!

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Remember that China hasn’t won a war against a foreign power in over 400 years.

Add to the fact the PLA has gotten fat and rich off of robbing peasants of their lands and running factories on slave labor. The PLA is rotten to the core. But let's not forget one more key ingredient to the PLA soup: an army of peasant princelings. The young peasants who join the PLA are mostly single sons with no chance at social progress in Chinese society. The PLA is a quick and easy access up the commie ladder. There's tremendous pressure on Chinese peasant kids to maintain the family bloodlne. Filial piety and all that shit.

Unlike say, the Japanese, who still eat live and breath Bushido as their driving martial values, and dying a glorious death in battle is considered the highest virtue, the commie princelings are mostly peasant kids hoping that a career shoveling commie shit lands them a local commie job somewhere in the lower echelons of the Party. None of them are too eager to die for the greater glory of the commies.

Unless China is directly attacked, the PLA is not a serious threat. And we haven't even touched on their medieval training and indoctrination standards yet. Nah, the PLA's main purpose is shooting unarmed students and monks and bayoneting kids.

Archive_file's picture

You over estimate the Japanese. Japanese youth prance around in anime costumes or are holed up in their apartments or jumping in front of moving trains or inhaling Fukushima dust or not having children. Bushido is nothing more than comic book fluff.

Dr. Bonzo's picture

You over estimate the Japanese. Japanese youth prance around in anime costumes or are holed up in their apartments or jumping in front of moving trains or inhaling Fukushima dust or not having children. Bushido is nothing more than comic book fluff.

I trained with JSDF back in the day. You sound pretty fucking clueless. Like evaluating the Marine Corps based on your understanding of the Kardasians. Downvote away. I don't want upvotes from fuktards.

beemasters's picture

BUT they are a generation of lost hope, understand kamikaze and are quite suicidal- perfect as pawns for the military.

HopefulCynic's picture

This: "They’re in the habit of lying to save face and try to look less incompetent." Is the perfect description of how the US government operates, and how hypocrite it's deluded zealots are. 

nailgunner44's picture

Who gives a shit? Chinks suck dude.

AriusArmenian's picture

Muslim armies didn't do well against China.

nonclaim's picture

Most of the Chinese forces are used to beat and frighten their own people. How many can they spare to fight a foreign war without risking an internal uprising?

HopefulCynic's picture

about a couple of hundred million. 

nonclaim's picture

Yeah, right... those clay soldiers won't fool anyone these days.

HopefulCynic's picture

Nope flesh and bone chinese, they have suffered much and are more used to it, they have a mentlity and ideology of unity which has prevailed against any odds for more than 2000 years, so watch closely and learn. 

nonclaim's picture

I wish all the best for the common Chinese who indeed suffered much as you say. Most don't have access to Zero Hedge because that would be too much freedom... could get infected with the wrong ideas that would threaten "unity". Send the common folks my regards and tell them that the West still remembers Tiananmen...

HopefulCynic's picture

I would if I could, I am sure they also remember Tiananmen and in a different context than the propaganda wise that we were fed, no?

earleflorida's picture

Yeah, and I remember Waco Texas not to mention so many other incidents in which the home of the brave as in the blacks in California were treated like shot in la!

mickeyman's picture

Actually, Zero Hedge can be accessed in China without  a VPN. The same is true for LewRockwell. It's just Google, and the various social media thingies that get blocked.

nailgunner44's picture

Lots of slimy little yellow scenester-worms slithering around in here tonight...

easterner's picture

Are you serious? If US military power was so powerful then why US government had to sign The Korean Armistice Agreement?

"The Korean War! At the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, China had an American unit surrounded and outnumbered 40 to 1. The American unit broke out and destroyed 40% of the entirety of Chinese military strength in North Korea."

A quick search on wikipedia, some basic math skill, and moderate thinking ability will quickly set your head straight.

Tallest Skil's picture

Wikipedia, ever a font of inaccuracy, actually agrees with me. Try again, apologist.

easterner's picture

"30,000 United Nations troops (later nicknamed "The Chosin Few") ...................encircled and attacked by approximately 120,000"

That is ratio of 4 to 1. NOT 40 to 1 as you said.

Battle of Chosin Reservoir happenned in the Chinese First Phase Offensive. After that, there were Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Offensives. In the Third Offenive, the Chinese army capture Seol, capital of South Korean, and caused President Truman to declare a national emergency.

If the Chinese army lost 40% of  the entirety of Chinese military strength in North Korea as you said in Battle of Chosin Reservoir, then how could they lauch so many subsequent offensives and capture Seol?

Your math skill is so poor and thinking ability is so inadequate, it is not worth it to debate with you. I suggest you to take some math and reading classes maybe.

Archive_file's picture

China is no longer a bunch of "spear wielding fuck sticks."

aloha-snackbar's picture

Don't forget when the People's liberation army rolled into Tibet 1950 and slaughtered 15,000. Or when they thundered in from Nroth Korea and put the US army on their heels. Oh yes these are formidable little bastards. But really they don't have any balls. They throw huge numbers into the fray as cannon fodder.

I will say that the US military, although well equiped, are really not the heroic and skillful fighters that people assume. Were have they had a victory without allies to take it in the ass such as WW11. Had not for British and Canadian involvement I would think history would have been much different. Vietnam is always there in the background. I think for the US to go up aganist Russian troops toe to toe they would get whipped like little bitches. For all the evil the US has done globally to destablize regions and arm maniacs that they know would turn aganist them just to enrich the military complex at large is reason enough for universal payback. Not to mention the murder of the 1,000's at ground zero 911 including the dead and dying first repsonders as case in point by Bush, Cheney and the rest of the those lunatic, savage fuckers.

It is time American troops are themselves slaughtered by the millions for all the dead on their hands. How many children died from Bush's fucked up Iraqi invasion for no reason but to satisfy their greed. 500,000 a low number.The US gov is the most henious and corrupt marauders on earth. As for lying about anything and everything to fill thier faces WTF bro two faced rat bastards. Yes Karma is a bitch and they will get it right in the head. So cut the bullshit dipshit. I would like to give you an M16 with 2 clips of blanks and air drop your worthless ass into Baghdad for an afternoon of fun.

Mazzy's picture

Do not lay blame at the feet of ordinary Americans, for they truly do not know what they are doing.

The blame must instead be placed in the hands of the international zionist, the rootless cosmopolitan, the perpetual enemy of all mankind.  The blood is on their hands though they convince willing patsies to carry out their evil deeds.

mickeyman's picture

It is sadly true that they don't know what they are doing--or what is being done in their name. But they could know, if they wanted to.

back at the farm's picture

Best comment yet on the awareness of the general public/don't want to know crowd.

There will very soon come a day when the clueless by choice get a very rude awakening.

yet as it stands they can continue the sleepwalk shuffle. go to the day job. go home and hit the recliner and grab that remote for some 'entertainment'....

If only for that comfort the 'easy button' brings. We all want that easy button, recliner and remote, eh?

Yes, they could find out if they wanted to know. I believe at some level they do know.

But heah, it can wait, eh? sad....they don't ever care enough about a future...take care out there

not dead yet's picture

After the Chinese took over Tibet they pretty much left the population and the Dahli Lama alone. Then our great and glorius CIA set up shop in Nepal and trained insurgents and sent them into Tibet. Just like they did when they set up shop in Jordan in 2012 and sent insurgents into Syria to start a war. Eventually the Chinese got tired of this crap and went wild with the final death toll of Tibet people at 1.5 MILLION and the Dahli Lama fleeing never to return. Also something like 600 or 6 thousand shrines and other religous buildings destroyed. Another "success" chalked up by the CIA and the US government which never makes the headlines.

earleflorida's picture


I won'the go back as far as the 19th century., but as I recall the jap's were at war with China brought on by the Nanking massacre in 1937 [?], and as I recall China was having a civil war between the moist vs..     Kumatang [kai-shekels] and the Chinese put the civil war in hiatus mode and joined forces to defeat the Japanese. Which BTW helped Russia defeat Germany. If not for the Russians defeating Germany the war would have gone on for another year or longer not really knowing the outcome.

This was a regional war with a civil war simultaneouslly.  The USAp oured billions into the Chiang kai-shekels government and yet  Mao still defeated them using guerrilla warfare.

Mao never forgot.

Mao realized to survive in the 21st century. He had to make deals with the west, and Nixon and kissing error were Moar than willing to open up trade

This my friend is from a country  that was always passive.

And so since ww1, ww2, and ww3 [?] In a span. Of 100 years the world which changed the landscape of empires, is now in the mist of finding out why the 2 oldest dynast'y's since society began are now back on top.

There'should got to something they know that make the oldest dynasties in the world indestructible.

Ps. Read some history books and get educated

Omen IV's picture

MacArthur promoted / financed / instigated false flag events by Sigmund Rhee - in N Korea - US went all the way to the Manchurian Border - and .............saw 500,000 CHINESE  WHICH CHASED THEM ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE 38' PARALLEL where they are today.

Chinese !


The US will get destroyed next time around by endless millions of personel and equipment produced for 25% of the US cost for missiles / ships / tanks / planes by the tens of thousands


The MIC has dug a hole it cannot afford anymore to fill up


earleflorida's picture

No one really knows who started the war. But Mao wanted ching kai-she's head in a gallon pickle gar filled with gasoline. He was willing to go on to Formosa and bring kai shekels to justice.

MacArthur disobeyed orders crossing the river into China. Truman went insane. Next MacArthur wanted to use atomic bombs. That was it. Truman fired the funding as Sholes.

Bonus: the Philippines wanted MacArthur to take command of its military leaving the USA military.

Truman nipped him in the bud.

earleflorida's picture

I totally agree

You'Xe read your history

Ps. Commenting on android and getting lots of quirks

Ie spelling sent ex structure etc